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  1. BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part One
  2. BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part Two - Confessions

BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part Two - Confessions

Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Incest

Author: satinshirt

Published: 06 February 2018

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Part Two - Confessions

The following week came and went, and so did the next. It had been almost three weeks since I had fucked my sister. I just couldn't build up enough courage to go round and visit. What if Eddie was there? How would I react? I couldn't be sure I could face him and act natural without arousing any suspicion. Also, I had no idea how my sister had coped, or how she was feeling about what had happened between us, or if she had told anyone. Would she even let me in her house again?

Some nights I would lay in bed and feel totally ashamed about what I had done with my sister. Other nights I would lay there and get so aroused thinking about it, I would masturbate for hours. I would lay on my bed naked with my sister's black satin slip draped across my upper body and her red satin panties over my face.


I sat watching the television with my mother on a Friday night whilst she slowly got drunk on a bottle of vodka. My dad had gone down the pub to get out of the house after a blazing row with my mum.

"Are you going round to Kelly's tomorrow to see Amy?" asked my mum.

"Probably not," I replied.

"Kelly came round earlier in the week while you were at work. She said Amy was upset you hadn't been round to take her to the park the last two weeks," said mum.

"Did Kelly say anything else?" I asked.

"About what? Have you two fallen out again?" asked my mum.

"No," I replied.

"Well something must be wrong. You go to visit Amy nearly every weekend, then suddenly you don't go for two weeks. This will be the third week in a row you haven't been to see her," replied my mum.

"Nothing is wrong. Just leave it," I said, as I stood up and left the room.

I went upstairs to my room and left my mother to drink herself into a stupor. Ever since Kelly had left home seven years ago (which both my mum and dad blamed me for) my mum and dad did nothing but fight and argue all the time. My dad would normally end up smashing something or storming out of the house to go to the pub. He wouldn't normally return until the early hours of the next morning or sometimes late the next day, depending on whether he had found some floozy to go home with and fuck. My mother would often sit and cry and drink herself unconscious with a bottle of vodka. I often found her slumped in the chair with her skirt or dress risen up exposing the hem of her slip.

Many times over the last few years I had carried my mother up to her room and put her to bed. I would normally remove her dress before putting her into bed. My mother was slightly over weight and had a fuller figure than my sister, which you would expect from an older woman. It was easy to see where Kelly had got her curves and ample breasts from. My mother always wore a shiny nylon full-slip under her dress. They weren't as nice as the black satin slip my sister wore when I fucked her, but sometimes, depending on the style of the slip, I still found them to be sexually arousing. I had learnt that when my mother was unconscious from drink, nothing on earth would wake her up for several hours. On several occasions, after undressing my mother and laying her on her bed, I would lay next to her and gently fondle her breasts for a while and admire her slip. A couple of times I got curious, I would carefully pull the hem of her nylon slip up around her hips and try to sneak a look at my mother's pussy, but I had never gone any further than just look. The problem was I found the style of knickers my mother wore frumpy and a turn off. Strangely, she had never once asked how she had got to bed or got undressed.

The following morning when I got up my mother was already up and about. I sat in the lounge watching the television alone whilst eating my breakfast cereal. My mum came into the room and announced she was going shopping with my sister and would be back in a few hours. A few hours past (I was still watching the television) and my mother arrived back home carrying some shopping bags.

"Are you going to just sit there all day and do nothing?" asked my mum.

"Probably," I said.

"Amy was asking if you were going to take her to the park today," said my mum. I looked up at my mother giving her an uninterested glare and said nothing.

"Look, if you've fallen out with your sister it's not fair to take it out on Amy. She really enjoys you taking her to the park, she looks forward to it," stated my mum.

"I told you I haven't fallen out with Kelly. Has Kelly said anything?" I asked.

"No she hasn't," replied mum.

"There you go then, so stop going on about it. What did you buy?" I asked pointing at the bags trying to change the subject.

"Oh!..... nothing much, just a new dress, and some nice lingerie. I only went to keep Kelly company but I decided to treat myself. Would you like to see?" said mum. Knowing what my mother's idea of nice lingerie was, the prospect of taking a look didn't really appeal to me, although I'm pretty sure she was only offering to show me the dress, but even that surprised me.

"Look, if Kelly is back at home now with Amy, I think I'll go round and see her," I told mum. Mum looked pleased, she nodded and smiled.

A short while later I arrived at my sister's house and rang the bell. Eddie answered the door with a very excited Amy in tow.

"Uncle Steve, Uncle Steve. Are we going to the park?" shouted Amy jumping up at me.

I picked Amy up in my arms and nervously followed Eddie into the kitchen where my sister was making coffee. My attention was immediately drawn to the light blue satin blouse my sister was wearing. The blouse was nothing fancy or special, just a plain simple round neck long sleeve tunic style blouse, tucked into her blue stretch denim jeans. Even so, it was strange to see Kelly wearing a satin top considering the circumstances.

"That was good timing. The kettle's on. You want a coffee?" asked Eddie.

"Yeah sure," I replied, staring at Kelly's blouse.

"Then are going to the park?" asked Amy.

"Yes we are going to the park," I replied.

"Mummy, mummy. Uncle Steve is taking me to the park," shouted an excited Amy.

I wasn't at all sure how I would react when I saw Eddie, but Amy certainly had the desired effect of taking away my nerves and attracting everyone's attention.

As my sister handed me my mug of coffee, she looked straight into my eyes and smiled. Not the sort of smile that a sister would normally give her brother, this was somehow different, more flirtatious, and made me feel a little uneasy. As Kelly turned away, I noticed her blouse was buttoned at the rear. I never really understood how a woman did up her blouse if the buttons were at the back, or why men (myself included) find back button blouses on a woman so sexy!

"Hey Steve, I don't mean to be rude, it's good to see you, but I got to get ready to go out. I'm going out with some work mates tonight. One of the guys from work is getting married and it's his stag do. I've got a two hour drive ahead of me to meet up with them, and I'll be staying overnight and returning in the morning. I probably won't be here when you get back from the park, so we will catch up later okay," said Eddie rushing out of the room.

"Phew, that wasn't so bad," I said quietly to myself.


A few hours later I returned from the park with Amy. My sister was alone in the house. Not quite sure what to say to my sister I grew a little uneasy.

"Well I'll be off home then," I said to Kelly.

"You don't have to go do you?" asked Kelly. "I was just going to give Amy her tea. You could stay for something to eat if you like."

"Yeahhhh! Stay for tea uncle Steve," shouted Amy excitedly.

I agreed to stay. It was clear that Kelly was in no hurry to get rid of me, it was almost as if she was flirting with me. I still felt a little awkward and unsure what to say to my sister. As we sat eating our tea, Amy blurted out, "Mummy has a new blouse."

"Yes I know," I replied, thinking Amy was referring to the blouse my sister was wearing. After tea was finished, Kelly said she had to bath Amy and put her to bed.

"You can watch the TV if you like. I won't be long. Then we can talk," said Kelly.

"Talk...... Talk about what?" I asked nervously.

"Oh, I think we have plenty to talk about, don't you?" she said.

I sat in the lounge waiting for almost an hour, just channel-hopping on the TV before my sister reappeared. I looked up at Kelly and was stunned by what she was wearing. Her hair was freshly washed, make up done, and dressed in a stunning satin blouse and black satin pencil skirt. Kelly gave me a twirl and asked how she looked.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaimed. "Wow, you look........Amazing!," I told my sister. Kelly smiled, very pleased that I liked her outfit.

"You like then?" she asked.

"Like?.... I love it. That skirt is lovely, and that blouse......OMG! Kelly you look Hot with a capital H," I told her.

Kelly was wearing a semi transparent thin white satin blouse, done up in the front with tiny satin covered buttons, open to a vee at the neck showing her ample breasts, with frills around the neck and down the front, long puffy sleeves with three button cuffs, also with frills. Kelly wore the blouse over the skirt rather than tucked in, it was shape at the waist to hug her figure, making her waist look tiny and her breasts look bigger. The blouse was extremely pretty and extremely feminine, and the quality of the material was exquisite like bridal satin. The long black satin pencil skirt was tight fitting, just below knee length, with a long slit at the rear, showing a black lace trimmed silver satin slip underneath. The outline of her slip with black lace trim could also be seen through the thin white blouse. Kelly walked back and forth across the lounge, giggling as she modelled her outfit for me. Her breasts jiggled under her shimmering blouse, and the long slit up her skirt did nothing to hide the silver slip underneath. I had never seen my sister dress in such a slutty manner before and was somewhat surprised, although Kelly's outfit could be considered both elegant and slutty. I was curious as to why my sister was all dressed up.

"Are you going out? Do you want me to baby sit?" I asked.

"No silly!.... This is for you!" she replied. "I went shopping this morning with mum and when I saw this skirt and blouse I knew you would like it. I just had to buy it. I was really hoping you would come round today so I could wear it for you," said Kelly.

"Wear it for me? So you're not angry?" I asked Kelly.

"Angry about what?" asked Kelly.

"For what happened. For what I did to you?" I replied.

"Huh!..What you did to me?.....Well it wasn't rape..... It's not like I tried to stop you!"

"Don't you feel ashamed? After all, what we did was wrong. It was incest, it was illegal," I told Kelly.

"Well I'm not going to tell anyone if you don't Steve," said Kelly. "Do you feel guilty or ashamed?" she asked.

"Sometimes.... Yes!" I admitted.

"Why?.... Didn't you enjoy it too?"

"Yes of course I did.... I don't feel guilty so much about what happened, But I do feel ashamed about what could have happened!" I told my sister.

"Explain?" she said.

"Well......... If I'm being totally honest, if you 'had' tried to stop me, I am fairly sure I would have raped you. The thought that I was prepared to rape you just because you were wearing a nice satin slip, scares me. It says a lot about my character, and the fact I could have lost control and raped my own sister is a worrying thought."

"But you didn't rape me, so why worry about it?.... We both enjoyed it and that's all that matters," said Kelly trying to reassure me.

"You don't understand." I told my sister. "If I was prepared to rape you, then I am capable of raping anyone. I could even rape mum. The number of times she's drunk herself to sleep over the past few years and I've carried her up to her room........" I paused momentarily to consider whether I should continue with my confession. "I don't know if you realise or not, but mum wears slips too, they aren't satin like yours, she wears shiny nylon slips, but some of them are still very nice."

"Of course I know she wears a slip. Mum bought me my first ever waist-slip when I was twelve just after I started Senior School," said Kelly.

" Well...... like I said, she get's drunk and passes out in her chair. Then I carry her up to her room and undress her and put her to bed. I've seen mum in her shiny slips, and I'm not proud to say I've done things to her while she slept. What scares me is....... what I would do if she wore a really nice satin slip and satin knickers?.... Instead of those awful granny pants she wears."

Kelly didn't seem at all fazed by my confession to having done things to our mother while she slept, in fact I'm sure she smiled when I said it. Kelly could see how worried I was and tried to comfort me. "Would it make you feel any better if I told you I wanted you to rape me?....That I planned the whole thing?" I looked at Kelly and told her I didn't believe her.

"It's true!.... Do you think you are the only man who gets turned on by a woman's slip? The most popular girls in school were the ones who wore a slip under their skirt, and there were only a few of us that did. The boys would do anything to try and get a glimpse of a girl's slip. That's why I always wore a pleated skirt, they would sneak up behind me and lift my skirt to get a glimpse of my shiny slip. I would pretend to be annoyed, which just made them try it again. If it was windy it would lift my skirt and flash my slip. Of course, I would try to hold my skirt down and pretend to be embarrassed, but it was all done intentionally to attract the attention of boys.

"So that's why you were always so popular, because you wore a slip?"

"That and other reasons," said Kelly. "And I knew you liked slips, because mum told me her slips would keep going missing from the laundry basket and then later appear again. Mum knew you took them and wore her slips to bed, but she never said anything because she didn't want to embarrass you. I knew you liked satin too, I just didn't realise how much or understand why?.... I saw the way you looked at me in my school blouse and I knew it turned you on. It didn't surprise me at all when I caught you wearing it, masturbating in the bathroom."

I looked away from Kelly feeling embarrassed. "I was really hoping you had forgotten about that. I never understood why you never told mum or dad?" I said.

"I did tell mum. We both had a good laugh about it, but mum made me promise not to tell dad, because she was afraid how he would react and what he might do to you."

"So you wore that black satin slip deliberately, knowing I would come round. You wanted me to see you wearing it?" I asked.

"Yes!.... But I needed an excuse, I couldn't just be in my slip when you turned up, so I pretended to paint the hallway. As soon as I opened the door and saw your reaction, I knew I had you hooked," she admitted.

"So you really planned the whole thing. You wanted to have sex with me?" I asked.

"What I really wanted was for you to rape me. I was hoping you would see me in my slip and force yourself on me, like you wrote about in your diary, but things didn't go quite as I hoped they would."

"You've read my diary?" I shouted angrily, standing up and lunging at her with my fist clenched. Kelly backed away quickly, genuinely worried I was about to punch her, like I had done many times before when we were small children.

"Yes!" replied Kelly nodding. "Please don't be angry," she pleaded.

"OMG!.....But a diary is a private thing. How did you even know I had one?.... When did you read it?.... Did you show anyone else?... Has mum seen it?.... How much did you read?" I asked, panicking!

"Actually it was mum that found it and showed me. I didn't want to read it at first because I know how much I would hate someone to read mine, but she convinced me. She said you had written stuff that I really should know about."

"OMG!.... Mum has read my diary?..... My life is over!... How am I supposed to go back home and face her?" I asked, suddenly feeling very nauseous and dizzy. I sat back down on the sofa with immense feelings of despair.

"Your life isn't over, this could be the beginning of something new. You don't have to worry. There's nothing in your diary to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Nothing either of us read shocked us in the slightest. It actually made me wet when I read it."

"How much did you read, did you read it all?" I asked, shaking uncontrollably. "You couldn't have read it all if you weren't offended!"

"Yes, every single page, at least twice. It's very enlightening. Some of your fantasies are way better than any erotic novel I've ever read," said Kelly.

"But they are just fantasies, nothing more! They are my private thoughts. They were never intended to be shared with anyone," I told my sister.

"Do you think you are the only person that thinks that way? We all have fantasies. You'd be surprised how many women fantasise about being raped, but not many would admit to it," said Kelly.

"So mum knows everything?..... How long has she known?..... How long have you known?" I asked.

"Not long, a couple of months, maybe three. It took two weeks for us both to read it all."

"So mum knows about everything I've done to her?.... And now she thinks I want to fuck her?

"Yes!..... Didn't you see the new dress she bought today, the red silk lingerie and a gorgeous red satin slip?" asked Kelly. "I helped her choose it."

"She offered to show me, but I wasn't really interested," I told Kelly. I sat for a moment deep in thought trying to get my head round things. "So you know I was still a virgin when I fucked you?" I asked.

"Errr yeah!..... But I didn't need to read your diary to know that," Kelly replied.

"So you know I've never even kissed a girl?" I asked. "How sad am I?.... 20 years old and never kissed a girl."

"Well maybe we can correct that now?" said Kelly sitting down next to me.

She kissed me on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. The feeling of her tongue probing my mouth was strangely exciting. I never imagined that my first kiss would be with my own sister. Kelly began sucking on my tongue, a truly weird but enjoyable experience for me. I was in no hurry for the kiss to end, so I just tried to follow Kelly's lead and hoped I wasn't making a complete hash of it. I could feel Kelly's breasts pressing against me, which aroused me even further, adding to the pleasure of the kiss. After several minutes Kelly finally broke off the kiss and we both exhaled deeply.

"So how did I do?" I asked.

"Uh....Wow!" replied Kelly. "Are you sure you've never kissed a girl before?"

"Yeah..... I think I'd remember if I had, especially if it was anything like that," I told her.

"You are a really good kisser," said Kelly. "Trust me, I've kissed a lot of people and there aren't many that kiss like you."

"I was just following your lead, copying what you did," I told her.

"Not many men like to use their tongue. Eddie doesn't kiss with his tongue," Kelly told me.

"Really?...... It just seemed like the natural thing to do." I replied. "Can we go again?" I asked, not waiting for a reply. I took the lead and leant in to kiss my sister. The kiss was as enjoyable as the first. I loved the sloppy wet feeling of Kelly's wet tongue against mine. This time I started to explore her body as the kiss lingered. Reaching for Kelly's breasts and fondling them through that lovely slinky satin blouse she wore. I felt Kelly unbuckling my belt and fumbling for the zip of my jeans. I kicked off my shoes ready to take off my jeans, without breaking away from the kiss.

It seemed neither of us wanted to be the one to break away from the kiss, as we both struggled clumsily to remove my jeans, our tongues entwined the whole time. Once my jeans were off I reached for my socks and pushed them off. Kelly started to unbutton my shirt, while I fumbled with the buttons on my cuffs, the whole time still kissing each other.

We ended up laying on the sofa, Kelly on her back with me on top completely naked. The feeling of her satin blouse and skirt against my naked body was sensational. I tried reaching down to pull up her skirt but the skirt was too tight. I had no intention of breaking the kiss and Kelly had her arms wrapped around my body making sure I didn't try. The skirt had to come off one way or another, so I rolled us both over onto the floor. I was now on my back with Kelly on top. I fumbled with the zip of Kelly's skirt, as she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. The skirt still wasn't coming off. Reluctantly I broke the kiss and said quietly, "What I wouldn't give for a pleated skirt right now?" Kelly saw the humour in my comment and chuckled.

I rolled Kelly over, and in all my frustration, pulled her tight black satin pencil skirt down as hard as I could. Her black lace trimmed, glossy silver satin slip was a glorious sight, which turned me on immensely. The thin silky fabric felt wonderful to the touch and the quality of fabric was exquisite, there wasn't a crease in sight. Whilst kneeling at Kelly's feet admiring her in just her beautiful slip and gorgeous blouse, I thought it was a good opportunity to explore her pussy once more. I slowly pushed her slip up around her hips and Kelly instinctively spread her legs and raised her knees to allow me access.

"OMG!..... Matching panties," I whispered to myself. High cut silver satin frilly fluted panties with black lace around the leg. I didn't need to remove them, they allowed me easy access just moving them to the side. I had my tongue buried deep inside my sister's pussy with seconds tasting her sweet juices. Strangely I found the smell of my sister's pussy intoxicating, unlike the first time. Kelly was writhing about on the floor clearly enjoying the experience. The sight of my sister writhing about made my cock hard. I needed to fuck her once more. I didn't want to do it on the floor of the lounge and risk carpets burns, so I helped Kelly onto the sofa where she spread her legs apart and allowed me to enter her for the second time.

It was different to the first time, much slower and more gentle. Taking my time to enjoy the experience and watch my sister's reaction to see how she responded. Somehow it just wasn't the same, I wasn't feeling it like I did the first time, and Kelly, although smiling at me, didn't seem to be responding either. I desperately wanted to please my sister and make her feel good but neither of us seemed to be getting any closer to cumming. My hard cock began to subside and eventually plopped out of Kelly's pussy.

"What did I do wrong?" I asked. "You didn't seem to be enjoying it.

"You didn't do anything wrong, as such!.... You know you can do anything you want to me and I wont stop you," stated Kelly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You don't have to be so gentle or considerate with me. I don't want you to make love to me. I want to be fucked, and I want to be fucked hard, the harder the better. I want you to treat me like the "bitch of a sister" you wrote about in your diary. You've got a great imagination, you've already proved that," said Kelly.

"So you weren't joking about wanting me to rape you?"

"No, I wasn't joking. That's why I wasn't offended when I read your diary. The story where you raped me in my wedding dress on my wedding day. The one where you offer to drive me to my friends house, but instead you drive out to the forest, strip me to my black satin slip, tie me to a tree and rape me. Those are the sort of things I want you to do to me. I want you to treat me like the "bitch of a sister" who deserves everything she gets.

"So everything that happened that night, it was all planned..... You played me?...... From the moment I knocked the door and saw you in your black slip, to the moment I left and went home...... You sat there crying pretending to be upset....... It was all an act...... You played me the whole time?"

"Yes!..... but like I said, it didn't go exactly as I planned. I wore that black satin slip because you mention it so many times in your stories. I was hoping that once I had let you in, and you saw see me in just my slip, you would force yourself on me and rape me," admitted Kelly.

"Does mum know?" I asked.

"That we fucked?.... Yes I told her," said Kelly.

"So what happens now?.... Where do we go from here?" I asked Kelly.

Chapter three to follow.

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BLACK SATIN SLIP - Part Two - Confessions

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