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Categories Fantastic, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cuckold

Author: taniadaniels

Published: 23 January 2018

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The nights were drawing in as we approached October. I had spent the previous summer as a coach courier but my company had limited traveling abroad over the winter period until the following summer. That was why I had applied for the job of doctor’s receptionist once more, but this time in a different town in a much larger medical centre.

My Naked Doppelganger (Part 7)

As this is the seventh episode of the ‘doppelganger’ series I humbly suggest that the reader avails themselves of a read of the previous episodes before attempting this one. There are various items that may be surprising to a new uninitiated reader for example - Everything in the parallel universe is reversed - right is left - the mole under my breast swaps places - traffic drives on the other side - right handed people become left handed etc etc - if this is understood then by all means continue reading without enjoying the previous episodes.

The story continues ……

The nights were drawing in as we approached October. I had spent the previous summer as a coach courier but my company had limited traveling abroad over the winter period until the following summer. That was why I had applied for the job of doctor’s receptionist once more, but this time in a different town in a much larger medical centre.

Richard, my husband had decided to fill his own evenings by playing and joining the local working men’s club for pool and darts, and was indeed so proficient that he had been invited to join the club teams for both sporting activities, becoming the pool team captain and playing regularly in local league matches. My own life that summer had been totally filled with excursions abroad and so, with the arrival of colder Autumnal weather, my own involvement was severely curtailed, I was left to listen to the tales of Richard’s triumphs, or indeed losses, both at the pool table and the darts board.

This brings me to walking home elated after the successful interview at the Medical Centre in town in the parallel universe. (- i.e. the ending of previous episode part 6). Richard had suggested applying for the temporary vacancy about to be vacated by the pregnant incumbent, with feeling rather neglected with me being away from home virtually all the summer, and so I knew the joyful reception I would get when I reached home. I was, however, still in the parallel universe as I decided to walk through town before catching a bus back home, following the successful interview, and so it would be my doppelganger who would be explaining the situation to MY Richard back home.

I felt suitably chuffed that it had been yours truly who had been interviewed and accepted as a Naked Employee at the Medical Centre. MY photographs had been used for advertising - and it would be my doppelganger who would be the surprised lady when we were returned to our various universes.

I was intrigued by the cars and buses travelling on the opposite sides of the road, and had to be extremely careful to look the ‘right’ way for oncoming traffic, when crossing the road. Everything seemed exactly the same as before apart from this ‘reverse’ feature. I spotted two other female Naked Employees, one in a shop and the other in café, and was a little perturbed at how young they were, and both appeared to have been either waxed or shaven of their pubic hairs.

They looked so young, with their depilated vaginas looking almost like pre pubescent teenagers, and only their full and voluptuous breasts and large attractive nipples belying the youth of their hairless cunts. I smiled to myself as I recollected the delight of the doctors, especially Dr Shah, as they had surveyed my own luxurious bush, and was thankful that I wouldn’t need to bare my intimate charms so obviously, and leave a little something for male eyes to search for in the tantalising forest between my legs.

On reaching the bus station I spotted one male NE as a security guard at the department store opposite. and stopped, along with several other women, to admire his not inconsiderable sexual equipment which, despite him being totally limp, was an impressive length and lovely thick girth. He seemed to enjoy being the focus of attention for many of the women who stopped or passed by, and who could blame him. I certainly wouldn’t have kicked him out of bed with the weapon he was brandishing.

I certainly didn’t object to him venturing outside the store for general appreciation of his nudity, but I feel that the female customers inside would rather have seen him as they tried on their various garments in the long mirror outside the changing rooms. So who was he trying to please? His employers. His customers or the crowd outside? I couldn’t help wondering why his bosses didn’t order him to keep inside the store, but then again, unlike a doctor’s receptionist, he could attract more female customers into the store with his public nudity..

Ah well - I could possibly discuss this with him on Monday - if I was still in this universe - when I would be as naked as him - and hopefully attempt to get that gorgeous cock into a hard upright position, to make him even more popular with the passing females. You really can’t fail to admire a good hard naked erection can you girls! I dragged myself away from ogling the naked guy and boarded the bus. I found a window seat and watched the world flash by as I travelled the shot distance home.


“Well done love!” was the welcoming remark from my husband Richard when I told him of my lunchtime activities “I’m proud of you - and FIVE partners eh?” he chuckled “I’m betting that you will love that, five doctors fucking you?”

“You sure you don’t mind sweetheart?”

“Blimey! If I minded I’ve been hiding it pretty well, considering you’ve now worked as a Naked Employee at three different places, and had gawd knows how many blokes up you!”

“I love you so much!” I kissed him.

“And I love you too!” he replied “and I also love the fact that you get so many men inside you too! You are a beautiful woman who deserves as many men fucking you as you can manage!”

“That means so much to me hearing you say that Richard.”

It was incredible hearing how keen my doppelganger husband was to have men see his wife naked and fucked as much as possible! I know MY Richard at home liked to show me off, but this Richard took that to such extremes! He was actually overjoyed at me getting the job and delighted that five of the doctor’s would be having regular sex with me. The two Richards were much the same in most respects, after all MY Richard HAD occasionally suggested a fantasy situation where he would like to see me with another man, but my doppelganger actually took him at his word and happily spread her legs for all and sundry - much to his agreement and delight.

“Did they fuck you at the interview love?”

“Yes, Dr Shah fucked me first and then Dr Rushton following my appointment.

“Nice fucks?”

“Dr Rushton’s was lovely, nice and gentle and some lovely kissing - but Dr Shah was more like a bull at a gate, a bit on the rough side.”

“Not so enjoyable then?”

“I preferred the gentle approach, but I still enjoyed Dr Shah - and he definitely enjoyed ME!” I giggled “It was lovely to see just how much he enjoyed fucking me.”

I walked in home and the other Richard greeted me with a kiss.

“How did it go then love?”

“Great! I got the job and,” I hesitated and giggled “and I can also continue to be a Naked Employee as they don’t have one. “

“Well done!” he shouted excitedly “Better than ever?”

“Yep!” I laughed “Never expected that.” I looked him straight in the eye and asked rather stupidly “You don’t mind do you?” I immediately kicked myself as I was obviously preaching to the converted in THAT universe.

“Why should I you silly girl? I’d rather you work naked locally anyway, when are you going to give in your notice at the coach company?”

“I’ll phone them in the morning.”

“I’m going to have to tell the guys at the office, they will hopefully want to change to your surgery. They certainly showed interest in trying to book holidays you were working on as a naked courier!”

“You never told me?” I said with a smirk. “Anyway, I am going for a bath, you can tell me all about it when I come back down.”

I turned quickly and, in my haste, tripped over the mat at the foot of the stairs falling heavily on the edge of one of the steps. I must have hit my head in the process as I felt dizzy and my eyes were blurred for a moment.

“When are you going to iron your red suit then?” Richard shouted from the kitchen “You will need it for your new job.”

I shook my fuzzy head. What was he on about? I almost yelled that I work naked you idiot! Then I realised. I hurried upstairs to the bathroom, opened my blouse and lifted my bra. There it was where it should be, the mole, staring at me from under my left breast.

“Don’t be long or I might be gone out by then love, it’s the final of the pool tournament tonight.” yelled MY Richard from downstairs.

“You are not going out again this evening?” I could hear myself unjustly criticising him, as I returned to the kitchen. I hated myself for it but couldn’t resist having a go now I was back at home.

“Tonight’s pool match is important love.” he pleaded “You were away when we qualified for the final, so you never realised.

“I’m sure they’ll manage without you?” I snapped.

“Maybe so!” he replied angrily “But that isn’t the point! The point is that now your own activities have been curtailed you want to curtail mine, and that’s not fair!”

“So it’s alright for me to be alone all night while you go drinking and enjoying yourself is it?” I yelled, totally ignoring his genuine argument.

“There is nothing to stop you coming and watching, you might find you will enjoy it with a couple of glasses of Pina Colada inside you.”

“Bribing me with my favourite drink now, you are despicable!”

“Oh forget it! Do what you want!” he shouted harshly “You never saw me on those nights when you were in a foreign country, wondering what you are getting up to whilst I am was alone - as YOU are now purporting that you’ll be!”

He stormed out of the room and stamped upstairs to change for his evening at the club. I sat fuming. Well … for a little while anyway … until I began to think about what he had said. Maybe I was being a little unfair towards him. I’d spent most of the summer away, leaving him to fret and attempt to build a life in my absence, and here I was moaning about having to spend a night alone in front of the telly.

I wondered why he hadn’t called me a bitch - because that’s what I had been. A few minutes of foreboding and I was ready to apologise, like the supportive wife I should have been. Richard had never once previously in the past complained about me being away so much as a courier, only THAT evening had he brought it up in order to justify his argument.

I crept up the stairs quietly and found him in the bathroom shaving. I crept up behind him and put my arms around his waist and snuggled my head against his back.

“Sorry love.” I said.

“That’s ok!” he snapped.

“I’m a bitch!”

“Yep! You certainly can be at times!”

“I am trying to apologise.”

“Yes well ok, but I am still going to the match!”

“I am not stopping you.”


“I’m just asking if I can come along.”

“Sorry? Can you say that again?” he turned sharply to face me, the shaving cream on his face deciding to depart and rest on my cheek.

“Can I come with you tonight?” I pleaded, wiping the lather away with my hand.

“You’d hate it!”

“Maybe, but at least give me the opportunity to see what it’s all about, and why it means so much to you?”

“It’ll be in the club bar, full of beer soaked blokes laughing and telling dirty jokes. Not your thing at all!”

“I don’t mind being where there are loads of blokes.” I giggled. “I can wear a mini skirt and make their night.”

“And a plunging neckline?” he chuckled.

“Now you are getting the idea love.” I pecked him on the cheek. “I know you used to like showing me off when we were out.”

“Still would - given the chance.” he moaned.

“I get the point.” I said softly “maybe if I like it you can show me off again this winter?”

“Now that sounds interesting.” he admitted with a wry grin.

“How sexy do you want me to dress?” I purred and kissed him on the lips.

“Mini skirt and low cut blouse - I want everyone driven crazy!”

“Your wish is my command oh master - bra?”

“Yeah! I suppose so.” he replied miserably “Got to be realistic!”

With everything decided I left him to finish his ablutions and searched my wardrobe for the necessary clothes to get the men’s juices flowing. This was followed with the obligatory applying of war paint, together with the selected denim mini skirt and slightly sees through white plunging blouse and a sexy half cup bra to finalise the appearance I was ready. Richard stared at me with a look I had seldom seen lately.

“OMG! You look stunning! I’m going to have to keep an eye on you!”

“You wanted me to look sexy.”

“I did! And you do! Let’s hope you put the opposition off a bit, we might need some help.”

“I might put your side off too?”

“That’s true; I wonder if they can play with an erection?”

“Don’t be rude!” I snapped, thumping him quite hard in his tummy “I don’t look THAT sexy?”

“You do to me.” he purred, and hugged me tight “Let’s not go.”

“We ARE going!” I replied firmly “I’m eager to find the effect this little lot has on your supposedly gentlemen friends.”

“When did I say they were gentlemen?”

“Come on, let’s go and find out shall we?” I giggled again, and pushed him out of the bedroom, and down the stairs.

All that banter had caused me to really look forward to the evening, and I sat in the car on the way to the club full of exciting expectation. Richard pulled into the filling station on the way, and got out to fill the car. I closed my eyes and inwardly smiled, I was so glad I had decided to go with him. The noise of him putting the petrol gun into the car made me open my eyes. The silly man was on the wrong side of the car to the filler! Surely the filler is on the other side? No, obviously not, he completed the job and went to pay at the kiosk.

“What have you got dressed for?” he queried as he returned.

“Eh?” I replied in confusion.

“Look Tania, if you can go to work naked you are certainly going to my pool match in the nude!

It was like being hit by a ton of bricks. I looked around. The steering wheel was on the left hand side of the car, and I was now sitting on the right. I stared out into the road - the traffic was driving on the right! I was back in the parallel universe where everything was reversed.

“Well?” Richard snapped angrily “What about it?”

“Sorry!” I replied “Don’t know what came over me love!”

Richard gave me what I considered to be his sternest glare as he got into the driver’s seat. I shrugged like a little girl caught out in some minor demeanour, and hastily undressed as he drove to the club - which is not the easiest thing to do whilst sitting in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle, and breaking the law by not having my seat belt fastened. Bra and panties were swiftly removed as he came to a halt in the club car park.

“You’ve now got elastic marks from your bra and knickers on your skin!” he told me angrily - why oh why do you do these things Tania?”

I shrugged again. I didn’t have a reply that would have made sense, so I kept shtum and got out of the car. I was so surprised by the sudden early transition to the parallel universe that I failed to alight in the ladylike way I usually did - legs tightly together and swing out in one smooth movement to avoid flashing my knickers - maybe being totally naked affected my thinking and, with one leg out and foot on the ground, whilst the other leg was still in the car, I offered an erotic view to anyone who was watching.

The two whistles that ripped through the air told me that someone was indeed watching.

“Great view there lady!” cried one of the two teenage lads sitting on the wall in front of the lounge window.

“Stunning cunt you’ve got!”

I looked down to see my open pussy on full display - another sheepish shrug, but this time with an apologetic grin to my husband followed - I quickly pulled the remaining leg out to join the first and stood up. Richard coughed to get my attention. He handed me my NE necklet, which I slipped around my neck. I held it up and smiled at the two lads.

“NE eh? Sort of guessed lady!”

“Didn’t think you were out flashing!” cried the other.

“Great body though!” quipped the first one again, as he looked me up and down.

“She’s got a great pair of tits on her!” we heard the second one remark as we walked towards the club entrance.

“Nice arse too!” replied the first.

Richard and I exchanged glances. He smiled at me and winked. He was loving the attention I was getting - you know what? So was I! I turned back to the two lads as we reached the club entrance. I cheekily shimmied my breasts at them. They both put the back of their hands to their foreheads and pretended to feel faint.

“You’ve made their day love”

“I hope so.” I chuckled, not in the least bothered about not being in my mini skirt ensemble, and followed him in.

We were immediately confronted by the doorman, an old guy with bushy grey hair and a squint in his right eye.

“You can’t come in here like that lady!”

“It’s my wife Bert, she’s an NE!”

“I don’t care if she’s a Jehovah’s bloody witness, she ain’t coming in here bollock bloody naked!”

“Bert! Listen to me mate! She is an official Naked Employee and can go anywhere naked mate - them’s the rules!”

Richard pointed to the NE necklace hanging between my bare breasts - but old Bert was having none of it - he was looking straight at my bush. At least that was where he appeared to be looking, but with his squint he could have been focussing anywhere on my body, in fact he was probably seeing two of me, four boobs and two pussies!

“That’s ok Bert!” came the rescuing voice of a tall bespectacled guy in his mid thirties, dressed smartly in a dark grey suit, white shirt and bright red tie “The lady is Rich’s missus, she‘s an official Naked Employee.”

“Nekkid Employer?” screamed Bert “What’s a bloody Nekkid employer?”

“Naked Employ…eeee!” The guy emphasised and gently pulled Bert to one side “Tania isn’t it?” he held out his hand for me to shake. I did. “So pleased to meet you, I have heard so much about you, I am the club chairman Dave Summers, thank you for coming in your official attire, you look lovely!” He turned to Richard “Thanks for bringing her Rich, the lads are going to love seeing her.”

I felt quite important after the initial refusal from the doorman and followed Richard into what appeared to be the main bar. It was pretty crowded and there were several blokes around a pool table at the far end. Richard forced his way through and I followed, Although all eyes were on me they all behaved like gentlemen, with not one wolf whistle to be heard - mind you, I suppose it was difficult to whistle with their mouths wide open and tongues hanging out!

I overheard the usual comments, so did Richard, and we smiled at each other.

“I could fuck that!” -

“Don’t see many hairy cunts around these days” -

“It’s that jammy bastard Rich’s missus” -

“Look at them tits” -

“Nice arse! “

Was a selection of the less filthy offerings. What each whisperer boasted that they could do to me was nobody’s business, and I felt sure some of the comments were a physical impossibility. Rich introduced me to the team who were around the pool table or seated at tables to the side.

“Come and sit here with us Tania!” suggested a guy that Richard introduced as Danny, and I squeezed between him and a guy called Bob.

“So you’re a naked employee then?” he asked, touching the necklace and inadvertently brushing his hand against my left breast “Sorry!”

“No problem Danny, if I cried whenever anyone touched my boobs I’d be drowning in tears!”

“You don’t mind men touching them then?” queried Bob.

“She doesn’t have to Bob! “My husband chimed in from the pool table “anyone is allowed to touch anything that is naked on an NE - part of her contract.”

“Thank you for your invaluable input darling!” I snarled between clenched teeth.

“So I could fondle one of her tits then?” asked Danny.

“Yes indeed mate.”

“What would I do without you my love?” I said with a forced grin.

“You tight git!” snapped a tall bald headed guy who offered his hand “Can’t even spend money to dress your missus.”

“She is a Naked Employee Keith.” laughed Richard.

“I know mate.” laughed Keith “Just joking, I saw the badge between her tits.” He looked at me “And a wonderful sight you are too Mrs Daniels, still at the coach company?”

“No. From today I am a naked receptionist at Doctor Rushton’s surgery.”

“Hmmm! Might swap docs then, if this is what I’ll be greeted with when I’m ill.”

“Have you seen enough then Keith?” snapped Richard, surprisingly getting a little riled at his friend.

“Wouldn’t mind seeing her pussy Rich, can hardly see it through that forest.” he chuckled, and moved his head quickly to avoid the swipe Richard aimed at him. “Don’t be like that Rich; Shelley doesn’t hide her cunt behind a bloody great bush!”

I looked questioningly at my husband.

“Shelley is the club’s Naked Employee love, she works behind the bar.” he chucked slightly “AND she shaves off her pubes.”

“You never told me they had an NE working here.”

“She’s been working nude for three weeks Mrs Daniels, I think she may welcome you with outstretched arms, take the flak from her a bit.” Charlie informed me “So? Can I see her pussy then Rich?”

“You are a cheeky sod Keith!” snapped Richard with a knowing smile towards me “You heard the gentleman Tania.”

I gave him one of my sternest glares and shrugged slightly. Then slowly lifted a leg on to the chair by the side of Keith, who responded by leaning over to look directly at my exposed vagina. His eyes sparkled as he, without the slightest hesitation, lifted a hand and stroked by pubes.

“Steady on Charlie!” snapped Richard.

“It’s ok Rich, I know the rules, NE’s are fair game for a feel, you’ve felt up Shelley’s pussy a few times, especially when you and the pool team tried to see how many pool balls you could hide inside it.“

“He what?” I snapped.

“I only pushed one ball inside her love, the lads pushed the rest.”

“How about seeing how many we can get inside Tania’s cunt Rich?”

Keith walked to the pool table and picked up the black eight ball.

“Bags first push!” he laughed and walked towards me.

I gasped as the ball entered me

“Me next!” yelled a bald headed guy who picked up a red ball from the table and came over to us.

I knew I had to go along with whatever they wanted as I didn’t want to compromise my doppelganger when she returned, and so I kept my legs spread wide as one by one the guys inserted balls into my vaginal and pushed them deep inside me. All the folks in the bar were now gathered round me, with their eyes glued on my pussy. There were four balls inside me already as another guy made his attempt. He got it half way in with my labia supporting the weight as it refused to go fully inside.

“Looks like Shelley and you have similar depth cunts Tania!” he shouted.

“Give it a good push!” yelled another guy.

“No that’s enough lads.” thankfully my husband came to my rescue, and removed the ball sticking out of my cunt. I gave him a grateful smile.

“Can I get them back out Rich?” asked Keith.

My husband nodded his agreement.

“Mmm. You are lovely and wet inside Mrs Daniels.” he quipped as he pushed his finger in and out a couple of times before removing the first ball and slipping it into his mouth “Now that’s how a lovely woman should taste.” he quipped, as he tasted my juices.

His fingers then reached deep inside me but he had difficulty in curling his fingers around the slippery balls.

“Push then!” he ordered me.

I giggled as I remembered the last time someone had told me that, only the previous occasion resulted in me pushing out a baby girl. I did as I was told again and the remaining three balls slipped easily out of me, only to be caught by Keith and handed around the guys for them to lick and taste me. He then pushed his fingers up me again.

“They are all out!” growled my husband.

“Just checking mate.” chuckled Keith, who by then had his hand inside me up to his knuckles. I could feel his fingers searching deep inside me.

“Get your fist up her!” cried another guy. I turned to see a middle aged guy laughing and giving a fist high to Keith. I gave him a stern grimace as Keith shook his head, realising that he had maybe gone a little too far, even for this universe. He slowly withdrew his fingers and then offered them round for much enjoyed sharing of my juices. I took my foot from the chair and stood demurely before them.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?” Richard snapped angrily as we walked away.

“Oh shut up and get on with your game! What did you expect bringing me here naked?”

“Another NE?”

A female’s loud voice was heard from the direction of the bar, and the most lovely, completely naked young thing with long blonde hair, rushed towards me. “I didn’t know your missus was an NE Rich. “

“She was seldom around with working as a holiday courier Shelley, but now she’s an NE at Rushton’s surgery in the square.”

I then realised that this must have been the other NE that the lads had used as a pool ball holder. She flung her arms around me and cuddled me as tightly as she could. Her lovely firm breasts crushed against mine as she hugged me tightly, and our tummy’s pressed erotically together. It was the first time I had ever been hugged by another naked girl, and to be honest, it was quite pleasant. Her hands slipped to my bottom and she squeezed each cheek.

“You are bloody lovely!” she screamed, and looked around at the guys watching her welcome “You lot can now feel up Tania for a change and give my tits and cunt a rest!”

“Oh dear! Are they pests with you being naked?” I asked.

“Nah!” she giggled “Love it really, but don’t let them know or they’ll want even more, and only the steward gets that.”

“Being fucked you mean?”

“Exactly!” he replied “Does old Rushton fuck you?”

“I only started today, but he and another one have already!” I laughed “With three more partners ready to take their opportunities from next Monday.”

“Five bosses fucking you? Crikey, your poor cunt’s going to get some hammer then?”

“I suspect so.” I smiled “but all part of the job, have to take the rough with the smooth.”

“Too right! I’m not as brave as you though, coming out naked when not at work. I’m warning you this lot will take their chances. My Derek only allows me naked when working.”

A hand curled around her body and cupped her right breast.

“See what I mean?” she laughed, but allowed the guy to fondle her before she shrugged him off and returned to the bar.

I looked despairingly at Richard.

“Do you think it might be a better idea if I nipped to the car to dress?”

“No Love, I want the guys to see what a lovely NAKED wife I have.”

Richard began to practice at the pool table as I sat between Danny and Bob. Seconds later Danny’s hand rested on my right leg, just above the knee. I turned to look at him as Bob, on my left, repeated the action on my other leg. Danny moved his hands higher and began curling my pubes around his fingers as Richard returned with the drinks.

“I see you are getting to know Tania?” he chuckled, obviously happy with his pals touching me up.

“Can’t see her cunt though Rich, like we can see Shells, with all this undergrowth down here.” replied Danny, pulling at my hairs.

I shook my head in exasperation, what was it with guys, this fascination with girls’ cunts?

“Soon put that right Dan.” he told him “Open your legs love!”

I stared at Richard in disbelief. He actually wanted me to show my cunt again to one of his pals.

I hesitated.

“Go on love, spread your legs wide, and let the lads see your cunt!”

I sat frozen as, together with Danny, they pulled my legs apart. Bob also decided to help until my legs were spread as wide as humanly possible. My pussy was wide open to their gaze. I glanced across to the bar where Shelley was serving. She smiled and shrugged, as if to say … told you so!

“Can I finger her cunt Rich?” asked Bob.

“Course you can Bob, that’s what it’s there for.”

I glared at my husband, or rather my doppelganger’s husband, he might have looked like MY Richard but he certainly didn’t act like him. Bob needed no second bidding and quickly inserted two fingers into my open vagina. I won’t lie - I DID like it - and if this other Richard was willing to allow other men to feel me up and finger me, who was I to argue?

Several more men came over to watch as Bob finger fucked me in front of their adoring gaze. Richard sat opposite and was as entranced as the rest of them to see me reacting favourably to his pal fingering me. Meanwhile Danny had taken it upon himself to massage my breasts and that, together with Bob’s finger work, was arousing me as never before…. well .. NOT in public anyway.

“Steady on Bob!” came my husband’s urgent plea “Don’t make her cum yet, she’s got a whole evening to look forward to yet.”

Bob nodded and withdrew his fingers. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I had prepared myself for an almost immediate orgasm. Whatever the circumstances, it was not nice having a possible climax suddenly curtailed like that. He was laughing with the other men as I glared at him, and he didn’t notice. Bob was happily proffering his fingers for anyone to have a lick, which several did, and I was actually embarrassed at their reactive smiles as they tasted my sexual nectar.

“I bet she’s a fantastic fuck Rich?” asked another guy “Your missus?” he added to ensure there was no mistake as to who he was referring.

“You never know guys.” replied Richard “One of you might actually find out tonight!”

OMG! I wanted to ask him there and then if he had planned all this when making me undress and come here naked. Did he WANT to see another guy fucking me? I wanted to get up and run home - but I couldn’t. This was my doppelganger’s universe. Her life! I couldn’t ruin it for her. If HER Richard wanted other men to fuck me - as he obviously did, with already being happy that my employers could regularly sexually penetrate me - and NOW wanting his pool team to enjoy the same privileges - I couldn’t really refuse - I HAD to oblige him.

To be honest my doppelganger was obviously a bit of a slut! But I suppose the culture of this parallel universe in which she was living had led her to allow this sort of thing. If the government instigated this NE culture, making strict rules as to allow employers to fuck their naked staff, I suppose everyone thought it normal. I didn’t! But what could I do other than comply?

Bob’s place was quickly taken by another team member, who made instant use of my bare boobs as stress balls, kneading and squeezing each breast with eager enthusiasm. Unknown to me someone had crept under the table and began urgently licking my labia with his coarse tongue, and running his hands over my tummy.

“Enjoying yourself love?”

I looked silently at Richard with a glazed expression. What could I say? No, you and your fellow inhabitants of this universe are twisted perverts? Hardly! I HAD to live with this and pretend, or maybe TRY, to enjoy it as much as possible. I did enjoy sex usually, and I had enjoyed being fucked both in previous journeys to this universe and by the two doctors at the surgery earlier, but to be molested and ravished in this way by my doppelganger’s husband’s mates was an anathema to me.

I gritted my teeth and allowed myself to be aroused yet again as the tongue between my legs gradually slipped inside my sexual entrance and brought me to a surprisingly sudden and powerful climax. Wow! My goodness it was a strong one. I hadn’t expected that. Maybe I would have been more enthusiastic if my cums were going to be that good. It brought the whole bar’s clientele looking and visually searching where the screaming was coming from

“It’s my wife!” shouted a proud and delighted Richard “Tom’s just made her cum with his tongue!”

So that’s his name? Tom? I made a mental note to try Tom again sometime - well, his tongue anyway. By that time another two guys had found joy by playing with my tits, or more truthfully my nipples, as they are the exceptionally erotic part of my boobies. Twiddling the old nips always makes me wet, and most probably helped towards the ear splitting orgasmic yell that brought me to everyone’s attention, requiring my husband’s explanation.

The match was now starting and apart from a few guys trying their hand on my tits, most folk’s attention was on the pool table, where Richard was first one on against the opposition captain. I don’t pretend to be able to play the game very well, but I have watched my husband play his pals on a full size eight ball pool table at home in my own universe, and I know the rules well enough to be able to referee a game. That being so I was fairly elated when Richard was awarded a two shot penalty with only one red ball and the black to pot to win.

“First blood to the good guys!” cried one of Richard’s team mates.

“He can still cock it up!” replied the opposition captain.

Richard stopped in his approach to the red, and stared at his opponent.

“If I cock this up mate, I’ll let you get your cock up my wife!”

All eyes turned to ME as they heard my husband make the brave offer.

“It’ll be my pleasure.” replied his opponent “and where do I fuck her?”

“Right here on this table in front of everyone!”

Richard’s confident, but misguided offer, brought a good deal more tension to the final two balls. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife as he stooped down to address the cue ball. In my opinion the red ball would be an easy tap in, as so it proved, with the ensuing applause heralding the hopeful demise of the final straight forward eight ball into the right centre pocket.

Although it was an outlandish offer, no-one, including me thought that he could lose a match that was easily there for the taking. Two shots on the black ball into a centre pocket, and it wasn’t even a difficult shot without a penalty award. I had a good look at his opponent who, strangely enough, had not given up hope and was eagerly looking over to me and surveying the naked trophy that had been offered in the event of Richard’s failure.

Our eyes met. Despite him being rather hunky, around a healthy twenty four years of age, with long black hair in a ponytail and a muscular frame - I didn’t really fancy being shafted by him, or anyone else for that matter, in full view of everyone on the green baize of the pool table. He winked at me. I smiled nonchalantly back, and shook my head as if to say - No chance mate!

Richard took aim on the final eight ball. The whole place was hushed. Fortunately no-one dropped a pin. The cue moved forward and struck the white cue ball dead centre. It rolled across the table and hit the black, which then rolled straight on line to the winning pocket. It was almost at the pocket when it ominously slowed down, and hovered tantalising over the edge of the pocket. We waited for propulsion, gravity, friction or whatever to take over - but no. It stopped annoyingly a millimetre from falling.

Never mind he had two shots! Richard smiled and took aim again to finish the job, and save me from a full blown fucking as the main event.

“Foul! Opposition ball!” cried the home team lad acting as referee.

“What do mean foul - I’ve got two shots!” cried Richard.

“A ball failed to hit a cushion - two shots away!” shouted the ref.

In the heat of the moment most of us had forgotten the rule that a ball must touch a cushion on each and every shot. With my knowledge of the game I realised the referee was right, and so did Richard.

He looked nervously over to me and silently mouthed - “Sorry!”

His original ultra confident offer to his opponent had turned out to be a gross act of stupid over confidence.

“It’s all yours Tristram.” he mumbled to his ecstatic opponent.

Tristram? OMG! It looked like I was going to be publicly fucked by a guy by the name of Tristram, and all because my doppelganger’s husband was a swelled headed prat.

Tristram quickly potted the black ball amid a cacophony of cheering and whistling, and then looked across at me. Without hesitation the guys sitting with me pulled me to my feet and I was guided towards the pool table. Richard sat with his head in his hands. He was distraught. He couldn’t even watch as I was lifted bodily by his team mates on to the pool table.

Naked barmaid Shelley came over with a cushion which she placed under my head as I lay flat out on my back on the green baize.

It was surprisingly comfortable.

“Just lay back and think of England Tania.” she whispered “and don’t hate Rich too much, I think he has learned a lot from this, not to be too over confident, as fate has a wonderful way of smacking a bighead in the teeth.”

I nodded as much as I could laying there and turned my head sideways to see the delighted Tristram in the last throes of undressing as his underpants came down to reveal a not inconsiderable semi erect penis.

“Oh dear! I better act as fluffer.” giggled Shelley “otherwise it’s going to be like getting a marshmallow into a moneybox!” and she quickly began to work on the guy’s grateful cock with both hands and mouth, I was quite in awe of her quick thinking.

The table was surrounded by blokes eager to watch the home captain’s naked wife being stuffed by the captain of the away team. Even Richard was finally standing and looking at me. He crossed fingers on both hands and waved them to me. I gave him a faint smile in return, but oh my goodness, I was so nervous. I felt my legs being eased apart, and I knew my pussy was on full display to those at the head of the table, where most of them had congregated for that very reason.

The naked and very muscular Tristram climbed on to the table and looked down at me. Shelley had dome her job well as a fluffer and his circumcised cock was fully erect, very thick with a huge mauve helmet, and about seven inches in awesome length. He knelt between my parted legs. I could see two gorgeous enormous balls hanging ominously below his dick before he lowered himself on top of me.

I took a deep breath as his face appeared above mine and he kissed me. I must admit to being a little surprised. It was the tender lip brushing kiss of a thoughtful lover, not what I expected at all. The onlookers, however, were urging him to get inside me, and not mess about with pansy kisses.

“Get it up her Triss!” yelled a couple of his team mates.

“Fuck the arse off her mate!” was yet another suggestion.

But Tristram, I am pleased to relate, was in no hurry to collect his winnings. Our lips met again. It was much stronger this time with additional feeling. His bare hairless chest was pressing tightly against my breasts, and I could feel his erection flat against my tummy as I responded eagerly to his kisses. The guy was not just claiming his reward; he was making love to me with all the foreplay necessary to arouse me enough to willingly accept him into my body.

My mouth opened in unison with his as we kissed passionately with tongues entwined. For the first time I gratefully slipped my arms around him and rested them on his broad back, I was beginning to really enjoy this. The shouts from the watching voyeurs were lost in time as we kissed so passionately and yet tenderly before he carefully adjusted his body and I felt the head of his cock pressing against the wetness of my labia lips.

“Are you ready?” he asked softly.

“Oh yes!” I replied, eager to feel his manhood where it should be.

I took a deep breath as he slowly pushed his penis into me. A loud cheer filled the room.

“He’s fucking her!” cried one of the guys at my feet “I can see it sliding into her cunt!”

There was a frantic movement of humanity at that end of the table as they all attempted to see Tristram’s dick entering my body.

“Yes it’s almost fully in her!” cried another guy.

He was correct! It WAS almost fully inside me. It felt so good and so right as this muscular stud proceeded to fuck me with all the expertise of an accomplished lover.

Don’t whisk me back to my own universe yet - I found myself wishing. There was no way I wanted to miss this.

“Oh yes Tristram! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” I cried unashamedly.

This caused the engrossed onlookers to cheer and whistle even more, as they realised it was what I wanted. I actually wanted this waxed Adonis to shag me silly as everyone, including my husband, watched in awe and appreciation. In and out he thrust his incredible love pole, causing my body to tremble and quiver in erotic delight and pleasure. This was a fuck to remember as he hit hard on to my cervix, causing more waves of emotion to spread throughout my whole body.

“Fuck the slut Triss!” came one unfortunate yell, before an audible smack and a cry of pain rent the air, and the offender hit the deck courtesy of one of Richard’s team mates. I would have laughed if I hadn’t been in such turmoil of sensual fervour. The constant thrusting was bringing its own reward as the erotic sensations began to climb and fill my whole being. Tristram was gathering speed with his thrusts and although my eyes were closed I could see flashes of light like streak lightning as he rammed his impressive weapon deep into my ravenous cunt.

The feelings got stronger and stronger as lascivious necessity took over from the initial love making. Carnal desire was now foremost in my mind as my brain was almost bursting with animal lust and with incredible force I exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. I clung tightly to the man who had made all this possible. I pulled him deeper inside me - to fill me - to satisfy me - to fuck me as only he could. He continued to ram his cock into me as I shuddered and quivered under the force of this magnificent and gorgeous climactic ending to this incredible public coition.

But no, it was not over. Tristram hadn’t yet achieved his own climax. I regained my composure once more and, quickly coming to my senses I began to use the muscles deep inside my love canal to squeeze his manhood and urge him to his own wonderful sexual zenith. I utilised my inner cunt muscles to urge my stud to reach the peak of satisfaction that he so dearly wanted and deserved, and in the process I once again began the climb to sensuous culmination.

I exploded a second wondrous time, clinging once again to my lover’s naked body, and this time he joined me in a mutually satisfying orgasm. Gasping and moaning as he ejaculated into my grateful pussy. I was so happy that at long last he had gushed his life giving fluids into my satiated body. Spurt after spurt filled me and I was delirious with joy as he drained himself inside me, each vital drop emptying his balls of his glorious nectar.

“That was beautiful!” I whispered, as he relaxed on top of me.

“If you ever leave him I will be waiting.” he assured me.

A feeling of warmth and ultimate satisfaction filled my very being as he slipped sideways off me, and I was helped from the pool table by Richard and Danny.

“You were fucking brilliant Tania!” quipped Danny.

“Yes love, I can concur with that.” agreed my husband, as he gently sat me down to watch the rest of the match.

To Richard’s chagrin Tristram pushed in to sit by my side. He seemed quite taken with me and was full of praise for my performance on the pool table.

“You are better on a pool table than your husband!” he joked, ensuring that Richard heard every word. “I hope I marry a girl who is willing to go out naked to a pool match and fucks as well as you do.”

“Sod off!” snapped my husband “You only got to fuck her because I forgot the rules.”

“But you DID forget mate, and I DID get my cock up her!” He laughed “And I fucking loved it!”

“So did I!” I giggled as Richard glared at me. “Well?” I snapped … “I DID so there!”

“Fancy a return bout?” quipped Tristram.

“Don’t push him too far.” I laughed “he might explode.”

“Yeah sorry Rich.” he explained “But she IS a bloody good fuck your wife, and her tits are fantastic.”

He did no more than deliberately fondle and massage both of my breasts. Richard looked daggers at him, but said nothing; after all we were only obeying the NE rules. He got to his feet.

“Sorry for teasing mate, but you’ve got to learn to stop making rash bets.” he walked away but stopped before reaching where his team were sitting, and turned.

“But I DID mean it about you being a bloody good fuck Tania, and I really would love another crack at you.”

“Fuck off!” yelled Richard.

The rest of the evening went quite well for the home team, with Richard being the only loser. He managed to win his doubles partnering Danny, and the team had a surprisingly easy victory, considering how they started.

“I enjoyed it tonight love.” I explained on the drive home.

“The pool or the fuck?”

“Both actually. But possibly the sex a little bit more.”

“Well it’s MY turn tonight, so don’t suddenly develop a headache or anything.”

“Mmm. On a promise eh? I can’t wait.”

“You’ve had two doctors, four and a half pool balls, several tongues and fingers and a big headed pool player inside you today, I reckon your husband deserves his opportunity.”

“Yep!” I quipped and pecked him on the cheek “You certainly do!”

End of Part 7.

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