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A Tradesman's Discount Part 5

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 24 January 2018

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Part 5

Arriving at Mary’s house I was disappointed to see that her daughter Hayley was dressed in her school uniform and would be going to school.

Mary standing in her bathrobe yelled at Hayley, “hurry up or you will miss your bus.”

“I can give Hayley a lift to school if you like?” I told Mary.

“Do you want Bill to drive you to school Hayley?” Mary asked.

“Yes please, can you?” asked Hayley.

Hayley followed me out to my Jeep and hoped into the passenger's seat, I drove off heading towards Hayley’s school. As soon as I turned a corner and out of sight of her mother, Hayley reached over and opened the zipper of my pants and after pulling my cock out of my pants began stroking my cock. The more she stroked my cock the harder it became, when Hayley leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking, I couldn’t drive any further and I pulled the Jeep over to the side of the road and parked. Hayley’s head began bouncing up and down on my cock and when a truck drove past and the driver blasted his horn, I knew he had seen what was happening. My cock erupted and blasted my come into Hayley’s mouth, after Hayley had swallowed every last drop of come and licked my cock clean.

Sitting back up and giving me a cheeky smile, Hayley asked, “do I really have to go to school today?”

I started driving towards Hayley’s school, trying to think of a good reason to tell her, that she had to go to school, my cock was trying to convince me to spend the day fucking her young pussy and butt. How would I explain to her mother Mary, the reason why I had not returned to the house to complete the work.

“Stop the car, stop the car,” Hayley yelled.

I pulled my Jeep over to the side of the road and stopped, Hayley jumped out and I watched as Hayley ran up to another school girl and gave her a cuddle and talked with her, after about five minutes Hayley brought her friend over to the Jeep and they both hopped inside.

“This is my best friend Jordan, can you drop us at Jordan's house, please?” asked Hayley.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I looked at Jordan, she was very attractive and looked a little younger than Hayley, she had long blonde hair and smaller breasts than Hayleys, Jordan noticed that I was checking her out in the mirror and gave me a big smile and moved her knees apart causing her short school skirt to ride further up her thighs, giving me a clear view of her white panties.

“Where do you live?” I asked, as my cock began to stir once more and with Jordan’s directions, I was soon parking the Jeep out the front of her house.

“Are you going to come in?” Jordan asked and then added, “the house is empty, my daddy's at work and won't be home until five.”

“What about your mother, when will she be home?” I asked.

Before Jordan could answer, Hayley said, “her mother left them, it’s just Jordan and her daddy.”

What harm could it be if I went inside with these two young teenagers I thought to myself, Jordan and Hayley both took one of my hands and led me inside the house and through to the lounge.

As I sat down on the couch, Jordan asked, “did you really fuck Hayley and her mom?”

I glared at Hayley knowing she had promised not to tell anyone, then looked at Jordan and said, “yes I did.”

“Will you fuck me too?” asked Jordan.

I was shocked and hadn't expected what Jordan had asked, I would have fallen over if I hadn't been sitting down. I gazed upon Jordans young body, thinking of what I should say. Now that I had a much clearer view of her body, she was more beautiful than I first thought. Hayley giggled as she started undressing her friend, I couldn't believe what I was watching in front of me, as they both undressed each other, they were soon standing in front of me in just their panties and bras.

When they reached around each other to unclasped each other’s bra, I took a deep gasp of air as I watched Hayley and Jordan kissing each other passionately, their bras fell to the floor, letting their small breasts squash against each other. When, they stopped kissing they turned and faced me, my eyes went back and forth as I compared their young breasts, Jordan’s breasts were indeed smaller than Halley’s breasts, Jordan’s breasts were small cones with a nipple on top, where Hayleys were more developed.

After they had removed their panties, I began comparing their young hairless pussies, my cock was already straining to be let loose and was throbbing inside my pants, Hayley and Jordan came over and helped me to my feet, as Hayley removed my shirt, Jordan undone my belt and lowered my pants to my ankles, dropping to her knees she hooked a thumb on each side of my underwear and slipped it down my legs.

My hard cock sprang free and it looked like it was waving at Jordan as it throbbed excitedly, as I stepped out of my pants and underpants, Jordan reached around me and with a hand on each of my butt cheeks pulled me closer and kissed the knob of my cock tasting my precum that had begun to leak out the eye of my cock, Jordan then began licking up and down the shaft of my cock as Hayley started kissing me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth as we wrestled with each others tongues, Hayley started twisting and pulling on my nipples, my body started to shiver. I wrapped my arms around Hayley and held tight against my body as I felt her friend Jordan take my cock into her young mouth and began moving her head back and forth.

What was happening was incredible, I had never thought that I would ever have two young teenagers making love to me at the same time. Jordan’s head was moving back and forth on my cock, her mouth sucking harder trying to get my come from my balls to shoot into her mouth, how did these young teenagers learn how to suck cock like an adult, I wondered who had taught them they definitely knew what to do, it was actions of their mouths and tongues and that of being young that was making me come as fast as I was. When, I started to shoot my load of come into Jordan’s young mouth, I held onto Hayley to stop from falling over as my knees began to collapse, with each squirt of my come I shot into Jordan’s mouth the faster she swallowed and the harder she sucked, as my cock became limp and Jordan released it from her young mouth, I collapsed back into the couch and laid there exhausted.

Hayley knelt down beside her friend Jordan and as they kissed I watched, as Jordan shared the come I had just shot into her mouth with Hayley and as they broke the kiss I could see that now they both had my come in their mouths. Jordan then laid Hayley onto her back on the carpet and positioned her head over Hayley’s pussy, Jordan after lifting her leg over her friends body lowered her pussy onto Hayley’s mouth. I watched as the two teenagers licked and fingered each other’s young pussies in a 69 position, the sounds of their tongues licking each other’s wet pussies, made my cock begin to stir.

With my cock becoming harder with each stroke, I quickened my strokes and once my cock was fully hard again, I got up of the couch and knelt down on the floor behind Jordan, lifting Jordan onto her knees and her pussy up off Hayley’s mouth, I pulled her hips backwards and rubbed my cock over her wet young pussy, with Hayley pulling Jordan’s young pussy lips apart and I pushed the knob of my cock into the entrance to her tight young pussy, I pushed my cock harder until it was all the way inside Jordan’s young pussy.

I began pulling my cock out and thrusting it back in as far as I could, making my balls slap against the cheeks of Jordan’s butt, each time I thrust my cock into Jordan’s pussy I could feel Hayley licking my cock and Jordan’s pussy, the feeling of having my cock licked as it went in and out of her friends pussy was incredible and made me thrust harder and faster, I kept my cock buried deep inside Jordan’s pussy as my cock erupted and blasted my come into Jordan’s young pussy.

When I withdrew my soft cock from Jordan’s pussy, my come ran out the hole I had left in her pussy into Hayley’s waiting mouth.

“What’s the fucks going on here?” A man’s voice yelled.

I turned and looked around to see a man standing there, how long had he been there what had he seen, I started to panic.

“Why were you fucking my daughter?” He screamed and moved closer.

As I started to move backwards, I heard Hayley giggling.

“Don’t scare him daddy, he is the man Hayley told us about.” Jordan said to her father.

The man approached me smiling and held out his hand, and said, “it’s nice to meet you, Hayley’s told me some good things about you.”

I stood up and shook the man’s hand, “I’m Bill, and what’s Hayley being saying about me?”

The man said, “I’m Carl Jackson, and Hayley tells me you like young pussy too.” And then asks, “would you like a beer?”

“Yes to both, I like young pussy and I would love a beer.” I tell him.

After grabbing some beers from the fridge Carl hands me one and sits down beside me, and begins to tell me how after his wife had left, Jordan and him had become closer and that Jordan slept in his bed every night. He went onto tell me about Jordan bringing Hayley home with her from school to meet him, and how he had phone Mary, Hayley’s mother and had asked if Hayley could sleep overnight sometime. A few days later Hayley stayed overnight and the three of them had slept in his bed that night, and he had fucked them both. I told him about doing some work for Mary and how she had offered Hayley as payment, when I told Carl about my friends joining in and fucking Mary and Hayley, he told me he would love to share Jordan with someone, but didn’t know anyone he could trust. We smiled at each other knowing it was the start of a long friendship.

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A Tradesman's Discount Part 5

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