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  1. Working out with mom 2
  2. Working out with mom 3
  3. Working out with mom pt 3

Working out with mom 2

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Erotica

Author: bigdsailr

Published: 05 February 2018

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The ride home was painful. We said nothing most of the way. The passionate highs I had reached over the past few hours were evenly matched with the lows I was now feeling. My heart was pounding and my stomach was in knots. I felt like I might vomit at any second. My mind raced perpetually wondering if I should say something. Mom finally broke the silence.

"We're almost home and we need to discuss what happened."

I braced myself. My shame was permeating every fiber of my being. I was sure she was disgusted with me for what happened. Tears were forming in my eyes and my vision blurred. How could she not be? I was sure she was upset with herself too but I was obviously the one at fault. I had been getting off thinking of her the entire time. She only gave in when she saw my cock jolting underneath the towel. I said nothing. Again, she spoke, "I need to apologize. I gave in to a fantasy that I have had for a long time in there. Over the past few years I have been fantasizing about fooling around with you.”

I was stunned. The image I had of my mother as an innocent housewife shattered. She had been attracted to ME over the past few years. I had been trying not to get hard when she was in the room since middle school.

“So, you’ve wanted me for years?” I asked timidly.

“Yes,” she replied, “I know its sick, but I can’t help it. I have tried not to think of you that way, but I watched you grow to manhood and I have loved you your entire life. When your body began to develop, I began to have an overwhelming attraction for you.”

Her words were getting me aroused again. The horrible guilty feeling that I had experiencing began to ebb its way out of my chest and stomach. I was at a loss for how to respond to her.

“I know you are probably disgusted with me for seducing you like that. I just hope you can forgive me and you don’t tell your dad.”

“Mom, I wanted this too. I wanted it for a really long time. I promise I will never tell dad that this happened.”

“I didn’t realize that you felt this way about me too”, she responded. There was a long pause after this. She seemed to be contemplating my words very deeply. “We can never do this again. It’s unhealthy and it will only escalate until we can’t control it anymore.”

I thought about what she said and it made sense. If she were to let this continue, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Eventually we would be full on fucking each other. The possibilities leading from there were endless. We could get caught and that would destroy our family. My mom could end up pregnant with my child. The worst of these possibilities was that she and I might damage our relationship beyond repair.

Despite all these reasons, I knew I wanted to keep going. I had never experienced anything quite as intense as that massage. I knew I would do anything to have that feeling again and I wasn’t going to let my mom walk away from the situation without letting me have just one more thing from her.

“I agree,” I began cautiously, “but if we can’t ever do it again after today, then we should make the most of today, don’t you think?”

“Dalton, I meant we can never do that again, at all,” she replied with emphasis on the end of her sentence. I should have let it go but I felt warmth spreading from my balls, still heavy with cum.

“I know what you are saying but we didn’t even really indulge like we both want too yet. I loved what you did but I think now that everything is out in the open and we have broken the rules we should this chance to do something more … fun,” I finished hoping she would give in.

“I don’t like where this is going,” she replied shortly. Her answer was curt but I noticed that her nipples were getting hard poking against her sports bra. “What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“Why don’t we go down on each other?”

She inhaled sharply. I assumed it was a mixture of her shock at my forwardness and her arousal at the proposition.

“We can’t,” she answered, almost pleading rather than commanding. I seized the moment to exploit what I assumed was weakness in her resolve. I slid my shorts and underwear down revealing my once more throbbing cock at its full seven inches. She gasped, still driving, she looked around at the other cars as if they had all been staring at us in that exact moment. Her eyes kept darting from the road to my cock as I slowly wrapped my hand around and began rubbing it sensually.

“Please mommy,” I begged, suddenly enthralled by the taboo of our situation. “If you suck my hard cock I’ll make you cum with my mouth.” I was running my hand smoothly from my balls to the shining tip of my penis. It was dripping with precum and I was drunk on the hormones raging through my body. She kept glancing at my cock and her hand was slipping between her thighs.

"Dalton we really can't do this honey it's so wrong.... Mommy's pussy is so wet right now."

She was fighting and giving in at the same time. I slid my hand to the top of my cock and rolled my thumb across the tip spreading glistening cum around the helmet. She glanced at the road ahead and put on her turn signal to pull into the parking lot of our local mall.

She quickly found a spot and parked. Without a word, she got out of the SUV and headed around the hatchback. She opened and laid down the back seats making a large area where we could both lay down. I climbed into the back from my seat up front and she came in through hatch closing it behind her.

We were both breathing heavily as we grabbed one another and our lips met trembling. Her tongue slid into my mouth quickly, it massaged my own driving me crazy. I closed my lips on hers and sucked drawing it deeper into my mouth. I pressed my teeth against it hungrily as she drew back out causing her to moan erotically.

I moved down her neck line sucking, licking, and gently biting her. When my lips reached her cleavage, she pushed me back and yanked her sports bra off. Heavy golden breasts fell free from there restrictions. Her nipples were screwed into hard nubs begging for my attention. My cock, still exposed from the masturbatory seduction I performed earlier, bobbed everywhere with a long stream of cum leaking all over the rough fabric of the back of her car.

I closed my lips around her nipple and stroked it from top to bottom with strong licks. She whimpered and I slid my hand beneath her yoga pants and panties to fondle her wet pussy. My fingers pressed against her clit as I switched to her other nipple.

This was different from the massage. There was no pretense of innocence between us. We were connecting at our most animalistic level, sharing pure pleasure despite our parental link. She was showing no inhibitions what so ever. I loved every moment of our surrender.

I couldn’t believe that our day had taken this turn. To think, this morning and been trying to think of a way to get out of going with her to the gym. I wondered if this had been why she spent so much time trying to convince me to work out with her. Maybe all along she had been fantasizing about seducing me.

Three of my fingers began massaging her pussy lips. This action gifted me with a liberal amount of her juices on my hand. I removed the hand and continued masturbating. The slick lubrication my mother's pussy had provided allowed me to vigorously pleasure myself. She watched me stroke my cock as I continued to suck on her gorgeous nipples.

Tired of waiting to play with my cock, she pushed me back. I leaned against a makeshift back rest provided by the front passenger seat. She lowered her head to my shiny throbbing rod and lifted it so that it pointed straight up. She began licking the base letting her tongue slide against my balls occasionally. She held my dick between her fingers tips and palm so that she had perfect access to the bottom side. She began running her wet tongue and lips from the base of my shaft to the tip. Everywhere her mouth touched I felt a slick trail of saliva dripping down. She continued this motion sending warmth and pleasure through my loins.

She closed her fingers around my shaft so that only the head of my dick poked through and rolled her tongue around the spongy sensitive tip. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. She was slathering her thick spit and my cum across the head of my engorged cock, edging me. Her firm grip was effectively slowing my climax.

She stopped for a moment and grinned. She sat up and slid her yoga pants off. I looked at her sex for the first time. She had large pussy lips which foretold a very wet center. Her clit poked sexily just past the folds of her beautiful prepuce. Her labia followed the shape of her lips perfectly. I was enthralled and dying to sink my cock in it when she instructed me to lay down. She straddled my face and lowered her dripping cunt down for me to devour.

My tongue reached out and breached the entrance to her folds. Silky she-cum flowed in a smooth current down the tip of my tongue. It was delicious. I pressed my mouth fully against her cunt and began probing it from top to bottom. Each time I dipped my tongue inside her dripping pussy it came back coated in her delicious juices.

As I continued to sensually explore my mother’s cunt with my tongue, I felt her hot wet mouth lower onto my cock. She was letting out soft moans as she took as much of my shaft into her wide open mouth as possible. I thrusted my hips upward causing her to gag. I continued my oral assault on her pussy while rocking my hips towards her face.

Mom was getting lost in her bliss. She moaned louder than before and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, stroking it as it slid in and out of her mouth. I shifted my tongue from inside her cunt to press against her throbbing clit. This was clearly driving her as close to the edge as she was me because she pulled my cock out of her mouth to speak.

“Right there honey. Make your mommy cum on your gorgeous face Dalton.”

I didn’t reply. Instead, I pressed my tongue briefly against her smooth pink asshole. I swirled it around rimming her just enough to provide a slick coating of saliva. I then returned my tongue to her clit and pressed my middle finger against her tight sphincter while my thumb penetrated her pussy.

Mom was lost in ecstasy. She began vigorously sucking and stroking my cock while moaning “mmm-hmm” again and again. Her ass gaped just slightly, but enough to let my middle finger slide in and we both lost it.

She cried out one last time as I felt her cunt grab hold of my thumb and her hips bucked, causing her clit to grind all over chin. I grunted and let loose me second load of cum. I felt 6 or 7 solid pulses of hot semen enter her mouth. She gagged and the mixture cum and spit slid down my cock in a wonderful cascade. We both sat still for a few seconds as our pleasure slowly ebbed away. Finally she released my cock from her oral embrace.

I relaxed and removed my digits from the orifices they had probed. We lay in the back of the car breathing heavily, lost in the glorious rapture of our sacrament. She was the first to speak.

“Dalton, you have to promise me that was it. I can’t do this to our family, but I can’t stop unless you stop too.”

I contemplated what she was admitting. I had her enthralled in a certain sense. could keep this going as long as I wanted. I dreamily thought about the fun I’d yet to have with her. As I dreamed about the different adventures she and I could share, I realized that it was my mother of whom I was fantasizing.

Having taboo fun together was one thing, but seducing her against her consent was a horrible prospect. And what about my sister and father? If they ever caught us at play it could rip my whole family apart. What would people think of us if our secret was revealed to everyone? It all added up and I finally understood her reluctance.

“Okay mom, it ends here. Thank you for giving me this moment though. I’ll never forget today.”

“I hope you’ll still come to the gym with me honey. It will do wonders for your health and self-esteem. Besides, if you keep it up you’ll be sure to get some other girls to give you the same backseat service I just did,” she smiled devilishly.

“Sure thing mom.”

Tell me what you would like to see more of in chapter 3 in the comments below.

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Working out with mom 2

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Comments (1)
JSipes7798 — 07 February 2018 03:13
She needs to try really hard to fight the temptation that lures her to her son, but in the end alway give in to them when her pussy over powers her will to resist.
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