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Categories Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 24 January 2018

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No one under the age of fourteen in this story has sex.


I woke up and there was a woman beside me in bed. She was cuddled up to me spoon-fashion and seemed to feel right in place with me. She didn’t shy away when I reached around to hold her tight as she dozed. And her buns felt so very nice up to my belly and hips. And then, it came to my mind what this was all about and how it had happened


About four years before, I was fresh out of the Air Force, twenty-one and looking to move ahead in my life post-military. The four years had definitely not been wasted. I had done a lot of growing up and had gained a tech school education in electronics and quite a bit of practical experience in working with electronic equipment. But, because most of my experience had been watching military style equipment cabinets glowing and humming, I was ready for something else.

I had worked for Bell Tell for a couple of months in San Jose, CA where I had finished my enlistment, but though they really liked me and I was very successful in the job that they assigned me, again it was mostly observation work, with some local wiring installations in the evenings. Not something that I would want to do for any time, I felt. They did tell me upon leaving that I could come back anytime as far as they were concerned. Always good to have something in reserve, I felt. And they were very nice to me.

I could have stayed in CA and went to college there, since I had been in residence for more than a year and could qualify as a resident, since all of it had been off base. But, I had just parted with a very powerful but hurtful relationship with a local girl and so with missing my family and the climate back home, I decided to move back to start anew.

Upon arrival and application to the local Community College (called a Junior College then) I found out that I was too late to start classes for the Fall Quarter, so I bided my time to start in the Winter Quarter. My major at first was going to be Meteorology, since that was a growing field and also because the weather in our region is particularly volatile and interesting. Besides according to the assessment tests, because of my strengths in science and math, I was predicted to very well in this major.

While I waited for my classes to start, I decided to see if I could find some kind of low-stress and undemanding part-time job to help finance my education without having to borrow any money. I had full G. I. Bill for my use, but it wouldn’t cover everything and besides I was going to stay with my mom, since all but my youngest brother was grownup and gone and so she had a vacant bedroom. She also didn’t drive, so with my car, I would be of some help to her in her transportation, despite that she was very adept at using the local bus system from her long experiences in riding them. She said that she didn’t want any money from me, since she was totally self-supporting. Didn’t mean that I couldn’t slip her some once in a while and maybe buy some of the groceries too.

In the newspaper ads, there was an ad for a night helper at the local hospital, so I decided to check that out, since I wouldn’t be able to work during the days, anyway. It was a Catholic Hospital and well known in the area for its high level of care. The Administrator was a Nun (correction Sister,) a Sister Mary Margaret, and a majority of the nurses and other personnel were also Sisters who lived in the detached abode of theirs.

From my military experience, I had learned in official conversations to get to the point and not waste a professional’s time. So, I outlined what I was doing and that I would like to see if it could mesh with their expectations.

She took this in coolly and then laid out what would be expected of me. They would work around my school schedule, work me as many days a week as I wanted, schedule me from eight in the evening until four in the morning, with a half hour lunch on the premises. The first four hours would be a combination of providing a strong right arm in the E.R. when needed and posting bills from the day to a journal and then entering the info in the system for billing. And the second half after lunch could be a combination of me doing homework from my classes and taking a nap. The pay would be minimal, but regular.

I smiled up to her and said to her, “Sign me up.” And she did, and then took me around to show me the areas that I would be involved in including the hallways that I would wander through at night as a low intensity security check. I said that I thought that I could handle all of this and started right away at that night. For the first couple of months I worked full time until they could find a fill-in for my off days. A rather sturdy looking woman just a couple blocks away was hired to fill in as my schedule required it. And then I settled in to working Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays to start to match my upcoming class schedule.

During the first week of this new job, when I was doing the security stroll, as I turned down a hallway that was not on my itinerary, I encountered a wraith like creature coming towards me and then when it saw me, it disappeared down a side corridor and out of my sight. When I got my senses back from the shock of it, I realized that it was one of the Sisters on a nighttime stroll of her own. So, then I moved to the lunchroom which was empty at this time of night, since most night time workers ate in their work locations. And I opened the lunch bag with its P. B. & J. sandwich on buttered bread, fresh apple and small container of chocolate milk to enjoy my lunch time meal. Alone!!

As I took the first bite, I thought that I felt a presence move past the open doorway, but when I looked back there was no one there.

Since, the wraith like nun (Sister) was avoiding me while evidently trying to ascertain who I was, as I guessed, I determined to vary my scheduled strolling down her hallway for the next five nights and encountered her every time, much to her chagrin it seemed to me. Also to my sense of humor.

Since, in the service and afterwards I had developed in to somewhat of a Lothario. When she finally decided to stop me from strolling down her assigned hallway and approached me on the matter, before she could start admonishing me about it, I took her right into my arms and gave her a very light kiss and then turned and moved on to go to my lunch. As I looked back at her escape, I saw her stumble a couple of times and then pick up her very energetic and swift transit. I smiled to myself as I left the area.

I didn’t see her for a couple of my work days, and then all of a sudden she showed up in the lunch room when I was beginning my lunch. She sat on the other side of the table, but was looking down on its surface, evidently trying to determine what I was about from my reflection in its polished surface, while being on guard to make a quick escape in case I made a move to assault her again.

I made it my purpose to move very slowly and deliberately to ease her nervousness, and placed another sandwich like mine before her in its wax paper wrapping. I then began to eat mine, grateful because I had been bringing her a sandwich every time I worked since the ‘kiss,’ hoping that she would show up to eat it and save me from blowing up like a balloon by eating it myself. You see, I am one of those people that has no filter in regard to food, if it is there and ready to eat, I consume it with no regard to the consequences. That comes after I burp.

But, after a brief moment of indecision, she took up the sandwich and as she bit into it, I saw the definite signs of a smile. She finally looked up to me when she took a sip from my chocolate milk carton, as she leaned back to partake with her eyes then aligned with my face. She also was enthusiastic at my halving and coring of the apple with her getting her half. After she finished her share of the apple, she rose to leave, without having said one word.

As she was about to leave, I addressed her and said, “If you are waiting for an apology over the kiss, you will wait in vain.” And then while that rocked her back on her heels, “And thank you for sharing my lunch………….time with me.”

I saw the corners of her mouth rise with that as she then made her escape from any more interaction with me.

Over the next few times in the hallways, she nodded as we passed, but skirted around me just in case I decided to get frisky with her again. And she would show up for lunch with me at least once a week. Finally on one night, when I placed the sandwich about half way between us instead of right before her, just to see her reaction to this, she short-armed it. So, I pulled back the chair next to me and motioned for her to take it. She looked into my eyes, surely to make sure that I wasn’t red-eyed in sexual lust and then moved around smartly to take the chair to my left. The one closest to the door!

We shared our lunch together and I controlled myself and didn’t attack her in any way this time. This seemed to calm down her more fragile feelings about this and she seemed to relax then more in my presence than ever before.

I decided to try the limits of this on our next hallway meeting and so when she approached me, I opened my arms and bid her to enter them. With only the slightest hesitation she moved forward and I took her into a very firm hug and backed off with my face to give her a very virginal kiss and then backed off. She just sort of vibrated in place and then slowly turned and went on her way down the hallway with no stumbling at all.

The next two times, she sat right by me and showed no reaction to me modestly laying my hand down on her upper thigh with no motions at all, just let it lay there and feel her warmth through her habit. On the third time of this, she leaned over before leaving and gave me a very firm kiss with her fingers in my hair.

As I was finishing my first year to stellar grades, things stalled at this level of advancement, and throughout the summer in which I worked as many days as I could I saw very little of her.

When the next school year began with me on the mark with my summer classes catching me up to my contemporaries, she again came back into my regular association in the hallways and at my lunches. I later found out that she had been out of the area in attending a sabbatical to help her to see where she could be of the most service to her new faith.

On our first lunch together of my sophomore year of college, she reestablished the standing of our relationship by sitting next to me, accepting my hand on her thigh and kissing me firmly when she moved to leave. I was entranced by this. Every detail, firm in my memory, for sure.

The next time, she advanced things a millimeter, by reaching over and resting her hand on my upper leg as mine crossed hers to return to her upper thigh. I felt that she was trying to convey something substantive to me, but I was afraid of scaring her off, to determine what it was. She evidently felt my hesitation, and so on the next meeting in the hallway, she avidly moved into my arms and reached around me to engage herself to me much more intimately than in the past. I explored this development by moving my hands from being strictly on her back to down to engage her firm and tiny behinds. She made no identifiable resistance to this. But, I felt that this was enough advancement for this time and so we kissed firmly and parted reluctantly on both of our parts.

The next time that I came to work, the security officer at the entrance to the hospital directed me to move right up to the Administrator’s office. Meaning, Sister Mary Magdalen, of course. I approached this with a definite feeling of doom. Perhaps, she had found out about the involvement of one of her Sister’s (called nuns incorrectly by most of us) in my life. And since she was of a different faith than me and supposed to be virginal in my understanding, I felt that I knew where this was going to go. That is with me going from the premises.

As I approached to her office, the receptionist was nowhere to be found, so I entered into The Sister’s office and took the chair that she looked up and directed me to. She then absent mindedly as she examined some papers before her, directed me to close and lock the office door. So, I did so and returned to the directed to chair to await her pleasure, or maybe wrath, I wasn’t sure which.

She then looked up to me with a sober expression and addressed me, “James, I have before my reports on your working for us over the first year. They are sterling in estimating your work for us. And as I have requested the results of your studies, I find that you are sterling in that, too. You have turned out to be a very ideal type of employee: energetic, responsible, attractive and forward looking. I still have hope that you will reconsider your education and remain with us. (With this I determined that the risk of me being fired was very much reduced.) In any case I look forward to your continued presence with us throughout your education.

Now are there any concerns about your work or presence here?”

‘Oh,oh, here it comes,’ I felt at the time.

“No, nothing that I can think of,” I offered cowardly.

“Well, then. What about a certain young postulate that you have been meeting with and sparking at night?” And with that a very penetrating peering at me with a magnum sober expression on it.

“Uh, Oh, that,” I offered lamely.

“Oh, I think that you can do better than that, James! From what I have learned you have totally beguiled the young woman into being torn between serving the church and ‘serving’ you! How do you feel about that?”

I then looked up to her with total honesty and addressed her also soberly, “Sister it is true, I have gotten to know her and to admire her very much. I have no idea of her convictions in this regard, but I think that she very much likes me, too. I would never want to interfere in her desires to serve God in any way that she determines to be proper to her.”

“You might be surprised that she had just this afternoon talked this very enigma over with me. She is very determined to try to find a way to both be yours and the churches. I advised her to think on this a while, but that there is a way out for her. She could become a lay Sister and appropriately serve the church and still be your wife in the future. Being your wife is your purpose in pursuing this, isn’t it?”

“Well, Sister, I had though up to this time, that that was premature to consider. But, after what you say, it will definitely be a priority of mine.”

“I would seriously advise that or to leave her alone. She is not only a prospective Sister in the faith with me, she is my niece, the daughter of my favorite sister who happens to be of your faith, but also still very close to me, too.”

I must have noticeably blanched at this. Just the reaction that she desired, I surmised. And then she continued.

“Here are a few things to take into account with her. She is only just eighteen, but has had a tumultuous childhood. Her father, who is Catholic like me, unwisely divorced my sister over her becoming active in your faith. I know quite a bit about it, and I totally admire their peacefulness and very high moral standards. While I would rather have her with me, I am very comfortable with her place in your faith that seems to be feeding her spiritually very well. Surely, her ex-husband will very much regret his divorcing her, if he hasn’t already. And as a tenet of your faith she is very much discouraged from welcoming him back. His loss, since I know that she is a wonderful housewife and wifely lover, too. He is unlikely to ever find her equal.

The reaction of ‘Celeste’ was to go wild in her behavior and to become involved in smoking, drinking, drugs and wild abandoned sex. She became close to a young man she met through that life style and he violently raped a her, a young girl who was about to give him what he forced upon her. He then dropped her like a dog turd and completely broke her heart. The church people of my sister tried to help her, but ran into a blank wall, so my sister asked me to try to help. So, I spoke up for her and got her the assignment as a type of trial in the life appointment for her here in the hospital. And then you came on the scene”

With that a frown, sincere or not, I couldn’t determine.

“I neither bless nor curse the relationship that you two have entered on. You two will have to work this out between you two. But, James, I put you on notice that if you do any further harm to my dear niece, you will have to answer to me. And it will not be pleasant for you!”

I shuddered at that, and remarked, “I will never endeavor to hurt her, Sister. I think that I am falling in love with her, but even if I wasn’t she is surely a dear soul.”

“Keep that in mind, James. Now, please leave my office as I have OTHER important matters to care for!” I got a brief glare and then a brief smile to send me on my way.

That night when we met for lunch, she threw off much of her previous reserve and cuddled right up to me with her head on my shoulder and my arm around her back as we ate our sandwiches. Neither of us then or ever referred to our discussions with Sister M.M. that day or ever after. But, even in her habit; which I learned she was not authorized to wear, but no one had the nerve to tell her about it; she became very much more affectionate with me and began to share very short expressions of interest in things about us.

I suggested that we needed to associate away from this venue to see if we would be compatible enough to continue to pursue a relationship beyond the friendship that we already had. And I asked her what she would like to do first. And so she jokingly asked that we do a virginal date. Burgers and a movie of her choice, to start. I totally agreed with this and so we set the date for the following Saturday night.

I picked her up in my vintage Plymouth Valiant, a two door hardtop with a slat-six motor. I had stiffened up the suspension and she was a dream to drive. Celeste was very comfortable as I seated her and belted her in, and seemed very relaxed to be with me. I asked if she would get into trouble for this, and she said no, that at the stage that she was in the training, she still had a lot of freedom to seek out her way into the future. At that she relaxed and we soon arrived at the Burger Burp 2, the first new drive-in of that prospective chain.

We really enjoyed the food there, as they have the reputation of being somewhat more expensive than the other chains, but with excellent food and service. When we finished we made it just barely to see the movie, a John Wayne western to my surprise. But, she seemed to enjoy it a lot, and cuddled and held hands with me all the way through. Even tolerated my hand again on her upper thigh. I kept if motionless, though, to prevent any backlash on this very pleasant evening. When I got her back to the Hospital for her to move to her room through it, she grabbed hold of me, kissed me deeply with our first tongue and with a brief swipe at my unmentionables, she left with a teasing laugh and barely touched the landings on the stairs up to the entrance.

On the next lunch together, she mentioned that she had told Sister M.M. about our date and how very nice it was. She seemed to take it very well and invited us to a small family gathering at her house the next Saturday night. And so we did. Sister had advised that we enter separately and contain any shows of affections to the holding of hands which would show our interest in each other without alerting any concerns by the others at the party for Abigail’s (her real name) welfare. I met her mother and she asked as to what congregation that I had attended and I said the Fairview one and she remarked that she had heard of me.

I was alarmed at that, but she interjected that there were no bad feelings towards me, just hopes that I would come back to active attendance and service. I assured her that I was contemplating that. And then she asked how I felt about dating her daughter, a prospective Catholic sister. And I remarked the same that I would in dating any good-hearted Christian girl. She smiled at that and then left me alone to regather with Abigail in a darkened corner. She had already got the word that both Sister M.M. and her mother were quite pleased with me.

On the way in taking her back to the hospital, where she lived next door, I mentioned that with her approval that we probably needed to go to the next level in our relationship to see if we would work out together in that way, too. I knew that the church and my religion too, would prefer us to wait for that until we were married, but with her totally horrible previous experience, and her effort to escape that and possibly sex with any man from then on, that we needed to see if she could accept me in that way too, to quiet this concern for both of us.

She remained wordless for a few minutes and then spoke up that that was a valid concern, and that we should think about it for the week. If we both concluded that this was the right way to go, that we could get together in my new apartment, just across the street from the hospital to settle our hearts on this, the next Sunday night and she would sleep over with me to reinforce it. I concurred and she left me with a smoldering kiss to peak my interest.

That Wednesday night, when we met in the hallway on our rounds, she grabbed my wrist and guided me into one of the vacant examination rooms. She looked into my eyes and then leaned back on the examination table with her lower dress pulled up to just under her bra and then looked at me and then down at her exposed lower body. I got the message and lowered myself to give loving attentions to her lower regions.

I first nuzzled up to her slightly rounded belly and rubbed my face and new mustache all over it. I then lowered her business like panties and moved my face up to her pussy area. I nosed around in her small bush above her cleft and soon after moved down with my lips and tongue to liven things up with her pussy lips and clit. Since she was in a rather precarious position, I advanced things much quicker than I would usually and gave her slit, clit and pussy opening brief but energetic attentions. I could taste in the relative darkness her girlish cum leaking out onto my face and then very quickly her shrugs, shimmies, shakes and bolt like jerks that led up to her climaxing right down on to my face.

With my womanly cum laced face, she reached down to raise me up to kiss her very tenderly and then with her strength waning, she reached down to loosen up the male member, which she immediately guided into her most private place. As I entered her, I moved up quickly to be fully engaged with her and soon after dumped my load, since I had not been with another girl for some time. She shuddered at this and then gathered me up into her arms and kissed and hugged me with wild abandon. When we broke off, she smiled and advised me, “See you Sunday.”

When I offered a questioning attitude, like what was this about then, she offered, “Just a pre-trial motion, sir!”

On Sunday evening, she didn’t have to be picked up. It was still daylight and I lived right across the street from the hospital now in my own very comfortable apartment. When she came to the door, she was dressed in a very severely cut business suit with a prominent cross on her lapel. I noticed that and reached over to the side table next to my chair and waved a copy of our world famous Christian magazine at her. We both laughed at the ‘uppityness’ of this, and then gathered ourselves together to go and prepare dinner.

I don’t even remember what we fixed, but we didn’t choke on it, and did enjoy a very convivial and lively discussion throughout it until we had finished the dishes and moved to our bed. At least I now hoped that it would be “our” bed.

I undressed more quickly and she waited until I was naked and settled in the bed under the covers. And then she slowly and deliberately undressed before me making each motion meaningful and sexy as hell. Or in this case Heaven.

As she revealed her body increasingly with each article removed, I got a taste of what it would be like in our future together if we could mesh or different faiths, but similar views on life to being one in union.

With her progressing undressing, I knew what kind of union I was desiring at this time. And so with her willowy body and lovely eyes, she gathered herself to under the covers. She then in a very small but earnest voice asked me to proceed very basically this time, to see how it worked for us. We could explore the more advanced fun starting with the next time.

So, I took her into my arms and hugged her with caressing down her back. She was caressing mine at the same time. And then she lowered herself to address my member for a few brief moments, just long enough to enliven it. With that accomplished, I moved down to her pussy and began the activating of it too. Soon, she was leaking the telltale cum out of her love hole and I then moved my member up to and in to her love zone. She seemed to be totally entranced by this and held on to me very tightly as I struggled to get the motions in progress to bring us both. The excitement built up very rapidly and we after only about twenty minutes of love play each came to our happiness’s.

We then moved together again and she reversed her body to have her back to me and reached between her legs to install my now rearisen cock back up in to her still awakened pussy and with a, “Anal next time!” we settled down to sleep the night away together in love.

We now moved on to marrying only a few weeks later at a justice of the peace office to avoid religious hurt feelings in both sides of our families and set about to prepare ourselves for the arrival of our first child, the one we initiated in a certain examination room.

Both families got used to us attending our own meetings on Sundays, with an occasional foray into each other’s faith’s social events. I became again active in my faith and eventually became an elder, even with a nun as a mate. She advanced to administering a local charity in the churches name, despite my well-known place in my religion.

We had four children that covered the spectrum of religious decisions and loved them all. We all loved each other deeply and stayed the course through the rest of our lives and let the Creator and his Son decide what to do with us after that.

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Comments (5)
James Dylan Dean25 January 2018 15:54
I was hoping that the readers of this story would get the message that I was trying to manifest through it. The documents that we revere often portray our Lord as a Loving person and the personification of LOVE, Yet those who worship him often hate and even war with those who have variant from their own beliefs about him. Very violent wars have been fought over trifling differences of opinions. I tried here through a little romance to show that while honoring their religious differences that two young people could still find love and completion together. Can't we as world society do the same?
James Dylan Dean26 January 2018 19:55
And find the differences, very interesting.
James Dylan Dean26 January 2018 19:17
As to be demeaning, that is never my intention. I just have had over seventy years of life and experiences to come to some very firm convictions. I recognize that others have theirs, and I rejoice when another's set of beliefs intersects with mine and celebrate the convergences.
James Dylan Dean26 January 2018 19:10
Gina, I am writing sex stories. I am not negative in my relationship with other faiths, at all. I worked with many of them over the years, including in a Catholic Hospital and I was treated very well there, with them knowing that I was of another faith. The inspiration for this story. In my personal ministry over forty years, I had many discussions with other faith's adherents about spiritual matters. I never let them become arguments and was always welcome at their homes. I have always hoped that one day we all who want to worship our God, just do so at that and don't have to categorize him as Catholic, Hindu, J.W. or by any other definition, just in the way that seems reasonable and faith building for ourselves. Thank you for commenting Gina. I always enjoy your comments.
mature gina — 26 January 2018 18:06
Well James, I enjoyed the story but you do come across as demeaning to your readers at times. Love/Hate are taught to children at a young age regardless of religious beliefs. I've been to many houses of worship and the "War" on that will continue until people begin to respect one another.
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