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69ing and sex with my sister

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Authror: tom8899

Published: 31 January 2018

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One afternoon i was home alone with my sister and still thinking what we did just the day before. I was in my room watching T.V when i here my sister call me . " Lil bro can you come here for a minute " ... So i go to my sisters room and the door is open and i walk in . My sister siting on the floor folding her clothes asks me " Can you help with this it will get done faster that way "..

" Sure sis no problem ", i tell her..

" So how are you feeling today after what we did yesterday little bro ?", she asks me..

" I was thinking about it all night and as soon as i woke today ", i tell her..

" I was too ", she says..

" You said we would be doing that alot more right ?"

" Of course lil bro, why you don't want to?" she asks..

" Of course i do sis that was fun and exciting !" i replied

Sitting there i could see she had no bra on and her nipples were kinda hard. She was wearing short pajama shorts and i could see in to them thru the side of her thigh. Her pubic hairs were sticking out the sides of her panties and i found myself starring there a lot.

"Is there something your looking for down there lil bro?", she asks

I looked at her and smiled .

" Well sis i was laying in bed last thinking about different things we could do "

"Oh yea like what ?", she asks

" Well i was thinking about a lot of stuff "

" Ok like what lil bro , tell me and we just might do them".


"I was thinking about licking your ass and putting my tongue in there, then maybe we could 69 ", i tell her

" Hmmm that sounds like fun lil bro", she says

We finish folding the clothes and i help my sister put them away. As my sister was putting some shirts on the top shelf of her closet i stood behind and couldn't help but stare at her ass suddenly i reach down and start feeling on her butt..She looks back at me and smiles.

"You like my ass a lot huh lil bro?" she asks

"Yea sis i always thought your ass was hot "

I felt myself getting hard as i was rubbing my sister ass and i began to rub on my cock .My sis looks down and sees that i am doing that and says ,

" I see your wanting to do something now huh?".

" Yea sis , i want to taste you again, feel your body on mine again "

" OK lil bro since you want to do things to me i'll you start it this time", she says

So still standing behind her she starts pulling off her shirt and then throws it on the ground. I reach down to her shorts and begin to slide them down her legs and taking them off,. Then i slowly take her panties down and throw them on the floor. I tell my sister to go over to the dresser . We walk over to the dresser and i tell her turn around with her ass to me and put her hands on the dresser bent over . So she puts her hands on it and bends slowly over .

she asks, " Your gonna lick my ass lil bro ?"

" Yea " , I tell her..

So i get behind her and start kissing her on her back then slowly kissing down her spine to the top of her ass. I begin kissing down the side of her ass kissing all over the her right check then go over to the left side and do the same to that one .I slowly make my way back up to the top of her ass then slowly start licking between her cheeks she reaches behind and slowly spreads her ass cheeks apart . I begin licking my way down reaching her asshole and begin to lick..I could hear my sister start moaning then breathing heavy.

" OHHH YES Lil bro that feels good ", she says

I start licking up and down my sisters ass which tasted so good . I then started to stick my tongue in her hole tryn to go deeper tasting her ass more and more..

" Yessss lil bro stick your tongue in my ass that feels so fuckn good ..

I started sticking my tongue in and out of my sister ass then licking my way down to her pussy which was very wet. Sticking my tongue inside her tasting all her pussy juice then licking my way back up to her asshole going back and forth from her ass to her pussy . Just then my sister says " I want to suck your dick lil bro while your licking my pussy ".

She turns and pushes me on the bed tells me to lay down .She gets on the bed and gets on top of me with her ass in my face .She leans forward so that her body is on mine and her head is above my cock .She grasps it with her hand then i could feel her tongue licking the tip and licking up the pre-cum that was coming out then slowly her lips were around the tip of dick and slowly her mouth started going down more and more until my hard cock was in her mouth . She began sucking going up and down while stroking with her hand .Photos http://cpmlink.net/k4gLAA This was feeling amazing . So with her ass in my face i leaned my head forward so that my face was right between her ass . I began licking her pussy lips then sticking my inside her wetness letting all her juices inside my mouth . I was thinking to myself i can't believe i'm licking my sisters ass and pussy while she sucking on my cock..

We kept on licking and sucking on each other when my sister turns around and says to me

" I want this cock inside my lil bro ".

She gets up and turns around then lays on her back .

" Come her little bro and give your sister that dick"..

So i get up and move towards her she opens her legs spreading them fully and i move my body between her legs . i grab my very hard cock and start rubbing it on her pussy up and down..

" Yes lil bro give your big sister that cock , i want to feel you inside me again like yesterday."

I keep rubbing her pussy then slowly slide my cock inside her warm wetness..As she looks into my eyes as i'm slowly entering her she begins to moan breathing heavily . As i am fully inside my sisters pussy i start thrusting into her slowly then more fast ..

"Yes lil bro , fuck me give me that dick it feels so good !"..

I begin to go faster then faster my balls hitting against her ass . I grab her legs holding them in my arms starting to fuck her harder and faster looking into her eyes and she looks into mine .

" Fuck me lil bro fuck me, faster faster your gonna make me cum faster !!"..

Fucking my sister this way felt great and wrong at the same time but that made it all more exciting knowing i was fucking my big sister again..

"I'm gonna cum lil bro, i'm gonna cum all over cock again" she says...

Just then i could see in her face she was ready to cum..She grabs the blanket and starts moaning louder and louder breathing was getting heavier and heavier then she yells


She begins to cum licking her lips her body shaking she then pulls me down and starts kissing me sucking on my tongue and holding me tighter ...

" You can cum inside me if you want lil bro it's ok i took my pill i want your cum inside me fill me with your cum ".

"Are you sure sis ?" , i ask her..

"Yes cum inside your big sister"..

After she said that it got me hott and i knew i was gonna cum.. I started fucking my sister harder and faster .

" I'm gonna cum sis "

"Cum lil bro cum"

Just then i felt myself cumming , i was cumming inside my own sister . It was such an amazing feeling .

"Now our juices are mixed together lil bro that was some hot sex"

We just layed there together . Breathing heavy .

"We are gonna have alot of fun together little bro lots of nasty sex whenever we want"..she says to me

So we get up and as she starts walking to the bathroom my cum started rolling down her leg..

she said "Damn lil bro you came alot inside me "..

I laughed. As we starting getting in the shower she turns around and kisses me and gets in the shower....I could tell we were gonna have many good times of sex together..

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69ing and sex with my sister

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