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  1. The gift
  2. The gift 2

The gift 2

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, Incest, Mind Control

Author: truck24000

Published: 08 February 2018

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I know I saw mom shudder just like Alicia did the first time I thought of what I wanted to do with her.

Let me recap some here, Alicia and I just had an amazing fuck, she was totally into it and very willing. Ever since I fell down the stairs and Mr. Fred offered me a gift, thing started to go very strangely after that. He told me all I needed to do was think of anything and that thought would come to pass. I remember thinking of Alicia and how it would feel to fuck her, and she shuddered each time I had a thought.

When we were done fucking and I deposited a large load of cum in Alicia’s pussy, she fell to the side and went to sleep. I noticed the bedroom door open a bit and went to go check it out. When I followed the lite moans, I found mom laying on her bed with her fingers between her legs. I thought about her being next and I defiantly saw her shudder at that point.

In the morning at the breakfast table mom kept looking at me and smiling. I even noticed a slight twinkle in her eyes which I found kind of strange. She poured a glass of orange juice for me and when she placed it on the table I noticed her robe open just slightly. My eyes were drawn to her breast where her nipple was just barely out of site. A little movement left or right and I would see her full breast. I looked up as she was looking right at me…busted! Do you like …… breakfast? She stated with a slight pause. All I could do was swallow hard. The thought came quick, without even realizing it I thought “damn what I wouldn’t give to have my lips around that nipple”.

The next thing I know mom shuddered then had her robe undone and her hand on the back of my head bringing my mouth closer to her nipple. I took that nipple and gently kissed it then drew it into my mouth sucking gently.

Now might be a good time to describe mom. Mom (Patricia to friends) is about five feet four inches tall. As for her body, well she is defiantly a MILF in my books as she is built well for her age of 42. I wasn’t like most kids my age because I never went and looked at her bras to see what size she was cause all I knew was that she was hot for a mom. She has lite red hair and her body is covered in lite freckles. I think her best asset is her ass, her heart shaped tight ass. Everyone and I mean everyone man or woman has stopped and looked at that ass as it went by. I have been guilty many times of watching her while she does housework in tight shorts or even a dress sometimes. When she is dusting and bends down she doesn’t realize that her ass is perfect for staring at! Then there are those breasts that all my friends like and comment about. Those are awesome, I would love to get a titty fuck from her ive heard my friend say. I have seen her in a bikini out at the pool and I must say I have stroked one or two over them in my mind.

Now back to her nipple that I was gently sucking on. As I sucked gently I let my teeth graze across her hard nipple and she shook and moaned out loudly. My hand slid up inside her robe and I cupped the other breast and started flicking the nipple with my thumb then I would lightly tweak it making her moan even more. I switched to the other nipple bringing it to my mouth and bite gently as I sucked on it driving her into a small frenzy. She put her head back and held me tighter to her breasts as she shook hard and moaned out loud. I could smell her arousal even more now, then I slipped a hand between her legs and felt the wetness dripping down the inside of her thigh. She stepped back as I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted her sweet honey.

She stood there staring at me with a look of lust and want in her eyes. I thought damn those eyes would be awesome looking up at me while she was giving me head. She shuddered some and I saw a twinkle in her eye as she knelt down right there and reached over to my sweats and slid them down to my knees my hard cock was standing straight up as she slowly wrapped her fingers around my cock. I groaned at her touch and she started stroking me, when she reached the top she would twist her hand just right and an unbelievable feeling over came me as this was by far the best hand job ever. Then she leaned over with the tip of her tongue just grazing the underside of my hard knob. A few licks later as she looked me in the eye she swallowed me whole in one shot. DAMN …… I saw flashing lights and went dizzy as that’s the best start to a blow job ever. She knew what she was doing to. Who would have ever guessed she was great at giving head. Dad was one lucky asshole! She started to hum and that’s when I lost it, I grabbed her head and started to fuck her throat all the while she just hummed away not once gagging or trying to stop me. I yelled out “Fuck mom I’m gonna cum”, she grabbed me by the ass and shoved me down her throat and started swallowing which in turn had me cumming in buckets it seemed.

After she stood back up and wiped her lips where a small drop of cum was she very sexually licked the cum off her finger and then winked at me, saying well if you can get it hard again you can fuck me till just before your dad comes home. She turned and dropped the robe completely showing me her amazing ass, she looks over her shoulder with a smirk saying, “I know you like my ass, I’ve seen you staring enough times at it, why do you think I bend over in front of you and your friends when I’m doing housework”?

I was hard as a rock again, thank goodness for teenage hormones. I stood up behind her, wrapped my hands around her, cupped her breasts and kissed her neck eliciting a sigh then a moan. I knew then that she was ready for whatever was gonna happen. My left hand slid down across her belly and along her hip then down to her ass where I grabbed and felt her ass for the first time. Heaven had nothing on that feeling of a perfect ass, knowing you were about fuck the shit out of that ass too.

She pushed back and ground her ass against my cock, I growled out and pushed on her back to make her bend over the arm of the couch. I looked down, just couldn’t help myself SMACK right on the left cheek bringing out a yelp and then one of the most sensuous moans I have ever heard. Who would have thought mom liked all this?

I took my hard cock and slid it across her pussy from the bottom all the way to her asshole. She was wet, dripping wet, every time I touched her asshole with my cock she groaned out, hmmmm … must remember that. I slid my cock across her pussy making sure it was good and lubed for what was coming. I pushed in till just the head was inside, I stopped at that moment and thought that no matter what my cock was just the right size and she could feel every vein and ridge, bringing constant orgasms as it rubbed across her g-spot.

I smacked her ass once more, hard, she jumped, yelped and pushed back all at the same time driving my cock all the way in. she started to shake and clamped down on my cock as her orgasm over took her. I started thrusting hard and deep making sure I rubbed her g-spot every time. She started moaning really loud now, yelling for me to fuck her. Fuck her hard and deep. I did as she asked harder and faster my balls slapping her on her clit each time I bottomed out bringing even more moans and incoherent words. I could feel my balls start to boil so I grabbed her hips and really started fucking her hard ans fast. She started screaming out that she was about to cum, “don’t stop Justin ... keep fucking mommy just like that!” I couldn’t stop if I wanted to right at that moment. I shoved hard one last time yelling out “shit mom I’m cumming hard”. “don’t stop son please keep fucking me I’m about to cum” her pussy clamped down tight on my hard cock as she had her biggest ever orgasm. I was cumming deep inside of her as well rope after rope of teenage baby cream filling her up. Her moans and sighs were all we could hear as I collapsed on her back completely spent. I pulled out and sat in the chair as I watched our combined cum leak out of her used pussy.

She turned around and dropped to her knees and took my softening cock back in her mouth and cleaned me up of all evidence of our forbidding tryst. When she was done she looked up at me again stating that this is not over with young man. She says to me, something I thought I would never hear, “next time you can have my ass, as I have never felt a cock that was perfect for my pussy it was just the right length and size and I want more, LOTS more.

At that moment Alicia walked in the room, stopped and stared at us with her mouth hanging open, standing next to her was Kayla, she just smirked and said nothing.

I wonder what it would be like to see Kayla necked and my cock in her mouth? As I thought about that I noticed the all to familiar shudder run across her body and at that moment everything froze so I looked around expecting to see Mr. Fred but nope what I did see was a vision of angelic beauty with a perfect body and she was walking towards me.

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The gift 2

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troggy — 08 February 2018 17:37
lucky stiff
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