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  1. Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Part 3)

Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Cuckold

Authror: ThrasherCorpse895

Published: 05 February 2018

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Part 1: The Affair

About two years ago, I met one of my husband's friends before we got married. Around the time I met him, my husband and I were still just going out while he was going to college and I lived alone most of the time, so getting to know his friend helped me get out of the house a little more and not be as bored. I don't know why, but I felt like my husband, then boyfriend, didn't love me anymore. He was always so preoccupied with school and his part time job that I felt he just didn't have time for me anymore. The more I hung out with his friend, the more I got attached to him.

One day while my boyfriend was in class, his friend took me to go do my laundry at a local laundry mat. We had a deep talk about my relationship and I came out to him about how I felt about him. Next thing you know, I'm making out with him in public! My stomach fluttered since I've never thought I'd cheat on my boyfriend again! (But that story is for another time...). I didn't know what to do... A part of me started pushing my boyfriend away as I wanted to get closer to his friend...

About a week passed by since the kiss at the laundromat, and my boyfriend didn't suspect a thing. He never found out that we would hang out while he was in school, and as far as he knew, I was at my house alone when they would hang out; I would be texting both of them when they hung out or fucking my boyfriend's brains out while thinking of his friend when he would come over to see me after work! God I was so horny around that time.... One day, lust got the best of me when I was smoking out the bong at his friend's house and I got up and sat on his lap to kiss him. I just felt so complete and slightly in love with his friend at this point and I couldn't control myself! He kissed me back just as passionately and I immediately took off my shorts and panties for him. He layed me on his couch and starting licking my wet pussy all around and sucking on my clit... Fuck I still get wet thinking about it. I kept moaning as his tongue worked on me and I ached to be filled by him.

I made his friend stop eating me out and had him stand in front of me as I sat up on his couch. Quicky, I took off his shorts and pulled his long, white cock out and licked it all over, starting from the base and going up to the tip before standing up in front of him and rubbing my pussy with his big dick. He sat down on the couch and I straddled his lap, grabbing his cock and guiding it in my drenched pussy. I slowly slid down every inch of that long white dick and grinded on him hard so his head would hit my g spot and make my pussy dripping wet. The wetter I got, the faster I began to bounce on it... I was going all the way up to the tip and slamming back down on him completely feeling completely full! As I rode him, he took off my shirt and bra and started sucking my nipples and having his way with them while pumping me full of his cock to match my rhythm. All I remember was that I creamed all over him before having one of the best orgasms of my life!

Immediately after I came, he layed me down on the couch and fucked me missionary. I spread my legs wide open for him as he slid in and out of me. I became his wanton slut... I moaned loudly as he took his friends girl and made her his with each thrust inside of me until I moaned his name! Next thing you know, he had to cum, so he pulled out and jerked himself off at my waist level. He shot the most powerful load I've ever seen in person that afternoon! His cum flew up to my face, coating my face and hair with his warm, white seed, then the next spurt on my chest. Never before was cum such a turn on for me until that day....

As we cleaned up in his shower, we didn't know how to keep this secret from my boyfriend. Later that night, he called me, but I don't know what came over me. I didn't want to talk to him, and I kind of pushed him away harshly. I started to cave in and told him about how we made out, but I lied and said I didn't have feelings for his friend. The rest of the night was a blur while I started at my new job... Apparently, he and his friend ran into each other later that night and his friend confessed everything to him... We got into a big argument and we felt things were going go fall apart, until my boyfriend surprised us the next day when we all spoke face to face at his friend's house.....

Part 2: Hubby's Verdict

I was scared for what he would say when we both saw my boyfriend, now husband, the next day at his friends house. Sometime after the kiss at the laundromat, his friend would come by my place and pick me up so I could pass the time with him rather than be alone at my place. As soon as my boyfriend got out of school, he went directly to his friends house to speak to us in person. We all sat on his couches and listened to what he has to say.

I always knew that secretly, my husband was a very horny guy with a kinky side to him, sometimes using my BBC dildo to fuck me and roleplay a threesome, but never did I expect him to propose what he did... He told us that after being mad last night, he though over the events of the past few weeks and wanted to try an open relationship! I was surprised and didn't know how to react to it. I told him in front of his friend that I didn't know if I wanted to go through with it and didn't want him to see me as a total slut cheating on him while he would be at school, but he only told us that it wouldn't technically be cheating if I had his permission to do as I pleased with his friend. As much as I protested the idea, I secretly wanted to keep going and explore my relationship with his hung white friend!

His friend, on the other hand, felt like he was going insane telling us he would be ok with him fucking me. He didn't want to at first, but the more my boyfriend explained why he wanted to try this, he was giving in to the idea. Quick backstory about me, I've never had sex with anyone until well into dating my boyfriend for a year; besides him, I've never been with anyone else, except the one guy I slept with when he moved to go to school and we lived thousand of miles apart until I moved to where he was to be able to see him again (but like I said, this is an almost unrelated story for another time). With that being said, my boyfriend felt that while we were still young, we were both 20, I should try and explore me sexuality and maybe know what it would be like to sleep with other men. By the time he told us that, his friend was on board with him and they both tried their hardest to convince me to go through with it. However, he also told us one other thing that surprised us; he said we were free to fuck whenever we wanted, regardless if he was around or not. Hearing that secretly made me wet, but nervous!

After about 30 minutes of discussing the night before and thinking about the sudden proposal he gave us, we smoked a blunt together and watched a movie. Being a little high, I got some naughty ideas running through my head about the "whenever" clause of his proposal. I was sitting next to my boyfriend when our mutual friend got up to use the restroom and I whispered in his ear, "Babe, I kind of want go fuck him right now...". He slid a hand up my shirt and slid under my bra to squeeze and play with my hard nipple and said, "how about I go up the stairs and give you guys some space?" I moaned gently as he continued to play with my nipple and replied to him with an ok. At that very moment, his friend returned from the restroom and my boyfriend "excused" himself to the the restroom upstairs.

My heart started racing as I watched him leave upstairs and his friend sat on the couch, unexpecting of what I wanted to do with him. I got off the couch I sat on and straddled onto his lap, facing him and giving him a long, sensual kiss. He kissed me back and whispered in my ear, "are you sure you want to do this? He's still here", to which I said, "He may take a while. Until then, I want you badly". We continued to kiss each other and I grinding against him, feeling his hands run up and down my back and my sides until the rested on my waist. I kised his neck and moved my hips around like a stripper giving a private dance before raising my shirt over my breasts, revealing my cleavage under the bra I still had on. At the sight of my exposed skin, he groped them together and massaged them as I danced on top of him, getting hornier by the second! I arched my back and pressed my chest against his face so he could kiss my tits all around while he undid the buttonto my shorts and slid a hand down the back to caress my ass.

By this point, I couldn't get enough anymore and I got up for a second to take my shorts and panties off in front of him, just like I did the day before. He immediately grabbed my pussy and rubbed it to feel how wet I was for him, slowly sliding his fingers up and down my slit and making me moan! I pushed him back down to sit and climbed back on top of him as he continued to play with my pussy. I kissed him a little more, and as I pulled away from kissing him, I looked up to find my boyfriend hiding somewhere where he could watch everything we did as his friend had his back turned. I assumed my moans sparked his attention and the fact he was watching me, his girlfriend, grind on his friend while he fingered me, sent me off the edge! I decided to put on a little show for him.

I slowly started riding his fingers up and down while wrapping my arms around him and kissing him. He undid my bra and pulled my shirt off before squeezing and rubbing them together as I kept riding his long fingers! My moans got louder as he would curl his fingers to touch my g spot, the sensation making me involuntarily arch my back. My hands wandered down to undo his button and let him take his pans off for me as my wet pussy griped his fingers. As soon as that beautiful white dick stood up under me, i wrapped my hands around it and stroked it all as he took my dark nipples in his mouth. God that felt so good, and having an audience made it all the better!

Being as lost in the moment as I was, I guided his cock to my ready pussy, slowly lowering myself down on his magnificent 8 inches, moaning the deeper it was inside of me. I rode him slowly at first, coming up and down all of him to savor ebery inch of it as I creamed on it. As I look up to see my boyfriend, I catch him jerking off and watching intently, trying to stay as quiet as possible as I made all the noise I needed to! I quickened the pace and felt his friends hands grip my waist and push me down as he thrusted his cock upward in me! Fuck was that amazing! I rode him like a cock crazed pornstar until I got tired and he layed me down under him.

I spread my legs wide for him and watched him push every inch of hm in me and kissed him as he buried himself deeper. At this point, I couldn't see my boyfriend at all, and I honestly didn't care since all i could think about was the cock inside of me. He kept fucking me slowly, using his shaft well and started to fuck me real hard! I grabbed his ass and pushed him deeper inside of me before wrapping my legs around his back and making sure he stayed inside. I got so into that I accidentally moaned his name!

Shortly after my little slip of the tongue, we heard the front door open. Naked and afraid, I covered myself up with my shirt and shorts, leaving my underwear off, and found my boyfriend smoking a cigarette outside. He told me that we didn't need to mind him and we could have kept on going, but I felt guilty about moaning his friend's name... He came back inside with me and his friend apologized for acting on impulse with me, to which my boyfriend told him the same thing he told me outside.

The mood became awkward so I grabbed my boyfriend's hand and led him closer to me and kissed him deeply. "Go ahead and bend over in front of him" my boyfriend commanded me. "This is how you want to finger her next time" he said as he looked at his friend in front of me. I felt three of his fingers slip in and out of me slowly but pounding me firmly before he slid a fourth one in! "She loves to be stretched out by fingers slowly" he told his friend, "go ahead and grab his cock amor". I did exactly as I was told and started to lick his head all over, swirling my tongue all around as my boyfriend slowly slid his cum covered cock inside of me and started to fuck me!

Unfortunately this threesome didn't last, which made me very disappointed! Our friend's roommate opened the door quickly and we scrambled to get dressed. To this day, it was one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life! Thankfully he pretended he didn't see anything as he went to his room upstairs, but thsy quickly ended the fun the three of us were starting go share. Eventually, my husband had to leave to work and our friend had to drop me off at place so I could get ready for work. On the way back home, I made sure to give him some road head to make up for not making him blow a huge load on me like the afternoon before. This was the beginning of one of the most exciting months of my life....

Want to read Part 3 next?

P.S. here's a few pics of me you may like: https://imgur.com/a/nmmUR

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Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

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Comments (1)
ArchAngelMichael — 06 February 2018 01:51
Way too many grammatical and spelling errors break the pace.
Wasker (guest) — 16 February 2018 16:43
Ditto to the above comments. Has a Spellchecker at a minimum before you put something out there with your name attached to it (even if it’s a pen name or ghost name). The premise is hot - I like the “too horny to control myself” female character. Just avoid the temptation to follow the same old, “bf is a whimp, gf needs bf’s best friend to satisfy her while emotionally-castrated bf/hubby looks on & jacks off.” Too many of those already and the suck. Usually. But for the typos, misspellings, and a few wrong word choices, it is a solid beginning to what will I’m sure be a great outcome! Keep writing - it’s how we all get better!
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