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  1. THE DICKSTER-Private Eye
  2. THE DICKSTER-Part 2
  3. THE DICKSTER-Part 3
  4. THE DICKSTER-Part 4


Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Job/Place-of-work

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 25 January 2018

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Nobody in this story below the age of fourteen has any sex.

THE DICKSTER FILES: Case of the Missing House

Rich (Richard Sterling of the Mt. Beaver Detective Agency, ret.) was driving the Agency’s ‘strike vehicle’ a 2003 Dark gray Suburban, with darkened windows, a revolving license plate and all of the action toys you could think of hidden within, with fingerprint access buttons. It was used only in special operations and was recognized as a Law Enforcement vehicle, since it was used not only by the agency, but also the Bash Brothers and L.E. themselves, because they could not justify having such a vehicle all the time themselves.

Rich was officially retired, but kept his P.I. license active. He had turned the active management of his agency over to his current hot-as-hell wife and had been very busy making babies on her and caring for them while she ‘slaved away, her words’ at the Agency. She had very much enjoyed giving Rich their current family and was still actively blessing it and him with the kind of activities that would increase it. ‘Better to keep the old beloved creep busy, she reasoned.’ And the truth was that child care seemed to be one of the few things that he was really good at. But, for this day, he had borrowed Opal, the young lover of his friend Marty Jensen to watch over his brood for the day, and to have them play with her and Marty’s brood, too.

As he worked his way across town and into the outskirts to check up on something that had been brought to his attention by a hysterical longtime friend. Moses, the friend, had went to see his buddy Nick, known as the Car Fixer around town because of his uncanny ability to identify and repair odd problems with vehicles which was accomplished in his very private workshop on the outskirts of town. Nick’s lot was carved right out of the surrounding scrub forest mostly made up of second growth cedars, alders and firs. His lot was about an acre in area and was accessed through a wide driveway that leads right up to his working shop’s dual high rise doors. Then the drive circles around to the back to where Nick and Sara’s house was, or in this case really ‘was’ if you could believe Moses’s hysterical account. Gone, with just an empty set of foundations and no house and no sign of a fire, either.

How that could be accomplished just boggles the mind, you know. A puzzle worthy of the legendary detective, himself. But, Sherlock not being available these days, these kinds of cases fall to current practitioners, instead. And Rich, being an avid fan of Columbo, as played by Peter Falk, had in retirement reversed to being THE DICKSTER, because it was very useful and a hell of lot of fun, too! As the DICKSTER, he could indulge in his two favorite hobbies, solving crimes and mysteries: and of course ‘dicking’ females, which was usually totally excused because of his portrayed innocent idiot at large persona. But make no mistake about it, Rich was canny about his cases, after all he was a graduate of the Sterling Correspondence School of Detective Work. He had the graduate certificate still hanging in his old office, right next to the one for Candy, his equally canny wife and current manager.

As Rich arrived at the feeder country road to the local highway, he closely looked for the lane that Nick and just a few others lived on. The lane was unusually wide for a private country road, but it was known that a logging truck driver lived at the end and benefitted from the wide road for his large truck’s entrance and egress to his property. And Nick’s business benefitted from it too, because he also worked on the big rigs in his shop, even though it was a real bitch getting the around the circle drive or backing them up out, even without their trailers attached, which were left along the roadside off of the lane.

Nick knew all of this even before arrival and a background check, because Nick was the only person in the valley that he would allow near his beloved ‘sub’ with a wrench. And a lot of other locals felt the same about their vehicles. And Nick carried credit too, for the economically distressed. This was very important for on-the-fringe truck drivers because the monies came in in bunches but not with regularity. And this was a minor cause of irritation between Nick and his common law wife, Big Sara. But, Nick almost always got his money, because these guys would want his very reasonably priced services again, and he did have a firm policy, no additional on-credit work, while a credit balance is still on the books. Very effective enforcement, only rarely augmented by a use of the Bash Brothers.

This all was no real problem to Nick and Sara at the modest level of life that they lived. They, mostly just enjoyed their lot in life with each other. Sara had cut Nick out of the herd when he was about to graduate from High School, with a certificate and extremely high grades during Automotive classes and the Shop courses to support it. Very average in everything else, but Sara, ten years older than him, saw potential in this scruffy young man and threw her two hundred pound body in his way and fucked him into marital submission of the common law kind. He must be enjoying it, because of the five children that they made and the fact that she was hands down the finest home cook in the county. She also had financed his entry into the car repair business with a fund of money that she had saved over the years to attract a viable man to herself.

Their kids were now in their mid-teens and young adulthood. Two wonderfully pretty girls and three Goth guys who would have made a favorable impression in any of the kid killing flicks that seem to be so popular these days. But, with ‘uncle’ Rich, they were very affectionate. They got such a kick out of his ‘Dickster’ mode and saw right through it, like kids do with a lot of the pretenses of adults.

Rich, upon arriving, drove around the circle drive to get the same look that had so squirrelled Moses’ heart and mind. And as he ducked behind the shop, got the very same impression that Moses had passed on. Something was amiss here and some kind of skullduggery was surely involved. No sign of Nick or any of his family, the shop turned out to be locked up and through the lone window seemed to be in proper order, too.

With a house mysteriously missing, and a foul smell now becoming evident from the shop, Rich decided to bring in the Sheriff’s Department for a ‘Wellness Check.’ They were also on a very cooperative arrangement with Rich and his agency, because they too had benefitted several times from Rich’s sharing of his intelligence, and ‘sub.’ The only codicil to this was, that it had to be a case that he was actively working, preferably before they were called in, and that he shared any pertinent information that he gained with them. No one was stupid enough to think that he would tell them everything, but he did make sure that they got everything that they needed to nail the perpetrators.

The Deputy showed up very quickly and then they forced their way into the shop. With both of them having on plastic covers to their shoes, they carefully entered so as not to needlessly disturb any evidence left behind, if there was an actual crime scene here, and not just a wandering deer that had died and rotted while the family was gone on some kind of vacation and had taken their house with them. Death Head’s humor is common among those who toil in the dark corners of society. And sadly, when they carefully peeped to in front of the car in the shop with its hood up, they could see five bodies. Later found that none of them were the two daughters, ages sixteen and twenty. First stupid mistake by the perpetrators, a clue and a link to them.

Rich and the Deputy Wilson, looked each other in the eyes, with profound sadness and backed out as carefully as they could to call in the CSI squad from Big City and the ‘meat wagons’ from the coroner’s office.

While they awaited this, The Deputy being very cognizant of Rich’s manner and abilities advised him to send him transcripts of any conversations that he had on this case. And with arched eyebrows advised, ‘nothing else!’ Rich nodded to him and left to his further tasks, starting with the home right across the lane from Nick and Sara’s.

He pulled right up to the dowdy house and crossed the unmown lawn, that because it was still early in the Spring was only knee high and found the overgrown walkway right up to the house. When he reached up to knock on the door, it flew open before his knuckles landed once. He knew then the L.I.N. was in full operation her on Meadow Lane. Local Informational Network that is. You see many of these country lanes are gateways to drugs, moonshine, marijuana and prostitution and are very sensitive as to strangers entering their domain. So, if someone not living on the lane enters, the phone goes off in each of the other homes on it. Not answered, but acknowledged, none the less.

As he entered the house he noticed a name plate on the door with the name, Meredith, on it. No indication of the sex of the holder, nor even if it was a current inhabitant. And in the window was a decal, that was pretty new that said, The Navy Lands Here. So, this was probably a Navy wife, or lover trying to make ends meet with his monthly sharing’s and stranger dicks, while he was busy on a boat dodging crazed Iranian boatmen, Rich guessed. But, she accepting the inevitable welcomed him in and marched him to the dinner table, which might be the cleanest spot in the house from what he could see. No children in view, but they might be in school if they could be bothered by such things.

She, in her ragged housewife’s dress, moved to the stove to fetch a pot of coffee to share with him, while she endeavored to duck any questions that he might come up with to accompany the fake looking badge that he had waved in her face upon entry. The coffee was great and the view through the dress was even better. She noticed that he noticed.

Rich sampled the coffee and gave a polite finger up rating of it. And then before he could introduce his first searching question, she had moved around the table to take a place on his lap. She leaned in and began an aggressive manner of kissing, which soon moved to tongue play. She while engaged in this moved his free had to her breasts over her dress, his other was working its way up her leg. She acknowledged this with a warm smile and did absolutely nothing to hinder either in their intimate progress with her.

Soon her bodice opened up and his hand moved in to work on her exposed breast. As she was about twenty five in age, it was still very firm, despite her obvious status as a mother. Turned out later that none of the current brood was hers, but that she had one brewing in her womb at the time. The hot as hell kissing continued and his lower hand had progressed up to her pussy, that was bare and wet to his touch. This was all the message that he needed and so his manner became much more aggressive. She seemed to enjoy this.

Then as he was loving this wanton woman up, he saw a shadow come behind him into view. It was a younger woman, perhaps sixteen and very tall with a smiling face even at the errant scene she was meeting up with. Perhaps, a fellow whore or maybe a ‘step-daughter’ fellow whore. Upon her coming into view, Meredith (her real name) advised her to get busy with Rich, too. Since she was not helping with the housework at the present time. So, Mindy, the six foot tall spindly and cute girl got on to her knees and freed Rich’s sizable cock and planted it right up into her mouth. Knew what to do with it, too.

After a few minutes of Mindy’s attentions, the ‘monster’ was at full sail and ready for launching. So, Mindy helped Meredith up and over and then on to its upward head. She then settled down on it to let lust and gravity progress it to full invasion. While this was going on, Mindy moved up to take over the kissing activities and allowed Rich to maul her titties, now. When Meredith got to full enclosure with Rich’s monster dick, Mindy showed her surprise and satisfaction with a slobbery kiss to Meredith. Then the fun began and after about fifteen minutes, Meredith either came very profusely or faked it very well.

With this accomplished, or not, attentions then turned to Mindy, and she eyed Rich’s still elevated cock with a measuring eye, to see where she might fit it, also. She decided that despite its length and girth in bonus quantities that it would fit up her ass and so Meredith helped her to lube up and then guided her down on the same cock that she had just worn, to be totally entered up into her lower G.I. Meredith surmised. Then both Rich and Meredith using their hands, worked Mindy up and down the magnificent pole to all of their delights. Soon enough, both Mindy and Rich came, with Meredith taking care of the overflow into her wide smiling mouth.

After all of that, Meredith helped Mindy work her leg up over Rich’s chest and head, so that she could ride in his lap with her mini-tits spread over his chest and her body laying up to him. Her face was laying on his shoulder and her ass was still occupied by his cock. At this, Meredith rose up and refreshed his coffee for him. It was still very good and still warm, too.

Now with the preliminary fun out of the way, but still with the skinny girl still mounted up to him, he looked over her shoulder to begin the questions of his trade.

“Meredith, I have just a few questions for you and then I will reluctantly have to go on my way. I might take the girl with me or at least get a promise of a return visit, though. A little contribution for your living expenses, too. If I get some truthful and helpful answers.” [Good Luck with that, though one of the things that the P.I. course had really helped on was the interrogation lesson plan.]

“Do you know Nick and Sara from across the street”

“Only as private neighbors, we were never seen socially.”

“Even though, you each have a lot of privacy in your homes, have you seen anything lately different in the neighborhood?”

“Only thing that I have noticed is the presence of more motor cycles than I have ever seen around her over the last three months.”

“What kind of people riding them?”

“The scruffy and leather jacketed type, with some kind of gang affiliation that I couldn’t read.” Probably didn’t want to let on this info, because of possible repercussions, Rich surmised. Though it might be that she really didn’t know. Perhaps, this identity could be picked up on a security camera somewhere in the neighborhood. But, probably not on this street.

“Any changes in the household that you noticed?”

“Well, the older girl, who had always presented herself in a very innocent and well behaved manner, began to dress in a more Goth type manner and was becoming very rude in her manner.”

While Mandy was moving about on Rich, probably to get his attentions and to forestall Meredith from revealing any move info on sometimes dangerous neighbors, Rich asked if there was anything else that she had noticed that would be unusual recently. And she said that she couldn’t think of any.

With that, she mentioned that she needed to take a shower that he was welcome to come back with any further questions that he had, Rich knew that a contribution would be in order then and Mindy emphasized the necessity of another visit by working her still installed ass over his dick with another fine ride off into fucking heaven. After that he reluctantly gathered himself up to leave with Mindy’s kisses leading him out.

When he got out to the ‘sub, he immediately spoke into the recording system to have a printed copy of the interview and sent a copy to the fax number on the card supplied by the deputy. If the deputy wanted to find out any of the other two good reasons to interview these women, he would have to find out about that himself. And probably would, too.

Since he was very tired with his official duties, not to mention the unofficial ones (he wondered if Doyle had forgot to mention like occurrences for Sherlock,) he went to have lunch and rest up for the next interview on the Lane. He also called in to see about his kids, and Opal said that they were fine and down for a nap then. Also to not rush home, unless he had other plans for her. ‘Hehehehe’ That, was a direct quote form her, too.

After a few minutes he got a fax back, with the info that the family members found had all been shot, Nick four times. Evidently a handgun, and by the manner of use either a former military man, L.E. type or other Pro. Certainly not an amateur, it appeared. And a thanks for the integrations report. All of these reports to be destroyed, after the facts were gained. To not leave a paper trail to warm the hearts of defense lawyers in the future. And to supply the principals with the ability to practice plausible deniability if pressed by them.

THE DICKSTER FILES: Case of the Missing House, Part 2

That afternoon, I moved on to interview one of the three other families that lives on Meadow Lane to try and ferret out any more helpful clues. My dick was now rested, also.

When I checked my fax machine, I found a notice from Deputy Wilson, that they were already working on the security camera angle, looking for suspect vehicles or motorcycles in the area. So, I read and burned the message and cleared my computer memory of any mention that I had ever gotten it.

I then very carefully drove my SWAT SQUAD looking vehicle up to the next house on the same side of the street as Nick’s only about a quarter mile up the road. I was allowed to enter with no shotgun volley’s at all. I appreciated that, since it is hard on the paint, you know. Evidently they didn’t know that I was alone in the vehicle or they might not have been so welcoming (in a relative sense, you know.)

I walked up to the door of a very well kept midsized home, with no large dogs in view and twin stickers on the door. ‘YOU ARE NOT WELCOME’ one said and ‘MY GUNS ARE READY TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY’ said the other. They might have had one about the dogs, which I strongly suspected, but evidently wanted that to be a ‘pleasant’ surprise for any interloper to find out about.

Everyone who counted in the county knew that this family was M.J. growers, but nobody did anything about it since there were first cousins to the mayor, whoever he or she might be, and no matter of what race or ethnic background they came from, also. But, they paid their legal taxes, and didn’t allow any violence on their property except for the occasional stupid gang member that tried to horn in on their operation. There was a well-filled private cemetery for them out back under the trees. And even the Bash Brothers would use it once in a while. It was suspected that Tyrone the pimp had a place out there, but since there were no gravestones, nobody knew for sure.

With me wondering what the relatively peacefulness of their property was about, I knocked very softly on the door. And a tall stringy, but pretty young woman came to the door. She could have been a twin of Meredith’s in-home partner by her looks and later was identified as such. Evidently a popular model in the neighborhood, and later a third was confirmed, too.

She with a very wide smile invited me in and guided me to the kitchen table to palaver with whoever showed up. In the meantime she got me a cup of hot coffee, again very good and took her place on my lap during my wait. I guess the L.I.N. had worked for this, too. She didn’t waste any time and quickly worked up my dick into her pussy, for her excursion of the intimate kind. It felt just as good as her twin’s ass, and with a minimum of bouncing ad flexing, I came into her, too. And then she reversed herself with her head down between my legs and her pussy up to my mouth for me to finish her off. She actively cooperated with my oral pussy assault and soon came and emptied her and my cum right into my mouth. So much for dinner that night.

At that, a mountain of a man came into the kitchen with, ”That is enough fun with the nice man, for the present.” And when she got off with me with a wide smile, “Man, that is an out-sized gun that you have there!” He remarked.

As I got myself back into P.I. mode, I just nodded.

“Well, Dickster, what brings you our here?”

I wasn’t going to wait for a name, he would give one real or false at his discretion, so I moved right to the purpose of my visit. “I am looking into the events at Nick’s place down the lane for a friend.”

At this, he looked genuinely sorrowful about the murders. The L.I.N. had already reported to him about this. And truly Nick would be missed, not only because he was one of the ‘good guys,’ but also because of him being the best home mechanic in the county. Who in the hell was going to take care of their vehicles, now? Also, there was the matter of Nick and his family being under the protection of the local criminal elements, because he could be counted on to repair damages minor and significant with no word getting out to undesirable ears. This would bring on some attentions to this by those sympathetic to the lost souls and the feared travesty that was probably the fate of the two missing girls.

So, Rich sensing a cooperative spirit here asked just a couple of questions of ‘man-mountain.’

“Sir, did you see anything or hear anything on the day in question, which is assumed to be three days ago?”

“No, not much. But I did have some trouble with the motorcycle gang that had taken up temporary residence at Nick’s. They first tried to intimidate me into allowing them to infiltrate my operation here, and when that didn’t work out very well for them, they tried to steal from me. But, the dogs dissuaded them from that, with a few chunks of their hides left behind. Kilt one of my dogs, but the dogs are wise to them now, and are just waiting for them to try to return.”

“Thank you for calling them off, when I came up!”

“No problem, they were eating.” And as I looked up at that, “No problem, no one that you are likely to know!” I wasn’t sure if he was teasing or not, especially with the snuff stained smile that he showed me.

He then passed on some details about the gang, which would be helpful in the investigation. And I asked if he had heard any strange noises that day.

“Just a very loud sound of like one of the flying bug things that are so much in the news.”

“You mean, drones?”

“Yes, that is it. But, they were very loud for a small thing like that.”

“Helicopters in search mode, maybe?”

“No, I am very familiar with the noise that they make. It was something different from those that I am aware of.”

“Anything else that you would like to share, today?”

“Nothing, that I can think of now, but I know who you are and that I can contact you directly or through the B. Brothers.”

“Well sir, here is my card with my new cell number, because I am supposedly retired from the business and Candy my wife is running it now. I don’t want her to become entangled in any of my extra activities now, if you get the drift.”

“Yes, I understand that well. And Bro. I go by M and M, for reasons that you can probably guess and you are welcome to taste test my wares anytime you want, with a guided tour of Marie’s bedroom on the cuff for you, too. And hope that you catch the bastard or bastards who did this. I will put out the word to my cohorts to pass on any intelligence that they come up with for you through the B. Brothers.”

“Thank you M and M, and I might take you up on that.”

With that, I was escorted to my ‘sub’ by Marie and got a farewell kiss and grope from her, too. Damn, what a fine vintage the two of the eventually known triplets that I knew of so far were.

I got on the fax and sent off the details of the gang and the notice of the noise to Deputy Wilson, and got a happy face back from him, with no further details supplied by him at this time.

Later, I found out that his superiors were giving him shit for passing on any details to me. But, when the Chief found out about this, some knuckles were severely rapped, and the info pipeline reinitiated. The Chief was well aware of the importance of keeping me and the B. Brothers in the loop for this case and any other that we became entangled in.

After I was driving away, I heard my cell go off and so pulled over to the side of the road and answered to hear the voice of Marie. She asked me to meet her late that night to share something with me. I was very curious about what, but knew better than to press her. Information from willing sharers tends to be somewhat better than that which is forced out with broken teeth or arms, you know.

I didn’t think that getting away that night would be a big problem, because Candy, my wife, well understood late night hours and secrecy. And she well understood that whatever happened away from home, that when I got there, I was totally hers and the children’s. And by the way, I was missing the kids very much already after only one day. Nothing like their bouncing bodies and child-like shrieks as we played the most stupid games possible to their total delights. Anyone missing out on this with their kids, is truly missing out. But, since Candy had been working very late the past week, she was undoubtedly going enjoy an evening alone with them all to herself.

So, at eight PM I met Marie at the Burger Burp. A good place to meet, since it was always so busy, that unless you were looking for someone specific, you wouldn’t notice anyone else who was there. I took up one of the few parking spaces on the premises that was for dining in customers, and Marie came out of the dark from outside and jumped into the ‘sub.’ I backed up then and drove off to not hinder the business of this local legend.

She patted me on the shoulder and then asked me to find a private place for us to talk. So, I took her to a hidden by trees parking lot alongside of a lake fishing boat ramp, that made no issue of overnight parking, since some of the fishermen slept overnight on their boats to get at the morning bite on time.

I pulled up between two large trucks that didn’t appear to be in a hurry to go anywhere and then turned to Marie for what this was about. The first words out of her mouth were, “First things, first!” And she undid her belt and moved over to engage me in industrial grade kissing. When she had managed to almost suck my tongue out of my mouth, she moved down to my dick and started to work it over. I was able to reach over her back to her pussy area and helped to wake it up, too.

When we were both wet, she shimmied over without her panties on, lifted the hem of her dress up and then settled down on my dick with her tiny breasts on the steering wheel and her face up against the inside of the windshield. She got me totally inside of her and then began a light bouncing and pronounced flexing of her belly. Even though, I am a late middle-aged man, and had had enough pussy for any day of my life that day, she caused me to roar out my spunk up into her vault and then settled down to let it do its job, I guessed. “I want a boy with just your equipment.” she offered as I looked inquiringly of her.

And then with her still in place on me with my equipment comfortably encapsulated by her dear vagina, she began to share some details that would be pivotal to the solving of this case. First of all, she shared that there were four of her, Mindy, Marie, Marsha and Mandy. All peas of a pod, and all as horny as hell because of a boy cousin who visited and introduced them in their mid-teens to feelings that they hadn’t even imagined before. They were twenty, now, but looked a lot younger because of the spareness of their frames and the manner of their dressing.

She mentioned that all of them have cell phones and regularly compare notes as to what is going on in their lives. One of her sisters had advised her that she knew where the house had gone. It had been picked up by a Sky Crane Helicopter and delivered to a secret sex school for young women on the ‘rez. And that it was thought that the two daughters of Nick, had been taken alive to be sold into overseas prostitution, despite that the older one had be instrumental in the gang getting into the home to rob the parents. They were evidently still in town at an unknown location awaiting transportation to the ‘hells’ that their futures would be.

She also offered that the owners of the school probably had no idea of the circumstances of the providing of the house, they had just bought it for their own purposes, sight unseen, hoping that it would be better than a modular one that they had previously thought to obtain.

This was so important that Rich had a transcribed copy of this recorded conversation immediately sent to Deputy Wilson, who quickly replied that he would get back to him. I then with my immediate duty done to the case, I inquired of Marie as to whether there was anything else she wanted of me, thinking that she might want a bit of funds to upgrade her wardrobe. But, ‘No,’ her reaction was, “Round Two, in the back.” And “Up the ass this time!”

Not to be one to leave a lady wanting, we moved back and I managed to install my dick right up her ass with little trouble or discomfort by her despite its size. And when we were done, she took me into her arms and said, “Often, Please!” My retort was, “Of course as available.” She obviously took that a lot more positively than was justified by that statement. Though she would be on my call list from then on.

I dropped her off down the lane from her home and she walked in the dark to reappear at M and M’s. He, of course, knew exactly where she had been with, where we went and accurately guessed what we had done, but because I had covered her for that night he was not unduly worried about it.

Before I could get home, I got a call from the Chief to meet with an action squad at the County Sheriff’s office. When I got there, there was another vehicle very much like mine from the county just south and eight very scary looking men ready to climb aboard. As I made my move to get out of the way of these guys who knew what to do, the Chief along with the Sheriff advised me that I would be useful in this action. “You mean, that I will be useful in trying to sneak in on an encampment of Native-Americans, the people who invented sneaky and on their own home turf, too?”

“No, we just want you to infiltrate a group of business men who will be entering the site for a night of fun. You will have a GPS locator and when the time is right, from a clue from you, we will come in through the overhead camouflage covering to secure the site and learn what is going on and what we will do about it.”

“Oh, Oh, only that! Will, you please give me an honorable cremation if this goes wrong?”

“Hehehe, good one. No need of that, these people are not violent, just pervs. We are going to just get the information necessary to nail the killers of Nick and his family, other than that we intend to leave these people strictly alone, especially since they are on the ‘rez’ with their approval and we actually have no jurisdiction there. But, after the fact, we will send a full report on our actions and reasons for them, with the promise to aid them in their concerns when called upon. We expect a low level of resentment and retaliation, since the school is not even supposed to exist.”

And further, “We have identified a couple of the gang members through your intelligence gathering efforts and have the Bash Brothers cozying up to them right now to get the info to rescue the two daughters. The older won will face charges in regard to her parent’s deaths, but the younger one evidently had nothing to do with it.”

“I expect to hear muted screams from town at any time, now!”

“Not likely, since you know how discreet they are in their actions!”

“Just so!”

Four of the soldier/policemen jumped in my ‘sub’ and the others in the other vehicle. They raced off to the airport to meet up with a troop carrier helicopter that they were going to slide down a rope from above into the subject camp. As this was working out, I was driven to the ‘rez’ and met up with the other businessmen for my entry into the encampment from below. One of the business men was a plant, and so I took his place and the Native guards knowing that something was afoot, just ignored this and put the requisite hood over my face as well as the others, and then guided us to the opening in the forest floor to the tunnel that would take us most of the way to their den of sexy fun for us.

When I was welcomed into the encampment, I had my hood removed to the sight of twelve girls of mid-teenage years, all naked and evidently available to me and the others to play with. One for each of us. We were advised that there were no virgins available at that time, but with the girls before us, that couldn’t have been a significant problem of any of us men.

I chose #12, as was noted on her shoulder by a tattoo, undoubtedly fake, and was led by her to a room in the available cottage that looked very familiar to me. It looked just like a home that used to be located on Meadow Lane to my eyes.

She then guided me to the bed and helped me off with my clothing. I was purposely delaying on the ‘GO’ signal to the actions squads hovering above the covering camouflage covering until I finished with this girl. The way she was moving on, it wouldn’t be for long.

When I was nude, she just stared at my member for a moment and then guided me up onto the bed. She briefly gave me very tender kisses and then planted her pussy right up on to my face. I availed myself of her tender and tasty self and after she was well wetted, she moved down to cause my member to rise to the occasion. With this accomplished she moved to her back and invited me into the party as it were. She struggled at first accepting my monstrous member into her love vault, but finally got all of it into her tiny body, to my amazement.

After a few minutes to let things settle in, she cued me to do my worst into her. I was very gentle in her, the size alone would be a lot for her to bear. And she was very appreciative of my concerns for her and eventually began to push up to my plunges down, and then we came together, with her holding on to my back like her life depended on it. She smiled up to me, and I then gave the cell phone cue to the men above us.

I told her to stick very closely to me, since there was going to be a lot of hubbub outside for the next few minutes. It took very few and the site was in order and the questioning of the Master and Mistress began. There was no hesitancy by them in answering the questions, and so with the needed information and whatever proof of it that was available there in hand, the strike crews excused themselves and left for other duties.

When things settled down and it was time for me to leave, the little #12 asked something of the Master and he nodded, ‘Yes’ to her. So, I was asked if she could come with me for the night, and I answered yes. So, she ran with her little butt bouncing to get her small outcall bag and we moved to leave in the car that I had come in to reobtain my ‘sub; and to return home for the night, with a little surprise for my wife. Since, Candy is delightfully bi, I knew that she would love this. I took my cell and advised my wife to get the kids to bed A.S.A.P. She would know that this would mean a special toy for the night.

And before we got to my ‘sub’ we heard that both most of the gang was in custody and that the girls had been found, with the older one sacrificing her life to save her sister in the fire-fight. A very fine way to spend what would be a very miserable rest of her life, to save her dear sister. The Bash Brothers added to their already full urban myths dossier with this action. It gave the local ‘conspiracy theorists’ something to pound their chests over, too. And unknown to them, their imaginations were limp compared to the actual facts about the famous Bash Brothers.

When I got home that late evening, Candy was delighted with our bring-it-home play toy and gathered the little girl into her arms for a joyous bubble bath, while I showered nearby and then we all joined in for a night of frolicking in our bed. The next morning, #12 asked if she could come again, and Candy said for sure, that she was always welcome, and that she should come early for some innocent fun with the kids, they would love her to pieces.

After a couple of months of such meetings and nights over, she asked if she could move in with us, since her parents were now dead and she didn’t want to be subject to her relative’s designs on her. Candy and I talked it over and decided that since she was only going to do outcall dates from then on in the evenings, and would be available to watch the kids during the day when were gone, that she was welcome to stay. And since Candy and I paid her an appropriate amount for her daytime services she soon ceased the paid for dates and settled in with us till she was twenty and all of our kids were in school. She always remained a dear friend and often shared our bed with us to our combined delights.

THE DICKSTER FILES: The Case of the Square Donuts

With the arrival of Little Flower, whom we have nicknamed Lefy, to being a permanent resident in our home, the balance of things in it have shifted somewhat. With Lefy there, it frees me to pursue little cases for my friends and associates, while still having a very large part in the raising of the growing brood of children that I have made on Candy. Lefy loves our family life, and pursues a correspondence education at home, while playing and interacting with the kids when they are awake and lively. She also greatly blesses Candy and me, in our bed many of the nights with her lovely body and loving manner.

Candy is very busy in the managing of our Detective Agency, and so both of us are in and out of the house at odd hours, often with little notice to each other. So, Lefy’s presence in the household does much to anchor things for the kids and leaves them with a sense of safety, that both Candy and I very much desire for them. And besides, Lefy is such a dear with them, they just love her so much. And Opal still brings her brood over to interact with mine at least one day a week a very enjoyed adventure for both households, and a boon to me when I can be there and have my own interaction with Opal, too. I am such a perv, you see.

In the case of the missing house, I had been critical to the solution, though I couldn’t take all of the credit. And my part in the solution of the case was never made public to ensure my privacy, to not connect it to our Agency and leave me silent in the background available to help the legal pros again when needed. I did get a letter of thanks from the Chief and the Sheriff jointly to hang in my home office for my private eyes only. I had made a number of the informational breakthroughs in the investigation process, a thing that I seem to have a flair for, since I am respected by a wide range of sources in the city that the official legal teams have no other in to.

The insiders of the city knew much of my help in the previous investigation, so I had several further cases presented to me, but I determined to not be overwhelmed in this, because I am formally retired and besides want to spend a lot of time with my babies, because although I am in fine shape for my age, I am old enough to want to ensure my memory in their hearts, if I leave before they achieve full adulthood. I am not obsessed over this, just reasonably concerned.

So, I decided to specialize in cases that were odd and leaving the critical ones to the professionals, with occasional helpful forays for them, especially in gathering odd important facts.

The next case that I unofficially-officially accepted was a very strange mystery involving a place of work. He has a donut shop near the waterfront of Big City and it has the reputation of having the best donuts, especially maple bars in the city. Very large ones, too. He has owned this business just coming on twenty years and is revered in the bakery business in this area of the state.

But, yesterday he called me at home, while Lefy was getting a needed nap from full time watching and playing with the kids, and I was busy changing a diaper with the cell phone up to my ear, held in place by a raised shoulder. Try that yourself sometime. Mitch sounded a bit frantic over the phone and so I promised to come by in the afternoon, when Lefy was up to take over for me. That is if I still have any energy left after chasing five young bodies all over our house. He stopped and laughed at the picture in his mind over that, and said that he would welcome my help if anything was left of me after the next couple of hours.

When I arrived at the renown retail bakery, Mitch walked me over to the main display case and showed me the main item of interest there. It was a square donut about five inches in width, the raised kind with a perfectly oriented one inch hole in the middle matched up to the outside shape. Even the idea of how this was achieved beggared my imagination, and when I asked the donut expert about that, he just shrugged his shoulders in awe of it.

But, the biggest mystery was how did it get into the case in the first place. It had been found on Wednesday mornings for five straight weeks? Not there at closing time on Tuesdays and sitting very impressively on each Wednesday morning when he got there at six am to start the days batches of mixes for the forming and baking of their specialties.

So, I got me question Box hat on and began to try to eliminate obvious solutions from considerations.

“Could this be an inside job?”

“Possible, but unlikely. Two others in the business had front door keys, no other with back door ones, but the security system shows no entrance by anyone from closing time each day at about seven pm to six am in the morning.”

“Do you know of any reason why someone would play with your mind, like this?”

“I can’t think of anyone who would do that to me.”

“Can you think of what the message is with the square donuts?”

“No not that, either, but it is very skillful in the preparation of and shows no signs of a form having been used in its preparation.”

So, I then asked to look around, and so he gave me a spare key to everything in the business location that had a locked door, and left me to my investigating process.

I am a devoted admirer of the great Sherlock and so as a disciple of his apply the mantra, “Eliminate as many possibilities as possible and then focus on the remaining answers as unlikely as they may seem.” A modern paraphrase, you see. And as a proud graduate of the Sterling Private Investigator Correspondence School, I know how to apply this technique in the modern world.

First I dismiss the interference of spirit or interstellar beings in this, a mere mundane situation. I am sure that if they exist, that they have bigger fish to fry, or whatever stands in for fish for them.

So, I got my magnifying glass out, actually a pair of bifocal glasses with a magnifying lens in each to carefully check out the physical condition of the building. I found that the front door was not suspect, because if was made of thick steel and would take a tank to ram its way through. And the locks and bolts showed no evidence at all of interference with their duties. I then checked out the front windows, of double pane construction and gas filled in between. No way that they could be successfully penetrated without telltale signs, either. The floors and ceilings showed no signs of penetration, and the overhead air vents seemed to be undisturbed.

I found that the vents to the outside both sets of went through fans that were in constant flow during the day and still at night. The ones to the front were set up over the baking ovens and hot fat fryers to purposely send the fragrant fumes to the front sidewalk to inspire passerby’s to enter and buy the baked goods available there. It worked very well, too. As I watched the crowds go by, I could see every once in a while someone stop right in their tracks and reverse to enter the business and walk out later with a bag of donuts for that evening.

The vents to the back were designed to remove unpleasant odors from the business and were very dirty inside. No sign of any access to them was found either by my very brief visual inspection. I threw away the handkerchief that I had used to protect my nose after its use in that inspection.

So, at this point, I was provisionally without any other indications, convinced to remove the entry of a human body into the premises as the cause of this situation.

So, it was now time to study the security footages of the five evenings and nights. So, I took the tapes to my home to study them under a more rigorous process with the equipment that I had there. I also filed a request for Candy to assign an investigator to look into Mitch and his workers on a personal basis, to see if there was something in their backgrounds that could connect them to this. She could focus on the words in various combinations of Square and donut. Since it was slow at the agency at this time she said that she would take care of this herself, if I would cook dinner for the nest week after solving this case. I accepted of course. Hamburger Helper and I are great friends, you know. Also, I knew that I could count on Lefy’s help too.

Under the scrutiny of my computer programming only one thing was identified. It was a slight blurr in the front lobby and a matching one behind the main display case, but the lighting and indefinite size of the object involved was of the nature as to defy identification. But, something was definitely there.

So, I returned to the business again that day and checked out the outside front vent. With me precariously perched on a ladder, I noticed under magnification that the two screws in the face plate for the front center vent showed evidence of recently having been loosened. With testing with my Handy Man tool it was confirmed that it had actually been removed at some time recently. So, the place of entrance was now located. And in the floor in the doorway between the bakery and the sales room was found a loosened entry plate to an underground wiring conduit. It had no screws in it at all.

When I asked Mitch about anyone who had shown interest in these two location of his business, he mentioned a Code Enforcement Officer that had checked out his business two months ago. But, had given him a clear assessment on his business’s condition.

I obtained more tapes of that indicated time period and rushed to take them home to process them, too. I entered them into my analysis machine and then moved to the bed to get some rest from a very busy day for an old fogy like me. As I was about to doze off, Lefy came in to join with me. The kids were all napping and Opal was watching over them. So, Lefy undressed down to her panties and cuddled up to me to comfort me as I napped. It worked wonderfully, too.

After I awoke an hour later and left Lefy to continue her very well deserved nap, I moved to my office with a fresh cup of coffee courtesy of Opal and checked out what my computer had found on the tapes. It had centered its attention on a male person, the purported enforcement officer. And in comparing him to any officers of that title locally, failed to find a match. So, I sent this on to Candy also for her attention.

I then moved into the shower to freshen up for my return to now look carefully into the conditions around the outside of the building. As I settled into the warm water cascading down on me, I was joined by Opal for some attentions to her. She indicated to me that Lefy was now monitoring the hoard of little bodies in a prolonged nap, leaving her to play with me. Made sense to me, because I get to play with Lefy almost any night that I want to.

So, the lovely Opal, mother of children to my friend Marty Jensen, kneeled down to take my monster into her mouth. She had some experience in this and was wondrously proficient in swallowing it whole to get the gift right down in to her tummy. Then to top things off, she turned and offered her pussy from the rear for first my enthusiastic face and then my rerisen cock. It only took about ten minutes to satisfy the both of us and then she turned and splayed her body up to mine, while holding me tight around my neck. I can’t help it, I just love these types of things. Before leaving, I checked my fax machine and found some notes sent to me by the Bash Brothers and Candy. I sat for a few minutes, without a long pipe like Sherlock, but the facts now nested together and I had pretty much figured it out.

So, it being mid-afternoon, I drove to a certain bungalow in the city, not far away, and walked up the sidewalk to a pretty little house with a well maintained lawn. When I knocked on the door, a lovely young woman greeted me and seemed to totally not surprised to see me. She welcomed me in and sent me to the fridge to get my favorite root beer in the bottle there. This was becoming just a bit scary to me, and I was very nervous.

But, the young lady who introduced herself as Sonja, seemed unconcerned and lifted her baby and with the lowering of her blouse began to feed it from the tit. And what a lovely tit it was. As she saw my interest in the process, She smiled and needlessly uncovered the other one, too. After several minutes feeding first on one tit and then the other, the baby was put up to the shoulder and lightly burped. Then in a swirl of her skirt, she rose and moved to evidently its bedroom and returned to the living room to me.

She then took me by the hand and semi-dragged me to her bedroom. As I at this point reluctantly moved in under her direction, I could see an eleven by fourteen picture of a soldier in full battle dress, and a blinking baby monitor next to it. She murmured, “In the Middle East somewhere.” And then guided me to her bed.

She then moved to undress me and gently pushed me back to the bed, and then very purposefully, undressed herself in my view. It didn’t take long, since she only had a loose momma’s house dress on with mothing under it, with a pair of slippers to match.

With her nude and the allowance of my few brief minutes of wonder at this fecund mother’s body, she move to lay on top of me as I was supine on the top of her coverlet. She then moved to start the ball rolling, with light but enthusiastic kissing, and we then moved through the preparation processes rather quickly, the tonguing, breast sucking (I got milk with this and had to be forcibly removed from the teat. I did get a wide smile from her over this, though.) And then 69 with both of us very busy on each other’s heating up privates, and finally, her laying back with her legs splayed as wide as I had ever seen a woman do, and her encouragement to implant my monster cock up into her waiting pussy vault, with an eager plunging in and out of it.

When she got close to cumming, I saw a few tears in her eyes and her determined expression to light up to enforce my dumping up into her. With that, I emptied right up into the desired chamber and totally satisfied, I fell onto my back to accept her turning and settling on my front. With that I got another murmur, “Thank you for that, Dickster, I needed it very badly.”

And then she opened up about things as we cuddled and enjoyed our post intimacy languor. She identified herself as the one responsible for the square donuts and proceeded to explain why. Twenty years previous to the next evening, a young father and his six year old daughter crossed an empty parking lot to take a short cut from the hospital where his dear wife was in the process of child birth. As they crossed the dimly lit area, a car suddenly came into view as it swerved around, and it hit the young father and broke him up very badly, leading to his death right on the spot.

The little girl was only lightly bruised by this and ran to the nearest gas station only two blocks away to get help. Soon the police came and were guided back to the terrible scene. She was not permitted to see her dear father again, he was so damaged by the accident. And there was no sign of the car involved. Very little evidence was provided by the scene and quickly there after an ambulance arrived to carry away a little girls dreams of her father’s love till she became a woman.

The years passed by and she met and married a wonderful guy and had the current child from an act of love during his last leave. She was missing him very much after all of the months that he had been away, and the tears on his letters, spoke of his loneliness without her. In a moment of passion, she had advised him to find a kind heart and share in a night of live to brace him to return to his one true love for the rest of their lives together. He in the return letter advised the same for her and promised that these two things would never be mentioned between them and they would be washed away in the continual love that they would share for the rest of their lives.

She then with a few more tears on his shoulder continued on. She had known who the young man was as the driver that night, and before leaving for the gas station had seen him hovering over her broken father with tears streaming down his face, wailing “What Have I done!!!!” She never told who the driver was.

Tomorrow evening would be the twentieth anniversary of her father’s death. And she wanted nothing but to renew the memory to the now older man of what his foolishness that night had cost her. She didn’t have one ounce of anger to him, in all of this. And that she would repeat the process for only the next night and then leave things alone from that time on.

I rose from the bed and held her very tightly in my arms, this magnificent woman and one of the finest persons that I had ever met. It was me who had the tears when I left to take comfort in Candy’s knowing arms. She and Lefy held me between them through the night and when I cried out, they would hug me very tightly against the fears of the dark and a lonely empty parking lot, that didn’t even exist anymore.

On the next day, I appeared at the bakery to advise Mitch of what I had found out. After I had explained it, the tears rolled down his cheeks again, with the reminder of his young man’s foolishness on the evening of the day of the grand opening of his new bakery. His pure exuberance had led to him doing donuts in the empty parking lot and sadly taking the life of an innocent father holding his child’s hand.

He just sat dazed across the table from ne as the memory of that night rushed back in on him. And then he graciously asked to leave off from me as he processed all of this in his mind.

Mitch is still his friendly self when you come in to buy his donuts, and yes there was one more night of the square donut’s appearance. He found out later from Sonja, during a somber meeting that she actually did hold no grudges to him and that she had use a very special mold to do the donuts, it had taken her months to perfect the process. He left of the meeting with her, by holding her in his arms in mutual comfort, what he should have done that night so long ago. Mitch advised her that he would welcome a repeat of the process on notable anniversaries of the event to keep the memory alive in his heart and she said that she would think about that.

Three months later a war weary soldier walked up the same sidewalk, through the same mown lawn to the same door in the same cute bungalow and was welcomed with joy and tears by his waiting bride and baby. They quickly moved inside to reacquaint themselves to their own true lover.

Two weeks after the case was solved, I got a check in the mail from Mitch for my efforts, I couldn’t cash it, so I sent it on to the Wounded Warrior Project, just glad that Sonja’s love had made it home nicked but still in one piece for her. So, many others have not been so fortunate. Candy hugged me very tightly when she found out about this.

By-the-way the manner of entrance of the donuts was by a pair of machines used to probe through underground conduits, one through the front vent and the other through the vent in the floor. The screws in the floor plate had been removed by the fake code enforcement officer.

When the pictures from inside and outside were compared, it became obvious that the two young men who guided these probes, with hand held appliances were the brothers of Sonja, who were born on the night of the tragedy in the parking lot. Twins.

Oh, Oh, and why ‘square’ donuts???? She said that round ones wouldn’t have caught his notice, and she couldn’t get a form to make triangular ones

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