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  1. A Tradesman's Discount Part 1
  2. A Tradesman's Discount Part 2
  3. A Tradesman's Discount Part 3
  4. A Tradesman's Discount Part 4
  5. A Tradesman's Discount Part 5
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A Tradesman's Discount Part 2

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Incest, Male / Female

Author: Wayne.ker

Published: 24 January 2018

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Part 2

As I leaned over Hayley’s young body trying not to squash her with my body, her mother Mary reached between my legs and guided my hard cock into the entrance to her daughter’s young tight pussy. I took my time pushing my cock deeper into Hayley’s young pussy, letting her get used to having a large cock inside her pussy. With encouragement from Mary I began fucking her daughter slowly and gentle, pulling my cock out and pushing it all the way back inside her young pussy, it was an incredible feeling having her tight pussy gripping my cock.

Mary yelled at me and said, “fuck her harder, let her feel what it’s like to be fucked by a man.”

Doing as Mary had asked, I began driving my cock into her daughter’s young pussy harder, increasing the rhythm of my cock going in and out. Hayley was now moaning not in pain but in ecstasy, I lifted Hayley’s legs onto my shoulders and drove my cock in as hard as I could, each time I drove my cock into her young pussy, my balls slapped against her butt cheeks, making a loud clap sound. Mary was now squeezing her daughter’s breasts, I watched as Hayley’s face grimaced in pain as her mother twisted and pulled on her young nipples.

I yelled out, “I’m close to coming, what do you want me to do?”

“Fill her pussy with your baby making come, give her a baby.” Mary yelled.

As my cock erupted and started to squirt my baby making seed into Hayley’s young pussy, I was shocked that her mother had wanted me to make her daughter pregnant. When I had finished coming, I pulled my limp cock out Hayley’s tight pussy and laid down on the bed beside her. As I looked at Hayley she gave me a big smiled and leaned over and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

“Thank you, Mr Roberts, I mean Bill for fucking me, I loved having your cock in my pussy.” Hayley said to me.

“Your very welcome young lady, you were a fantastic fuck.” I told Hayley.

Hayley hearing me calling her a young lady, smiled and started kissing again, as her hand wrapped around my cock and started to fondle and stroke my cock trying to get me hard once more. I was desperately hoping my cock would recover quickly so I could fuck this sexy young teenager once more.

“Suck his cock, that will make Bill’s cock hard again.” Mary told her daughter.

As Hayley moved down by body, she kissed my chest and both my nipples then pushed her tongue into my belly button before giving it a kiss. Using her tongue she licked up one side of my cock and then licked up the other side of my cocks shaft, when she kissed my balls and took one into her mouth, I began to tremble, the feeling she was giving me, as she sucked on one of my balls was incredible.

My balls began to ache and I pleaded, “No more, that’s enough.”

Thankfully Hayley listened to my plea and released my ball from her mouth, she licked all around the knob of my cock, then took my cock into her sweet young mouth and started bobbing her head up and down as she sucked my cock. Now I could lay back and enjoy the feeling of having a young teenager sucking my hard cock. I looked over at Mary, she had her head between her daughter’s legs sucking my come out of her daughter’s pussy. The sight of a mother licking her teenage daughters pussy was making me come, I pushed Hayley’s head fully down onto my cock and held it there, with all my cock now buried in Hayley’s mouth, my cock began to erupt, blasting load after load of my come into Hayley’s mouth.

I was amazed at how Hayley had managed to swallow every drop of my come that I shot into her mouth, this young teenager had definitely sucked a cock before, she was much better than most of the women who had sucked me before, she was even better than her mother, but I could never tell her mother that her daughter was a better cock sucker than she was. I laid there recovering from a fantastic head job from a young teenager and watched as her mother rolled Hayley onto her back and then began fingering and licking her daughter’s young pussy.

“Oh mommy, you’re making me come.” Screamed Hayley as her young body shivered as she had a massive orgasm.

When, Mary lifted her mouth of her daughters pussy, it was easy to see that Hayley had covered her mother’s face with her pussy juices, Mary kept rubbing her daughters clit, I was amazed as I watched as Hayley’s pussy squirted a stream of her juices into the air, it was the first time I had ever seen a teenager squirt her love juices.

“Let me have a go at her pussy.” I asked.

Mary lifted her fingers of her daughter’s young pussy and I took over rubbing Hayley’s clit, pressing down and flicking my finger over Hayley’s hard little knob made her squirt several times and I managed to catch some of her love juices in my mouth, tasting Hayley’s sweet young juices, I kept rubbing her clit, then placed my mouth over her young slit and sucked her clit into my mouth, I could feel my face becoming wet as Hayley squirted again and again.

Hayley screamed, “please stop, fuck I can’t take it anymore,” then Hayley’s body started shaking as she had another massive orgasm. When I sucked up the last bit of Hayley’s pussy juices, I lifted my head of her pussy and looked at her. Hayley laid there motionless, like a doll.

I looked at her mother and asked. “Is she alright?”

Mary smiled and said. “Sometimes it’s too much for her and she passes out, don’t worry she will wake up in a few minutes.”

“Would you like to have a shower before you start work?” Mary asked.

I looked at the bedside clock and said. “Bloody hell half the days gone, yes I will have a quick shower and get to work.”

After having a shower and getting dressed, I began doing the work Mary had requested. A few hours later Mary and Hayley came out from the bedroom and walked naked into the bathroom, I heard them giggling like school girls as the took a shower together. When, they came out of the bathroom I was disappointed to see that they had wrapped a towel around their bodies.

Mary came over to me and asked. “How did you go with the work?”

Mary looked at the work I had done and I said. “Yeah everything is good, it will take a few more days to finish.”

“Don’t be in a rush to finish the work, we both enjoy having a man in the house,” said Mary, then added, “there is some more work that needs doing, if your happy with our agreement.”

I thought to myself, how I had promised not to charge anything for the work and if there was more work to be done, it would mean no cash for over a week, then I had an idea and wondered if Mary would agree.

“Mary if you want anything extra done, I will need some help, I could ask one or two of my friends to give me a hand if you like, it would mean the work will be finished a lot quicker, what do you think?” I asked Mary.

I could see Mary thinking about what I had suggested, she then asked, “I won’t have to pay them for their time?”

“No, I’m sure they will be happy to work with the same conditions.” I told Mary.

Mary then asked, “they wouldn’t tell anyone else about our agreement would they?”

“I trust them not to tell anyone about what happens in your house.” I said to Mary.

“Bring them over tomorrow, so I can meet them first and see what their like,” said Mary.

As soon as I was finished for the day and driving home, I phoned my friends and explained the situation and what was on offer, they all agreed to working for a few days and being paid with sex. My friend Steve was more interested in me telling him about Hayley than what work needed to be done. We agreed to meet at my house in the morning and I would drive over to Mary’s house.

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A Tradesman's Discount Part 2

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