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  1. StepMom Sexy
  2. Mom sucks her son's cock daily...

Mom sucks her son's cock daily...

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom8899

Published: 02 February 2018

  • Font:

I had nearly finished question 19. My two and a half hours of writing were about to come to an end. This was my third practice exam paper of the day and I was exhausted. Summer had just started and I had just turned 18. I longed to be outdoors doing something rather than cooped up inside all day studying but the upcoming exams were important. At times I felt like giving up but my mom Samantha was very supportive even though it was just the two of us and she had no extra help. Mom was a hard worker at her job and still found time to do all the housework and support me through my exams. On top of this she was stunningly beautiful with a classic 'MILF' body. Even though she was mom it was impossible to ignore her beauty. Mom's work ethic, home making skills, bubbly personality and perfect hourglass body made her perfect wife material and I had always thought my father must have been insane for splitting with her when I was young.

As much as I tried to push this particular thought of my mother out of my mind, I also couldn't help imagining how well she would perform in the bedroom. Although I respected and loved mom for more than being a pice of meat, her plump motherly tits, shapely legs and large but firm ass couldn't be denied as object of much lust to my teenage mind and red blooded male would understandably feel the same. I had no problems with the fact I masturbated to the thought of mom taking my cock 8 inches down her throat, pumping her pussy or cumming in her ass. It didn't mean I didn't respect her. On the contrary, I longed to make love to mom. I was only turned on further by the fact she was a very sexually charged mom. I had seen skimpy little thongs and g-strings strewn around the house and would hear moans and groans of masturbation maybe once a week through the bedroom wall. Despite this mom behaved and dressed conservatively in front of me. We would never discuss love lifes or things of that nature.

My fantasies had caused a stirring in my pants as my cock grew hard. As my dick grew to full mast I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Shit, mom must be home early" I thought to myself, tucking my chair into the desk and crossing legs to hide my raging hard on.

A few seconds later mom entered my room, "Hey Dan, how are the studies going honey?" she asked planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Great mom, I'm just finishing this paper" I replied pointing to the last couple of lines of empty space.

"Well done, finish up and come downstairs I've got a treat for you working so hard all day"

My dick was still rock hard and the testosterone raging through my blood meant moms innocent sentence filled my mind with sexual imagery of mom in skimpy lingerie, tight in all the right places and ready to give me a very special 'treat'

Before I had a chance to shake this image and reply, mom said "See you in a few" and strode out the room, her fabulous ass swaying beneath the tight fabric of her suit skirt.

My boner grew harder against the fabric of my pants but I sat down and struggled on with the last few lines of my essay.

Five minutes passed and mom called "Hurry up, come down here"

I decided to leave the conclusion of my essay unfinished because my head wasn't in the right place. My cock softened slightly but I was still horny and needed to let one loose.

"It's getting cold" mom called.

Again my dirty teenage mind thought moms pussy was getting turned off but I knew this really meant my treat involved food. I had barely eaten all day so shot downstairs to eat. I was surprised mom had ordered in my favourite take-away food which was a rarity because mom was a health and exercise freak. How else would she keep her body so tight aged 42. Mom had since changed out of her work suit and simply wore one of my shirts. It was tight around her copious breasts and the fabric was barely long enough to cover her decency. She had that 'morning after sex' look and my eyes took in every inch of her body from her naked silky legs up to the thigh to her hard nipples poking through the fabric. Mom had discarded her bra and wondered if she had done the same with her panties. My cock had stiffened again but I kept it hidden as we finished eating.

"I picked up a movie on the way home. I thought it would help you unwind and relax from exam stress, that's my duty after all"

"Thanks mom, go put it in the player I need to use the bathroom"

"Right away honey"

Before closing the bathroom door I looked over to mom bent over in front of the DVD player. The shirt had hidden up and completely exposed the back of mom silky thighs but her bubble butt kept the fabric tight and it didn't ride up to expose her ass and reveal whether mom was fully naked under my shirt. My dick had been hard for nearly an hour and I really needed to have a tug but I resisted, turned on my the fact I would be sitting next to mom with a boner.

We settled down to watch the movie. It was one of those types with college kids behaving badly. Mom kept teasing me throughout that it would be me next year once I moved to college. Eventually the inevitable sex scene came up and involved the guy struggling to find a condom. The room went silent and tensions built due to the awkwardness of watching a sex on TV with a parent.

"I never bothered with condoms." Suddenly mom broke the silence.

What!? Had mom just said what I think she said? My own sweet mother, admitting she fucked bareback. My dick tightened and I nearly came right then.

"But you'll get pregnant or catch a disease" I argued, trying to divert the subject before I came in my pants.

"Nope, I make sure that every guy I've been with pulls it out. Sex without them is more intimate and far more pleasurable. I know theres a risk of STD's but thats part of the thrill" Mom said gazing into space as if reminiscing on another life.

I couldn't believe my mom was talking like this. She must have felt more comfortable around me now I was an adult but nevertheless, many would brand her a slut for such preferences in the bedroom. I knew better and mom just enjoyed good sex, don't we all?

Realising what she was saying suddenly she came to her senses.

"Oh I'm sorry, too much information. I shouldn't be saying these things to my son"

I could see a look of regret and remorse in moms eyes but I was not going to let her feel like that after the way she had just turned me on.

"No mom, its fine." I assured her "I like hearing from an experienced woman who knows what she likes."

"Aww, thanks honey. I know I never really gave you 'The Talk' but remember this, sexual gratification is key to a healthy mind body and soul. But you have plenty of time to explore that next year at college, for now concentrate on those exams!"

I knew how much my academic success was to mom. She wanted the best for me and I wanted to give something back as a thanks for being an amazing mom for all these years. I was to be the first college grad in the family.

We continued watching the movie with some trivial conversation until it was over at about 9:00pm.

"Up early tomorrow with your nose in those books I hope Dan" Mom said.

"Yeah mom, I'll try. Hopefully I will be less distracted tomorrow" I replied.

"Distracted? How? By what?"

I could see Mom was worried that something could be impeding by studies.

I quickly tried to think up a lie to use as a distraction but then a plan popped into my mind. What if I exploited moms eagerness to help me succeed by saying I had been thinking about her body and needed her help to relieve me. She might even let me fuck her! The plan was deviant but it was the truth. My sexual lust for mom was driving me insane.

"Dan! What is distracting you so we can solve the issue right now. Is it that Xbox?"

"No mom, not the Xbox"

"Well what then?"

Moms tone was increasingly impatient so I built up the courage and decided to tell all.

"It's you mom"

Mom looked back at me with a puzzled look.

"But honey, I'm at work most of the day and make very little noise at home"

"No mom, not you physically. I can't stop thinking about you"

Mom didn't reply, instead the confusion on her face grew and I realised she hadn't picked up on what I was getting at. I was going to have to spell it out.

"Mom, what I'm trying to say is I've been thinking about how beautiful you are both in person and body. Your amazing tits and tight ass turn me on and I find myself distracted from studying and instead masturbating for hours

"I'm your mother! You can't think of me like that" A love of shock and horror fell on my moms face...

"Well that proves you can fuck then" I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

"How dare you!"

"Look mom, I just want the chance to explore your naked body and be inside you so I don't have to waste hours jacking off."

"That is totally inappropriate! Have you no respect for me?"

With each attempt to explain myself I had made mom more and more furious. My plan had gone wrong. This was only the stuff of porn movies or erotic novels. Why on earth did I think it would ever work in real life?

"Go to your room, I don't want to look at you anymore."

I didn't dare push the issue any further and damned myself at how I had ruined a perfectly pleasant evening, but more importantly at how I had changed our relationship forever. How could normality ever return? Even if we reconciled it would always be in the back of our minds gnawing away every time we looked at each other. I put my face in my pillow and gently weeped for nearly an hour.

Eventually I heard my door creak opening. Looking up at mom I began a barrage of apologies.

"Mom I'm so, so, sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. I don't know what I was-"

"Sshh. It's OK honey. I'm sorry I got so angry but you took me by surprise"

"I know Mom, I'm sor-"

"It must be hard being locked away when you are at your sexual prime, I understand"

"Thanks mom"

I was so relieved that mom had forgiven me and understood.

"So you've been…erm…playing with yourself for hours you say?"

"Yes Mom"

"Gee, that is a lot of wasted time. How on earth do you last that long without…y'know…ejaculating?"

"I dunno, I just sort of stop for a little while when I feel it building"

"I see. So what exactly do you…think about when your…tugging it?"

We both giggled at the use of that phrase but I could tell that mom was genuinely curious.

"Mom, I don't know if we should be talking abou-"

"It's OK honey" Mom assured me with a smile "I won't freak out. We need to get to the bottom of this so tell me honestly"

"Well honestly Mom I think mostly about you…in a sexual way"

"I must admit Dan, although I flattered, I am very shocked at this confession"

"I know mom, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anyt-"

"Incestual sex is illegal and could damage our relationship as mother and son beyond repair You don't want that do you?"

"No mom" She made a very valid point even if my dick didn't agree.

"However, these thoughts aren't going to go away and therefore I have a duty as a mom to take action before they jeopardise your place in college. If you can get your work done without masturbating during the day I will see to your sexual needs every night to relax you before you go to bed"

'What..the..fuck' is all I could think. Mom was awesome and I knew for sure at this point she would go to any extreme to see me succeed. I didn't want to let her down and would put everything into the new deal. What a woman.

"That sounds fantastic mom. I know I'll be able to get work done now.

"What exactly will be doing mom? At…erm…night"

Mom gave me a look which meant she knew what I was getting at.

"Look, I'm going to be blunt with you Dan, you have to realise I am your mother and so you can't have sex with me. That's incest and you might get me pregnant. You got it?

"Of course mom" I said.

I'm going to be rubbing you off to help you sleep and get a good nights rest. Also, keep your hands to yourself and respect your mothers privacy. I'll even slip on some cute outfits but I don't think it would be appropriate for me to undress in front of you. How does that sound?"

Although mom spoke with authority her smile proved she was genuinely excited to be helping me out.

"Wow, that sounds exciting mom."

I was secretly very disappointed mom had ruled out fucking. All this talk had given me a boner of a lifetime, my dick has hurting with the strain. I could think of nothing I wanted more than to sink into my mom wet slit and fuck with abandon until I dropped a nut deep up inside her. However, the more I thought about the fact my beautiful, hot and stunning mom would be touching my dick, the more excited I became. A few minutes ago I thought our relationship was over; I guess the love between a mom and son cannot be broken.

"OK great, now run along, finish your work and get ready for bed and I'll be up at 10:30."

Mom leaned in and planted a kiss on my lips where they lingered for a moment, pressing her tits into me in the process. The experience stopped me where I stood.

But those lips. Oh god, those lips. They were not something I really paid attention to before but moms kiss left an impression on me and I felt compelled to compliment them.

"Wow mom, you have a sensational pair of lips and I'm not just saying that to charm, they're gorgeous."

"Aw thanks honey. You're not the first to have noticed, I used to do some wild things with this mouth" mom said with a giggle.

Woah, had mom just admitted to sucking dick? A rational mind would have left the conversation at that and changed topic but my mind was not rational and fuelled by a mad sexual lust and I was feeling bold. Why wasn't I satisfied by a handjob? I felt the need to negotiate a better sexual favour...

"What do you mean mom? Like blowjobs?"

"Dan, honey I see where you are trying to go with this…"

Damn, was I that obvious I thought to myself.

"Thank you for complimenting my lips but a…blowjob, as you put it…is something very intimate between two people who are in love-"

"But you must have done it to some random men, do you love them more than me?" I retorted, playing the guilt card.

"Don't get me wrong, handjobs are fantastic but it is a sensation I have experienced thousands of times from myself and I'd love some sucking to help me fully relax. You have the perfect lips mom, don't let them go to waste."

"I don't know honey, sons shouldn't do something like that to their moms mouth. It's a very…primal act."

"I know it might seem weird now but you know how important and natural full sexual satisfaction is, you said it yourself earlier."

Mom contemplated this for a moment. I can tell she agreed with what i had said but I could tell there was conflict in her eyes.

"Pleasee mom" I begged

OK, OK, I'll pay you a little attention every night to help you rest for exam study. But no more further than sucking, I'm putting my foot down. I don't want incest sex with my son and you have to take it out of my mouth and release in a tissue. It wouldn't be right to taste your sperm and I know you must understand that."

"Of course! Thanks, mom. Can't wait!" Although I was slightly disappointed she rejected the idea that I couldn't cum in her mouth or on to her but that was a battle for another day, a blow job was still amazing. My own sweet, innocent mom working my shaft with her lips, what a thought!

Moms spirits were lifted by my enthusiasm and she gave me a little cheeky wink and said, "You better get studying or I might change my mind!"

I ran up the stairs before she got the chance to and heard her call, "Be up at 10:30!"

"OK mom," I shouted back.

I had a raging boner now. It pressed against the fabric of my jeans.

Flopping down on my bed I released the zipper on my jeans. My boner sprung out, tingling with the anticipation of what would happen in a few hours. I began stroking it but forced my hand away as I was approaching orgasm. I wanted to be as horny as possible for mom's first daily service of my dick.

I could barely concentrate on my studies the next couple of hours. The thoughts of what my mom would be wearing flooded my mind. How would she suck it? With enthusiasm or an embarrassment? Would she still ban me from playing with her tits and how long would I last before I had to erupt.

Time passed and as I heard the closing theme of my moms favourite TV show at 10:30 I knew it was time. I lay down in bed. The anticipation was unbearable. I could hear her footsteps coming up the stairs now. My mind raised, reliving the years of fantasising and jacking off to my mom. Trying to grab glimpses of her nude and sniffing her thongs. I was totally perverted but I defy anyone who says they wouldn't be with such a hot mom.

"Hi Dan," she smiled as she entered.

She had changed into a loose blouse with a fair amount of cleavage showing off her 36G tits. On the bottom she wore nothing, the blouse was just long enough to cover her decency. This meant her toned, tanned and silky smooth legs were fully exposed to the tops of her thigh, I sight which never failed to get me hard when mom was walking around the house half dressed.

"My god, you do need relief" She nodded at the twitch in my jeans with every pump of blood to it.

"I told you mom, haha. I hope you don't mind me asking but are you wearing anything under there" I asked, pointing to moms crotch.

"That's on a need to know basis young man" mom replied with a surprised smile at my boldness.

"OK, go to the bathroom, grab a tissue and get undressed." She instructed.

"I'll be waiting" she said with a joking wink and a giggle.

I jumped up, and entered the bathroom breathing heavily. I had been fantasising about something like this for years, I couldn't believe my luck. I kicked off my jeans and boxers, flung my shirt over my shoulders and pulled off a generous amount of tissue. I knew I would have a huge load to catch.

Re-entering the room I watched my mom's eyes travel onto my cock.

I saw her lips whisper "oh my-" at the sight of it.

"You have grown since you were a little 'un she teased, pulling her gaze away from my member and making eye contact with me.

As I lay down on the bed she took a pretty pink hair band off her wrist and pulled her hair back to a tight pony tail to keep it out of the way. The pulled back hair also showed off her carved features. Beautiful cheekbones and shapely chin surrounded her stunning green eyes and plump pink lips. As she finished the pony tail she warned me:

"Remember I am only doing this so you can be relaxed for your exams, I don't want this to go any further because incest sex is not right. Please warn me when you about to, um- y'know, ...cum, so i can take it out"

"OK mom, got it." I quickly ushered, barely being able to contain myself.

"Well let's do it honey" she said in a sexy husky voice, which may have been intentional but was most likely her voice cracking due to nerves, and she lowered her lips to my member.

Moms tongue stuck out between her lips, floating just millimetres away from the tip of my dick for what felt like eternity. I cold see mom was thinking hard and I was worried she was getting cold feet.

Suddenly her extended tongue pushed forward on to head of my penis and sent shock waves through my whole body. I still couldn't believe this was happening. Slowing, mom opened her lips a bit wider to accommodate my thickening dick as she moved down the shaft. She kept them puckered tight in a small 'o' shape, only loosening them enough to fit more of my meat in her gob. As I lay back on the bed, I raised my hand and placed it on her pony tail, gently pushing her head lower onto my cock, her lips still puckered tight around it. The feeling was incredible, and nothing prepared me for what she did next.

Sucking in her cheeks she created a vacuum suction in her mouth pulling the remaining 2 inches of my dick deep down her throat until I had bottomed out and my moms sculpted nose lay in my pubes. I couldn't believe it, she took in all 8 inches. My mom was a blow job pro and deep throat queen.

She gagged slightly and covered what felt like gallons of salvia all over my cock. As she picked up the intensity of the head bobbing guided by my hand gripping her pony tail, she let out soft, gentle moans which I did not expect at all. Their low frequency vibrated on my shaft and pleasuring every nerve ending. That pushed me over the edge, I felt the build up in my balls and the urethra in my penis swell. I was about to cum after just 3 minutes…from the best blowjob I've ever had…by my own mother! I thought about letting myself erupt into my moms mouth and blasting her throat with cum but remembered what she had said about having to pull out.

I figured if I disobeyed her, this would be the first and last time I ever felt her warm, moist mouth. Not wanting that to happen I began to pull out and murmered, "I'm cumming."

Mom scrambled for the tissue and held it under my dick ready for the eruption. The sight of her kneeled over my cock awaiting to catch my goo was such a turn on and I released my cum with the most body shattering orgasm I had ever had. Stream after stream of cum poured from my penis and into the awaiting tissue in the hands of my mother. As my orgasm passed I opened my eyes and looked at my mother kneeling there holding her own sons cum tissues in her hand. I wished she would smear the gallon of cum over her tits or lick it up. Surely the golden rule of dick sucking was to not let the sticky reward go to waste? She stared at my cock before coming to her senses and wiping off the last stream of cum hanging on the end of my dick.

"I better get rid of this" she smiled at me.

"Thanks mom that was incredible" I beamed at her. I understood her reasoning for not wanting to come in contact with my sperm even if I wished she would get over it. Maybe eventually.

"No problem honey, I glad it relieved you. Now get some rest to be ready for tomorrow's study. I'll be back for your daily relax session tomorrow."

I watched mesmerised by the gentle sway of her ass as she left the room, the bottom of her butt cheeks just visible below her short blouse. I was satisfied but it was satisfaction tinged with a disappointment and a dash of hope at the same time. Disappointed it that it seemed that the blowjob was still viewed as a way of relaxing me instead of being anything sexual but filled with hope at how I had heard her moans and knew she derived pleasure from it but was doing her best to hide it. She feared herself for getting that satisfaction from her son.

Her strict religious upbringing ingrained incest as a terrible thing but my education was always top of her priorities. I figured that is how she managed to rationalise sucking my cock for the good of my education. I need to find I way to exploit that if I was to take things further. I felt guilty but my sexual drive couldn't be stopped.

A few days passed and mom kept to her promise. Every night at 10:30pm she would enter my room, tie back her hair into a pony tail and get to work on quenching my raging boner with the divine blow job of a goddess. Each night she would mix up her style and even began to ask me which bits I liked the most. Her sexual imagination turned me on so much. Mom could utilise every part of her mouth to give pleasure. Nipping me with her teeth or massaging my glans on her tonsils I could tell she had a lot of practise over her 42 years.

Mom never saw my daily service as I chore. I could tell because she would never rush to get me to cum and even started to let her hands explore my body, stroking my skin. I still couldn't completely figure out whether or not mom was getting any sexual pleasure from this. The occasional low moans she let slip, vibrating on my dick suggested she did, but after 5 days she still hadn't let things develop any further. Load after loud would be caught in the tissues and the one time I made advancements for her tits she backed away slightly. I didn't want to push her for fear she would put an end to my daily 'relaxation sessions'

On Thursday night I was getting my sixth blowjob from my mom. Each time it felt as though it only got better as mom brushed up on her technique. Tonight her moans were significantly more frequent than they had been. I was so turned on I had to cum more early than usual.

"Mom, I'm cumming"

She continued sucking with what felt like renewed vigour.

Fearing she hadn't heard me due to the unusual quick time I was about to cum in I repeated,

"Hey mom, I'm about to cum. I can't contain it any longer"

She looked into my eyes and continued sucking. I guessed there was a dilemma behind those eyes. On the one hand she seemed to want to taste my seed in her mouth. But on the other hand the incest taboo must've cast caution.

I felt my penis bulge under her lips and my seed rise up my shaft. I was about to cum in my mothers mouth I thought. The thought turned me on enormously and I began thrusting my hips widely. At the last second however my mom pulled out my dick and I realised such a huge load, it saturated the tissues.

"Goodnight Dan" she said as she scuttled out of the room, neglecting the usual goodnight kiss. I could tell she felt bad about wanting to swallow her sons load. As the door closed behind her and I drifted off to sleep, I strong musky smell filled my nostrils. Sitting up, I looked down on my bed sheets and noticed a small wet patch. As I leaned into it, I knew it was the source of the scent. It had been right where mom was sitting whilst she sucked me off! I planted my nose firmly atop of it and inhaled the sweet smell of my mothers pussy and gently licked her taste. My mind blazed at the thought of her fuck-hole dripping with juices as she lay with my dick in her mouth. I heard the shower turn on downstairs. Mom never showered at night, she probably felt she had to wash away the filthy thoughts of deriving pleasure from sexually stimulating her son.

I got out of bed, creeping passed the bathroom door that I assumed was lock shut and into my moms room. On the bed lay the tight tank top she had been wearing minutes earlier as well as her skirt, panties and stockings. I reached for the panties. They were completely drenched with pussy! I had to breathe mom in for a good 10 seconds before sucking her juices from them. They tasted incredible and gave me a raging boner despite having just been 'orally relaxed' I looked to the right of this pile of dirty clothes and that same musky scent of pussy filled my nostrils as I noticed a 7 inch silver vibrator shine in the light of moms bed-side lamp. "Wow, it was freshly used." I thought to myself, picking it up and licking its length. I was deep in fantasy about this fake dick sliding in and out of my moms saturated channel when I heard the shower stop. Replacing what I moved, I fled upstairs with lightning pace where I had to beat my meat for the first time since our sucking sessions started. I now knew for sure mom was getting a kick out of doing naughty things to me, her boy.

Friday night would mark the one week anniversary since the first time my mom clamped her thick lips around me. She arrived home slightly late from work that evening at about 6:00pm.

"Hey honey, I'm back" she hollered at me as she came through the door.

I sat up from work in my room and came down to greet her.

"Here, eat up we're going furniture shopping later. I wouldn't have time to cook." She said handing my a pizza box she had picked up on the way home.

We sat down and ate the pizza. I asked her about her day and made all the usual small talk you have with your mom. She bugged me about how my studies were going. I shrugged off the question with the usual 'fine'

"So what are we looking to buy at the furniture store, mom" I inquired.

"Well I was thinking it was about time we did up the family room. I've been saving for a few months and have enough money for a couple of new sofas and a beautiful persian rug I've had my eye on"

"Sounds great, I'd love to come"

"I bet you would" Mom smiled as she quickly flicked her tongue across the end of last slice of pizza she guided into her mouth with the sluttiest face I had ever laid eyes on.

This action, combined with the soaking panties I had found last night proved to me beyond doubt she was hot for me but didn't want to get passed the incest taboo.

We had a nice chat as we drove home from the furniture store. I always loved the conversations I had with mom in the car, it was just me and her and no one else to disturb us. Plus I could take a sneaky look down her top with her eyes planted firmly on the road ahead. We talked about everything from mom's work to the neighbours before mom brought up the topic that was really on both our minds but it would be the first time we had discussed it outside the bedroom.

"So, how are you liking the sucky sucky" Mom said, maintaining her usual upbeat and jovial personality.

We both laughed at how the elephant in the room had been brought up in such a light hearted manner.

"Haha, it's great mom. I know I'm defiantly getting more work done"

Before the conversation had a chance to develop, mom suddenly remembered she had to pick up some groceries. We stopped off and I waited in the car whilst mom picked up what we needed.

After arriving home at around 9:30 we got to moving the old sofas out of the room to make way for the new ones that would be soon arriving in the delivery truck from the store. She had changed into her gym clothes: yoga pants and a tight exercise shirt that would have fitted if it were not for moms large tits stretching the material and exposing her toned tummy as a result. Photos http://cpmlink.net/8KgTAA watched the tight fitting yoga pants grip moms ass as she bent over to drag out the old sofas, and her tits bouncy all over the place due to lack of sports bra. The delivery truck finally arrived at 10:00 and we had the two her sofas and moms rug perfectly placed by 10:30. They were great new additions to the room.

We settled down to watch some TV before bed. I had known that it was pat 10:30 and I wasn't sure if mom was going to treat me to the 'daily blow.' My dick had certainly noticed the lack of attention and I grew hard watching Mom in her silk babydoll with smooth exposed legs curled up on the sofa and ample amount of cleavage on show, her dark locks falling perfectly down her back. I was never much of a foot fetish guy but every part of moms body was irresistible to me and I considered sucking her feet. I got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

"Be careful Dan!" Mom scolded me.

"Don't step on the new rug in those shoes"

It was at this a plan dawned on me. I perverted and devious plan but a necessary step towards what I knew we both wanted...

I settled back down to watch the last 20 minutes of the show and as the closing credits rolled mom opened her mouth wide to yawn.

"It's been a really long day"

"I know mom, you haven't stopped since you got up. You deserve to relax, fancy a massage?"

"Aww, that's so sweet honey, thank you. Would you really do that for your mother?"

"Of course mom, you deserve it after working so hard to do up this room"

"Great, It gives me a chance to test how comfortable the sofa is!"

Mom got into position, lying facing down on the sofa.

Her closed eyes gave me the perfect opportunity to eye her up, those huge tits spilling over on either side. Although they were covered the sight on an erect nipple poking through nearly made me cream myself. I took up position behind mom.

"Relax mom" I said, stroking moms scalp and moving her hair to the side, giving me accesses to her back. As a continued to massage moms scalp she let out soft moans.

"That feels incredible, honey"

I continued massage moms head for a while and began working my way down to the neck, shoulders and upper back.

"Oh, is my night dress in the way?

"A bit, I can't get at your back"

"Ok, hold on"

With that mom pulled off the straps of her night gown and slipped it down until it only covered her plump ass. I had a peek at the boobies that had been freed and although moms nipples were hidden from view, pressed against the sofa, ample side-boob was on display. I got to work on moms back, her moans of pleasure getting more pronounced as I kneaded my knuckles to loosen up the major muscle groups. Her body seemed tight all over and I can only imagine moms vaginal muscles followed that trend. I knew if we were ever going to fuck, now was my chance but I still wasn't 100% sure on how mom would react so I needed to test the waters. Continuing the massage, I brushed my fingers against the exposed side of moms boobs. The first thing I noticed was how soft they were.

Before I overstepped the mark, I moved focus onto her legs. Believe it or not, the massage was not the main plan, I was just using it as a way to make mom owe me a favour…and to feel up her body of course. I could see mom was becoming more and more relaxed as I prodded and poked her tight, tense muscles so it was time to initiate phase 2 of the plan before she became dead to the world for the night. I finished up the massage and mom announced she was all about ready to go to bed as she slipped back on the nightdress, with her back to me.

"Goodnight Dan, I'm off to bed. It's been a long day"

"But mom, what about my treat for tonight?" I said with the saddest puppy dog look I could muster.

"Oh, of course son, how rude of me. You were a great help this evening. You certainly deserve it"

Hearing mom's appreciation of my help tonight made me feel guilty for the plan I was about to enact and the deceit it would bring. But I know mom wanted to take things further and this would be the step to push her in the right direction. I sat down on the edge of the sofa, my dick pointing out over the rug. I had purposely forgot to bring tissues to force mom to swallow my load, lest it spill out over the brand new rug and surely ruin it.

With the usual ritual, Mom tied her hair back and got to work on my cock which sprang to attention as usual with one lick from moms wet tongue and soft moans. I couldn't tell if mom really wanted to show her thanks or was just becoming comfortable with my dick in her mouth but she gave me the best blow job so far, taking my entire length right down her throat, choking on it for a good 10 seconds and covering it in copious amounts of salvia before pulling it out for a dramatic gasp of air and deep grin at me. She really was starting to enjoy it. I even reckoned there was no need for the plan and mom might even want to take my load.

I felt the cum build up in my balls, ready to shoot.

"Mom, I'm cumming. I'm cumming!"

Mom hurriedly looked around for the tissues and couldn't find any.

"Hold on I need to get something" she urged.

"No…time…mom. UAUGAHHH"

I let out a loud moan so mom knew I was about to cum and with hearing that my plan had worked and mom scrambled back down on her knees in front of me.

She clamped her thick lips over my cock, not wanting to spill a drop on her expensive rug.

I seized what would probably be my only opportunity to cum in moms sweet mouth and strained every muscle in my body, all united to release the largest load of cum in my life.

The first jet blasted the roof of mom's mouth making a sound like a water pistol shooting a window.

Jet after jet, I face-fucked moms lips to fill up moms mouth.

Mom knelled there in front of me as I looked down on her and large cleavage. Her checks were bulging with my seed and her eyes widened in surprise of how much filled her mouth. She stared at me, contemplating her next move. Her expression was blank as she stared into my eyes. A wave of regret passed over me. Had I pissed her off? But she hadn't ran off to spit it out.

The future of our relationship lay on a simple decision: spit or swallow?

The regret barely had time to manifest as mom opened her mouth. Small streams of my seed leaked out over her chin and dripped down her top onto her tits i feared she was a spitter.

"I can't lie to myself any longer" she declared through the mouth full of cum, swallowing my entire load one visible gulp.

"Now fuck my slut hole already, I'm dripping wet!" This sort of language shocked me coming from my fair mothers mouth but I knew how horny she had been and I didn't have to be asked twice. The moment we were building to for the passed week was about to take place.

Luckily I had a condom my wallet and i began to put it on.

"What is taking so long honey, I need you inside me" She turned her head and saw me place over the end of my dick.

"Take that off" she demanded. "I told you I hated condoms and a mom is entitled to feel her own sons meat inside her"

"But I don't want to make you pregnant mom" I protested.

"Don't worry about that, I need to feel your load fill up my pussy dan"

"Result," I thought. She was going to let me cum inside her. All inhibitions really had gone. Ripping the condom off I took position behind mom who was all fours on the table, her back arched and head tilted behind grinning at me with a gentle lick of her red lips.

"Do it" she purred.

I quickly pulled down moms pants and nearly ripped off the slutty little thong she was wearing that barely covered anything.

I took grip of my dick and aimed it for my mothers entrance between her ass. As I parted her pussy lips with the head of my cock and was tickled by a few sparse pubes she gasped and slowly backed into me. My dick was millimetres away from entering own mom. The same hole I had come out of and was about to come back in. The thought excited me immensely. I could feel the hot humid air around her hole fall on my dick, inviting me in and caught a familiar whiff of her aroma.

I eased in, my thick meat parting her tight vaginal walls, drenching my cock with her copious amount of juices. She let out a loud moan arching her back and pushing herself further into me. She was so tight I suspected she hadn't been fucked since splitting with my father. By this point 4 of my 8 inches were in my mom. I watched her face and she groaned in pleasure.

"Oh son, you dick is so thick. I need you in me further" With this she continued to push her ass back into me hoping to consume more of my length down inside her. My sweet mother, who I had fantasised about for years was lying in front of me like a dog on all fours begging for my dick. This is the stuff dreams were made of I thought.

Instinct took over and this point and I began fucking with abandon. I just couldn't contain myself after all the effort that had went into this moment. I was a man possessed and mom's screams raised the roof but she continued to fuck back at me pushing her pussy down around my dick, meeting my thrusts.

"Oh son, fuck your mommy good. Oohhh, I've never been fucked like this before you stud. How many girls have you been practising on? I bet they aren't as fucking slutty as your mommy"

"Ermm, actually mom. I'm a…I actually haven't fucked before" I said, slowly my pace.

Mom spun her head around, still on all fours with my dick inside her and panting heavily. He cheeks had gone red.

"What?! You're kidding me, why didn't you say?"

"Just kind of embarrassed, I suppose"

"Oh don't be baby, I've fucked men with 20 years of experience that aren't as good as you."

"But now it's time for Mommy to give you the ride of your life lie back"

I of course complied and lay on my back, dick hard and pointing firmly in the air. Mom mounted my dick and rode me like a pro letting out screams and moans with every thrust. I watched her chest, mesmerised by the jiggle in her tits as she bounced on my meat.

Noticing my glance mom said "Don't be shy, have a grab"

With this, I pulled off moms top to reveal a bright yellow bra holding her gigantic tits and mom reached behind to undo the clasp. The bra seductively fell off and I took in the view of my mothers tits and had to take a handful.

"Wait mom, hold on. I'm about to cum"

"That's okay sweetie, I told you it's fine to cum inside me"

"But mom, there's one more thing I wanna try"

"What's that darling?"

"Your asshole. Can I fuck it mom?"

"A slightly shocked look appeared on moms face but she then giggled and asked where I knew about that"

Even though I had just spent the last 15 minutes fucking her and fondling her tits I still felt embarrassed admitting to watching porn.

"So do you want to treat your mommy like one of the little porn sluts you watch on the computer?"

"No mom, I'm sorry. I love you more than anyth-"

"It's OK Dan, I'm feeling horny enough and I want you to know you can fuck me wherever and whenever you want. Your dick is too good to go to waste"

With that, mom positioned herself on the sofa pointing her ass up to my cock and spreading her asshole. It was amazingly tight and as I sunk in mom admitted she was an anal virgin. This only spurred me on further and I sunk all the way in.

"OOoooooooh FUCK" mom screamed.

"I'm your little fuck slut son. You can fuck mommy whenever!"


It took a couple of minuted for moms ass to loosen up and to build up a rhythm.

"Mom, I'm coming"


As I took the final plunge into the depths of moms rectum and released my load after load of my cum I couldn't imagine anything else in the world I'd rather been doing than having my cock milked by the ass of a woman who could cook, clean, comfort me, fuck like a whore whenever I asked and love me no matter what.

It was clear I was going to have no problem getting the grades for college but I'm not sure I ever want to leave...

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Mom sucks her son's cock daily...

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