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  1. Now What
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  5. Now What #5

Now What #5

Categories Fiction, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Author: biggoxx

Published: 30 January 2018

  • Font:

Now What! #5

Sandi spent the next two days fighting with her husband, he was pissed about her getting home as late as she had, he really didn’t like her new attitude about his job nor was he happy with the phone calls from Michelle all the time. He didn’t know over half of them were from Rob.

Tuesday morning Shell called to discuss telling Carol about the fact they had boyfriends the fact they needed someone for Juan would be kept quiet for now. After a short discussion Michelle headed around the corner to start the process while Sandi called Rob.

Carol had dropped her sons off at school she was getting out of her car as Michelle approached. “Hi Michelle, you look great”, Michelle waited till she got close before speaking quietly “well girlfriend a hard cock and a large quantity of cum really helps”. Carol smiled at her “ain’t that the truth”.

Carol then realized Michelle wasn’t kidding, she reared back a bit “how’d you get you husband revved up”? Without hesitation she whispered, “it wasn’t my husband who did this”! Carols eye’s opened wide “you got time for coffee girlfriend”?

They were seated at Carol’s kitchen table as Michelle explained how Sandi had introduced her to Matt. She made it sound like a personal choice she had made. Michelle looked at Carols expression, it seemed obvious she wasn’t believing it. Michelle sat back, “I see by the look on your face you’re not buying this”? Carol laughed “well it does seem to good to be true”. Michelle took out her phone she accessed the cloud account Matt had set up, she handed Carol the phone “judge for yourself”.

Carol sat in total shock as she scrolled through. She put the phone down, “where do I sign up? Do you think they’ll like me”? Michelle chuckled “I think your pussy will get a great pounding”.

They discussed a few details, Michelle texted Sandi. “Carol I’ve got to get back tomorrow stop by about 11 for coffee we’ll fill you in”.

Michelle went straight to Sandi’s, they called Rob he was up for the plan for Jose to get Carol. He would arrange to get the guys to come over Wednesday morning.

Tuesday at 11 Carol showed up at Michelle’s, after she was introduced to Sandi while they had coffee the plan was explained. “The guys will be here at 10:30 tomorrow, we will greet them in very sexy underwear. No doubt there will be four of them”. Carol asked why four, “Carol this is a cum party our job is to drain their ball sacks dry three guys just isn’t enough cum. Besides you do a really good job you might be claimed that day”. Carol asked what claimed meant, now Michelle explained. She sat for a long while before she spoke. “I understand but my tits aren’t nearly as big as either of you, I’m guessing I’m also at least 10 pounds heavier too”.

Michelle smiled “Carol the quicker you get some cock in you the better you will feel about yourself, that said do you feel your cunt is unable to milk a cock dry”? “No, I’m actually very good at milking cock dry so actually I’m looking forward to it a little nervous that’s all”.

Carol kept admiring the chokers the girls had on. “If I get claimed do I get one of those chokers”? Sandi chuckled “No honey these are a reward for other services”, she looked over at Michelle, they both sighed.

Carol fretted the rest of the day, she really wanted to fuck her brains out but the two guys she was told about one was black. She had always want to try a black cock but was scared.

Carol was a short brunette 38c breasts a nice firm ass a pretty face and as her mother and sister kidded her breeding hips. Her hips were wide so fucking with a big spread was very easy for her.

Wednesday morning, she got the kids to school came home got into a sexy thong and bra set and was at Michelle’s by 9:15. They all went to Michelle’s bedroom where they stood looking at themselves. Each woman had on 6” spike heels to complete the outfits. They decided Michelle would greet them at the door while Sandi and Carol would be in the den. The van pulled in at 10:20 four guys got out, rang the bell and were inside in 10 seconds. Standing in the hall with her choker on she kissed them all, they headed for the den.

Carol and Sandi were drinking vodka as they entered, she ran to Rob they stayed locked together for 30 seconds, a kiss for Bo and Jose. Michelle took Carols hand. “Guys this is Carol she wanted to cum”, she paused they all laughed “but she afraid you would not like her”! Jose was delighted with what the girls had found, he walked over to her, he introduced himself. Bo walked over to her he planted his tongue down her throat, she immediately started sucking it. While he still had his tongue down her throat Rob asked Sandi “babe how about a drink”? She wiggled away towards the bar.

Carol looked around to see Michelle and Matt heading for her bedroom, with drink in hand Rob and Sandi disappeared as well. She was now alone with two young men who were there to fuck her. She gulped down her drink “would either one of you like a drink”? Bo grabbed her, he again stuck his tongue her throat, her resistance was melting away. She felt the clasp of her bra being undone, the bra fell to the floor. Both guys stepped back Jose spoke, “Carol turn around, so we can see the whole package from every view”. She was thrilled they obviously really liked what they saw.

They were leering at her she was about to cover her tits with her hands, but Jose stopped her. “Carol your very beautiful and sexy I really want you know”! They locked into a kiss, when they broke apart she realized her nipples were hard as rocks they were standing straight up. Bo gestured to her crotch where a wet patch was forming. Her body was betraying her. Jose smiled taking her hand he led her to the spare bedroom as the walked she felt Bo’s hands on her ass cheeks.

Once the door closed she sat on the bed, Jose pulled her thong down her was sucking her clit, she started to moan she started to shiver a hot feeling came up from her pussy she had her first orgasm. Bo was sucking her nipples which were sensitive anyway so the pussy eating on made the experience more intense. Jose stopped eating her pussy he stripped off his clothes she was now staring at his cock which was inches from her lips. She opened her mouth she started sucking, she had always loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth and by all accounts was a great cocksucker. Jose now pushed her away “baby I want to bury my cock is your delicious cunt”.

Carol was shocked at his language, but since no man had even looked at her in five months she was good with it. She remembered what Michelle had said talk dirty to them give the cocks the ride of there lives, your cunt hasn’t forgotten how to milk cum from a cock has it! As Jose started gently rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy lips she looked into his eyes, she raised her hips spreading her legs wide. “Oh fuck” she uttered as the cock head went in, she looked at him “babe fuck me like you mean it’.

Carols pussy had taken control of her “fuck that cunt baby it needs it Oh myyyyyyy ughhhhhhh” as she orgasmed twice in a row, pussy juice shot out of her, that was all Jose could take he sank his cock deep as he was able to he blasted the walls of her cunt with sperm. It took a while to get their breath to return to normal. He rolled of her, they both rolled on their side facing each other. She had a wicked look on her face, “that was by far the best fuck I’ve had in my life, I’ve not a squitter till now anyway, but it seems you’ve changed that”! “That’s one wonderful cunt you’ve got their Carol”. Bo was standing there with his large cock rock hard, “Carol cunt up for another good fucking”?

She was afraid, but she remembered Michelle’s instructions, she rolled over as Bo mounted her, she reached out taking Jose hand as Bo cock sank deeper then anything she had ever felt. For quite a while Bo gave her pussy the pounding Michelle had told her it would get. She held Jose hand until she self her pussy spasm she was squirting again while another huge organism hit. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck” she moaned, Bo went deep it felt like a fire hose exploding in her pussy, cum went into every inch of her.

Bo rolled off Jose smiled “is that pussy up for a little more cum”? Carol was grinning from ear to ear, “I really think she would like to milk your cock again babe”. Before Jose had mounted her, she spread wide. He rolled her over, so she was sitting with is cock deeply impaled in her pussy. Without warning she felt Bo cock at her asshole, he had well lubed it so with only a slight push he was half way in. She wasn’t an anal virgin, but she never taken a cock that size, the pain was awful yet as the two cocks touched together through the thin membrane separating her cavities she began to sense a strange sensation. She wiggled fiercely attempting to dislodge the cock in her ass. The more she thrashed about the stronger the sensation in her pussy became.

Pain had been replaced by a very strong feeling of a pending orgasm, Jose was sucking on her nipple, she grabbed his face sticking her tongue into his mouth. UGGGGGGGGG her body was racked with an orgasm of violent proportion, her pussy once again started squirting. Jose cock stated spewing cum into her already cum filled cunt which caused Bo to blast another substantial load of sperm deep in her bowels.

The three took almost a minute to catch their breath. Bo pulled out with a plop, she rolled off Jose her cunt and ass were leaking like a faulty faucet.

Carol had he ass and pussy fucked by both guys once more time, she made sure she blew them before they left the room, there was no way she wanted an ounce of cum left in the ball sacks. She looked at Jose who was smiling like the cat that ate the bird. “Honey I hope we can do this again very soon”, he told her “now put that thong back on bitch”, she obediently did as she was told they all headed for the den.

After fucking Sandi three times Rob laid their looking at her, “Sandi, Matt and I must go to England at the end month, actually England, Holland and Switzerland, you ever been there”? She winced “no honey I’d love to but I’m not sure how to pull it off. If Matt is going with you I assume he’s asking Shell to go as well, right”? Yup! She sat up in bed her big tits swinging as he played with her nipples.

Rob smiled its easy we own a radio station, I’ll arrange for it to appear as you have won a trip to Switzerland for two. Now here’s the problem most of those are for a week, two at best so your husband may be suspicious after a while. Sandi looked deeply into his eyes, “is their more Rob”?

“Let’s the four of us have lunch tomorrow we can talk then, put some panties on bitch lets see how Jose and Bo made out”. He slapped her ass playfully, she gave him a playful look she put a wet kiss on his cock head then put her panties on then they headed for the den.

Matt and Shell were already sitting as Rob and Sandi walked in they were soon joined by Jose and Bo. Sandi and Michelle grinned Sandi looked at Carol. “Carol dear when you go to a cum party a thong isn’t a great idea as your leaking like a faucet, next time French cut or boy shorts”. Carol just sat their grinning the expression on her face said it all.

As the guys left Carol kissed Bo she then turned to Jose stuck her tongue into his mouth for a minute, as she pulled back she whispered please call me later I want to know if you liked my pussy and if you’d like to use it again soon. He smiled they were all gone. Michelle closed the door, the three-woman walked back into the den. Michelle spoke “well Carol were we right or what”? She smiled “could I use your shower”? Shell looked at Sandi they both chuckled, Shell answered “sure you can but I better loan you a pair of panties because you’ll never get home without leaking through to your jeans”. They all laughed, they headed towards her shower.

After Carol left Sandi faced Shell, “I have a funny feeling about Rob I’m having lunch with him tomorrow will you and Matt be there”? Michelle looked at her “no it appears we weren’t invited, all I know is you and I need to work out the details for the trip to Europe in the next week or so”.

Sandi left Michelle as she closed the door she kept thinking NOW WHAT!!

There has not been much commentary about this story, there is a final chapter but it is not as sexually explicated as the others, If anyone want to know how it ends let me know.

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Now What #5

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