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  12. THE MARINE'S WIDOW [A non-erotic story]


Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Discipline, Domination/submission

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 26 January 2018

  • Font:

No one under fourteen has sex in this story.


“Jeez James, where am I going to find Mid-teens to play with us. They are mostly all virgins and unexperienced in our special kind of play.”

“Well, Mariah, I will leave that up to you. With all of the drugs, alcohol and poverty on the rez, there are bound to be some young girls who are willing to help their families or themselves. Probably some parents that will volunteer one of their darlings, also.”

“I will keep an open eye for some that might work out. Any special qualifications that you would be interested in?”

“Mid-Teener, on the slim side, virgin or not, willing to do what we require and willing to work cheap. I will give you the appropriate amount for what happens and let you divvy it up according to your estimation of each one’s worth. You might let them know that what they get will be determined on how the respond in our play and what they are willing to do. I don’t pay stand-arounds.”

“Boy, aren’t you the crabby one today! Yeah, I will let them know that they will need to be very active and put up their bodies for the maximum amount of fun. I think that I will meet with them ahead of time and give them an idea of what is expected.”

“Good idea. Now get over here and drain my cock.”

“Yes Master,” said with the very much deserved snark dripping all over the place.

After she had inquired among the poorest families, usually through the mother, she found more candidates than she had expected. Twelve in all, and all from 14 to 15 years old. The ones that she chose were all on the slim side and native skin colored. A couple of them had beginner breasts. They all had distinctive nips. The pussies would be evaluated later.

She arranged for them to all meet together on Saturday morning in a very private place within the deep woods on the rez. The weather in the fall was still medium warm and rain is not a common problem in the fall here. Besides there was an abandoned picnic shed available for their use. It had been cleaned out and made useful for this endeavor.

As the girls made their way through the woods singly, they would catch sight of some of the other girls and were often surprised at whom their colleagues were. When they had gathered together under Mariah’s oversight, they showed themselves to be very excited about this opportunity and surprisingly determined to be among the chosen. Actually any of them that passed this training would be available to be used, but the two best would be consigned to The Master, James.

Mariah now called the girls to attention, “Okay young beauties, you need to listen carefully to what will be presented. Part of the evaluation as to whether you are acceptable will be determined on how attentive and how cooperative you are. There will be much to teach you and a lot of it would normally be very embarrassing. But, you will have to put any sense of embarrassment aside and do as we ask promptly. For those who are selected you will start making money on your first date. And the amount will always be determined how you act when assigned to a date. The Master is very demanding and has little patience with balking or slacking on your duties.”

The girls looked at each other, wondering what would be required of them. But, also determined to pass muster in this group.

“A couple of questions, first: Line-up by height, tallest on the left facing away from the picnic shed. Move, girls!!!! Okay, now are any of you younger than fourteen or older than fifteen? If so, please put up your left hand. (No hands.) So, I assume that all of you are fourteen or fifteen. Right? If so say yes, starting on the left hand side. (All Yesses) Now count out from left to right and remember that number, because that is what you will be called here. We don’t use names here. (So, they counted out.)

“Now all of you girls take every stitch of clothing off, right now!”

A number of exclamations like, “What did she say?” “Did you hear what I heard?” “Did she say naked?” and such ensued.

“I said NAKED….NOW!”

The girls jumped with this and several started to remove their clothing. All the way down to the skin. Eventually the rest got the idea and joined them in absolute nudity. Twelve lovely Flowers. Interestingly one had the name, Little Flower. She was a failed student of the Secret Forest School.

With the girls lined up and bare, The Master appeared before them to inspect his future ‘fuckees.” At first some of them held their hands in front of the particular parts of interest to him, but with his glare at them, they all ended up with their arms at their sides with much of their bodies open to his gaze.

“Please give your attention to me as we begin this indoctrination. The Master will be an interested observer and commenter as this seminar progresses. If he gives you some individual attention, just roll with it. Everyone understand?”

Silence, with a lot of wandering eyes trying to make sense of this amongst themselves and their fellow trainees.

“You will answer together whenever I ask you a common question amongst you!”

“Do you understand???”

“Yes Ma’am,” said in unison.”

“Better, but you will address me as Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“There now, you see, you can do this.”

No answer.

“Even better, answer when a question is asked of you as a whole, together or when asked personally, answer individually. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress Mariah nods and checks with her clip board. “Now, I need each of you to write on this list on my clip board, your name, your birthdate, your acceptance of the training here and your signature. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The clip board is handed to the young flower at the farthest left to fill out and she is instructed to pass it to her left and then down the line. As the twelve girls are busy with this, The Master takes the opportunity to give a closer check on the girls. Even using his hands to lightly probe about their bodily sites of interest. After an initial reaction of shock by the first one that comes under his observation, the rest in succession quietly allow his personal attentions. This is the first test to determine their suitability.

“How many of you are virgins? Raise your hands.”

Nine hands go up, two girls stand with obvious questions on their minds and one (Little Flower) leaves her arms at her sides.

The Mistress calls out the two who seemed mystified by the question, “Do you two understand the question?”

“No Mistress,” they shyly replied in unison.

“Do either of you know what a virgin is?”

“No Mistress,” they again answered together.

“Okay, you two move forward two paces and slightly squat down separating your knees to gain access to your pussies. The rest of you in line join in to the same thing.”

“Yes Mistress, they all answered.” “Good,” she thought, ‘I am gaining the upper hand with them.’

“Now moisten your finger, you only need one for this, and reach down to feel in the slit that stretches from you lower belly to your butt hole. Got it???”

They were all too stunned by the command to answer, but after a bit of fumbling around, all of them had their finger in the intended vicinity.

Next the Mistress instructed them, “Now find the hole within the slit just below your pee hole and slightly insert your finger inside. Only push it in until you feel the blocking flap of skin that blocks the way to your deeper region of your vagina, the tunnel that your finger is now in.”

The girls were proceeding to do this as The Master was beside himself watching from the end of the line of girls, with their tiny cute butts and developing teen breasts. With them having their fingers in their pussies and trying to follow the Mistress’s instructions was causing his member to swell and lengthen. Good thing that he was going to have each of these girls in bed with his cock where their finger was now, he thought.

“That flap of skin within your vagina is proof that you are a virgin. When you give it up to a man’s cock (she purposely glossed over how it could be lost) you will be officially a woman, no matter what your age is. It will sting a bit, but soon begin to feel like nothing else that you have ever experienced. Matter of fact, it is likely to be an obsession of yours for several years and then a very pleasant diversion for the rest of your lives. You will at first give a lot to gain that cock in your fleshly sock. And eventually ask a lot to give it up to the guys you select to share it with.”

“Do you all understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” they answered in unison again.


“In the intimate activities you are training to render, this port of entry of your body is one of the focuses of the men that will want you. The other two are your mouth and your poop exit. The mouth when done right feels even better to the man, than the vagina does, because it is interactive. It with the tongue inside actively stir up sensual feelings to the man’s cock, where the vagina is mostly a passive organ. Now the poop exit, called the anus, is like the vagina except it is usually much tighter in fit which increases the pleasure of the male. And there is something about putting it in the forbidden zone that gets a man especially excited. He can shoot his baby cream, called cum (made up of a creamy fluid and a load of baby-making sperm,) into any of these ports of entry and sometimes in all three in a single episode of love making. Do you understand?”

Eleven of the girls nodded and said, “Yes, Mistress!” One girl asked, “Mistress, do we have to allow the man to put his member into our mouths and up our anuses?”


With that the girl shook it off and re-concentrated her attention on what the Mistress was about to say.

“The giving of this gift to a man, that is allowing him to enter her vagina and break her hymen, is one of the greatest gifts a man ever gets. Most get it for the first and only time in their lives on their wedding night. It can only be given by each woman once. And a woman normally chooses someone very special for this once in a lifetime gift by her. But here of course, we will select whom that you will afford this gift to. It brings a bonus monetary amount, of which you will share some. Those of you whom give it indiscriminately, that is without our permission, will be punished and perhaps be dismissed from our little money making enterprise.”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“One of you here has had it taken from you against your will. No fault will be attributed to you for this. But, you will not get the bonus either.”

The girls were secretly looking out the corners of their eyes to try to identify whom that might be. The Master already knew and was planning on playing with her, Little Flower, that night. She showed no evidence of any condition varying from the others to anyone’s eye. He and The Mistress knew from other sources about her.

“One of the things that will please the men that you are assigned to pleasure is watching one of you play with the other sexually. Even better is if each of you two plays with the other simultaneously, that is at the same time. So to introduce you to this kind of service I want you to each pair up with another, it doesn’t matter who, because you will not know who this might be then until you are actually assigned to a date. Have any of you ever played intimately with another girl?”

Three girls raised their hands up.

“I assume that means, ‘Yes.’”

All three of them nodded to the Mistress.

“Okay, I want two of you to come forward to demonstrate this to the others.”

None of the three moved an inch, so The Mistress choose the first two on the lineup that had admitted to having some experience in this activity and ordered them to step forward four paces. They jumped at hearing their numbers called, but obeyed. Two of the girls were assigned to carry out a raised bed sized platform and placed it before the remaining girls in the line-up and then ordered the two girls in front to mount up on the raised platform and begin to demonstrate this mutual play.

One of the assigned girls mounted up on the platform and laid down flat on her back with her eyes shut. The other moved up to caress her face and upper body gently with her hands. After a few minutes she began to tenderly kiss the supine girl on the lips. Soon, she moved on to more insistent and forceful kisses, with tongue probing coming soon to the activity. With the deeper kissing, the supine girl was really getting into the actions, returning the probing kisses with kisses of her own. Both of them used one of their hands to caress each other’s chests, where their breast would eventually grow to full size. Even though there were not prominent breasts yet, the two girl’s nips were at full sail. The girl on the ground moved up onto the platform with her front matching the other girl’s and they both proceeded to take the other nipples into their mouths and kiss them and suckle on them.

With this it was noticeable to the other girls that the two girl’s bodies were getting flush, with their pussies especially wet and reddened. Now the two girls began to stimulate each other’s pussies, running a finger up and down the cum slickened slit. Moaning came from each of their lips now. And each of their bodies were writhing like their bodies were being tortured. They were of course, tortured with pleasure. Overpowering to a barely experienced girly lovers, especially in front of an audience.

Now the top girl shifted her body so that her mouth was matched up to the girl on the bottom’s cum slickened pussy. Her pussy was also lined up with the girl on the bottom’s mouth, too. Their tongues were noticeable as they probed each other’s private sex with authority and energy. They soon were humping each other mouths and lips and soon shot their loads of girl cum onto to each other’s faces and into each other’s mouths. With that the top girl slumped down on the bottom girl and both of them were semi-comatose and bonelessly weary in each other’s arms. The observant girls were in a sorry state with unrelieved sexual stress of their own. They were ordered to take the offered blankets and to pair up to help each other out. What a sight for two advanced pervs like the Mistress and The Master.

After several minutes of fevered activity, the girls seemed to have climaxed and were catching their breaths in their partner’s arms.

“Girls, there is a bathroom behind the building here, please go in and spiff yourselves up for your return to your homes. I will expect to see those of you who are still serious about this work to be back at 4:00 pm on Saturday for further training. For those that might be tempted to tell about this, remember that we have hidden cameras that have caught all of the pertinent activity today, and we will flood the internet with pictures and videos of anyone here who blabs about this. This doesn’t include the anger that your parents will feel when you who have been selected to help your families are kicked out of the program. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now I would like the number 1 girl and the number 12 girl (Little Flower) to also clean up, but then report to the office located in the back of the building here for some discussion of your progress.”

With that the girls cleaned up and all but the mentioned girls left for their homes.


As the other teener girls head off to their homes, Alicia (number 1) and Little Flower (number 12) make their ways to the door inside the abandoned picnic site deep in the forest of the rez. They knock on the door and are welcomed in with the shout, “Enter!” heard through the door.

They notice that the ‘office’ has a prominent bed in the corner and that only The Master is present. Evidently The Mistress is busy elsewhere.

Unknown to them, and of no interest to them either, the abandoned deep forest picnic site with the covered stage area has been long-term leased from the rez governing body through a dummy corporation and unofficially named THE PLACE. A backroom of the old stage has been remodeled into an office for the secret school, one of at least two on the rez dedicated to sexual training of young girls.

Another school is busy training tribal sex sluts, who take care of the unattached men of the tribe to keep them calmed down sexually. Works, too. And the girls who render this service are compensated by the tribal council in an under-the -table manner. They are also honored by the tribal members while even their existence is being officially and completely denied to people outside the tribe.

But, The Master and The Mistress are totally unaligned with that effort. They are preparing young girls to care for The Master’s desires and possibly other’s too on and off of the rez. The Master can well afford this, because he made a big killing on the state lottery and has money to spend and a libido to satisfy. He prefers young girls for this, although he has a full relationship with the Mistress, too.

The current crop of teener (aged 14 to 15) girls from the poorer families of the tribe number twelve. None of them are forced to be in the training. Any of them can leave at any time. However, there are fear inspiring threats to any of the girls that reveal anything about the training site and program. Not even their families are to be told. They would assume, though, that with the monies coming to them that the girls are involved in some kind of intimacies to the giver. Assumed and ignored. And none of the girls that succeed in this are going to be harmed in a significant way. They will just be graduating to being functioning women a bit sooner than most of the rest of the girls on the rez.

Alicia and L.F.(Little Flower being a washout from the Forest School for tribal sex sluts, due to suffering an unfortunate raping.) stand at attention while The Master ogles them. They have just cleaned up from a duo assigned sexual escapade that involved all of the girls simultaneously demonstrated their proficiency learned that day of oral stimulation given, on each other. These two girls had been especially proficient, though not with each other. And they had been invited to be further interviewed at the office. The two girls were quite sure of what the nature of this interview would be. The Mistress had been in the lead of their training so far, but The Master had been in attendance as an interested and sometimes active observer. Now he was going to do some of his own close company observation and training.

In his typical authoritive voice The Master barks out, “Girls, remove your clothing and then stand at attention side by side for me!”

The girls, though being used to direct personally embarrassing commands from the day’s training at the hands of The Mistress, none-the-less initially jumped at this command, and then calmed down and obeyed.

With the two girls naked, at attention and relatively calm; the Master moved up to closely examine the two girls. He noticed their lightly tanned bodies, their perky nipples, their very cute little butts and the hints of their pussies between their legs.

“Move to the bed and sit on the side with your legs down to the floor and spread them as far as you can reach!”

The two teener girls, slim and naked hurried to obey The Master. They knew that a significant part of their family’s income depended on their succeeding in the training and The Master had little patience with compliance to his commands. In this he mirrored the attitude and stricture of The Mistress. Unknown to the girls was that The Master had personally trained The Mistress starting when she was 14 years old. She was the daughter of a neighbor, who mysteriously disappeared when he had the nerve to complain at the actions of the 18 year old neighboring boy that was evidently sexually pursuing his daughter.

She was then adopted by the boy’s family as they were distantly related (nearly all of the tribal members were.) This enabled the young man’s continued training of the young girl, and she took to it with gusto. They made a very close couple up to the present and she was devoted to pleasing him personally and through her provided proxies. He loved her deeply and faithfully, only in satisfying of his prodigious sexual appetites did he stray from her person.

The Master advanced on the two young girls sitting while nude with their legs spread wide apart. He kissed each on their lips, no tongue at this time, patted them on the shoulders and hugged them tightly to his hairy chest. He then kneeled down and in turn showed intimate attentions to their pussies, with each watching the attentions given to the other. When receiving attentions themselves, they were too excited to watch.

He leaned in to each girl and kissed the insides of their thighs, lingering on the very tender tissue there, he then worked his tongue over the skin up, above and then down the other inside leg all the way down to their toes. Lightly sucking each toe on the one foot led to the same on the other and then his tongue and lips worked their way back up the inside of the other leg.

When he got up to the love zone he proceeded to very lightly lick the two outer lips on the outer side of each then proceeding to the edges of the lips leading eventually to the inside. By then the outer lips had inflated with blood and the inner lips were open to his attentions. He proceeded to give them the same attentions followed by a very tender and gentle sucking on them. As the also swelled up with engorged blood, his tongue then proceeded to travel lightly up and down her slit. By the time each one was moaning his lips and tongue centered on their clit and proceeded to incite it to also swelling up. Each of their vaginas then began to spill copious amounts of girl cum which The Master licked up and swallowed. Then each of the girls in turn came very well with deeply appreciative words of appreciation to The Master.

After they came back down, he had each one suck him off, with them swallowing his cum, just like he had swallowed theirs. Then the three of them laid back on the bed with their bodies intertwined and fell asleep on a brief nap. As they laid there with bodies twisted together, The Mistress looked in on them and smiled at the very lovely picture presented her. She made no move to awaken them. Better to just let them enjoy their brief time together. Will help with the further training coming up, she thought.

When the two girls awoke, The Master grabbed them into his arms and kissed each one soundly, hugged them and then gave each gentle slaps on their backsides. The girls giggling bounced out of the bed and moved to the provided shower to prepare to go home. After they showered and dressed they came over for a goodbye kiss and left The Master with a very large smile on his face while still lain on the bed. He next noticed The Mistress, peeling her clothes off to join him on the bad with the intent to share some of what the girls had just received with a few added things of her choice. More smiles from the Master at that prospect.

After a wonder romp with The Master, The Mistress sat herself down at the desk to prepare the program for the next day of training for the girls. She wondered how many would make it to the next day’s program.


Right on time, the girls drifted in to The Place to meet for their training. They were all in line by number before The Mistress even appeared and had the opportunity to intimidate them to do so. “Boy, this training is proceeding even faster than I expected it to do,’ she remarked to herself.

She looked over the girls and found all twelve to be present. There seemed to be a sense of expectation circling among them. And they were still fully dressed, she noticed

“Attention! Since you were here last, there have been some improvements in the accommodations. They will be related as soon as it is needed to be done, but I can tell you now that we have installed personal lockers, with each a different key (The Master and The Mistress, of course, had a master key to all of them. ‘No need to muddy up the waters by announcing that,’ she mused.) They are numbered 1 thru 12 to correspond to your place in the training line. You are now to go and undress to your skin and return to the line-up in your proper place. Move now!”

The girls knew better than to dally around, so they moved purposely to accomplish this latest command and returned to their place in line very quickly.

“Well done girls. From now on you will immediately assume nudity before you take your place in line and you won’t wait for me to have to command it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” they answered in unison.

“And we have told you to use only your numbers here, no names. And you are forbidden to use each other’s names either. Do you still understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” again answered in unison.

At this point, The Master joined the training session again as an observer. He intended to have some fun during it, also. The Mistress saw the gleam in his eye and so intended to cooperate with this purpose of his.

“It is intended for all of you, but the girl who was raped, to remain as virgins, so we will skip over vaginal sex for the present. Each of you will surrender this in turn when the time is proper for it. Any of you who do this prematurely, that is without our permission will wash out of this training to the loss for your family’s. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” again in unison.

‘Wow, we have them right in our hands,’ she was amazed to see.

“We are going to move on from blowjobs for now. Did you each practice with a banana, cucumber or carrot like we stated on the handout that we gave you as you left each time? Answer in order individually, one thru twelve.”

“All said yes, except for # 7.”

“Why didn’t you do this, number 7?”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I lost the handout and hadn’t read it to know what it instructed me to do.” Said with more than a little dread of what that will lead to.

“You will stay after class, number 7 and The Master will catch you up on your blowjob lessons.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Since we have covered blowjobs using the mouth and have experimented with the vaginas without losing any virgins, we will now move onto the third port of entry for sex play. That is the anus. To prepare for this I am going to have The Master help me by handing each of you a small container of a very thick lubricant intended for the anal cavity. I will now wait until he has accomplished this and had maybe a little fun with a couple of you.”

“Yes Mistress,” they answered without even being prompted. ‘Cool,’ she thought to herself.

The Master proceeded to hand a small container to each student in order starting with number 1 from a small cart that he pushed along behind them. When he got to number four, he was temporarily sidetracked in this duty by the girl standing there and so took her into his arms from behind and kissed her deeply over her shoulder, progressing to using his tongue into her mouth. She guessed that she should respond in like, so returned the favor. While this was going on, his hand reached down to her rear end and his hands proceeded to squeeze and caress her butt cheeks. This felt very wonderful to number 4 and so she began to cum. It was dripping down her leg, so The Master knelt in front of her, signaled for her to open her legs and proceeded to lick it all up. She was beside herself with lust and so emptied her pussy of cum right into his mouth mounted up to the vaginal entry. With a moan she wavered on her feet, but The Master rose quickly and took her into his arms and held her tenderly until she came back to herself and was stable on her feet.

The other girls observed this all with concentrated interest, some hoping to be next. But, after this, The Master proceeded to give each of the girls their small container and then took his place at the end of the line sitting on a chair provided for him and rededicated himself to observing the girls’ training.

“Well, now that The Master has had his little fun we will continue on this day’s lesson. We need each of you to pair up again, Numbers 1 and 2 and so on. Do it!”

“Yes Mistress.” ‘I could get very used to this kind of power over them,’ she thought.

“Now I want the odd numbered girls to bend over at the waist and spread their feet about two feet apart and then grab their own butt cheeks and spread them apart. Do it now!”

“Yes Mistress.” And they proceeded to do so.

“Now, I want the even numbered girls to open their containers and take out a generous supply and rub it on the skin right around your partner’s anal entry, sometimes called a rosebud or rosette. This you will understand when you see it. Use a circular motion, very light in pressure. When you feel her to begin to relax there look up to me.”

“Yes Mistress.” And they got busy with their work. No balking at playing with another girl’s asshole either. ‘Amazing,’ she thought.

Very quickly most of the even numbered girls were looking up, so The Mistress said for all to hear, “As soon as you feel a slight relaxing of the anal area, you are to take another gob of the lubricant and push it into her anal cavity with one of your fingers, being very careful to not scratch her insides. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Now The Master will give each of you a rubber glove to put on the hand of the finger you will now use on your partner. [The master got busy with this assigned task, this time proceeding from number 12 to number 2.] Put it on one hand and rub a generous gob of lubricant on it. Do it now!”

“Yes Mistress.”

When that had been accomplished they were now instructed to put one finger of the glove into her partner’s ass. Reaching in as far as possible. As they did this, the receiving girls began to grunt as they felt the fingers violating their anal port and reaching into their private bodily interior. When all of the girls were fully entered, the Mistress told them to relube that finger and lube up another next to it and then gently work that combination into her partner. The giving girls proceeded to comply with this added instruction and soon the receiving girls were fully entered with the two fingers.

“Now that you have two fingers into your partner, gently pump them in and out, twirl them inside and rub the tissue next to the vagina as you pull out.”

The girls were too into their chore to answer The Mistress but since they were complying with the instructions, she ignored the slight.

“Now I want one of you girls who is very loose now to volunteer to accept The Master up your backside to show the others what will happen to them. I have a small gift for the first volunteer to raise her hand.”

There was a slight delay until number five raised her hand slowly. Probably hoping that someone else would also do so and be chosen over her. She is very small and slight with small buttocks. But, she beat out the other two that raised her hands and so The Master moved to behind her.

“I want the partner of number five to move in front of her and hold her up as she is bent over into your waist, so that she can use both hands to hold her butt cheeks apart. Do it now.”

“Yes Mistress,” answered one voice.

With the two girls forming the ordered positions, he lubed up his cock and proceeded to push it up and into the little girl’s anus with little resistance. The girl was surprised that it entered so easily and that it hurt so little. As her body adjusted to his entered member, she began to respond to his pumping with a reverse pushing against him in a sympathetic rhythm. Pretty soon it was feeling really good to the little girl and she started to moan, with that The Master got really excited and shot his cum right up into her body. This caused a mini- climax in the girl and when he pulled out of her, she turned and hugged him very enthusiastically. The other girls duly noted this. After this the girls were all instructed to exchange places with their partners, staying with the same partner. In several minutes these exchanged partners accomplished the same purposeful actions and results.

“You girls have done acceptably today, you can now clean up and leave. We meet again on Wednesday at the same time. Remember to practice your blowjobs and also your anal. Perhaps you have something to use to enter yourselves for this. I will inquire of you the next time we meet. Number five meet me in the office afterwards and number seven you will join The Master at the rear of the office. The rest of you are dismissed.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Number 7 approaches the office with no little trepidation. She knows that whatever happens now will be some kind of ‘teaching’ session with her the victim student. Number five has a much better ending to the day. The Mistress welcomes her into the main part of the office and has her sit down. “Because you volunteered for something that was a little scary because of your lack of experience I have a gift for you. It is a Woman’s makeup kit. It is a very fine one and I recommend that you keep it here in your locker, because it is worth enough for your parents to confiscate it and sell it. You may share it with the other girls, but it is not necessary for you to do that. YOU are the one that earned this and The Master and I can be very generous to the girls who are more than the usually cooperative.”

Number five was very pleased with this and said, “Thank you very much, Mistress, I will treasure and use this well. Perhaps you might help me to know how to use it. I have never used makeup before.”

“I just might have some time for that at some time in the future, or I can recommend someone who can do that even better than I can.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I will look forward to that. I think that I will keep this kit as a secret for the present.”

“Very wise choice, little one. No use having others try to crowd in before you even know where you are at with this.”

With that, number five left to go home after stowing the kit into her locker. And now number seven is to meet up with The Master. She proceeds to the rear area of the office where The Master is already sitting on the bed waiting for her. With downcast eyes and no little fear she approaches the Master.

“No reason for you to be in fear, little one. This will just be to catch you up with the experience level of the girls who did the ‘homework’ assigned to them. Now please remove your clothes and come over to me.”

She remained silent and afraid, but obeyed him and removed all of her clothing. She now kneeled in front of the standing Master and took her proper position with her eyes now fixed on his face.

“There is a glass of water by your knees, drink some of it up and use it to wet up your mouth and lips.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now approach my member with your mouth and proceed with ‘cock worship’ of it. Just like how it was demonstrated in class.”

“Yes, Master.”

She took his cock and wiped it off with the cleansing wipes available within her reach. Then she took it into her hands and gently caressed it till it was mostly raised up, with it now pointing at her chin. She began to kiss and lick it, giving special attention to the pee opening. As she moved on to sucking it into her mouth, pre cum began to leak out of the pee hole. She licked this up and swallowed it. Not that bad to taste, she mused. He now became fully aroused and began to take an active part in the proceedings. He took her head into his hands from the back of her skull and began to pump it up to his cock, forcing it to enter deeper into her mouth and down into her throat. She slightly choked at this, but soon adjusted to the sensations it provoked. Her mouth was producing prodigious amounts of saliva and it had the cock totally slimed up for easy access to her mouth and throat. He then began to deep thrust into her oral cavity and began to lose himself to the exceptional sensations produced. His dick was leaking a lot of pre cum still and it added to the coating of the mouth. She was coping quite well with the slight choking sensations and then he stiffened up and suddenly shot all of his cum in only a couple of ejections right down her stretched out throat, down her esophagus and into her stomach. He wavered on his feet and then after she had sucked out the remaining cum from his dick, he collapsed on to the bed. She quickly rose and laid beside him with her arms across his chest comforting him as he gained his breath back.”

After a few minutes he murmured to her, “I now pronounce you officially caught up, young lady. You may now dress and return to your home.”

“Thank you Master.” And she had a deep smile as she redressed and left his presence.


It is now Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm and the girls arrive right on time and proceed directly to their lockers. They immediately undress and stow their belongings in the lockers because nude they would have no place to hold anything anyway during their training. There is no chatter among them as they rush through their preparations for the lessons to come.

As The Mistress observes this she thinks,’ How sweet, just like little soldiers carrying out their duties. Only these little ones will kill no one except maybe some old fart who has a heart seizure from being serviced by a tiny teener girl who knows exactly what to do in bed.’

When the girls line up in their assigned places, it is noticed that number three is missing. “Does anyone know why number three is not here?”

Number twelve (Little Flower) pipes up and says, “The family has just moved off of the rez to return to Alaska to share in this year’s state financial gift, plus their share of the tribal profit. They are expected to return next spring.”

“Thank you number twelve, we will have to replace her now. Perhaps there will be a place for her when she returns.”

“Excuse me Mistress,” again number twelve replies, “There is a girl from the Forest School who has washed out, perhaps you would like to inquire of her.”

“Thank you again number twelve. We will do that and if it works out there will be a special gift for you. Anyone of you who have a helpful suggestion that helps our cause here, will receive an appropriate gift to reward you for your diligence. I just require that it usually be shared apart from our instruction time to not divert attention from our lessons. Number twelve’s suggestion came at an appropriate time, however.”

The Mistress muses to herself that she will need to empty the # 3 locker and save the contents for the return of the first number three and then buy another number three lock and key.

“To make sure that our lesson for today can be completed without a shortage, I will take number three’s place and The Master will lead us.”

There were very subdued teeters and smiles as The Mistress removed her clothing and stowed them in the office and then took her place in line at number three.

The Master smiled at this too and then told the girls that The Mistress would have no trouble taking the number three spot, since he had trained her in a similar way when she was being trained many years ago. The girls were amazed and stared at The Mistress until the Master called them back to his face for the continuance of today’s lesson.

“So far we have covered the basics of sex in the mouth, vagina and ass. There will be much more to learn about these activities. But, today we will examine another avenue of sex play, it is called ROLE PLAY. It is like a little sexual drama based on some kind of fantasy sexy story. Some of them are: The babysitter, The sexy nurse, The teen student and Father and daughter. There are costumes that can be bought to go with each of these. Sort of like Cosplay. Usually only the girl dresses up, the guy come as he is. Any questions so far?”

“No Master.”

“Okay. Now we will have number three put on one of the costumes that goes with the chosen Role Play and I will play the dumbfounded client. Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me.”

The girls were silent, not knowing whether to laugh at the Master’s joke or not.

“Girls, there is a lot to be learned here. And some of it will violate the natural feelings of privacy of each of you. It is perfectly acceptable to give an appropriate response to either The Mistress’s or My own feeble attempts at humor. It helps to reduce the stress level that all of you feel. “

“So, I will try it out again. Number three will try on one of the costumes for a particular Role Play and I will play the dumbfounded client. It shouldn’t be too much of a reach for me.”

With that a number of light laughs broke out among the girls and they noticeably relaxed.

“Very appropriate and appreciated, too.” With that he winked at them.

They watched as The Mistress donned the apparel for the Role Play; The Home Arriving School Girl. It was made up of a fancy ribbon weaved into her hair, a very tight and too small blouse, open to two buttons down, no bra, a very short plaid skirt that was pleated and splayed out with no panties underneath. Makeup was used to give her rosy cheeks, highlighted eyes and a very smutty tattoo just above her pussy.

Getting into the role, The Mistress (now the school girl) flounced her way up to the Master (now her father.) “Hello Daddy,” as she rubbed up against him, “how was your day at work?”

As he played his hands over her revealed breasts and rear, he answered, “It was a terrible day my dear. My boss was on my tail all day, my secretary announced that she is pregnant (by me), one of my main clients reduced his usual order and I got notice from my bank that my investment had reduced in its value.”

As her began to finger and caress her butt, “I am really sad, my love.”

As one of his hands was now probing her butt hole, the other had moved down to flash a finger up along her pussy slit. “Oh Daddy, maybe I can help you to relax and feel better about things.”

With his finger now entering her vagina, “I don’t know how you could do that dear girl, but I would welcome some relief from this stress that I am feeling.”

“I think that you are feeling something else now, Daddy. But, Here I will help you to feel even better.”

She now knelt down moving from his probing fingers and ripped open his trousers’ zipper and proceeded to guide his own personal fleshly sex toy there. His cock was already getting hard with all of this play and she proceeded to advance that even further with vigorous caressing with her hands leading to a strong kissing and sucking by her mouth.

The other girls in line were amazed and enthralled by this drama in their near view. And very interested also in the techniques that were displayed. Their minds were processing this and storing it for future use. The purpose of this little sex drama after all.

“Daddy, let me put the big hammer where it will feel the best.” With that she bent over at the waist and guided his engorged member up and into her pussy hole. When it was firmly implanted, she began to bounce back on to it causing her ‘Father’ to grab her hips and pound his cock up into her body. They were both sweating as his legs began to weaken and his cock then emptied itself into her hole. After draining it totally, she turned and took it into her mouth to clean it off. She then rose up to meet her dad’s lips and began to deep kiss him. As he held her close she whispered into his ear, loud enough for the girls to hear, “How do you feel now, Daddy?”

“Just fine my dear slutty daughter!”

The Mistress retook her place in the number three place in the line-up and The Master retook his place as the instructor in charge.

“I want you girls to work as partners, number one and two and so forth talking your way thru this Role Play with each taking a part and them reversing the parts after you finish the first time. Take no more than 15 minutes each. I will be watching to see if you truly get into you assigned part. I am able to think up something truly awful for anyone who just limps their way through this. Do You Understand!”

“Yes Master.”

The girls each as first one part and then as the other showed remarkable enthusiasm in their acting out the parts.

With the finishing of the Role Plays by the girls, they were dismissed for the day

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