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  1. S.M.O.M.S. (submissive moms organized for mutual support)
  2. S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin
  3. S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin, Ch. 2
  4. S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin, Ch. 3

S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin

Categories Fiction, Cruelty, Incest, Male Domination

Author: DiscipleN

Published: 25 January 2018

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S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin

by DiscipleN

--- For extra context, please read my first SMOMS story, set in modern times. Google for:

"Submissive Moms Organized for Mutual Support" DiscipleN

--- I'll claim, the difference between porn and erotica is, porn is ridiculous, erotica less so. This here be some crazy shit.

--- all characters herein, who act explicitly, are 18 or older. -

Chapter 1

I cannot blame my downfall on the lie I told, just as spring is not at fault for melting frozen rivers. I would have died, from despair's noose, if my last son had been taken to avenge the Yankee villains who killed his father and brother. So I lied to the man who wore gray rags proudly. I lied to his brave recruits who had lied about their ages, to avenge their families. I told them my boy was twelve. He was sixteen at the time. Neighbors did not betray us. All had lost sons and husbands. It helped that Hortense's stature is slight, hardly taller than myself. When my boy eventually chose to grasp me, two years later, my diminutive build was as much at fault for casting me into mortal sin as was the lie.

Two years later, the Confederacy was enslaved. The black was freed, and carpet baggers cloyed their way into state offices, to intercept the funds of promised reconstruction. Liars lay with lies.

The farm my husband's grandfather had first sown, had become half sty. One strong boy and a strong but small mother could not till nor tend the acres needed to sustain our lives. Pigs grew fat and profitable. Hortense and I could plant beets and squashes and let pigs forage unkempt rows pocked with weeds they ate as readily as the crops. Winters were mild, and there was open country to herd the pigs to, while replanting took hold.

Grandfather cursed us, tried to hit the boy, and tried to reach up my skirts. He hated the smell of the land he had wrestled into fertileness. He hated his long smashed leg, his social lapses, his sudden bursts of hate. "It's all gone shit, Hory! Pig shit! I bet your mama sucked Yankee cock to get those pigs. She is slattern and succubus!"

"Hory, can you help with the smokehouse? The roof is leaking." I reminded my son. Good oak, smoke wood took effort to find, and a leaking smokehouse meant burning more.

"Besha, you killed my son and grandson!" Grandfather Regis pointed and glowered at me. "Please, will you suck my cock?"

"Ma, you can use the ladder, after you fix it." Hory smiled. He gave his great grandfather one of the fritters I had made earlier. "I hope it makes you choke, Greatgran."

"When my leg mends, I'm going to choke you and your mother, in the night. She's a bad influence, Hory. You're 18 years today and still a welp. You're nothing like your father. Where are your pregnant sows?" He chewed, smiled, swallowed, and coughed up the sweet, fried cornmeal. Hacking into his lap blanket, Regis scowled, not raising his head.

I had to pry nails from the outhouse to fix the ladder. Hortense walked out of the cabin and blinked at the sunset. His nose wrinkled at the foul air. "Better wait til morning, Ma. Don't want you to fall, trying to mend a roof." He was everything like his father, putting me to work. He looked me over and grinned. Right then and there, he decided how I would fall. "Come inside and give me my birthday present."

A preacher once told me, small women have big souls, yet I held few convictions, other than I had saved my son from battlefields, and I was damned as a woman. I witnessed the power of women, survivors who had boys truthfully too young to go to war. They worked constantly to sustain and improve their farms. Some had prospered enough to hire blacks. Some had bedded carpetbaggers and bragged about the money that would send their sons to college. Many had forgotten it was a man's world. Their men were gone. Some did not even morn the loss. I heard of two who had taken to living together, and the scandal was let go much too quickly for proper Baptists. I wanted to live in their new world, rein my misfortunes and ride them to better fields. I guessed my soul was small. When a man spoke, I listened. When he commanded, I obeyed. When he summoned me, I knelt before him. My father had put me and my mother to hard work. We were merely women. All women of our age worked hard, but my father was relentless. He picked my husband for me, to ensure I was not coddled. Thus I was worked and raped as God intended. I bore children, and I read telegrams that claimed to honor their deaths.

None of the widows of the township failed to warn their daughters against marrying a pig farmer. Nor did they need too. What daughter of women who had taken control of their destinies would suffer a stink filled life, to cleave unto a rare man their age. My son despaired to ever marry, three years after southern United States society, in 1867, considered him a man.

I had made fritters that morning alongside our best bacon, and a pudding for lunch. I had wished my son great happiness in his eighteenth year. It was all the present I could afford. I entered my home with some reservation. "Hory?"

"I'm in the loft, Mother. Climb up." It was from my bed he called me. His own lay by the iron stove. Grandpa Regis had a room townsfolk would call a closet. My son had latched him shut in there. We did fear him at night. In the morning I would wipe the drool from his face and the stink from his flesh. Often he would grab my breasts and grin at me. Sometimes he barked like a raccoon. I suffered the man, for he was a lost soul. My son had a powerful soul in need of spiritual guidance. Mine was too small to lead, but I could protest.

I trembled and looked at the rungs nailed to the center house post. They would not break, but ascending them, I would fall this night. "You shouldn't be up there, Son."

"Mother, I'm in no mood to argue with you. Should I lock you in with Greatgran? Come to me, now."

I took hold of a rung and gripped until it hurt. I felt tears rivulet my cheeks. "That's my space to sleep, Hory. If your straw tick is moldy, I'll freshen it." I had put fresh straw in his mattress bag last week. "You can't be in my bed."

"It'll be better in your bed." My son's head looked down at me. "Christ, I'm not going to hurt you."

My son had never taken a switch to me, unlike his father and my father. His words were obeyed, and that was sufficient for his ego. The youngest child, his brothers had taken beatings for him. Then they would punish him. Hory would take a switch to me, I imagined, if he was seriously crossed. The fires I saw in his eyes burned my imagination into my soul. I stepped on a rung and pulled myself up. "You're a good son. I'm a proud mama, Hory." I sniffed and climbed another rung. "But the good lord does not want you in my bed."

"He will forgive me, as surely as he has forsaken me, Ma." Hory reached down and took my wrist. His palm sank heat into my arm. I trembled, but managed the next rung. "Climb."

Two more rungs put my head above the loft's floorboards. My son shuffled back for me but kept his hand on my wrist. I climbed. He pulled me over the splintered lip and onto my mattress of straw.

Hory sat like an Indian, legs crossed. Instead of a loin cloth, his manhood pointed freely. "Last year, I promised if I was without a woman by this time, I would take a woman." His face was red, with shame. "I proposed to Sue Anne yesterday." Hardly thirteen, the girl lived four miles away. Her mother, Mary, allowed her to trade with us, their corn, for our squashes and sometimes a ham. The girl disliked visiting, but she was the girl who spoke to Hory most often. "She told me I was a pig turd."

"Her mama told her to say that." I consoled. The neighbors were mostly widows, as I indicated earlier. They may have let my falsehood slide, at the time, but they would never forgive us for saving a boy's life. "I'll find a woman for you. If I have to go into town-"

"Did you fuck a Yankee for our pigs, Ma?" His voice was upset, because he knew better than to ask.

"Mr. Patterson sold the piglets to us, you know that. I did not lie with him. On your father's grave, I swear. And neither is he a Yankee. He's from Maryland, and he moved south to join the Confederacy."

"I don't like him." My son's eyes narrowed. "You shut up about him, Ma. I decided to bed you, and don't you try to talk around it."

My hand went to my mouth. "No, Son! It's not right. You climb down, now. You wrestle with your manhood, if you must. I'll go into town tomorrow." I protested with all the authority I could muster.

"Ain't nobody gonna listen to you, in town, Ma. They don't sell wives there, and we can't afford whores. Now you take that dress off, and you get on your hands and knees. I may not have done it before, but I seen the pigs.

My eyes filled with tears. "I can't, Son. I can't sin like that."

"It's my sin, Ma. Me and God will forgive you. I don't care if he don't forgive me." My son pointed at my dress.

It was a nightmare. He was the man. He worked me hard, but he worked hard too. We had to, to survive. A man that works to feed his family is a man who deserves to bed a woman. I was almost willing to accept him into my valley of sin, for one night, but he wanted to rut like an animal!

"I am not a pig, Hory!" I gasped.

That quieted him for a moment. He wanted to ask how to do it, but could never ask a woman. It was a shame worse than man and woman fucking like pigs. "You take that off, Ma. I don't care how I do it, I'm gonna put my cock in you and get my first fuck."

I wiped my eyes on a sleeve, but only managed to get dirt in them and make mud on it. I pulled stays out of the loops that fastened the front of my dress. I sniffed and coughed. "You shame me, Son. Word will spread. The neighbors will shun us." I unfastened the last toggle from its loop.

Hortense reached to me and pulled the clothes away from my breasts. He licked his lips, but he frowned. I sensed his reluctance and his need. "We don't got to tell them. If Greatgran says anything, nobody believes him. You won't tell, right Ma." It wasn't a question.

"I could suck on you, just for tonight. Don't bed me, please, Son."

"Ma, you know I don't like it when you dither. If you don't take that off, I'll lift your skirts and give you the fuck like a whore."

How did my son know of whores? Grandpa Regis often said the word. Maybe he had known whores. Maybe he told Hory about them. I pulled my arms out of their sleeves and let the top fall to my waist. I did get raise up on my knees, nipples facing my boy, to push the skirt half over my bottom. Stretch marks traveled like roads across my belly. My hip bones pushed out from the narrow flesh covering them. Laying on my back, I lifted my legs. Before I could reach to push the dress off of them, Hory grabbed it and pulled it free. He tossed it down from the loft.

My hair maybe surprised him. He did not have as much as I, to give our loins their deserved modesty. "Get on your knees and let me look, Ma."

"No, Son. Am I not shamed enough?" My arms covered my breasts. The evening was warm. The smell of pigs had been forgotten. My son wanted to become a man in his mother's bed. I felt fresh tears escape.

"You don't tell me, no, Ma." The sight of my nakedness slowed his intentions. "I got to see. So I can put it in." He grasped his manhood, as if to prepare. His eyes darted over my loins. He was too shy to put his hand on my hair and peer under it.

I had maybe one choice. I would not escape my son's transgression, this night, but if I could escape the greater shame of beastiality, I would be somewhat redeemed, I felt. Too, I may avoid the pain of a man's ignorant pricking. "Here, Son, look well. Then become a right and proper man, and mount me facing you." I swallowed my Christian pride and parted my legs before my son. My hands uncovered my breasts and slid down my torso to hold my Venus open to him. "There is a spot-"

As if heaven had been revealed, he leaned in and shuffled between my legs. His hand pushed a finger in my dry, outer lips. "Ma, you let me. A man don't take words from a woman, to be a man."

I winced at the dirty fingernail that slipped into my puss and hit skin. Above it, my sensitive nub was spared it's invasion, but too the hole he sought was below. "Ow!"

"It don't hurt that much." He assured me. His finger waggled left and right. His nail dug twice. My hips flinched. "Keep still!" He expected to find the place, right away.

He had warned me to let him. I couldn't speak, but I had to help him, or I would get cut or worse. So I sent my hand below his and inserted a finger into my puss hole. It was dry, but I managed with less pain than his scraping nail. I hummed then, to encourage him. My face burned with shame.

"I said, Let me, Ma." My son was gruff, but his eyes cleared, as if a veil had lifted. His finger sought to replace mine. He fumbled only a heartbeat more before I felt his probe enter. Fortunately, my body responded. His penetration was not as dry as mine had been. Perhaps it was a sign that I was slattern, but he could not know it. I would never tell him.

"Son, is not the knowledge of a woman enough, until I find yours?" I begged. "Spilling your seed inside your mother is abomination. I will help you spend, if you allow me. You are a man already. Forcing me to cleave unto you will only slight you in the eyes of-"

"Hush, Mother!" He seethed. I had provoked him too far. He withdrew his finger and took hold of my knees. Spreading them, he settled quickly between, to do the deed before I convinced him otherwise. The tip of his cock prodded my Venus. Hory knew now where my entrance was, but he chose not to stab blindly. His hand once more gripped his staff. He positioned it carefully.

"No, Son. Please!"

His body thrust forward and the size of his manhood speared into me. Partially dry, the force of it caused me to cry out. "Oooowww!!!"

"Mama!" Hory exclaimed. His prick stuffed my puss. Inside me, I expected him to begin plundering. But his cock stilled. "This is a woman's secret, I have taken, and it feels..." He looked up and swallowed. Was he crying?

My body reacted as it always did. I became limp under a man. My son felt hard and knelt rigid between my legs. Did he not know, to move in and out? Once more, I was torn between escaping my son and helping him.

Truthfully, Hory had always been a boy patient with new experiences. He wanted to understand all that he was feeling. My body enveloping his man flesh must have filled his soul with sensation.

"I am inside you, Mother." He called to me. "I have transgressed, and it won't be the only time." He promised. "You feel so grand." His head tilted back to me, and I saw his smile. It was anything but innocent. His body rocked me. His cock pulled within and pushed, not moving far however. He humped me like a jiggling puppet, not like a man. His body moved quickly. Inside me, my son's tool sipped what my husband had guzzled.

This time I had no compunction. If the boy could release his seed this way, I felt no responsibility to teach him otherwise.

"You're smiling, Ma. Are you getting the feeling too?" Hory grinned, taking my amusement for his conquest. His short but quick motion gave me nothing but shame. My only victory was knowing he was just half a man in this rite.

Taking my smile for capitulation, he thrust harder. His cock did move father along my now wet passage, but not like his father's had. His throat appeared to tighten. His jaws clamped and his eyes rolled up. "Oooooohhhhh, Mama!"

My son ejaculated into me. Once more, he stiffened, his thrusts ended, and he let the moment linger. Seed warmed my belly. "I have fucked you, Mama. I have fucked." His words had lost their command. Instead they nearly cried."

I began sobbing. The full import of my son's sin struck me. Until now I had been a rabbit mesmerized by a snake. "We are ruined, Son. You have ruined me." I wailed without strength. I prayed to God that my womb would not catch a child.

"Maybe I have, Ma. I don't much care." He decided then. His body shifted away from me, pulling the softening flesh from my puss. Hot seed dribbled out, fouling my bung and the bedding.

Hory wiped his oozing tip on my thigh and then he climbed down from the loft. I spent the night listening to his breathing.

His call woke me the next morning. "Ma, you have to fix that smokehouse before you go into town. Greatgran and a I are hungry. We should have had breakfast an hour ago." He yelled while sharpening our butchering tools.

Regis yelled, "There was a Yankee in my bed, last night! I fucked her good."

I ambled down the rungs, half awake. I warmed the saved fritters and poured birthday lemonade. Eating quickly, I darted out. Hory exited with me. He had to slop the young pigs and herd the adults to the fields.

Stupid me, I fell when a rung in the ladder slipped from its nail. I had nearly finished repositioning the shingles and hammering them firm. I shrieked upon impact. My head hid a plank and my vision spun. My foot send searing pain to spin the world harder.

"Mama!" Hory yelled in my face. "What happened?" I had lost my sense of time. I babbled about falling, cursing myself, as he carried me into the house.

"Give her room to breath, Son." Regis cautioned.

"How could you be so stupid!" He was crying.

"Bind her ankle tight, Hory." My grandfather advised.

My ankle was fine. There was blood on my foot, however. My head was clearing. "Take off my shoe."

He struggled with it. My foot had swelled tight. "Cut it off, Hory!" I said.

He grabbed a curved slitting tool and ruined my work shoe. Blood spilled out. Falling, my foot had caught the nail freed from the rung.

"Your mother's a pig!" Regis laughed. He sobered. "Boil water, quick and bind that with something clean."

"As Grandpa says, Hory." I looked around for something clean.

Hory put the kettle on and dashed to his bedding. He fished out a clean shirt and raced back to me. Before I could complain about ruining his finest shirt, my foot was balled up like a gordian knot. Instead, I reassured, "You did right, Hory. It'll be fine now." I crawled to my son's mattress and tried not to think about the pain.

"The pigs!" He burst and ran out the door.

"Slattern fuck, don't you want it?" Regis had opened the fly on his woolens. His cock dangled useless. But he grinned as if he was as powerful as Ramses. My grandfather hobbled over to me. His limp tool jostled. "You fuck my boy. You fuck me!" He leaned above me holding on to his cane. He knew. Leaning against the stove must have burned him, but he took his cane and flicked my skirt away from my legs, exposing only knees.

"Hee! Teehee!!" He cackled and turned away. He slunk into his room and barked. The door remained open until the kettle steamed. I struggled up, and poured the boiling water into a bucket. After adding just enough cold to prevent a burn, I unwrapped the bloody shirt and soaked my foot.

to be continued

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S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin

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