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Part #2 - Mandy is deflowered!

Categories True Story, First Time, Virginity, Young

Authror: jafobuds

Published: 29 January 2018

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As I left the last story, My neighbors daughter Mandy and I had a very oral first experience and even though she wanted me to fuck her that night I told her that she would need to wait.

The time finally came!

Mandy was 18 and she was kind of chubby, what you may call a nerd girl as she never dated but spent her time studying to get in to a larger college. Mandy had full firm breats and her ass was firm and round. She was a very pretty girl and when she was naked her body fit her frame and she was very attractive.

I bought a few tickets to aconcert for all her parents had done for me and the night they were to go would be the night I planned to deflower their cute daughter.

I had told Mandy about this and she was excited that she would finally get to sample my cock inside her tight little pussy. I have to admit, all day at work my cock was hard as a rock and I wanted this to be a very special night for Mandy, not just a fuck!

I took the afternoon off and went home and planned a nice supper and I purchased candles and several dozen red roses. I told Mandy to come over as soon as her parents left for the concert.

I started making plans for the night and I cut the petals off all the roses and spread them on top of my bed, I set candles all around the room and then went to start supper.

Promptly at 6 o'clock Mandy knocked at my door and when I opened the door, she was dress in a short skirt and a top that barely kept her firm tits from spilling out. I knew her parents would not be home until morning so I had all night to make this experience as erotic and special for Mandy as possible.

I greeted her with a soft kiss and complimented how beautiful she looked. Mandy was glowing and quite giggly.

I told Mandy, "Tonight, we are going to have a special night and I want you to know how special you are, I have planned this for you and I want this to be a night that you will remember for the rest of your life."

"Aww, that's so sweet of you!" Mandy uttered.

I led her to the table where I had candles lit and I seated her. Mandy looked really fucking hot in the candlelight!

We talked and ate and joked a little and when we had finished the dessert I had made, I asked her if she would slow dance with me.

"Sure, I love to slow dance." Mandy replied quickly.

I put on some soft music and we slowly swayed back and forth while staring in to each others eyes. Mandy got as close to me as she could and she could feel my raging hard cock poking against her. "Oh, I see he's ready for tonight." she said as she giggled.

Mandy's nipples were hard little protruding bumps and I gently massaged her ass cheeks as we swayed to the music. I kissed her neck and earlobe and whispered in her ear that I wanted to make love to her!

Mandy moaned softly as my hands kneaded her firm ass cheeks. "My pussy is sooo wet and I can';t wait to feel you insdie me!" she said softly.

We began to kiss deeply and she began to rub my cock and I began to massage her full breasts.

I began to lead Mandy down the hallway to my bedroom. As we entered it, she saw the rose petals light in the soft candlelight and she turned and kissed me again.

We moved next to the bed and kissed passionately and she looked at me and asked "Will you eat my pussy while I suck your cock again?"

"Sure, we have all night together." I replied.

Mandy stepped back and slowly slid her dress down over her shoulders until it dropped to the floor. Standing before me was a young woman who's animal desires were about to be fullfilled and she was ready to experience it all.

Mandy unzipped my pants and they dropped to the floor as my cock stood straight towards the ceiling, her cold little hands now gripped the shaft of my cock as she slowly stroked it. I took off my shirt and I began to move my hand towards her pussy and I could feel the wetness as my fingers began to explore her. Mandy quivered as my finger found her hard littl clit and her knees seemed to go weak.

I crawled on to the bed and Mandy straddled me and she began to softly slurp on my cock and I began to lick in her salty juices. Her pussy tasted so very sweet and she was very tight. My tongue explored her pussy and I slid my tongue deep in to her hole as she quivered and slurped my cock.

After quite awhile, I told Mandy that it was time for her to lay on her back for me. Mandy did as I requested and I kneeled in front of her and kissed and sucked her hard nipples.

I began to rub the head of my cock up and down her wet little slit and Mandy just moaned with approval. I pushed her legs back towards her shoulders until her slit was ready for penetration. I put the head of my cock into her wetness and began to push slowly inside her. Mandy was so wet and tight and I pushed until my cock stopped.

I looked at her and asked if she was ready and she replied, "Yes, fuck me now."

I pushed fully in to her and she moaned as my cock began to tear her hymen and a tear appeared in her eyes as my cock obviously was causing her pain. Mandy moaned as my cock began to tear her hymen and all of the sudden her flower had been broken and my cock sunk all the way inside of her!

Mandy moaned as my cock bottomed out inside her and her pain began to turn to pleasure as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Soon Mandy was fucking me back and we fucked until I was about to cum.

"I am going to cum in your pussy Mandy!" I announced and she begged me to fill her pussy!

I began to shoot cum up her bloody pussy and she squealed as she felt the warm gooey cum fill her.

I told her that she was now a woman and we should shower and then we could make love all night long.

Part 3 will follow!

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Part #2 - Mandy is deflowered!

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