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Categories Fiction, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Rape

Author: satinshirt

Published: 06 February 2018

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Anne Rogers was waiting for the bus to go to work. She really missed the convenience of driving her car, but it needed some repairs, so she put it in the local garage the night before. She looked up at the sky and shivered in the cold wind, hoping that it wouldn't start to rain, at least not until she was at work, in the warmth and comfort of her office. The last thing she wanted was for her smart stylish skirt suit and expensive silk satin blouse to get ruined by the rain.

Anne had considered wearing a long overcoat before leaving home, but she was much too vain and decided against it. Anne stood admiring her own reflection in the shop window. Anne was extremely petite and very pretty, she dressed to impress and loved the attention and compliments she got from both men and other women. Most men wanted to fuck her, and many women wanted to be her.

Anne sighed with relief when the bus arrived, just as the rain had started to fall. A few minutes more standing in the rain would have turned her slinky white satin blouse transparent, making her silky black lingerie visible.

It was always so crowded on the bus. Anne knew from past experience, that before it even arrived, she would be lucky to get a seat. Anne stood near the back of the bus as more and more people got on, pushing her back even further. Eventually the bus was so crowded that the driver had to stop anyone else from getting on, telling them they would have to wait for the next one. Anne thanked her lucky stars that she had been standing near the front of the bus queue, as she looked out of the window and saw the rain begin to pour down. As the bus drove along the road, Anne felt herself being jostled about by the other passengers. She was struggling to breathe as the other passengers pressed up against her on the overcrowded bus. Anne reached up to the ceiling and tried to steady herself by grabbing the handrail.

Anne felt someone place their hand on her back, at first she thought nothing of it until she realised that someone had reached underneath her jacket and was caressing her silk satin blouse. People held on tight as the bus jerked its way along the road, as the driver sped up, then braked, then sped up again in the heavy rush hour morning traffic. Anne held tightly onto the handrail above her head, not wanting to fall over or bump into someone. There were far too many people on the bus for her to turn around, so she stood facing forward. Anne took a deep breathe, shocked, as she felt the hand on her back reach around her and cup one of her breasts. She tried to look round to see who was touching her, but the bus was just too crowded for her to see. The hand gently squeezed each of her tiny breasts in turn and fondled them through her blouse. Anne gasped and began to panic as she realised the buttons of her blouse were being undone. She tried to reach up with her spare hand to stop whoever it was unbuttoning her blouse, but someone grabbed her wrist and held her hand down by her side. She daren't let go of the handrail above her head, afraid she might fall as people jostled each other on the crowded bus.

Anne was shocked when she felt her skirt being raised up around her waist. With one hand inside her blouse fondling her tiny breasts through the skimpy satin camisole she was wearing, and another clasping her wrist, she realised that she was being assaulted by more than one person. Anne closed her eyes and regretted having decided not to wear a bra that day. She felt someone tugging at her satin waist slip as it slid easily down her legs. Anne felt a hand on her arse as it slid over her pretty silk panties. She desperately wanted to scream as she realised someone was tugging on her panties and pulling them down her legs. Someone grabbed her ankles and lifted each foot in turn so they could remove her waist slip and silky panties. Instead of screaming, Anne found herself struggling to breathe as she was thrown into a state of intense fear and desperation.

She tried to look round at whoever was doing this to her, desperate for a glimpse of her attackers. Anne wondered why no one was coming to her rescue, surely there must be other passengers on the bus who realised what was happening to her.

Anne felt two fingers touch her pussy, sliding up and down her slit, probing for the opening. Anne was in total shock as she felt her pussy lips being prised apart and a finger slide inside of her. Anne stood and took the abuse as she felt herself getting wet. She could feel at least two fingers thrusting in and out of her as her pussy became sopping wet. Anne bit her lip, trying not to give any reaction to her attackers. She felt extremely ashamed of herself for enjoying the assault on her body, one person playing with her pussy, the other fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples through her thin satin camisole.

Anne was no stranger to the touch of another woman, having had a few female lovers in the past. Anne also knew there was a distinct difference between the touch of a man and that of another woman. Although Anne was quite confident that the hand fondling her breasts was that of a man, she was also quite certain that the fingers probing her pussy were those of a woman.

Anne's breathing became deep and rapid as the fingers inside her pussy began to rub against her clit. She felt sudden pangs of guilt as her body shuddered involuntarily, as she orgasmed whilst standing on the crowded bus. Anne let out a small yelp before quickly biting down on her lip to avoid drawing attention to herself.

The fingers were withdrawn from her sopping wet pussy and the hand inside her silk satin blouse was removed from her breasts. As the bus came to a halt Anne thought that her assault was finally over.

As the bus stopped, two people from behind Anne pushed past to get off the bus. Anne quickly caught a glimpse of a tall well dressed business man with a brief case before he disappeared into the crowd. An elderly woman looked disapprovingly at Anne as she squeezed by and whispered, "Slut," as she too disappeared into the crowd and got off the bus. Anne was a little surprised and upset at the woman's comment towards her as she squeezed past, she shook her head in disbelief. The bus became a little less crowded for a moment as people got off the bus. Anne pushed her skirt back down and brushed out the creases, before standing up straight and buttoning up her white satin blouse.

She looked round at all the people around her to see who they were, there was a mixture of men and women, both young and old. Nobody took any notice of Anne or looked her in the eye as she surveyed each of the other passengers. Nobody looked guilty or seemed to care about what had just happened to her. There were still no available seats and Anne would have to remain standing for the remainder of her journey. As she looked around the bus for her satin waist slip and panties, the bus began to fill up again as more passengers got on. The passengers were soon all packed in tight once again like sardines in a can, jostling about for position, all trying to get their own little space.

Anne felt someone step on her toe and press themselves against her breasts as the bus accelerated away from the bus stop, causing them to loose their balance. Anne reached up and held onto the rail once more as she tried to steady herself for the remainder of her journey.

Anne could feel the wetness in her pussy as she stood there with no knickers on. Anne couldn't decide if she was more angry at being sexually assaulted, the fact that no one had tried to help her, or having lost her nice silky lingerie to some pantie pervert.

As the bus continued on its journey, Anne thought about the man and woman that had gotten off at the last stop. She couldn't believe that the elderly woman could have been the one to finger her pussy, or the tall well dressed gentleman would have been the one to fondle her breasts. Neither of them seemed to be the type of person who would do such a thing, but what exactly does that sort of person look like? If they weren't the ones who assaulted her, it meant her attackers were still on the bus somewhere behind her. Anne grew a little uneasy at the thought.

As the bus stopped once again, the driver let a few more people on, much to the dismay of the passengers already onboard. Anne felt everyone bunch up closer together and found it difficult to breathe, as the people around her squashed themselves against her.

Anne let go of the handrail on the ceiling, as her arm was getting very tired. As Anne dropped her arms to her side, someone from behind grabbed both of her wrists and pinned her arms together behind her back. Anne felt her arms being pushed upwards behind her back causing pain in both shoulders. As her assailant continued to force her arms upwards, Anne let out a scream. Her assailant used just one hand to pin her arms together behind her back, using their other hand to push upwards under her chin and force her head back. Anne could do no more than let out a muffled cry as her mouth was held closed with her head forced backwards, forcing her to look up at the ceiling of the bus. As her attacker increased pressure on her arms and chin, Anne felt herself being lifted off the floor, her face being pushed into the ceiling of the bus.

Anne was only 5'1" tall, and weighed just 102 lbs, however it would still require someone extremely strong to hold her up in such a position for a prolonged time. Tears were welling up in Anne's eyes as the pain in her shoulders increased. Why was no one helping her or trying to stop the attack?

Anne felt her skirt being pushed up around her waist once more and her already wet pussy was exposed. As her legs dangled in midair, Anne could feel someone position themselves between her legs. Someone took hold of Anne's ankles and pulled her legs apart making it easier for the person beneath her to get access to her pussy. Anne then realised she was being assaulted by at least three, probably four people. As Anne felt someone licking her pussy and sucking on her clit, she tried to distance herself from the attack by thinking of something completely different.

Anne couldn't help herself, even though her shoulders hurt from the position she was being held in, her body was betraying her. Anne knew the difference between the way a man ate pussy and another woman ate pussy, and she knew that the tongue lapping away at her juices as she orgasmed for the second time, belonged to that of a female. Anne shuddered as if an electric shock had past through her body as she reached orgasm for the third time.She could feel her pussy being prised apart by someone's fingers as they sucked on her clit, teasing her clit with their tongue.

The bus was approaching its next stop and slowing down. Anne was lowered to the floor and released from the grip of her attackers. Anne sighed with relief and crossed her arms trying to relieve the pain in her shoulders. As passengers exited the bus and new passengers boarded, Anne realised her skirt was still up around her waist and exposing her pussy. She quickly pushed her skirt back down and recomposed herself. Anne decided the best thing to do was to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way to work, even if it meant being late. The bus started to pull away again and she knew that she was too late to get off, she would have to travel at least one more stop.

A lot more people had got off the bus than had got on at the last stop. Finally she could move about without being squashed by the people around her. There were still no seats available, but there was only about a dozen people left standing on the whole length of the bus.

Anne turned around to face her attacker. She was surprised to see two pretty young girls of about 15 years old in their school uniforms standing directly behind her. Neither of the two girls were any bigger than she was, there was no way they could have restrained her and lifted her off the ground, even if they had both worked together. Anne glanced at the other passengers around her, all of whom were sitting down. There were two nuns sitting next to each other on the back seat of the bus.

"You've got to be kidding me!" said Anne out loud.

Next to them were a young married couple with their daughter, the little girl looked at Anne and smiled. There was an elderly gentleman with a flat cap and walking stick, he looked like he was half asleep and about to kick the bucket at any moment. Next to him sat a scrawny looking young man with a bad dose of acne all over his face; He had his eyes shut, his head bobbing up and down in time to the music he was listening to on his ear phones. There were two middle aged women who both looked respectable enough, seemingly minding their own business, neither one giving Anne any attention. There was also a muscular looking young man sitting next to an attractive young women. They looked like they were a couple, as they held each others hand while they chatted. Anne immediately became suspicious of the young couple. He looked strong enough to restrain her and hold her up whilst his girlfriend could have played with her pussy. Anne stood glaring at the couple, waiting for either of them to look up at her. One of the two schoolgirls asked Anne if she was okay.

"No I'm not. Did either of you see who attacked me?" she asked.

"Attack you?.... When?.... Are you hurt?" asked one of the girls.

"Are you serious?.... How could you not have seen?" asked Anne. The two girls looked at each other as if Anne was some kind of nut-job.

"Lady! We didn't see anything. We don't know what you are talking about."

Anne couldn't believe that the two young schoolgirls didn't see anything. She found it hard to believe that in this day and age people would just look the other way rather than get involved.

"What is the world coming to?" Anne whispered to herself in disbelief.

The bus stopped once again and more passengers got onboard. Anne was about to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way to work when it began to rain heavily. She looked at the rain knowing she would be drenched in a matter of seconds, then decided against getting off the bus. She only had two more stops to travel and the bus stopped right outside of her place of work. As the bus quickly filled up, standing room became very cramped once more. Anne was slowly shoved to the back of the bus as more and more people squeezed on. Eventually the driver had to stop people from getting on as the bus was already over crowded. People banged on the side of the bus as it pulled away and left them standing in the pouring rain. Someone ran out into the road in front of the bus protesting about being left behind. The driver slammed on the brakes to avoid running down the idiot in the road. Everyone was thrown forward, causing several of the passengers who were standing to fall over. Anne fell, landing on top of another passenger. As she tried to pick herself up, apologizing to the person she had landed on top of, she felt someone grab her around the waist from behind. Anne was forcefully pulled backwards onto her hands and knees. Before she had chance to stand up or look round behind to see who had grabbed her, her head was pushed down and forcefully held against the ground. Someone took hold of Anne's jacket and pulled it up over her head so she couldn't see what was happening. Anne struggled to stand up, but someone was standing on her jacket, pinning her head and shoulders to the ground. Anne felt her skirt being pushed up around her waist once more and cried out for her attackers to stop, unfortunately all that could be heard was a muffled sound from beneath her jacket. Anne screamed with terror as she felt a hard cock press up against her vagina. Her assailant had no trouble penetrating her already wet pussy. As her attacker began thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, building up speed and rhythm, Anne felt some hands reaching for her breasts and pulling at her flimsy satin blouse. Anne felt the tiny buttons of her blouse popping open and her blouse was pulled out from the waistband of her skirt. Her tiny breasts jiggled about under her thin satin camisole as her attacker continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Anne felt the thin shoestring straps of her slinky satin camisole snap as someone tugged hard upon it, tearing it from her body and releasing her small firm breasts. The hands that played with her breasts felt tiny, almost child like in size. Anne screamed as she felt the gush of cum filling her pussy. Her assailants cock grew limp and was withdrawn from her pussy, only to be replaced with another cock just seconds later.

The pounding continued on her pussy for what seemed like hours, as Anne felt every stroke of the rapists cock as it slid in and out of her vagina. Anne continued to fight, trying to get up, but to no avail. Someone was standing on her jacket pinning her head and shoulders down, she just didn't have the strength to push them off. Anne grew tired and weak as she struggled, finally giving in to her attackers. She had no option but to let it happen and wait for it to be over. As she felt the fourth cock enter her pussy and begin pumping away inside her, Anne prayed that she wouldn't catch any STD or get pregnant.

Anne could sense every time the bus stopped to let passengers on and off the bus. She knew she had already gone well past her own stop. She could sense people changing places as they stepped over her to get past. She knew that the person standing on her jacket, pinning her to the floor had change at least twice. Anne listened attentively as she thought she sensed a dog brush past her with its owner. Anne had been raped at least 12 times before she had lost count.

"OH MY GOD!" screamed Anne. As she lay on the floor of the bus upon her knees, with her arse stuck up in the air, she felt what she knew could only be a large dog, lapping away at the cum leaking from her tortured and extremely sore pussy. She closed her eyes and prayed to God that the dog's owner didn't let it mount her.


Anne lay on the floor of the bus totally exhausted and in denial. Several minutes past before she realised that she was alone. Anne lifted her head and looked around, the bus was empty and in semi darkness. Anne picked herself up off the floor and looked around to take in her surroundings. The bus seemed to be parked up, back at the bus depot alongside many other buses. She looked at her watch, it had been five hours since she had boarded the bus to go to work. Anne realised that she must have finally lost consciousness after loosing count of how many times she had been raped. The last thing she could remember was a dog vigorously lapping away at her pussy. Anne looked down at herself and realised she was naked apart from her skirt bunched up around her waist.

"Bastards!" she said, realising someone had taken her expensive white silk satin blouse and her shoes. Her jacket was crumpled up on the floor between two rows of seats. Anne picked it up and put it on, buttoning it up to cover her breasts, one of the sleeves was torn at the shoulder. She pushed her skirt back down and tried to smooth out the creases. Anne hobbled off of the bus and walked slowly out of the bus depot. She could feel the cum running out of her pussy and down her legs. All she wanted was to get back home and have a nice long soak in a hot bath.

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Comments (3)
kel69 — 11 February 2018 04:24
Kind of hot. Mostly dumb. If you had tried to make it more realistic it would have been more interesting.
The whole shtick of everyone on the bus, for numerous stops, being in on it...
Eh. Potential wasted.
satinshirt11 February 2018 13:19
kel69, Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it even though it's negative. Without criticism I can't correct things in future stories.
satinshirt11 February 2018 13:19
kel69, Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it even though it's negative. Without criticism I can't correct things in future stories.
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