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  1. Blackmailing Jane
  2. Blackmailing Jane Part 2
  3. Blackmailing Jane Part 3

Blackmailing Jane

Categories True Story, Blackmail, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Author: abruzzi11

Published: 06 February 2018

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I grew up in a small town in coal mining country where my father worked on the railroad. He owned a couple of houses that he rented to people who did not want to rent from the coal company that they worked for.

One couple moved into one of the houses in the spring of my sophomore year of high school. The husband’s name was Russ and his wife was Jane. Russ was about 30 years old and about six feet tall and 190 pounds with a shaggy beard. Jane was a tall lady, about 5 feet 9 inches and about 130 pounds with light brown hair and a cute pug nose. She was not beautiful nor real pretty, but she was cute in a way. She did have a pretty nice figure, with nice tits. Jane was younger than Russ, about 23 years old. Their best friends, Bart and Susan, lived in a nearby town.

I stopped by Russ and Jane’s house to collect the rent one day and saw Bart’s car parked in the driveway. As I climbed up the steps to the porch I could see in the bedroom that Bart and Jane were in the front bedroom, sitting on the bed kissing. Bart began to undress Jane as he kissed her and I could see that she was not wearing a bra as he removed her blouse. He moved his head down to kiss her tit and Jane reclined onto the bed. Jane was wearing short shorts, and Bart began to removed those. Then he started to kiss her tits again and moved down to her belly button and on down and kissed her pussy. I was getting such a hardon watching that I wanted to pull my cock out and jackoff right there on the front porch.

Bart continued eating Jane’s pussy and I could hear her moaning and see her moving her hips up to meet his head. Now Bart took his pants off and I saw his cock—it was much bigger than five incher and he climbed on the bed with his cock near Jane’s head. Damn, she swallowed his cock. After a minute or so, Jane moved her head away from Bart’s cock and screamed, “shit fire, I’m cumming “ and wrapped her legs around Bart’s head. She stayed that way for a minute or so, then Bart got up and got on top of her and put his cock in her pussy and began to fuck her hard. That is when I came in my shorts!!

I quietly left the porch, wondering if Russ knew his best friend was fucking the shit out of his wife. The thought got me hard again, so I went home and went to the bathroom and jacked off again.

That evening Russ called and talked to Dad about hiring me to help Jane move some furniture the next day. Dad told him I could do it.

The next morning I went over to Jane’s and she welcomed me in. She was wearing a tee-shirt and short-shorts and had her hair in a pony tail. She looked sexy dressed that way and I could feel my cock growing. Jane explained what we would be doing and we started to work.

We did small talk, then she asked about if I had a girlfriend. I told her no, but I had dated a few girls. “Anything serious?” she asked, “No, I tried to kiss Bonnie M. but she would not let me”. Jane stopped and said “You have never kissed a girl?”

“Never” I said. “God, I would have thought you would know all about the birds and bees by now,” she said. “Oh, I know all about sex. I have seen people have sex, so I know what to do.”

“What do you mean you mean you know what to do? Get on top and put it in?”

I said, “no, kiss the woman all over, kiss her breasts, her private area, then put it in”.

Jane’s eyes opened wide as she said “where did you see all of this?” I told her about watching her and Bart.

She sat on the sofa and began to cry and said “have you told anybody?” I told her no that I had not. She begged me not to and asked me if I would promise not to tell. Then she told me to come sit beside her and she explained that she and Bart had just started to make love two weeks ago. She said Russ just did not pay enough attention to her.

“How will I know you will not tell Russ,” she asked. Then she went to talk about that if we had sex I could not tell Russ because he would kill me for having sex with her. She got up and said “Ryan, come in the bedroom and take your clothes off, you are going to lose your virginity this morning. I am going to fuck your brains off and you are not going to tell a soul because if you do I know Russ will kill you because he is such a jealous bastard.”

I followed her into the bedroom and we undressed. We got on the bed. Jane told me to kiss her like I had explained, kiss her tits, her stomach, clit, and then we would fuck. As I kissed on her tit, Jane took hold of my cock and began to rub up and down—oh it is still growing, so young and innocent. I moved down her stomach, kissing her and then Jane put her lips on my cock and I immediately came in her mouth. She swallowed and then said “that’s o.k. baby, your first blow job, but you are young and you will be hard again in a few minutes.” I licked and sucked her clit and put my tongue in her pussy until Jane began to buck like she did with Bart—then she began to moan and scream that she was coming. I could feel my cock getting hard again. Jane had her orgasm and pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top and began to push her tongue into my mouth. She took her hand and guided my hard cock into her pussy and now she sat up and began to bounce up and down and say “ride’m cowgirl.” In a couple of minutes I came again, shooting my wad deep into her. Jane sat on me, continuing to slowly move up and down, then she moved into the 69 position. We ate each other out and my cock got hard again and she mounted me again and this time I think I fucked her for six or seven minutes. She told me she had an orgasm—at least she went into spasms.

We rested for half an hour, then got up and finished the work Russ was paying me to do. Jane kept reminding me that I had to keep our secret. No problem I kept reassuring her. She also told me she was telling Bart no more affair with him. I asked her if we could fuck again. She told me maybe, but not until two weeks because she did not want to get pregnant. As I left I kissed her, and said “our secret is safe?.” Her departing words to me were to “ask Bonnie on another date. Hug her, kiss and nibble on her ear ever so gently, then rub the back of her neck with your hand. Maybe then you can kiss her. After you kiss her, drop you head down to her tits, she is still dressed, and breathe on tit. This will get her warmed up. After that you may be on the way to fucking the hell out of her—just make sure you suck her tits and cunt before you try to fuck her. “

That weekend, my cousin Wilma and her parents stopped by. She lived about 20 miles away and we visited about once a month. We were born in the same month and year, so we had a lot in common and were very good friends and shared a lot of our concerns.

Our parents wanted to visit friends a couple of hours away, so Wilma and i got to stay home by ourselves. For a while, we sat on the sofa chatting about school that had just ended. Then Wilma asked if I had a girlfriend. I told her no and asked if she had a boyfriend. She told me she had had one until last week when he had tried to get in her panties. "He was going to rape, I thought, until I finally pushed him away. He got mad and left me in the park to walk home alone. I am a virgin and he is not the guy that I want to have sex with the first time." She started to sniffle and I reached over and hugged her. She looked up at me and her lips were inches from mine, and I could not help myself, i bent down and kissed her on the lips. I was surprised when she opened her mouth and put her tongue on my lips--I opened my mouth and our tongues were now dancing with each other.

I pulled away and told her I was sorry, but that this was something I had always wanted to do, that I had always had a crush on her. She told me she felt the same. I said it is wrong we are cousins. She said "cousins in love" and grabbed my head and started to kiss me again.

We stopped kissing and started kissing and Wilma asked if I had ever had sex with a girl. I did not mention Jane's name, but told her I had fucked a married woman. She seemed excited to hear this and wanted to hear all about this. "Tell me the whole story, don't leave out anything."

As I described how I kissed Jane's tits and stomach, Wilma's face was flushed and she was twirling her hair. When I talked about kissing her pussy, she put her hand on crotch, and then began to rub. The more i described the hotter Wilma got. Finally, she said, "let's go in your bedroom and take our clothes off".

'Are you sure" you want to do this I asked as we ran to the bedroom, taking our clothes off as we ran in.

"Do me like you did Jane" Wilma said.

"o.k." and I got in position to kiss her mouth, then began to suck on her left tit. I pulled her hard little nipple and put it in my mouth and Wilma began to moan and i moved over began to suck the other nipple. I tried to suck the whole tit and Wilma was now bucking in the bed. I left the bed and moved down to her navel, putting my cock on tits, with my tongue in her navel. She was going nuts. God she was hot. I moved down to her mound, then moved to the side, just brushing her pussy lips with my tongue, and she moaned loudly. I kissed her inner thigh and she tried to move her pussy under my mouth. Now she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, I moved down her leg a bit, but she is trying to pull my head back to her pussy. I now move my head back up, and finally give her what she wants, with my lips I find her clit and suck it into my mouth. She now almosts jumps off the bed with a massive orgasm and I thinks she is going to swallow my dick down her throat as I too shoot my load. Wilma grabs my head and pulls me up to her and begins to kiss her cum -filled mouth, saying, 'Bryan, that was so fucking good, so fucking good" and she is holding onto my cock that is now getting hard again.

I roll over onto my back and Wilma climbs on top, putting her cunt on my hardening cock. "Bryan, fuck me" and she takes my cock and places it at her opening. She sits up and presses down a bit. The head goes in and blocked by her hymen, I gently push up, she pushes down some, and waits, "it hurts some, but it also feels good, be gentle," I raise up to kiss her tit and the motion pushes my cock a little more and it breaks the hymen and Wilma squeals but then she presses down hard. The she begins to fuck me hard.

She is moaning and saying fuck me cousing, drive that cock in me, plant that seed in my cunt, and all sorts of sexy shit. We both are sweating. The bed is bouncing against the wall as Wilma is drinving my cock into her cunt as far as it will go. With all that noise, I still hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Wilma begins to yell that she is cuming and she lets go with a flood. Soon after I too am ready and i tell I need to pull out. She tells me "Hell no, my first fuck, I want the full treatment, I want all of your seed in me. If i get knocked up, we will go to Kentucky and get married." With that I shot a load deep into my sweet little cousin.

Thankfully, Wilma did not get pregnant, and I was smart enough to buy condoms for my future fucks with her, that is, until her wedding.

As implied above, Wilma and I fucked on a regular basis after that wild day. I even fucked her on her wedding day.

We went to the rehearsal dinner and stayed at a hotel. It just happend that Wilma's room was adjacent to mine and during the dinner we had a few drinks and decided it would be cool to have one last fuck before she got married. With the dancing and all, it was two 0'clck before the dinner ended and everyone retired to their rooms. Her fiancee was pretty looped, so we helped him to his room, then I

went to my room and changed.

I went to Wilma's room, knocked on the door, and she let me in. She was naked and beautiful. We talked a little and she talked about how it should be us getting married. Then we began to get aroused. She told me this was a fertile time because this is what her groom wanted--he wanted to knock her up on her wedding night, so she wanted me to use a condom. I told that was o.k. and went back to my room and got a condom.

This sex was almost as wild as the first time. Wilma was bucking and moaning and I was afraid the folks in the next room would complain. When we finished, I was exhausted and as I pulled my cock out of Wilma's cunt i was shocked to see that the condom had burst. I quickly put it in my hand and then in a tissue without telling Wilma. She was exhausted also, just lying there on the bed asleeep, so I went to bathroom and got a cloth and wiped her pussy clean. If my seed did knock her up, I did not want her to know about it.

After Wilma's marriage we continued to fuck for the next 30 years. And yes, she did get pregnant on her wedding night. Years later I did a secret dna test on the boy and found that he was mine. I have not told Wilma and do not plan to.

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Blackmailing Jane

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Comments (2)
Storysmith — 07 February 2018 08:05
He, not you. I was speaking to your friend whose story this is.
Storysmith — 07 February 2018 08:00
What happened with Jane? Did you have sex with her again?
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