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Getting dog-raped by my mom

Categories Diary, Anal, Bestiality, Discipline

Authror: littlemisskitty

Published: 02 February 2018

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It was the other day, when I came back from school, finding my mom sitting in front of my laptop, scrolling through my browsing history with a sour expression on her face.

„Hey mom, what’s up,“ I asked, afraid of what she might have found.

Tapping her fingers on my desktop, she swiveled around in the chair. “Really?” she asks. “You’re playing clueless and innocent now? I get a message from your school that you’ve been behaving ‘inappropriately’ and then I find all this… porn on your computer. And you act like nothing happened?”

I looked down and my blonde curls fell into my face. „I’m sorry,“ I mumbled, hoping she hasn’t found the really dirty stuff.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it any more, Missy,” she replied, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she glared at me angrily. “You’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

I was close to tears and trembling. „What… what do you want me to explain mom?“ I asked.

She was pouting and choosing her words carefully. “Well,” she said, trying to calm down a little. “Let’s start with why you’re asking other women to call them mommy. Or why you want to be their ‘pet’. Or why you have hundreds of pictures of dog porn on here. Or what on EARTH you’ve been doing in class that they had to inform me. Take your fucking PICK, Mya!”

I fell to my knees, sobbing. „Please mom, I’m so sorry… I won’t do it again… I promise…“ I stammer.

Grabbing me by my hair, she pulled my head back and looked me straight in the eyes. “Shut up, slut,” she hissed, dragging me closer. “You want to be mommy’s bitch, huh? You want to be a pet, like the dirty animal you are? Then fucking admit it!” Only now I notice the slight bulge between her legs, where her tight dress stretches across her crotch. As she slowly pulled up the knee-long skirt, I came face to face with an enormeous, thick strapon dildo, longer than any I’ve ever seen.

„I… I’m sorry mommy…“ I mumbled. „I’ve been thinking about being your pet so much I had to play with myself… in class… I think the teacher noticed… and I’ve always been curious about dogs…“

While I speak, she pulled my head hard down onto the strapon, forcing it deep into my mouth to shut me up and make me gag. “Dogs, huh?” she asked, holding me in place between her legs and letting me suck on the plastic cock. “Like me and Mac? Have you been spying on us, too?” She whistled sharply to call the house dog into my room.

I gave it my best effort to suck the long dildo even though it made me gag. I’m not used to getting treated like this, or have anything nearly as big as this in me but I wanted to be a good pet for mommy and so I tried really hard.

I could feel the dog’s nose as he curiously peeked underneath my skirt from behind, his breath against my butt while he’s sniffing my crotch. Meanwhile, mommy thrust the strapon so hard and deep down my throat that it made me puke violently all over the cock. Only then she pulled it back out, giving me almost no time to recover as she leaned back and spread her legs, pulling my head underneath the strapon into her wet, hairy muff.

It was my first mouth full of mummy’s furry pussy. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long, watching her secretly in the shower… in her bed… when she‘s dressing… and yes when she‘s with Mac…

My pussy was dripping from his tongue on my naked skin, because I wasn’t wearing any panties that day. The dog licked fervently across my sopping little slit while she pushed me hard to do the same with hers, holding me firmly in place between her legs while she eyed the dog behind me, the red tip of his cock already peeking out from underneath him. “There,” she asked through clenched teeth. “Is this what you wanted? Sucking on my hairy old cunt like a little skanky whore while dogs sniff your dirty ass?”

"Oh God, mommy,“ I moan. „Treat me like a dirty skanky whore… make me do disgusting and filthy things…“

I pushed my round bubble butt out to make it easier for Mac to get on top of me. “God, huh?” she gasped, when my inexperienced, shitty little sucking attempts accidentally hit the right spot every once in a while. “For you, there’s only one God now, and that’s my cunt, is that understood?” She reached down and pulled her labia wide, giving me a good look inside. “And now open wide so I can bless you.”

I opened my mouth wide and looked up at her with big puppy eyes. Just as the thick, hot, yellow stream hit me square in the face, filling my thirsty little whore mouth with fresh piss, the dog jumps me and forces his slick, thick, throbbing cock hard into my pussy, missing it a few times before he finally hit me hard, deep and unforgiving, pounding me fast and wild immediately.

"Oh my God,“ I groan. „Noooo! I’m still a virgin… I can’t…“

My hymen broke instantly as that fat, long piece of dog meat filled me up completely, pounding me like I‘m just another bitch for him to dump his cum into, while my rmouth fills up with tart, steamy piss. “Swallow,” she ordered as I have trouble keeping up, reminding me who I‘m here to serve. “Swallow, and beg for more!”

I swallowed and drink her piss, feeling the dog rape my virgin pussy, getting used like a whore… and enjoying it. „Please mommy, give me more,“ I begged. „Use me… Make me your slut…“

She watched with satisfaction as I finally swallow what she‘s giving me, then guided my head down between her buttocks as she pulled up her legs, making me lick her arse as well. Just as my tongue touched her anus, Mac’s cock swelled up hard inside my tight little slit, stretching it painfully to its limits, before shooting a huge load of hot dog sperm high up into my belly, filling me up with so much cum that it starts dripping out around the sides. Oh God, oh God… How I wish I could get pregnant from dog cum…

I licked her across her ass just as instructed, tasting her dirty and disgusting asshole, humiliated and used, nothing more like a dog bitch, a pet for her to use. Whenever she wants.

She grinned down at my exhausted little face. “Mmh, don’t think we’re done yet,” she says, putting one of her feet on my shoulder and pushing me back slowly. She got up and stood before me, the floppy strapon hanging down between her legs while she petted the dog on my back. I licked her heels with gratitude, feeling exhausted but excited at the same time, finally feeling like I’m in the right place, at her feet, as your pet.

She waited until the knot swelled off enough to come out of my pussy again and made me clean up the floor with my tongue in the meantime. After all, this was my place from now on, an animal among the animals. After a while, a wet “shlopp”, followed by a trickle of cum indicated that Mac finally got free. “Mmh, now let’s see if you’ve gotten the strapon wet enough for your tight little ass,” she said with a satisfied grin.

"Oh my God!“ I gasp surprised. „Mom… I’ve never had anything in my ass… it’s much too big…“

She smacked me hard across my face, much harder than I expected, making my head spin. “Get this into your stupid brain, pig,” she hissed, looking into my eyes with disgust. “If you’re my pet, then you’ll do whatever I’m saying, and the only answers you will ever give to any request are ‘yes, Ma’am’, ‘with pleasure, Ma’am’, ‘anything you want, Ma’am’. I don’t care how tight your asshole is, it’s MY asshole now, and I will damn well do whatever I please with it.” She spit straight into my face, just to make a point. “And besides, there’s no such thing as too tight, only too dry.”

„Yes, Ma’am,“ I reply meekly. „But I am very dry Ma’am…“

She stepped behind me, grabbing the strapon with both hands and slapped it hard onto my freshly fucked, dripping little slit, making sure it stung. “Well, then this is your last chance to get it wet,” she said, holding it underneath my pussy so I could pee on it.

Ashamed and blushing,I nevertheless started peeing on it, knowing that she was serious. Making sure my piss soaks the dildo all over, she then grabbed my buttocks with both hands, spreading them wide as she pushed the thick, hard strapon inside, forcing it deeper and deeper into my virgin ass, fucking me mercilessly and painfully, making sure I won’t remember how my mom broke me for the first time.

I screamed as she raped my ass, getting so wet from it that I almost came again. She fucked me harder than she fucked any of her other pets, demanding more from her daughter than anyone else. If I wanted to be a beasty fuck slut, then I would get the harshest training ever, and better be good at it.

Forcing the entire length of the strapon inside of you, she made sure I‘m filled deeper and wider than ever before. Then, as she was bent over me, humping me from behind like the doggy cunt I am, Mac jumped her and slid his slick, hot cock into her own ass, taking her like he has done so many times before.

"Oh God, Mom!“ I scream. „We’re sharing the dog…“

“And you’ll get to lick it clean after,” she whispered into my ear.

I came so hard, I was screaming, loud enough for the neighbors to hear. And just as I came, the dog shot another load high up into my mom‘s bowels, just as big as the first one. It pushes her over the edge as well and leaves her trembling and exhausted on top of me, with Mac gleefully panting on her back, his cock still pulsing in her anus, knotted tight.

I crawled and turned around underneath her, my head between her legs, so my mouth is in place when his knot comes out. She relaxed and pissed once more into my face, just because she can and because the knot keeps pressing on her bladder. Finally, just as the stream of pee subsides, the cock slipped out of her ass, followed by a torrent of sperm.

I licked it all up, suckling it out of mommy’s hairy ass, like a baby.

"Mmmh, very good. You finally seem to understand your position,“ she says, satisfied.

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Getting dog-raped by my mom

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