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Cock Pictures 3

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Gay

Authror: MySemen

Published: 06 February 2018

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The next evening that I was "in the mood" I went back to the page for the older guy who I jerked off to last time. I took a good look at all his pictures, and decided to chat him up. Turns out he was online, so I opened a PM and said hello. When he responded, I told him about my last visit. "I enjoyed your pictures the other night, in fact I jerked off to them. Especially liked the ones in the lounge chair."

In a minute he answered, "I had an especially good cum that time."

"Mine was good too" I replied. "I cummed in my hand and smeared it all over my cock."

"Are you hard now?" he asked, and I answered in the affirmative. I took out my cock and took a picture of it, and sent it to him.

He liked that picture. "Shit man, now you're getting me hard." There was a pause, then he added, "I just checked out your pictures, and I sure would enjoy playing with your cock."

We exchanged size information, and we were both 6+. He had a nicely proportioned shaft and head, not too veiny but masculine looking just the same. I started stroking myself and handling my balls, and told him I was close to cumming. He answered that he was too. I told him my cum was building, then when I shot my load on my stomach I took a private picture for him. Shortly, he sent me a new picture of his hand around his cock and jism running down over it.

We chatted a bit about our sexual histories after that. He was divorced and I was single. He had gotten some action once in a while with a FWB woman, but that relationship was fading out. I told him that I had been hetero but might be interested in men again. After a bit we signed off.

The next time I logged on, he wasn't there but had left me a note saying the general area where he lived and asking where I was. It turns out that he lives less than two hours drive from me. I wasn't quite ready for this, so I didn't answer. I pondered this proposal for a day or so, but kept thinking about his hard cock when he was spread eagle in a chair. At my next login, I told him that I don't live far from him and that I'd like to meet, and suggested a town between us.

Later, in the shower, I thought about having a cock in my mouth for the first time in forty years, and it made me hard. I put a shampoo bottle in my mouth, imagining it was a cock, and jerked off. My cum hit the shower wall and ran down seductively.

The next morning, I woke up thinking about his long hard cock and got excited again. I didn't have time to have a wank, but in the evening I did. I thought about his cock in my mouth, and my cock in his. This got me stroking the lump in my pants, then I took it out and played. I checked out the newest pics and found some that were very inspiring – then I lost it and cummed in my hand. I set the site aside for a while but when I came back, my older friend was on. I told him that I'd jerked off already, but was still enjoying his pictures. We got to talking about how our day had gone, and he said he'd gotten stuck in traffic on the way home. I knew the road he talked of, not surprised.

We discussed a meetup. I offered, " We could just get a beer and get better acquainted." His response was his phone number, so I gave him a call.

"Hi there," I said. I identified myself by my user name, then added, "My real name is Norm."

"Thanks, I'm Ted. Nice to talk to you."

"Same here," I replied. We talked about his traffic jam, then I steered the conversation to meeting up. "I'm available on Thursday, do you want to get a bite to eat?"

"Sounds good, about six?" That worked for me, he suggested a place and I agreed.

Ted asked me, "So was your cum a good one? How did you finish off?"

"Man, I was looking at your pictures, spread eagle in the chair, and my imagination took over. I made a mess all over my hand."

"Cool. " We talked a bit more and hung up.


I left my meat alone on Wednesday. On Thursday, I found the restaurant ok, it was a diner just off the main street in town. Ted had described himself; I found a man fitting the description in the boot in the corner and asked if he was the guy, and he was. I sat across from him. We ordered and just chatted about ourselves. He was big into running where I was more into hiking, the ankles don't run anymore.

As we were finishing up our sandwiches, I slipped my leg across and laid it against his. Ever so subtly, he paused and hummed a little. The touch was exciting to me, too. I'm more into touch these days; seeing the goods is still hot but touch beats it. After a minute, Ted made a gesture with his thumb that looked a lot like a digit sticking up. I slipped my shoe off and raised it under the table until my leg was between his, and moved my foot up his leg. The lump was easy to find. Ted closed his eyes and savored it.

The check came and I picked it up. Ted put down the tip. I slipped my shoe back on and we left the restaurant. He asked, "You know the Sunrise Motel?" I did, it's a mom & pop on the old highway. "Meet you there." On the drive over, my hard-on wouldn't go down.

Ted got there first and checked in. We closed the shades and I said, "Man, it's been a long time for me, being with a guy. Not since I was in my twenties."

"I haven't since I was a teen," he said. "But I remember it well."

I walked over to him and put my hands on his hips, then pressed my crotch against his. We reached around each other for an embrace as we rubbed our stiff cocks against each other. Ted started licking my ear, and I reached down to feel his ass cheek. He reached between us and felt for my lump, and I moaned as he slid his hand up and down on my clothed member.

Ted took the next step and moved back, then unbuckled my pants and opened my zipper. Reaching inside my underwear, he took my stiff cock in his hands and squeezed it. I returned a throb. "I can't wait," he said, and got on his knees. He pulled my pants and underwear down, and my stiff cock sprang up. Reaching around it with one hand, he started to stroke. Damn this felt good, I was getting hot and my cock was so hard. Ted took my balls in his other hand and fondled them, gawddam that felt good. But he had more in mind; I looked down just as he approached my cockhead with his open mouth; I felt the wetness as he engulfed my head. I stroked the back of his head and he hummed, sending the vibrations to my member. Slowly, he slid down onto my erection and began to suck, moving on and off. Fucking ay.

Ted worked me for a few minutes but I was wanting to return the pleasure, so I stepped back and withdrew from his hot, wet mouth. "Let's get naked and go to bed." We both stripped and pulled down the covers, and I laid him down on his back. Getting between his knees, I got a good view of his thick cock. It was beautiful, as stiff and shaped as nicely as the pictures. I stroked him and touched all around his pubic hair, then started licking his crotch. His cock throbbed; it was sticking straight up toward his chest. Now I couldn't wait, and immediately took his member into my mouth. In seconds, I had most of his cock inside me. Ted just grunted. I was really turned on and could feel my cock rubbing against the sheets as I moved on and off him. I worked on him for about ten minutes, and my cock stayed hard.

Then Ted started to grunt and humped his hips upward to my mouth. I held my head steady and tongued his cock while he fucked my face, then he froze in place and I felt him throb in my mouth as he shot his load into me. He relaxed and I sucked hard, sloshing his cum around his shaft to keep him high.

The effect on me was very hot. I thought about rubbing on the sheets and cumming there, instead I swallowed his jism and crawled up until my dick was over his face. He reached for it and stroked it, then stroked faster, and then it hit me; I cried out as my climax hit, and my jism shot all over Ted's face. I shot repeatedly, some hit his forehead, some his mouth and nose, finally a glob dropped on his neck. After I came down a bit, I looked at him and said, "God what a mess." Ted started scooping up my spooge and eating it. What he didn't get, I went after with my tongue. "Share it," he said, so I kept my cum in my mouth until I had gotten it all, and bent to kiss him – then passed what I had to him. He hummed happily then (gulp) swallowed it. And, the kiss was sexy, so I kissed him some more. We danced around each other's cummy mouths with our tongues, and I laid down on him with our cocks cuddling up too.

We just relaxed for a while and felt each other up.

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Cock Pictures 3

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