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  1. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 1
  2. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 2
  3. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 3
  4. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 4
  5. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 5
  6. My Friends Daughter Holly Part 6
  7. My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Lesbian, Group Sex

Author: Wayne.ker

Published: 02 February 2018

  • Font:

Part 1

For years I've dreamed of my friends daughter, her father had showed me a lot of photos of his daughter posing for photos, there was also photos of her in the bath and laying naked on her bed, these photos were burned into my mind and my memories. Now that his daughter was a sexy teenager, I was always hoping something like this would happen.

It was a Saturday night, I was at my friends Mal’s house watching the football on tv with him having a few beers together relaxing having a chat with each other about life in general. We were alone except for his teenage daughter Holly who was in her room. Our wives Robyn and Pamela had gone out to a work function and wouldn't be home till late.

After a few more beers I had to use their toilet and walked down the hallway, as I passed Holly's bedroom her door was partly open. I looked in I saw her laying on the bed wearing white lace panties with matching lace bra. I stopped and gazed at her cute slim body she was gorgeous and I felt my cock beginning to get excited.

I stood there staring at her without her knowing that I was watching, I knew I shouldn't be looking at my friends daughter, but god she looked so hot I couldn't help myself from staring at her. I was about to move away when I saw her stand up and start to remove her bra. My eyes stared at her perky B-cup tits with large nipples. When she moved to another part of her bedroom I couldn't see her anymore and I moved away from the doorway.

I continued to their toilet and had my piss I was about to flush the toilet and leave when I saw a small pair of her pink panties on top of the washing basket they had to belong to Holly. I picked them up and brought them up to my nose smelling Holly’s sweet aroma my cock twitched and became hard and harder the more I smelled.

I sat down on the toilet seat and brought out my cock and began to stroke it as I thought of Holly as I held her panties to my nose and smelt them again before wrapping her panties around my cock. Thinking how close my cock was next to the pussy that had been in these panties, I began stroking my cock, it didn't take long before I blew my load into them filling Holly’s pantie gusset with my cum.

Then there was a knock on the door as Holly asked. “Are you nearly finished uncle Robert?”

“Yes I'm finished.” I told Holly as i flushed the toilet and shoved her panties inside my pocket and unlocked the door. There standing waiting to come inside was Holly standing there topless with just her white lace panties on, my eyes went from her tits to her white lace panties that showed off her bald pussy cameltoe and back up again to her tits as she came inside, I walked out with the sight that I had just seen burned into my memory forever.

Back in the lounge my cock started throbbing and begin to get hard again. I sat down trying not to think of what I had just seen so I wouldn't get hard.

Mal asked. “What took you so long?”

I told him “I was looking, I mean talking to Holly.”

Mal had a chuckle and reached out and pulled the pink panties out of my pocket that I had taken.

“Are these what kept you? ”Mal asked with a laugh.

I opened up to him and explained what had happened and how excited she had made me.

Mal raised his voice and called out. “Holly”

“Yes daddy what do you want?” She asked her father as she walked into the lounge still topless and still wearing those sexy white lace panties. Uncle Robert here has been telling me you got him a bit excited showing off your body to him.

Holly giggled. “I'm sorry uncle Robert I didn't mean to excite you too much, were you jerking off in the toilet was that the reason you took so long?”

I stuttered out a. “Yes.”

Mal then asked. “Why don't you join us and watch some tv?”

“Ok.” Holly replied as she sat down between us.

I couldn't concentrate on the football that was on the tv. I kept glancing sideways at Holly's breasts and at her panties showing off her cameltoe. Mal noticed me looking at Holly and started to tease me by rubbing his hand up and down her inside thigh just stopping short of her pussy. I was squirming around and couldn't sit still, my cock felt uncomfortable as it strained to get free of my pants, Mal whispered something to his daughter and the next thing I saw was her hand inside her panties rubbing her pussy. Now I was really excited my cock strained to be let loose it stood up like a flagpole in my pants.

Mal said to Holly. “Looks like you have excited uncle Robert again?”

Holly reached over and rubbed my cock thru my pants.”Did I cause you to get hard uncle Robert?”

I stood up and dropped my pants and sat back down naked from the waist with my cock sticking straight up.

“Now that feels much better.” I told them as they both had a laugh.

“That's a good idea.” Mal said as he also removed his pants.

We both sat there stroking our hard cocks as Holly watched us as she fingered her pussy.

I couldn't resist reaching out and squeezing Holly's breast as she sat back into the couch. I pinched her nipple then took it into my mouth to suck it. I stopped sucking only to remove my shirt now I was completely naked. Holly's hand was still rubbing her pussy while her other hand began stroking her father's cock, I was extremely excited watching her stroke her father's cock. I got on my knees and moved in front of Holly and reached out and held both sides of her panties, as I started to pull them down, Holly lifted her arse up just enough for her panties to be removed and once they were off I parted Holly's legs and stared at her wonderful looking bald pussy.

There in front of me was her bald pussy with lips just beginning to open up like a flower petal does. As I rubbed my fingers over her slit I saw the sweet pinky insides of her pussy. As I started to push my finger deep inside her wet cunt she let out a low moan and reached out with her free hand to pull my head closer to her pussy. I removed my finger and replaced it with my mouth placing it over her pussy, I started to probe her slit with my tongue trying to go deeper and each time I ran my tongue over her clit her body shuddered.

Mal moved his daughter’s head towards his cock, Holly opened her mouth ready to accept her father’s cock, he pushed it into her waiting mouth. I kept licking her love bud as I watched Mal's cock get taken deep into Holly’s mouth until it was all the way in. Then I watched as her head started to bounce up and down on his cock. My fingers started to fuck her cunt at the same pace her head bobbed up and down. When I saw Holly push her head all the way down on her father’s cock and keep it there, I knew Mal was about to cum and shoot his seed into his daughter's mouth and down her throat.

As soon as I saw Holly lift her head of her dad's limp cock, I knew it was my turn and I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and rubbed my cock up and down her slit as I parted her lips I had dreamed of so many times, I pushed my cock into her tight bald cunt she moaned for more, and with a quick thrust my cock was buried deep inside Holly’s cunt. I pulled out a little then thrust in again, I did this over and over, feeling my cock being milked by her cunt muscles. My balls were ready to explode, I haven't had sore balls for years the last time was as a teen. I thrust in and held onto Holly’s hips as my cock erupted, I felt my cock squirt my cum into her cunt. Then after my last squirt of cum, I pulled my cock out and watched as my cum run out of her cunt.

It was now her father's turn to fuck his daughter. Mal lifted her hips up so he could penetrate her deep, his cock went into his daughter’s cunt easily, her cunt muscles tightened and wrapped around Mal’s cock shaft. It was incredible watching Holly’s cunt holding tightly onto her dad's cock. Mal began to thrust in and out of his daughter’s tight cunt. Holly was moaning and biting her lip she didn't want to scream but she was cumming and everyone should know.

“Oh fuck I'm cumming , I'm cumming you made me cum daddy.” Holly yelled out.

Mal started thrusting harder,each thrust brought him closer to cumming and shooting his load inside his daughter’s cunt. He started grunted like a wild animal that had caught its prey. He held Holly tight onto his cock as he felt it squirting filling his daughter’s cunt with his seed and when he felt he had nothing more to squirt, Mal pulled his cock out and laid beside Holly. He then kissed her passionately and squeezed her breasts.

“I love you daddy.” Holly says to him.

I was laying back in the couch stroking my cock when I felt Holly's hand take over stroking my cock then she replaced her hand with her mouth she began sucking my cock deep into mouth, I felt the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat each time she took it deep into her mouth. I couldn't hold back I was about to cum. My fantasies had come true. Here I was cumming in my friend’s daughter’s mouth and she was swallowing it and sucking for more. She only released my cock when there was no more cum for her to have. The three of us sat there looking at the tv.

“Who won the football.” I asked with the biggest smile on my face.

“Who gives a shit.” Mal tells us as he laughs

I now have a memory that's going to last for life. Dare I dream that this might happen again, fantasies do come true. We looked at the clock our wives were due home, Holly went to her room and closed her door. Mal and I got dressed then he handed me Holly’s white pair of panties she had been wearing, now I had two pairs of her panties to take home with me.

“How long have you been fucking her?” I asked.

Mal just smiled at me without answering.

Part 2

I couldn't get the Saturday night I had spent with Holly and her father out of my mind it had been a fantastic night of sex. When I received an invite for me and a partner to attend a private function with business colleagues, because my wife Robyn was going to be away staying at her mother's that night and couldn't join me I was going to decline the invite. After talking to one of my colleagues who informed me that a lot of the other men would be bringing their girlfriends and not their wives, I started to have second thoughts.

My first thought was my friends daughter Holly and would her father let Holly be my partner for the function. I phoned Mal from my office and explained everything to him and asked if he was ok with me taking Holly to the private function on Saturday night and that we would be staying overnight at the hotel where the function was being held. Mal told me he had no problems with his daughter accompanying me on Saturday night, but I should ask Holly if she wants to go.

Mal passed the phone to his daughter and I told her about the private function and asked her if she accompany me to it and was she ok with staying at the hotel with me that night. Holly told me she would've loved to go with me, but she didn't have anything suitable to wear to the function and that meant that she couldn't join me. I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

Then I had a bright idea, what if I took you shopping for a new dress would you go with me then. Holly excitedly told she would love that and it would be like we were going on a date. Yes it will be like were on a date I told her, I will pick you up on Saturday morning after breakfast and we can go shopping for a dress for you to wear to the function, then we can go and check into the hotel.

After I get of the phone with Holly, I feel my cock, just talking to Holly has made my cock hard. I reach into my desk drawer and pull out a pair of Holly’s panties and head to the toilet cubicle to sit and jack off thinking about the sexy teenager. As I think of Saturday night and how I will be staying in a Hotel with Holly, I am so excited and can't wait for night to arrive. My cock erupts and starts shooting my cum, I’ve never cum so fast and fill Holly’s panties. When I get back to my office, I tell my colleague that I will be coming to the function and will be bringing someone with me.

On Saturday morning I knocked on Holly’s front door and her father Mal answered it and invited me inside, he told Me Holly was just packing an overnight bag and would soon be ready to go with me.

“Robert, I want you to take really good care of my daughter, be gentle with her and let her decide what she wants to do, I hope you understand.” Mal says to me.

I tell him, “I will keep a close eye on Holly and make sure nothing happens to her, you have my word.”

“Treat her right and she do anything you want.” Holly’s father tells me.

“I understand.” I tell him and think to myself how he has just told me its ok to have sex with his daughter.

Holly comes running out from her bedroom and drops the overnight bag onto the floor and throws her arms around me and kisses me passionately in front of her father. I look to see what Holly is wearing it's a typical teenagers outfit a floral dress and I can make out her white bra covering her small breasts. After Holly gives her father a passionate kiss goodbye, we get into my car and I drive us towards the department stores.

Once were at the department stores, we begin walking around the shops looking at formal dresses, Holly spots a black evening gown that is backless, the front has a low v shape that runs from the shoulders to her belly button, the dress hangs down nearly to the floor and has a long slit from the waist to the bottom of the dress on both sides.

I approach the sales lady and ask if she has this dress in Holly’s size, the sales lady looks at Holly then tells me this dress is inappropriate for teenagers to wear. I ask her again if she has the dress in Holly's size, the sales lady goes out the back and brings back the dress and tells us it’s a size 6 and the smallest size they have. Holly goes into the change cubicle and changes into the dress, it fits her perfectly.

Holly tells me she needs to have new lingerie to wear under this dress, I ask the sales lady and she goes and brings over a black lace bra and matching black lace thong and hands it to Holly goes back into the change room cubicle, then after a few minutes walks back out wearing the clothes she had left home with and hands the dress and lingerie to the sales lady telling her everything fitted perfectly.

After paying for the dress and underwear, I suggest to Holly that she needs a new pair of black shoes to go with the dress, Holly grabs my hand and we walk over to the shoe shop, once inside the shop Holly immediately spots the shoes she wants, there black pair of high heel shoes that are open at the front and with straps that wrap around the ankles to keep them on. Holly tries them on and at first has difficulty walking in them but after a few stumbles starts walking perfectly in them, I love the high heels as it makes Holly look taller..

Were finished shopping, it's back to the car and and drive to the hotel. As I sign into reception at the hotel a few of the men give me a smile as they see Holly holding onto my arm, I wonder if some of these men will be at the hotel’s private function tonight. We take the elevator up to our room and once we're in the room Holly runs around the room checking it out.

She comes running back to me and excitedly asks, “There is a large spa bath in the bathroom can we use it?”

I tell Holly, “We might have time later, but first we need to have some lunch.”

After ordering some food, room service delivers it and sets it up for us on the table. Holly and I sit down and enjoy our lunch, I open the bar fridge and take out a beer and a can of coke for Holly. After we finish having our lunch I lay down on the bed, as Holly switches the television on and starts going through the channels, as luck would have it she finds a porn channel showing a older guy and younger female and she begins to giggle like a little girl.

Holly then jumps up on the bed beside me and lays down beside me as she watches the porn on the television. After a few minutes I turn and look at Holly she has opened her floral dress at the front and has slipped her hand inside her panties and is rubbing her pussy, I reach over and lift up her bra to expose her small B cup breasts, then begin to fondle and squeeze them.

I then stand up and start to undress, when Holly sees that I’m undressing she climbs of the bed and undresses too, as I lay back down on the bed naked and start to play with my cock. Holly jumps back on the bed naked and grabs hold of my hard cock and begins stroking my cock. I gently pushed her head towards my cock, Holly licks around the knob of my cock then opened her mouth and takes all of my cock into her mouth, her chin was resting against my pubes. With her mouth wrapped around my cock, she started to bob her head up and down on my cock as she keeps sucking.

When I was close to cumming I pushed her head down till my cock is all in her mouth and I hold her head still, Holly continues to suck and I feel my balls tighten as I began to squirt my cum into Holly's sweet mouth. My cock squirts my cum into Holly’s mouth at least five times, When I take my hand of the back of Holly's head, Holly lifted her head up letting my now soft cock slip out of her mouth and smiles at me, she then kisses me passionately, our tongues exploring each other's mouth.

When Holly breaks our kiss, I moved my head down between her thighs and I licked her young bald cunt from the bottom to the top over and over, then as she pulled her cunt lips apart I pushed my tongue deep into her wet hole. This teenager has one of the best looking cunts I have ever seen, her cunt lips protruded just enough to show off her pinky insides, her cunt juices tasted so sweet, the more I flicked my tongue over her clit, the more of her juices flow out her young hole.

Holly is moaning softly and trying hard not to scream, her clit is extra sensitive as I sucked it into my mouth and hold on to it with my lips. This is too much for Holly and she let out a loud scream that sounds like a wild animal. Her young cunt begins squirting her love juices all over my face, giving me a shower. I reached up and hold both her small breasts, squeezing them and running the palms of my hands all over them, when I twisted and pulled her nipples she let out another loud moan.

My cock is back to full hardness and I wanted it inside her tight young cunt, I lifted my mouth of her cunt and lay down on the bed on my back. I lifted Holly up by her waist and as I lowered her cunt towards my cock, Holly takes hold of my cock and lines it up with the entrance to her love hole, my cock slipped into her wet young cunt and she sits there impaled on my cock. I looked into her eyes they were sparkling she is really enjoying herself, then she starts to bounce up and down on my cock.

The feeling she is giving me was unreal, she rides my cock like she is riding a horse, up and down she bounces, I reached out and hold her hands to keep her in position, her cunt is milking my cock, I can feel her cunt muscles begin to tighten around my cock, this has to be the best way to fuck a teenager, she was the one in control, she would slow down and then speed up, she start at a trot and end up in a gallop.

She knows I am close to cuming and it’s like she is in a race, she rides my cock like a jockey on a horse that's close to the finishing line. My cock starts squirting my cum deep into her cunt squirt after squirt till I'm done. Holly collapses on top of me her small breasts squashed against my chest, I throw my arms around her and kiss her forehead. I tell her,“I love you so much Holly you make me feel so young again.”

We laid in that position for at least 10 minutes, my cock now soft was still inside her cunt, I reached down and squeezed her butt cheeks, they were so soft and small in the palms of my hands, I ran my finger between the cheeks of her arse and over and around her anus, I wet my finger with her cunt juices and wiped my finger over her butt hole, I spat on my fingers and added my spittle to her butt hole, then when I pushed my finger against her butt hole I was amazed that her sphincter open up for my finger to penetrate her butt.

Holly starts to moan as I pushed my finger in and out her butt hole, she then tells me, “fuck my arse with your finger, push it all the way in.”

As I pumped my finger in and out Holly screamed out, “I'm having another orgasm, oh fuck you have made me cum again.”

Holly rolls of me, letting my soft cock slip out her wet cunt, and we lay there together holding each other’s hand. Suddenly I woken up as I hear the room phone ringing, we must of fallen asleep. I answer the phone and it’s the reception desk reminding me of the private function it is due to start in a hour. I wake Holly up and tell her we needed to shower and get dressed for the function, I let Holly use the shower first, she asked me to shower with her, I tell if I did we wouldn't get to the function.

Holly walks out from the bathroom naked and sits down to dry her hair with the hair drier she looks so sweet and gorgeous sitting there naked. I stop looking at her and jump in the shower after I have showered and had a shaved, I walk back into the lounge from the bathroom, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the teenager I had brought to the hotel had disappeared there was someone else taking her place.

Holly was dressed in her new dress, her black lace bra pushed up her small breasts to make them visible and look bigger, the slits on the sides of the dress showed off Holly's long legs and when she turned around I could see her bare back and the strap of her bra, I could also see the black strap of her thong, as she walked across the room, my cock started throbbing, Holly didn't look like a teenager anymore she looked like a young professional female much older than her true age. I couldn't wait to have her accompany me and show her of to my colleagues at the function.

Part 3

As Holly and I walk into the function room, I see a lot of men and a few of the women staring at Holly I can't really blame them Holly looks stunning in her new black dress. One of my colleagues comes over to say hello to me and shake my hand, and then asks me who this lovely young lady is, I introduce him to Holly only to have several more men come over to be introduced to her. A waiter offers us a glass of wine and I take two glass of wine, and hand one to Holly, I whisper to Holly to drink it slowly.

We move around the function room chatting with other colleagues and their wife's and partners. I notice that the manager of the company has been staring at Holly for a while, when he comes over to us, I say hello Mr Walker, I would like you to meet Holly she is my partner for tonight, Holly says hello Mr Walker, please call me Bill he tells Holly, I watch as Bill strokes Holly's bare arm as he leans forward and gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells Holly she looks beautiful.

Bill invites us to sit with him and his wife at their table, I tell him we would love to, and as he leads us over to his table, I see his hand rubbing up and down Holly’s bareback as he guides Holly to her seat. He introduces his wife Barbara to us both, Barbara looks amazing in the dress she is wearing that shows off her cleavage and large breasts Bill then sits down next to Holly, leaving me to sit down next to Barbara. I watch as Bill holds Holly’s hand as he chats with her, every few moments Holly giggles at something Bill has said to her.

When I try to turn to talk to Holly, Barbara places her hand on my thigh and starts asking me questions about Holly and where and how did I meet her, I explained how Holly was my friend's daughter and I had known her and her father for years Barbara asked if we were staying at the hotel tonight, I told her we had a room on the seventh floor. When I started to turn towards Holly, Barbara begins stroking my thigh and asks me where Holly works, I tell Barbara that Holly isn't working at the moment.

When I finally get to turn look at Holly, I noticed that Holly’s dresses side slit has opened and Bill is rubbing his hand over Holly's bare thigh. Holly must of had a few more drinks of wine as the bottle on the table in front of her was nearly empty, I ask her if everything is alright and she tells me. I think I’m a bit drunk but everything is ok and she turns to keep talking with Bill who has now rubbing Holly's inner thigh and I watch his fingers brush over Holly’s black thong causing Holly to gasp..

I was about to say something but am interrupted by the waiter serving dinner asking me which soup I wanted served, I look down at Holly’s thigh only to see that Bill’s hand is no longer there and Holly’s dress is back covering her thigh. As we enjoy our three course meal, Bill chats with the other managers at the table. After dinner is finished and the tables are cleared, Bill gets up and makes his speech about how the business was goingit and that . and the outlook for the future.When he finishes his speak Barbara asks Holly to go to the ladies room with her.

When Bill came back to the table he asked where Holly and his wife are, I tell him they were going to the ladies room to freshen up. He then changed chairs and sits next to me and begins asking how I was enjoying my new role at work, he then told me that I had a future with the company and that there was plenty of ways to climb up the corporate ladder, he asked about my wife and why I hadn't brought her with me, I explained how my wife was away for the week.

When Holly and Barbara came back from the ladies room, Holly sat in the chair that Bill had previously been sitting, Barbara once again sat next to me. Now I was unable to look at Holly as Bill body was blocking my view, Bill had one arm around Holly and he pulled their chairs closer together, I heard Holly giggling then heard her gasp and let out a soft moan. Barbara leaned closer to me and whispered to me, not to worry about Holly and that Bill would look after her.

Barbara took my hand in hers as she stood up and told me to come dance with her, As I danced with Barbara, I looked towards our table only to find it empty, I looked around the room and saw that Bill and Holly were dancing as well. Bill was holding Holly’s body tight against his as they swayed back and forth to the music, when they turned I was shocked to see that Bill had placed his hands thru the slits on Holly’s dress and was now cupping each of Holly’s bare arse cheeks, I also noticed that Holly had must of removed her bra when she was in the ladies room.

Barbara just turned me away from facing towards Bill and Holly, Barbara began rubbing her leg against my cock making it get hard, she told me how good my cock it felt, she then kissed me holding my mouth against hers, by holding the back of my head as her tongue pushed into my mouth, her large breasts pressed against my chest as she held me close, when she finally broke our kiss, I looked around for where Holly and Bill were, they were still dancing but I now saw that Bill had his hand inside the front of Holly’s dress fondling her small breast. The music stopped and Barbara led me back to their table.

I looked around the room to see where Holly and Bill were, I saw them standing in the corner surrounded by several men, Holly’s dress was now open and her breast were now on full display for everyone to see, the men standing next to her were fondling Holly’s breasts, I watched as one of the men kissed her passionately while another kissed and sucked her nipple. Bill had his hand under Holly,s dress and by the movements of his hand I could tell he was fingering her young bald cunt.

When one of the women walked over the them I was hoping she was going to stop what was happening, instead she reached under Holly’s dress and pulled down Holly's thong, where Holly stepped out of them, the woman then waved Holly’s thong in the air letting everyone see them.

I went to stand up and stop what was happening to my friends daughter but Barbara held me down on my seat.

Barbara told me not to interfere and if I wanted to keep my job I should do nothing. She then started rubbing my cock thru my pants and told me to relax and enjoy what was happening. Barbara undone my pants and pulled my cock out and began giving me a hand job, I closed my eyes not believing what was happening, my cock was just enjoying Barbara's hand stroking it, then my cock erupted all over Barbara's hand, Barbara picked up a napkin from the table and wiped her hand and my cock clean.

I looked around the now empty room and couldn't see Bill or Holly anywhere. I asked Barbara where they were, Barbara smiled and told me Bill had taken Holly up to their suite, and she asked me, do you want to go and see what they were doing. I quickly did up my pants and helped Barbara to her feet, as the elevator took us to the top floor, Barbara told me not to get upset with what I was going to see and to just relax and enjoy myself.

As we entered Barbara and Bill’s suite I saw Holly’s black dress laying on the floor and I heard moans of pleasure coming from the main bedroom. As I stood at the bedroom doorway I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Bill and three other men were standing there naked watching Holly as she laid on the bed naked with one man fucking her cunt and another man fucking her mouth. I was mad and angry and was about rush in and rescue Holly.

Barbara pulled me back away from the doorway, she had undressed and now naked as she said to me did you see how much Holly is enjoying herself, I looked into the room again only to see Holly reaching out to grab another cock and put it in her mouth to suck, as I watched another man step between Holly's legs take his turn in fucking her. Barbara began undressing me as she led me to the other bedroom, when I was naked she pushed me backwards onto the bed, she then started stroking my cock before taking it into her mouth.

As Barbara sucked my cock like a professional, I heard Holly scream out like she was an animal caught in a trap, only to hear her scream that she was cumming again and wanted to be fucked harder. Barbara lifted her mouth of my cock and smiled at me and said, I told you she would enjoy being fucked by all the men, Barabara then took my cock back into her mouth and returned to sucking me. I laid there enjoying the head job, but I couldn't stop thinking of how do I explain to Holly’s father that she has been in a gang bang.

Part 4

It was nearly 4 am and I had been woken from my sleep after hearing a loud scream, as I started to wake up I started to remember where I was and what had happened. I looked to my side and there laying on the bed next to me was my boss's wife Barbara’s naked body, I remembered Barbara bring me up to her room and undressing me, I looked at Barbara’s large breasts and her trimmed cunt I remembered fucking her several times and how she had sucked my cock several times.

Then I remembered Holly being in my boss’s Bill’s bedroom with several other men, how I had seen Holly laying on the bed naked as the men took turns fucking her young bald cunt and how the men were lining up to push their cocks into Holly’s mouth for her to suck. I started to worry about Holly and thought I better go check on her, she is my friend's daughter and I did promise to look after her, I climbed of the bed and went to Bill’s bedroom.

When I looked inside I saw Holly’s head bouncing up and down on Bill's cock, sucking his cock like she was hungry for his cum. Then I saw a naked female between Holly’s legs licking and fingering Holly’s young bald cunt, the noises the woman’s fingers were making only made it more obvious that Holly’s cunt was full of the men’s cum, When Bill saw me watching he said to me to come in closer, then told me to fuck the other woman.

The woman lifted her mouth of Holly's wet cunt and turned to look at me, I knew her I had seen her before, she was the wife of one of my colleagues, and she was the female that had removed Holly’s thong and waved it around for everyone to see. I ran my fingers over her cunt and then pushed two fingers deep inside her cunt, she was also full of the men’s cum, I finger fucked her for a few minutes, then I lined up my throbbing hard cock with the entrance to her love hole.

As I pushed my cock into her cunt, I felt her body tense up, when my cock was all the way inside, I left it buried inside her cunt for a minutes, then I pulled my cock nearly all the way back out before thrusting it back in hard, I held onto the woman's hips as I kept pulling my cock back out and then thrusting back deep inside I repeated doing this over and over. As I continued fucking the woman, I watched Holly holding her head down on Bill’s cock, I heard him grunt as his cock shot load after load of his cum into Holly’s mouth for her to swallow.

When Holly had finished sucking Bill’s cock she looked up at me and gave me a smile as I continued fucking the woman, the woman was no longer licking Holly’s wet cunt, she was moaning that she was about to have an orgasm, oh fuck yes keep fucking me she screamed as I began squirting my cum into her already cum filled cunt, when I had finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her wet hole and I sat down in the chair opposite the bed.

I watched as the woman moved up beside Holly and kissed her, they kissed each other passionately as their hands roamed over each others bodies. Bill climbed of the bed and asked if I wanted a beer, I followed Bill into the lounge and sat down on the couch. Bill went and grab the beers for us, when he came back, he handed me a beer and sat down next to me, we sat there still naked drinking our beers.

Bill said to me, Let's talk about your promotion you need to come and discuss a few things with me next week, I was surprised I didn't know I was up for a promotion. Then Bill began talking about Holly and how wonderful she is and how all the men loved fucking her and having her suck their cocks, and you can see how much Amanda loves her they have been eating each other’s cunts for hours. I never knew Holly was bisexual I told Bill. She certainly enjoys other females, Bill says to me.

What did you think of Barbara did you enjoy fucking her, yeah I sure did and she gives great head I tell Bill. I first met Barbara when she was teenager and after I had sex with her a few times, I knew I had to marry her. Barbara will go out and find teenagers and bring them home for us to fuck, Barbara likes the young female teenagers as much as I do, Bill tells me.

I told Barbara to keep you busy, after I had talked to Holly and learned more about her. Bill explains. What did Holly tell you, I asked Bill. She told me her real age and how her father took her cherry when she told me about her father fucking her, that just excited me more and I knew I had to get her up to my suite, That's why Barbara was keeping you busy so I could spend more time with Holly. I'm glad you found my wife attractive it made everything a lot easier.

Bill told me how he first met Barbara when she was a teenager and he fucked her, I had her move in with me and a year later they got married. Barbara would go out and find teenagers and bring them home for them to both enjoy. Barbara brought home Amanda and we all have been having sex regularly ever since the first night. When she got married to Tom I thought it was over but she convince Tom to share her with us and that's why I gave him a job in the company.

Bill asks me, How did you meet Holly, I told Bill how I had been watching Holly playing in the park and how I started chatting to her father about her, the next weekend they were there again and I as I watched Holly playing her father asked if I wanted to see some photo’s of Holly, he showed me some nude photos of her, that made my cock hard, when I pulled my cock out and started stroking it, Holly's father did the same as we continued talking about his daughter. After that day it became a regular event, it was only recently that I got to enjoy fucking Holly, I believe her father had fucked her a couple years earlier.

That sounds wonderful, it would be great to meet Holly’s father and discus Holly’s future with him, if he agreed I could arrange a traineeship for Holly when she's older. Do you think Holly’s father would be ok with me taking a close interest in his daughter, Bill asks me. I’m sure he would he loves men looking at her, I tell Bill. I take it that you would want to keep fucking Holly regularly. Yes that's correct and I would expect Holly to fuck the other managers as well. Bill tells me.

Let's go and see how Holly and Amanda are going, as we walk into Bill's bedroom we find Holly asleep laying naked on the bed by herself. Bill says, I know where Amanda will be and we look into Barbara's bedroom and we see Barbara and Amanda locked in a 69 position licking and fingering each other's cunts. We go back to Bill’s bedroom and Bill says to me Holly is exhausted she has had a big night it would be best to let her get some sleep, we can fuck her again in the morning, I leave Bill with the sleeping Holly.

And I walk back into Barbara's bedroom and see the two women laying beside each other and kissing, I look at Amanda's naked body her medium size tits are nice and firm and her nipples are hard and pointy, I run my hand over her bald cunt and Amanda looks at me and parts her legs further apart, I move between her legs and rub my hard cock over her wet cunt lips, when I begin pushing my cock inside her cunt she lets out a moan.

As I begin fucking Amanda's cunt with slow strokes, Barbara sucks one of Amanda's tits into her mouth and uses her fingers to rub Amanda's clit, I keep pumping my cock in and out of Amanda's bald cunt, and speed up my strokes as I get close to cumming, Amanda screams out that she is cumming, Barbara rubs Amanda’s clit faster and I fuck Amanda’s cunt faster, I feel my cock squirting my cum into Amanda’s cum filled hole, when I am finished cumming, I lay down on the bed next to Amanda , Barbara and I both cuddle up to Amanda, as we all drift off to sleep.

Part 5

I woke up hearing the screams that sounded like someone was in pain, then I heard a someone scream out, “NO.”

I was alone in Barbara’s bedroom, I looked at the clock and it was nearly midday, I climbed of the bed and threw on a bathrobe and went looking for everyone, I looked into Bill’s bedroom and it was empty. As I entered the suites lounge room, I immediately saw Amanda laying there on the couch, she was being fucked by someone I didn't recognise and she was also sucking the cock of one of my colleagues. Barbara was on her hands and knees, her large tits swaying back and forth as she was being fucked by Amanda's husband Tom.

I looked around the room for Holly and Bill they were nowhere to be seen, then I heard another scream coming from the bathroom as I looked inside I saw Holly bent over the edge of the large spa bath, Bill was behind her fucking her arse and every time Bill drove his cock into her arse she screamed out in pain, he would pull his cock back out slowly before driving it back in, he kept repeating this over and over.

“Please take your cock out of my arse, it's too big, It’s hurting me.

There were three other men in the bathroom with them I recognized them, as managers, as Holly screamed out again one of the men yelled out, “For god's sake shut her up, shove a cock in her mouth.” I watched as a manager grabbed Holly by her hair and lifted her head up, then pushed his hard cock into her mouth, I could hear Holly’s muffled cries for help, but what could I do, I couldn't interfere with the managers or ask them to stop, if I did I could lose my job, I just stood there watching my friends daughter being used.

I watched as Bill grab Hollys hips and pull her backwards as he drove his cock into her arse, he grunted like an animal as his cock started shooting his cum into her arse, when his balls were empty he pulled his cock out leaving a hole in Holly’s arse where his cock had just been. Another manager stepped up behind Hollys arse and pushed his smaller cock into the hole that Bill had left, as he began pumping his cock in and out, Holly began wiggling her arse and pushing her butt backwards, trying to get the manager's cock to go deeper, Holly was enjoying having a smaller cock inside her.

When Bill saw me he came up beside me and removed the bathrobe I was wearing and squeezed my hard cock and said, “You like watching her being fucked don't you?”

“Yes I do she looks so sexy like this.”

The manager that was fucking Holly’s mouth started squirting his cum into her mouth after he squirted a couple times he pulled his cock out of her mouth and squirted a load all over her face and hair.

Bill said, “Have a go at fucking her mouth, she loves having a cock in her mouth.”

Bill moved me to the front of Hollys head and when Holly saw it was me she smiled and opened her mouth and grabbed my cock and pulled me closer, she then wrapped her mouth around my cock. As I began moving my cock in and out her mouth, I ran my fingers through her hair, it was a mess of dried and wet cum, there was dry cum all over her face and body. It didn't take me long before I was cumming in my friends daughters mouth, after removing my cock from Holly’s mouth I moved closer to Bill.

I asked Bill,“When did you start fucking Holly, why didn't you wake me?”

“There was an early morning meeting with the managers scheduled for 9 am.” Bill explain and then said “The meeting had just started and was interrupted by Holly walking into the lounge naked and coming over and sitting on my lap.” Bill went on to say, “When Holly asked if she could use the spa bath, we all decided to join her and everything happened from there.”

“Holly’s been fucking all morning?” I ask.

Bill said, “Yeah that's about right, except for when she and Amanda put on a nice girl on girl show for everyone while the spa bath was being filled, and as you can see Tom loves fucking my wife.”

When I look over at Holly I see that she has another cock in her mouth and I watch as the manager fucking her, pulls his limp cock out her arse hole and I watch as his cum runs out of her arse hole.

Bill sees my cock is throbbing and again he squeezes my cock and gives it a few strokes. Bill says, “You have a nice cock, has it fucked Holly’s arse yet?”

“No I haven't.”

Bill smiles, “Did you know her father has fucked her arse?”

“No I never knew that.”

Bill says, “Holly told me all about her father and everything he has done with her.”

“Why don't you have a turn fucking her arse and see how good it feels?” Bill says.

I move over to Holly as she lays on the edge of the spa, she looks exhausted, when I smack her on her butt cheek she lifts her arse up ready to take another cock. I pull her butt cheeks apart and press my cock against her butt hole my cock just needs a slight push, to get the knob of my cock to enter her butt, with a nice steady rhythm I began fucking my friends daughters butt.

I can feel her butt muscles tightening around my cock as Holly says. “Fuck my arse harder uncle Robert, I start fucking her arse harder and faster and I hear her moaning and watch as her fingers go to her pussy and she begins rubbing her clit. I’m close to cumming and shooting my load of cum into Holly’s arse. When Holly screams that she is cumming, my cock erupts shooting cum deep into her arse, we both have cum together.

I sit down beside Holly in the spa and give her a cuddle and ask. “Are you ok, are you happy with all those men fucking you?”

Holly kisses me and says, “Yeah I've enjoyed everything, and uncle Bill has offered me a job.”

Bill walks into the bathroom he is dressed and he says to us, “Why don't you both go shower and get dressed and come have something to eat.”

As Bill leaves the bathroom he turns and looks at Holly and says, “I have a couple guests coming this afternoon that I would like you to meet.” I wonder if it's any more of his friends that Holly will be fucking.

We both shower together and I wash Holly’s hair for her, after we have finished we throw on a bathrobe and head back into the lounge looking for our clothes, sitting at the table is Bill and Barbara and there is a smorgasbord of food on the table along with bottles of wine, for us to eat and drink, it's just the four of us everyone else has left.

Part 6

After having something to eat, Holly finds her black dress and puts it on, without her bra and thong that has gone missing. After I finish dressing we both join Barbara and Bill back in the lounge room, Barbara grabs us both a drink and we all sit there and chat about last night and this morning's fun.

Bill asks, “Holly do you have any regrets on what has happened to you?”

“Oh no, everything was great I really enjoyed myself it was such a lot of fun.” Holly tells Bill.

Bill looking at me asks. “Robert, how do you feel about what's gone on?”

“I'm happy as long as Holly is ok with everything that has happened to her.” I tell Bill.

Bill runs his hand up Holly's bare thigh and says. “I'm glad your both are happy and have enjoyed yourselves because my company wants Holly to join our human resources department and look after our managers.” I ask,“You want Holly to keep fucking the managers is that right?”

Bill says, “Only if Holly is happy for that continue happening, she is very popular.”

There is a knock on the suite's door, Barbara goes and answers it and invites them inside the room, I see it’s Amanda and she is holding a young girl's hand, the girl is very pretty and is wearing a short floral dress. Amanda says to Holly and me, “This is Carol she is my daughter.”

We both say hello to Carol as we watch her sit on Bill’s lap and give him a kiss. Bill looking at me, runs his hand under Carol’s floral dress, I turn to look at Amanda only to see that she is kissing and cuddling Barbara. When I look back at Bill and Carol her dress has been bunched around her waist and her pink cotton panties are on display.

Holly cuddles up against me as we watch Bill’s hands move up Carol’s bare thigh and his fingers run over Carol’s pink cotton panties, I wonder how much further Bill is going to go as he smiles at us. Bill tells us, “Carol is my gorgeous daughter, she lives with Amanda and her stepfather Tom.”

I run my hand under Holly’s dress and over her cunt lips only to find that her cunt is soaking wet.

There is another knock on the door to the suite, Barbara gets up and answers it and I hear Barbara inviting them inside, when Holly see who it is she jumps up to her feet and rushes over and throws her arms around her father’s neck and gives him a passionate kiss.

Holly leads her father over to Bill who lifts Carol of his knee and stands up, “Bill this is my father, Mal.” “It's nice to meet you Mal, Holly has been telling me all about you, here have a seat next to me, this is Carol my gorgeous daughter.”

Carol returns to sitting on Bill’s lap as Bill and Mal chat, his hand begins rubbing Carol's thigh as he talks to Mal, every few moments, Mal looks down at Carol's thighs and then back up to look at Bill. When Bill says something, Mal turns and looks at his daughter Holly, when Bill tells Holly to come join them, Holly moves over and sits beside Bill, he immediately starts rubbing Holly's thigh thru the side slit of her dress, in front of her father.

I want to keep watching what is happening but am interrupted by both Amanda and Barbara sitting either side of me, Barbara leans over and begins kissing me as Amanda rubs my cock through my pants, when I manage a quick look over at Bill and Mal with their daughters, I see that Bill has removed Carol's pink panties and her bare cunt is on display to Mal. I also notice that the bottom of Holly's black dress has been pushed to the side exposing her bare cunt to her father. Mal is rubbing his daughter’s thigh moving his fingers closer to her cunt.

Barbara pulls me around to face her and begins undoing the buttons on my shirt, at the same time Amanda begins undoing my belt and pants, With Barbara having removed my shirt and tie, she starts kissing me passionately. Amanda tries pulling my pants down, I lift up my hips letting my pants be pulled down to my ankles. When I can look over towards Bill and Mal, no one is there, laying on the couch is Holly's black dress along with Carol's floral dress and her pink panties.

When I'm pulled down to the floor, Amanda starts licking my hard cock, Barbara has undressed and starts to lower her cunt onto my face, I can feel her cunt juices dripping into my mouth as I begin licking her cunt. Amanda removes her mouth of my cock, and the next thing I feel is Amanda squatting over my cock as she lowers her cunt all the way down onto my cock, she waits a few minutes then begins rising and dropping back down on my cock,I feel like screaming in pleasure but I can't with Barbara's pussy being grinded on my face.

Barbara hops of my face, finally letting me catch my breath, I look up at Amanda as she rides my cock, I reach out and squeeze her tits, when I pinch and twists her nipples she rides my cock faster. I grab her hips and hold her down as my cock erupts and shoots my cum inside her cunt, Amanda reaches down and begins rubbing her clit, I watch her start to moan,then she screams that she has cum and collapses on top of me. I wrap my arms around her body and hold her tight, her breasts are squashed against my chest.

When I release my hold of her she stands up, she pulls me to my feet, Amanda wraps a arm around my waist and leads me towards Bill’s bedroom. When we look into the bedroom I see Barbara sitting in a chair with a leg over the armrest and she is furiously fingering herself, when I look over at the bed I see Bill is fucking Holly and what surprises me is that I see Mal fucking young Carol, driving the whole length of his cock into her young cunt.

I sit down and watch what is happening, Amanda moves up beside her daughter’s head and rubs Carol's hair, she then fondles and squeezes her daughters puffy breasts, then pinches her nipples and pulls them outwards causing Carol to whimper softly in pain. Carol reaches out and begins playing with her mother’s cunt, she pushes her fingers into her mother's cunt, fingering the hole that she had came out off.

My cock begins twitching as it starts to become hard again, I hear Mal start to grunt as he pulls Carol back onto his cock, he nearly lifts her off the bed as he holds her there keeping his cock buried inside her small bald cunt. I watch as his body tenses up each time he squirts his cum into Carol’s cunt, after several more squirts from his cock he is empty and he steps back letting his now soft cock slip out of Carol's cunt.

Mal takes a seat next to me and whispers, “That was an incredible fuck, it reminded me of fucking Holly at Carol's age.”

“So I guess you're ok with Holly being fucked by the others then?” I ask.

Mal says,“Bill explained to me, how it was a great opportunity for Holly to learn and she would be paid well.” Just as he finished talking to me, Barbara got on her knees and began kissing and licking Mal's cock.

Amanda now had her face buried between her daughter's legs, sucking and licking up Mal's cum from her daughter's young cunt. Bill was ready to cum, he drove his cock into Holly's cunt and held it there as he blasted his seed into her, Holly was screaming that she was cumming and she thrashed her hips wildly trying to get more of Bill's cock inside her cunt. Amanda looked up at what was happening then she turned and faced me and nodded her head as she got to her feet leaving her daughter laying there on the bed.

Her meaning was clear and I got up from my seat and moved between Carol's slim legs, I began pushing my hard cock at the entrance to Carol's tight young cunt, after pushing a bit harder the tip of my cock went inside her tight cunt. I kept pushing my cock further in until it was all the way inside her tight young cunt. I looked down at Carol and her small body and her puffy tits, she was smiling like an angel at me, I noticed she had dried cum at the edges of her mouth, she had recently sucked a cock, I wondered if it had been Bill’s or Mal’s cock or maybe she had sucked both of their cocks.

I wanted my cock in her young mouth for her to suck, but first I needed to finish fucking her, I pulled my cock back out of her cunt just leaving the head of my cock still inside her, then I drove my cock all the way back in, I could feel my cock hitting the bottom of her cunt each time I drove it into her. I fucked her like I was a wild animal, she was just somewhere to put my cum into, I couldn't control myself as I fucked her roughly. When I started to cum I lifted Carol’s body up against my chest and held her tight there, with my cock still buried inside her cunt, I turned around still holding her and sat on the edge of the bed. When I released my hold on Carol's body she climbed off my lap letting my soft cock slip out of her young hole.

I looked over and saw that everyone had all been watching me fucking Carol. Bill said, “You looked like you really enjoyed fucking Carol Robert.”

Before I could answer Carol said, “I really loved being fucked daddy are you going to fuck me too.” “Oh yes sweetheart daddy's going to fuck you as well.”

Carol was definitely going to grow up to be like her mother, a gorgeous and a sexy toy for everyone to enjoy.

When Barbara had worked her magic on Mal's cock it was nice and hard again. Amanda laid on the bed and opened her legs, Mal stood up and moved been between Amanda’s legs, lifting both of her legs onto his shoulders, he rubbed his hard cock over her bald slit and then pushed the tip of his cock into the entrance to her love hole, then with a thrust his cock disappeared into Amanda’s bald cunt, a few seconds later he pulled his ccck back out half way, then thrust it back all the way in, he repeated this over and over working up to a fast rhythm. He had just fucked the daughter and now was fucking her mother, it couldn't get any better than this.

As Amanda was being fucked,Carol laid down next to her mother and took one of her mother’s nipples into her mouth and began sucking like she was being breast fed. When Barbara pushed her finger into Carol’s young bald cunt, Carol moaned and bit down on her mother’s nipple, Amanda screamed out in pain, As Barbara continued finger fucking Carol's tight bald cunt, she reached down and began fingering her own cunt with her other hand's fingers.

Holly was sitting on Bill’s lap and as she watched her father fucking Amanda, Holly began fingering her own wet hole as Bill played with her tits and kissed the back of her neck. Holly loved having the back of her neck kissed, it sent shivers through her body and her fingers rubbed over her clit faster, she let out a long moan as her body began shaking, she had just given herself another orgasm.

Mal was close to cumming too, Amanda had already orgasmed and her juices flowed out of her cunt. Bill grunted as his cock erupted and shot his cum inside Amanda’s wet hole. With everyone now relaxing and trying to recover. Bill suggested that we all have a shower and get dressed and go down to the restaurant for a meal.

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My Friends Daughter Holly 1-6

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