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Categories Fantasy, Body modification, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 07 February 2018

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NOTES: No one under the age of fourteen has any active sex in this story. And the reader should note the complete absence of any real medical knowledge of the writer of this fable.

THE BIZARRE Dr. Spenser:

Distran Spenser was a weird kid right from the start. As soon as his eyes could focus, he would stare at people and women in particular. It was the beginnings of a lifelong fascination with the female sex. No he didn’t become sexually involved with them until halfway through the year after his fourteenth birthday, but not for lack of interest.

He began his lifelong study of the female seriously after he turned ten and could have access to the medical books in the town’s library. He read everything that he could on the subject and by sixteen was as familiar with the contents of Gray’s Anatomy as any graduate of that course in college. But, this didn’t lead to him having successful relationships with girls or even boys for that matter. He was a determined loner who was polite to others, but not particularly interested in them as individuals. And for that reason they weren’t interested in him either, except as an oddity to pay attention to at times.

At age fourteen plus six months, his mother’s youngest sister came to visit. She was the adventuresome sort and had already cliff dived and parachuted amongst other things before Dis even met her. But, when she came to stay for a couple of weeks, she saw Dis as a target for her efforts to widen his horizons. So she noticed that he very closely observed females, including her, but did not actively interact with them. And she decided to break open that gate in a decisive manner.

So, she misled Dis’s mother into believing that she was taking him in town for a lunch and movie, but instead they ended up at the home of a resident sex worker of the city. The lady, only eighteen herself led Dis into her bedroom alone for the present and had him remove his clothing and lay on the bed. And then she did a strip-tease before him, magnifying the sexuality of the removing of each article of her clothing. Dis, laying on his back with his head up on two pillows followed the progress of that very closely.


When she was naked, she got up on the bed on her knees beside the boy, and took his hands and moved them over her body, letting him feel all of her interesting ports of call. He really liked her breasts which were the biggest that he had ever seen and he spent some time in weighing them with his hands and feeling their textures and sampling the feel of her nipples in his mouth.

And then she moved his attentions down to her groin area to touch her pussy features. At this, he decided to get a closer look, because though he could feel about the region, he wanted to see it. So, he moved his body down to be between her opened legs and bent over to see, smell and taste the tissues of that area. This got her very excited and him hard, which was another matter of curiosity to him.

She then pulled him up to lay above her body and reached down to install his cock up into her pussy hole. This brought on a whole new set of newly discovered sensations for him and he came the first time very quickly, right up into the upper pussy vault. With that, he laid over to her side and she began to kiss and cuddle with him.

While that was going on, his Aunt Bonita entered and undressed herself to join in the action. While the pro was engaged in kissing and caressing his upper body, Bonita centered her interest on his now lowered cock. Soon her hands gave way to her mouth and it quickly rose to attention again. And then she moved up to plunge her pussy down on it for her to be fully entered also. Dis felt, but did not see this which was obviously the ladies’ intention. He felt the ribbed structure of his aunt’s pussy vault and the wetness and heat of it and soon he emptied up into her, too.

Then the two women cuddled up with him between them so that he could briefly nap.

When he awoke, they took turns sucking on his cock and his ass, and when he was ready, the pro sat on his face with her pussy mounted to his mouth and Auntie forced his hardened cock up her ass, to empty into her again. With this he was totally spent and so Auntie got him dressed, settled up with the pro and took him home with the explanation that he overdid the afternoon and he slept until the following morning.

So, the next morning when he awoke, he processed all that had happened the previous afternoon and determined that he now had practical knowledge of what he had so deeply studied over the years. And he decided to leave it at that for the present. He never tried to push himself on anyone and was satisfied with his experiences for a long time.

He graduated from high school at the age of sixteen and entered a course of pre-med at the university, with considerable concern by the faculty for one so young to be pursuing this line of study. But Dis proved himself quite capable of not only keeping up but excelling in his studies. He was not exceptionally bright, but just modestly so, with a very determined attitude towards study. And so he graduated with his four year in three years. And then entered med school at the age of nineteen. Again with faculty concern, that was soon dispelled by his course achievements. He graduated near the top of his class and worked through his internship and his residency completely by the age of twenty-seven. And by age thirty was a well-known abdominal and thoracic surgeon.

Starting about age twenty, he entered on a series of temporary assignations to take care of his sexual needs. Most of them were nurses, who hoped to land such a successful student and then doctor as him. But, because of his nature, the romance always died in between three and eight months. None of the unsuccessful women felt any regret over the experience, nor any bad feelings when it was over. They just considered it part of their learning experience and continued to enjoy their professional work with him. When asked about it, many of them said that he was very tender, but magnificently dull and boring to live with. But, they said it kindly and with a little smile.

At age thirty under pressure from his parents for grandchildren, he settled down with a very lovely nurse from out of town. They had three children rather quickly and then it fizzled and died in the tenth year of the marriage. She left him taking the kids with her and they soon after found a cool guy who took a real interest in the kids and the kids weren’t unkind about it, they just lost interest in their father.

Dis returned to the mode of a series of several month long assignations, again mostly with nurses until he retired at the age of sixty-five. Then the life that he had been preparing himself for really started.

With his share of the bequest from his parents and his savings over the years, he bought an old farmhouse out far into the country side, right past another of such that had a sign out front, NO MALES ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY. And another that said, STRICTLY ENFORCED. He wondered at that, but wasn’t curious enough to bother to check in to it. But, Mable the nurse –practitioner that retired and moved in with him to be his housekeeper and assistant in his medical experiments, did help neutralize the woman’s, back behind the gates, reproductive abilities.

But, that was of passing interest, since they had more pressing interests of their own and a lot of study and experimentation before they could put all of this to practical use.

The thrust of their efforts were going to be to be able to improve a woman’s ability to sexually please her man and to be more comfortable in the doing of it. A noble calling for a man who had studied women from his youth.

So, along with remodeling the farmhouse to their specifications and building their surgery and recovery center, they entered in a mode of research to address the many abilities that would be needed and the insuring of the patient’s survival through and after the procedures were completed. This called for the calling in of other professionals in several specialties to augment the Doctors abilities. And after two years of study and practice of this, they were ready for a patient, but without one at the present. In the meantime, they were able to find cadavers to practice on from underground suppliers.

So, then came Madeline into their lives. She was the great-granddaughter of the Aunt that had been instrumental in Dis’s initiation into active adult sex. And she must have gotten a batch of the same family genes as Dis had, because she had a rather dull personality. In the report and legal papers that arrived with her, was a description of an eighteen year old that had very lax habits, a mediocre school report, painfully plain visage, and low self-esteem as a result.

She wasn’t at all ugly, just plain looking. When as a doctor he gave her a general examination, he found her to be very healthy, though untoned of body because of a lack of exercise. Her body was straight upright in carriage, spare, tall at about five foot-ten inches, modest breasted at about a ‘B’ and adult in sexual development, with abundant pussy hair.

Her face was unremarkable, but had a straight nose, wideset eyes, and a generously wide mouth with pronounced lips. He tried them out right then, with her not taking any perceivable pleasure in it, not any umbrage, either. She obediently opened her mouth, and made the necessary ‘O’ for his penetration. When his member was entered, she used her tongue to swirl around it, wetted it up with her abundant saliva and added a strong sucking action on the out strokes. She avoided tooth contact with her lips curled in and with her head bouncing back and forth, soon brought him to a climax, with his cum going down her esophagus to her tummy. This was all done very obediently, as noted in the entry notes. She was a very obedient sex subject. Evidently, her one saving grace along with a particularly undemanding nature.

He then had her lay back on the examination table and searched about her body to find any noteworthy defects. He found none by his massaging her breasts, probing her vagina with his fingers, nor up her anus again with fingers, and she tolerated all of this searching without any show of distress, nor any discomfort, either. Because of this, she would be assigned a room of her own, but would be expected to regularly grace his bed also.

He and the nurse had set up her room to be very feminine in a younger girl style. It had a small, but very comfortable bed that he would grace with her sometimes. Little girl features including the wall paper, a dresser full of little girl themed clothing and stuffed animals were included. And importantly a full online terminal in the corner for her educational needs. Besides being a willing subject of their medical experiments, she was going to get a first-class online education also.

That first night, she was invited to his bed and showed up in the young girl flavored night time dressing. While he had her with her legs splayed out and his member firmly planted up into her pussy vault, she happened matter-of-factly to mention to him that she wasn’t on any kind of birth control. He noted her lack of concern about that and replied that it was okay, they were prepared for any eventualities with her. And with this she began to plunge up to meet his down strokes and they came very powerfully together and then settled in for the night with her cuddled up to him.

While Maddie slept in in the morning, the doctor and Mable talked over their plans for the girl. They decided to start with the mouth, with the augmentation process. Maddie had already been advised of the possibility of some pain and discomfort in the healing up processes, but seemed unconcerned that much as long as she had pain meds to help get her through. So, the first surgery was scheduled that night. And it was going to include the work of an oral surgeon from a shadowy secret association of experimental doctors, of which Dis would also have to aid with his abilities. This was so that there would be no funds transfers to be tracked in their cooperative ventures.

So, Dis took her in hand and loved her up that afternoon in advance of the surgeries that night. She would be under the knife for several hours and would be in post-surgery recovery for most of a day, with a four week healing to take care of most of the surgery trauma included.

When she was in recovery, the final surgery report included the following alterations: her uvula was now reprogrammed to be of the nature of a clit, so giving her a great deal of pleasure in her oral gifts in the future. Her teeth were shortened and blunted with a more chisel like functionality to make it easier for her to suck on a cock without tooth interference. Her jawline was altered so that her mouth would have a more noticeable rounded shape. Her tongue was lengthened to facilitate it more in anal, and dual use in females, too. And her trachea was split and the openings moved up the side of the throat, so as to prevent cum spillage from choking her and also to allow her to breathe more easily in extended oral on men. She was also programmed to accept male cum as the most tasty substance on Earth. A gift by means of a certain mental reprograming corporation by the use of a portable unit.

The oral surgeon was very excited about the procedures and got a copy of the surgery video for his own use. There was going to be no secrecy among the medical staffs involved in these efforts, so Dis would get his own copies of the other’s efforts for his records, also.

Maddie tolerated the surgery very well, and the pains wore off unexpectantly in a much shorter time than expected. Mable took up Dis’ bed till Maddie was able to function for him again. It took two months and on her first night in Dis’ arms, she was very excited about the results of the augmentations.

As she began the sexual exercise, she found that she could probe with her tongue all the way back to his throat and approached his esophagus. That her efforts to suck on his cock were much easier now with her improved mouth shape. And that she went simply delirious with the pussy climaxing caused by his cumming into her mouth and probing past the uvula. And she was heartened to see in her mirror that her face was very much the same as before, maybe even a little bit more attractive. Her sex with the next few nights was very energetic with the old doctor.

Two months later, the next round of augmentations were entered upon, this time on her breasts. Dis didn’t have any interest in enlarging them, they were very pretty in their natural state. But during the surgery, rather brief this time, she got implants in each that would first of all attack with a medical fury any appearance of a cancerous growth. This would be by using the body’s natural defenses in a very targeted way. And the other improvement was the ability to reinitialize the lactation mode for those who would enjoy it on her, tailored to the needs of the recipient, and with the ability to turn it on for a time, turn it off for a time and also to be in a very extended mode if desired. It would not be a full-on maternity mode, but with modest sized secretions to the pleasure of persons who very much liked the process. There would be very little additional life challenges for Maddie in the process. And when Dis tried it out, he found the milk and fun to be rather enjoyable.

Maddie completely healed up from this surgery very quickly and so the determination for the next round was decided upon. And now Maddie was getting excited about the coming surgeries, though she didn’t know much about what they would entail, because her sense of self-worth was improving with her additional abilities to please men.

The next surgery operation, involved an electronics tech and another surgern familiar with the colon’s chemical operations. And to start the augmentation of the anal entrance, they needed a power source for the electronic internal power control for the further augmentations for here and elsewhere in the body for the future. So, a small power generator that used the chemical interactions of the colon to generate the slight amount of charge needed was installed by the visiting doctor. And a note was made to keep an eye on any adverse effects from this, though they didn’t anticipate any.

A series of lead wires were directed about in the body, and they were carefully selected in materials to no pose any dangers to the patient. The first set went to the sphincter at the anal entrance and would widely open it up when the outside area was stimulated. Also a stimulation of the walls of the rectum was linked to the feeling of an outside object entering the rectum, for it to vibrate it in that response. Also the rectum was lengthened to allow it to accept most all cocks comfortably. Lubrication would still have to be added in manually, which they didn’t suppose would be a problem for those playing in this manner.

Maddie again tolerated this procedure very well, and when she was healed up was amazed at how much more fun anal sex was for her and the doctor after that.

The medical team decided to give Maddie another six months before the next surgery exercise to enjoy what had already been done and to enter upon an enforced light exercise program to have her in top shape for the upcoming much more radical body changing procedures. It was going to take a team of surgeons to accomplish and the principals would then also have time to practice on more secretly obtained cadavers, to get the routine down pat. Also, some tissue growth would have to be accomplished for the coming surgeries.

For the next augmentation surgeries, something very new and experimental was going to be accomplished, the construction of a new sexual orifice,…………. through the belly button.

So the belly button was opened and enlarged, a newly constructed [from her own tissues regrown to this purpose] vagina was installed, another clitoral entity was installed, and the whole thing was lengthened into her body cavity, with connections for the same purposes as the rectum received. No connection to the reproduction system was made, though. And the controlling of the normal entry through the cervix was merely to augment other birth control methods.

Maddie was a bit stunned at this surgery’s result, but when she became adjusted to the thought and actions of being fucked right into the belly, she became much more comfortable to it. And the thought that she would now be able to facilitate four and not just three men, gave her pause to consider.

After a few weeks of Dis trying all of the variations that he could think of with her, most all to her added pleasure too, he decided to have this human sex doll tried out by a couple of well-known nonprofessional pervs of a gentle nature. They agreed and allowed it to be video recorded for study purposes, you know!!! And they also brought a long a couple of other guys to work in, if it became possible.

Maddie was provided some more adult like garments for the occasion and they brought in a Hollywood makeup artist to do her up, without them knowing what this was all about. With the dress and make-up Maddie was very attractive, and totally into what would happen, her first real foray in exciting and glamourous sex.

When the first two guys saw her in person, they had their clothing off in record time. And shortly afterward with a great deal of kissing and caressing of her body, they had her on her back on the bed. When they removed the sexy clothing they were in amazement at the new pussy where the belly button should be. And began a very aggressive, but gentle, sexual usage of this striking woman.

There were oohs and aahs by each of them as they tried out the various augmentations, starting with blow jobs on them. And when they got to anal, they were out of their minds in lust for her. And then they invited the other two guys in to practice using all four ports at a time. She got multiple cum offerings in each one and that night when she cuddled up to Dis, she whispered into his ear how happy she was now. And sucked him off a couple of times with her getting climaxes and then finished with him up into her new pussy, with her sucking on his nipples. What a gal!!

And then Dis had a brochure and video made up proclaiming the introduction of the first fully functional REAL WOMAN SEX DOLL. It was an immediate hit. And when mainstream reassignment surgeons got hold of the videos and instructions, it became very popular for especially plain looking young women and also for T.S’s of both persuasions.

Dis stayed in the background with these discoveries and had a commercial company market his procedures, that other doctors were welcome to facilitate, also.

It was never going to put the android type sex dolls out of business, because it was very expensive and required a rich sponsor for each effort of this. Thankfully there few failures in the process and the girls (and T.S’s) that had it done to them seemed to have few afterward difficulties with it, except on their dating schedules.

Maddie stayed with Dis, and was allowed to play with other guys and gals on occasion. But, she was very happy with her surgeon and lover who had opened up a much more refreshing life for herself

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