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  12. THE MARINE'S WIDOW [A non-erotic story]


Categories Fantasy, Authoritarian, Erotica, Male / Female

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 07 February 2018

  • Font:

No one in this story that has sex is below fourteen years of age.

And this is just a fable, and had absolutely nothing to do with what goes-on on any reservation.


The graduations:

With the coming of fall, the outside training of the Tribal Party Sluts, as the twelve young girls were dubbed had to move to the inside. It was just getting too cool for this to happen outside with them being naked. So, the stage was closed in for the present with a series of large tarps and heaters, and the training continued.

A State Patrol Captain came to the tribal center and asked to speak with the current tribal leader about this program hidden in the forest. He told of his concern about the welfare of the girls involved as to what he had heard about.

The tribal leader looked down from his elevated desk and asked what was his standing in this matter? Whatever happened on the ‘rez’ was on a separate nation and that he had no authority here. The Stater tried a little intimidation as white men had with the natives for centuries, but it didn’t work. This tribe had very well established rights and the strong-willed authorities to enforce them. So, the tribal leader looked down on him and asked, “Are you trying to intimidate me?” You are on soil that you have no standing on that we don’t give you! With that the Captain decided to withdraw and apologized for taking up the leader’s time. He was then passed out of the building with a manner of respect to his Anglo-authority.

When the Stater left, the leader sat back and relaxed and thought things over. He really didn’t like the two youth sex schools on the ‘rez’ but knew better than to challenge them at this time. Times were still tough on the ‘rez’ now, even with a very successful hotel and casino in action and several other business ventures moving forward. But, with alcohol and drug addiction still rampant on the ‘rez’ many families were in a desperate state to afford to live in an area that was relatively expensive to survive in. So, the girls in the two schools, the one for tribal sluts to take care of unattached males and the other by an off-rez couple for their own amusement were going to be permitted to continue, because they both took care of critical needs of the tribe and helped the families of these girl with very much needed cash infusions.

There would just be admonitions, indirectly, to more strictly enforce their security measures and secrecy of operations. His wife, who was the head of maintenance for each of the installations (and the only living soul who knew of both school’s exact locations) would pass on this advice the next cleaning tour that she took in each.

When this information got to Master James, he took it very seriously. And he began to plan on methods to further protect what he had here and to also utilize his main assets here, the pussies, mouths and asses of girl now approaching their fifteenth or sixteenth birthdays. He had enjoyed the asses of almost all of the girls up to now, and since number twelve (Little Flower) had been raped and lost her virginity to a jerk uncle, she was actively sharing her pussy also in his bed.

While there was some resentment to the school on the ‘rez’ as there was also for the Tribal Slut School, over ideological or jealousy generated feelings, the families that were economically benefitting by each of the schools and their sympathizers had a sizable hold on the matter with the tribal authorities. Truth was that none of the girls involved were forced into this, except possibly by their families, and that without these schools, a further number of families would be a very large burden on the tribe. So, need overcame ideologies.

Master James on one of his random internet searches had run into a news story about the ending of tent circus operations. Many of them were out of business now, and others had gone to using arenas instead of canvas. So, through the commercial operations of his investments he asked if one of the very large ones in great condition could be obtained for his private usage. And it was made so. But, it was stored in a warehouse under misleading identification until it would be ready for usage.

Then a renegade architect, who now worked on the slight, was hired to plan for it utilization at the old forest picnic site of the Tribal Party Girl Sluts School. A tall and sturdy central pole was designed and the base poured for it. Workers not related to any tribe from various locales across the nation were utilized in different stages of this to help diffuse any leaking of substantial information on it. And different companies were used on different stages of the project to prevent any of them, except for the last one to know of what it would be when finalized. The Sully brothers finished the project, but the local J.W’s passed on helping with this one.

When finished the Pole had been installed, a circle of surrounding ones among the trees was finished, the big top, was installed with a reflective underside to lower light leakage and it was put into place with a local sky crane helicopter. Noteworthy was that the whole covering was designed to be able to be opened for sizable cargo to be lowered down through it. Convenient since Master James had plans to add a mobile home to the little compound for more comfort for future clients of his little entourage.

Also, a hidden trail with an underground portion that involved blindfolded travelling was installed to increase security regarding paying visitors to this site.

Then, of all things, an actual house was delivered to the site by the company that was supposed to provide a modular home. It was very nice and obtained at a fraction of the cost of a modular home. So, it was accepted and remodeled for its new purpose. Number twelve took up permanent residence in it to oversee its operations involving the other girls, and her place as number twelve was superseded by a new girl at the sparkling age of just fourteen. Little Flower was now the designated House Mother and referred only by that among the girls and staff. She still continued to favor the Master with her body, since she was the only one at that time that was not a virgin.

With the girls well-trained and eager to put their new knowledge to work, a series of monthly galas was scheduled with the deflowering of one of the girls as each one was scheduled to occur. They would be starring in the central role each one in rotation by their number. And the bids would be gathered, with a nonrefundable deposit, during the month leading up to each one’s denouement. It was hoped that by this, the financial status of the Master would be restored, to allow him to continue this affair unhindered.

As the Master was pounding lightly into Little Flower’s now over sixteen year old ass, she was relating to his ears the financial situation midway through the current month leading up to the virginal denouement number one. She had already graduated from the local community college with a degree in accounting and business. Even before her graduation from high school. The diploma of which was on order in respect for her completed college work. And she was in fact in the process of leading up to the total management of this whole operation, knowing it from ass hole to the top, so to speak. With a big smile on his face, he unloaded his umpteenth load up into her from the beginning of her participation in the school. Next to the Mistress, she was his very favorite ass to play with. He strictly stayed away from her pussy, except for about five days just after her period. As cute as she was, he wanted no part in making any more like her. He would leave that to others. She sighed and got a brief, but welcome little climax and rose to finish off his cock, before returning to her duties in The House.

On the night for the first ‘Cherry Festival Gala,’ the thirty guys who were the finalists in the bidding were guided through the underground tunnel to the site blindfolded. And when the entered the compound were amazed that something like this could be hidden so well in the forest of the ‘rez.’ But, they were even more amazed at the line-up of the young girls arranged up before them, each between fourteen and sixteen years of age. And all virgins at this point.

The compound floor had been paved and overlaid in the meeting area with split bamboo flooring. On this were some very comfortable seating for the final bidding. The losers tonight would get to sample the asses of the other girls, only one was to be deflowered and the warning of anyone transgressing on this was more than a little scary, because the famous Bash Brothers were in attendance for security purposes.

After they had all sat down to share in the bidding festivities, and after having enjoyed their Cuban cigars or vaping and a fine French wine, the music interlude started and the girl all as nude as the day they were born moved up the left-hand corner of the stage steps and lined up with titties and breast showing and glowing in the dim lighting of the stage. Must have been some special make-up for that, many of them thought.

Then the Master of Ceremonies, and outsider brought in, called the evening to order. And after a very brief introduction began the bidding. After the bidding had proceeded for several minutes and up to $125,000 for this privilege this night, the single girl of honor for the night walked forward and presented herself to the crowd for their inspection. She widened out her legs with a spotlight on her, lifted her tiny titties, bent over to show of her ass and pussy from behind and then blew a kiss to the assembled men and a few women, who had their own designs on this young woman.

Finally, the bidding soared to $300,000 and change and the bidding was closed and a rather young rich man, walked up and took the girl by the hand to retire to the House on campus for his special treat.

The girl walked proudly with him, knowing that a very large payday( twenty per cent of the final bid) was in order for her and her family if she carried this off in fine fashion. She was confident in her knowledge and abilities now, and so took the lead in moving them as a couple to the specially prepared bedroom.

When they got to the bedroom, the man was informed that he would have all of the time that he wanted for this ritual, all night if he desired so, but once he had taken her ‘cherry,’ it would be over for them within thirty minutes. This was to allow her to seek some remedial help at the dispensary to prevent any real damage to her or any infections, also. The man nodded his acceptance of this restriction and then undid his clothing and joined her on the bed.

As he was on his knees facing her, she guided him to kissing her very sweetly along with his hands caressing her smallish titties. She made sure that she was very vocal during this special time, to make the man feel even more special with her. She called him, “Papi,” because real names were never used in the compound and he, though only thirty-nine to her sixteen took to it well. He called her ‘Sweetheart,’ very appropriate for her impressively friendly manner.

As he moved on with his enjoyment of this darling forest sprite, she began to whimper and moan in response to his intimate initiatives. Her nipples were very hard to the touch and her pussy vault was already warm and wet to the touch, though he hadn’t moved down to it, yet. But, she now laid back on the bed with her legs bent and elevated as they were splayed to highlight to his touch and sight her very pretty pussy view.

He did more than a little moaning at that, too. And then knelt down to use his mouth to taste, his nose to smell and his tongue to feel her pussy elements so open to his view. With this, her body was becoming much more demanding of his physical penetrations, so to prevent the whole thing climaxing right there, she moved to her stomach and allowed him to move up into her ass for the present. And he was thrilled with this, because of the ease of penetration, but still the tightness on his cock as he plowed up into her anal vault. In his excited state, he emptied up into her in only a few minutes, followed closely by her petite climax, too.

They then moved to the Swim-spa bathtub for some lazy time cuddling and talking about everything and nothing. Finally they settled into telling a number of sexy stories to each other as she relaxed back in his lap with her butt cleft holding his cock up to his stomach. He himself had his hands guiding over her wonderful young woman’s body, or at least would be a woman’s body after this night. He felt all of the curves, secret places and flat surfaces of her, she withheld nothing from him that night. And he found himself falling very deeply into ‘something—he wasn’t sure what?’ But, he determined that if this worked out as well as it was progressing there would be no way that he would walk away without pursuing her for perhaps more of a relationship for the future, despite the fact that she was full native and he was full Anglo. Maybe because of it, actually.

But, time was moving on and he didn’t want to delay long enough for him to not be fully capable of the denouement that he had paid so richly for. So, he motioned for them to rise up from the bathtub and while she was drying her hair, he put one of his business cards into her jacket pocket with a notation on the back, CALL ANY TIME!!!

Even though they had only been together for an hour and a half, he was very motivated to move on to the climax of this and so took her by the hand and guided her up so very gently to being on the bed on her back. He then in the gentlest possible ways kissed and fondled her body until it was lit up with passion again. And it was real, because of the tell-tale signs around the nose on her face. The bright redness told it all.

So, he got the red towel to go under her hips and elevated her behind up on the special deflowering pillow and began to orally excite her whole pussy area, till it was bright red and leaking copious amounts of her girl cum. Then he lubed himself up with her cum, let her suckle on him for a few minutes and then moved down to begin her journey into womanhood.

The entrance to her pussy began to spasm right away with his starting to enter, but with a minimum of pain, he soon moved past that right up to the girl flap of skin called the hymen. He looked to her face to get the okay for this once in a lifetime event and she with arched eyebrows and glowing eyes, nodded yes for him to enter her totally. So, he pushed past the brief obstruction and then quickly sank all the way to the back end of her sopping vagina. The pain was sharp, but very brief. Something this important in life, should have some trauma in its achievement, but for her it was momentary and relatively light.

With him fully penetrated into her now womanly body, as slight as it was, he was in no hurry to rush the next step and so he rested on his arms and knees and busied himself kissing and sucking on her mouth and then her breasts. She noted and was pleased with his patience in all of this life-changing event, but soon thrust up with her body to him to initiate the final rites of passage. Her climax and his ejaculation of his cum into her most private place. Thankfully for them, they came in closely marked events, with them both totally satiated and needing a brief nap.

When they awoke up, she had him lay back on the bed and she moved over him to lick up and sallow all that was left on his outside from the great event, including some of her own virginal blood. He then did the same for her, with his tongue even probing as far up into her vaginal cavity as it could reach, and then they fell back to cuddle together and kiss the rest of the time away.

They then took a brief showered together and she folded up the towel with her virginal blood on it and presented it up to him to take with him as a memento. She hoped to see him again. And after they kissed and hugged, with him leaving the premises, she found the card and her heart fluttered at the thought of his wanting to see her again.

With this being the first of these galas, The Master was curious how things would work out. And in this case, the man was a Micro Soft millionaire and had a plush home on a fine lake just south of the city’s border. He and the newly made woman dated for a few months and then she moved in with him for the duration of each other’s remaining lives. They had two children and he continued to send a stipend to her parents as long as they lived.

The Master, just smiled at this propitious result, which could be highlighted in the private brochures for the future galas. And he wasn’t losing a native whore, he was gaining another younger one, because the waiting list to be among the twelve was quite lengthy.

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