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My sister and I compare performance.

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Authror: tonysex23

Published: 02 February 2018

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Last week I came home from colleges early. As I walked to my room I past my sisters room and the door was shut – that was the no visitor sign we had adopted – I guessed she could have been masturbating.

The thought of her doing it got me thinking of how good looking she was – she had just turned 17 and her body was fantastic – a real good looking chick – the guys would be all over her if they weren’t already.

I let my imagination run wild and imagined what it would be like to have sex with her. I began to masturbate myself thinking of having sex with any girl really but wondering what she was like.

She is pretty clued up on sex as I have learned from a few conversations we have had and I know she is on the pill and is no longer a virgin. She gave that away over a year ago and we have discussed the fact and that it was not a good experience. She said it was almost rape but she had led this guy on and they were both naked when he pressured her into doing it. She really liked him before that and hates the sight of him now.

About an hour later I heard the front door close and thought that must be her going out. I had come not long before and I just lay there getting over it. I was laying back in the nude and when I came I had spurted it up all over me. Seeing she had gone out I walked to the bathroom naked and covered in cum. When I got to her room the door was open and my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go in – perhaps she had left some underwear about and I sort of felt it would be cool to wipe the cum off myself with her pants or something. As I walked in I got the shock of my life – she was laying back on the bed naked with her legs up and spread and I could see cum oozing out of her cunt and had run down over her asshole.

The both of saw each other at the same time – FUCK I said. She exclaimed WHAT THE HELL!!!.. We were both embarrassed – me covered naked and covered in cum and she was virtually in the same state but the cum was in a different place. I said shit – I am sorry – I thought I heard you going out. I was just going to the bathroom and saw your door open. Do you always walk into my room naked and covered in cum.

What have you been doing - playing with it.

I said look I am sorry lets forget this happened – but who left here. She said Mike – he and I have been having a little bit of play time – he and I have been at it for a couple of weeks now.

I said the lucky bastard – I wish I has somebody like you that I could play with like that. She said how come you are covered in it. Obviously I haven’t been doing what you have been – I have to satisfy myself.

When I came in your door was closed and I imagined you were doing what I did. I had no idea you were fucking Mike. He is a lucky bastard having you.

What you were thinking of me when you did it.

Well in a way – I know you do and I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have sex with a girl like you. Would you now – why me. Well not you exactly but somebody with a body like yours. Dont you have anybody - I thought you were getting some. Thats over. It was good while it lasted but I don’t have the money to keep her in the style she liked to be kept. She has gone off with an older guy who had money and a car. I am not complaining – it was good while it lasted.

You said you were thinking of me when you were wanking it – would you do it with me. Is that a rhetorical question or a request.Both. In a word – Yes – but shit sis we cant – its illegal and God - fucking your own sister – thats a bit gross.

Not for me it isn’t – I would be more than happy to let you fuck me. I have heard a few stories and it seems that you are pretty good at making them happy. Dont think I haven’t thought about it – I just haven’t had the guts to ask at the time I wanted to or when I looked for you, you were out. Look he left me wanting – he came and I didn’t – I was just considering fingering myself – if you like you can try and make me cum – only if you want to. You will have to go in where he has been and left his mark on me.

Could you do it with his cum in me. Lets have a wash and see how much we can get out and I will clean up and then we can do it. The two of us went to the bathroom – I peed and she followed and then I washed myself clean and she did the same and used her finger to get as much of Mikes cum out of her cunt as she could.

It was the first time I could remember the two of us naked together in the same room for many years. As kids we were always bathed together. It was only then I realised she had shaved her pubic hair into a sort of strip – like an oval and it looked great. I said I like the shape. She said thanks – its the one I like best – better than none – I look like a baby.

We both walked back to the bedroom and on the way I said you are still sure you want to do this. More than ever she said. I have thought about before as I said – now its going to happen and I am happy. Whats more I want to orgasm – Mike left me wanting. Your room or mine she asked. Yours.

The two of went in and she lay on the bed and laughed and said this will be the first time I have ever done it without foreplay. I usually get really wet – I hope its ok. I said it will be perfect but we can fondle if you like.

Look – lets not make it cold and calculating – lets imagine we aren’t brother and sister – lets imagine I am a new girl friend. I think I can handle kissing you – I kiss other girls so I should be able to handle that.

I said tell me more – whats this about other girls. I occasionally have a girly with one of the girls at college – there are a few that are bi and a couple of lessies. I rather like them – I couldn’t believe it the first time and now I don’t hesitate – we have had some amazing times – I can always guarantee an orgasm with them – we do great oral. I occasionally will go down on a guy but I have to be really in the mood. You never know after this we may get a bit more adventuresome.

God Sis you are amazing – I cant believe my little sister is a real sex maniac. Dont jump to conclusions come on lets get into it. We lay on the bed and we kissed – it was so awkward for the first minute kissing your own sister but she said – forget who I am – think about what I am – a whore. We soon got into it and our hands were everywhere – she has great tits and I fondled them squeezed them and played with her nipples and she did the same to me – I had never had my nipples played with before and I liked it. I got my hand down to her pussy and fingered her and it was cool – there was no cum left in her that I could feel.

After a few minutes of pawing and kissing each other I rolled over and got on top of her. Are you ready I asked. Whenever you are she replied - and I kissed her neck down to her nipples and kissed and sucked on each one, then down to her belly button and slowly down to her vagina which was now exposed as she had spread her legs in anticipation.Photos http://cpmlink.net/qH0UAA I didn’t hesitate – I spread her lips with my fingers and licked her slit. She groaned and lifted her ass up off the bad and buried her cunt in my face. I responded by licking her slit and up to her clit. Fuck she said – you really know how to bring a girl on – how about Mikes cum – is there any there.

Not that I can taste – thats another trick I have up my sleeve – I will explain later and I continued to lick and plow my fingers into her cunt and rub her vigorously and as I did she moved and moaned with the pleasure I was giving her and that she was making herself. It was not the first time she had been multiple fingered and licked and her clit sucked at the same time – she knew what I was doing and from experience I would say knew how to make sure she got the maximum sensation. She had obviously had oral before because she knew how to move herself to get the maximum pleasure and it didn’t take her long and she began to move and moan – she was cumming and as she did I went down on her harder as I knew she would start to buck and bounce and try and dislodge me. They all do it as their clit become super sensitive – even more so when they cum when fucking. I waited until she had reached her peak and disengaged my mouth from her clit and she lay there panting and breathing heavily – she had cum well.

Fuck me she said – that was good – its a long time since I came off like that – those girls were not wrong – you are not bad.

Good when you are ready we can fuck. Give me a few minutes – that was awesome – my heart is still racing – shit that was good. I climbed up beside her and lay next to her and her hand sought and found my cock which was firm but not hard. She stroked and fondled it for a minute or so and it was soon ready for her. God that feel good even in my hand – it will feel even better up me.

When you are ready let me know – in the meantime just keep fondling it. After a minute or two she said ok let do it. I said missionary or ???? Missionary.

I got above her and she opened her legs and spred them and pulled he r knees back and exposed her beautiful ping pussy.

I said that is good enough to eat – but I have already done that – lets see if I can fill it. I knelt between her legs and guided my cock head toward her open vagina – it looked great and I put the head of it against her lips and I said say when.


I then slowly pushed my cock into her and as it went in I could feel the firmness of the walls of her cunt around my cock and the warmth and wetness as I slid it easily into her magnificent cunt.

Shit I said that feels good – that is one of the best pussies I have been in. I am glad you like it – actually you fill it well – I can feel it going in and I like it.

Your cock is bigger than Mikes and it fills it beautifully – I can feel it nice and tight around the rim of it and I don’t know about you but that feels fantastic.

No wonder the other girls talk about you. I can say I cant remember a having a cock up me that has felt so good Now fuck me bro – fuck me. I began to slowly raise and lower myself over her and slip my cock up and down inside her.

I said you would never know Mike had been in here an hour ago, you did well cleaning yourself out. Its as good as new.

I can say I have not enjoyed a cock up me like this before – it feels awesome – just fuck me slowly – I am really enjoying this. We fucked gently for about five minutes and I said how about we do a bit of doggy.

I have only done that once – ok. She got up on all fours and I could se this beautiful full lipped pussy looking back at me – I got my cock and once more slipped it into that chasm of wonderful warm and wet flesh. As it went in I could feel the difference – it was fantastic.

She said fucking hell that feels good – it wasn’t that good before – I was a bit disappointed but you are great.

Fuck me bro fuck me good.

As I fucked he and fondled the cheeks of her perfect ass I could see her body swaying and her tits swinging beneath her and Is aid how does that feel with your tits swinging.

Fantastic I am just about to let them touch the sheets – that rubs the nipples up and I love it. Just keep that rhythm going you are really good at this – I think I will be looking for this more often now we have done it once – it looks like the beginning of a great relationship – incest or not – I like it. Maybe I wont be going out as often – we can stay home and do this all night and

I wont complain – you fuck well.

I kept moving in and out of her and squeezing the cheeks of her ass which she seemed to enjoy. My balls were swinging now and rocking against her cheeks as I slid into her. She said what is that and I told her. She said I have never felt that before. I just kept fucking and she just let her tits swing then I began to feel her pushing back as I was going in and I said are you going to cum.

She didn’t answer but I could tell and as she started to rock on my cock as she moved back each time as I went in I started to fuck her harder and faster and then she let out this ------OOOOOOO FFFF UUU CCC KKK. I was so happy she was having an orgasm with me.

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My sister and I compare performance.

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