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I Want You on my Christmas Tree, Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tonysex23

Published: 08 February 2018

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I couldn't help it. She was bending over in tight jeans as she straightened the shelf of books after she removed them to dust. I kept this to myself of course and didn't let her catch me staring at her ass or down her shirt whenever I got the chance.

I was home on Christmas break from college in my junior year and it was just me and my mom. My crazy sexy mom who I couldn't stop fantasizing about. Sometimes I thought to myself, maybe there is something wrong with me. Who would think about their mother in such a fashion? It didn't help she kept great care of her body at 40 years old. She never skipped leg day as her ass was amazing from squats. She had 34D natural breasts, a tight body with the prototypical blonde hair and green eyes. Any man with half a brain would want to do great and terrible things if given the chance.

So, who cares if I'm her son? I'm a man with half a brain and I want to fuck my mother. Christmas break was a nice stretch of alone time with her and if there was ever a chance to do it, now is the time. But how? That was the problem. How do I broach the subject of wanting to have sex with my own mother? Hey mom, since it's just you and I and you aren't dating anyone, how about we get together? It's not like asking out any other woman.

While my brain tried desperately to figure how this was going to happen, I became the ultimate creep. Yeah, yeah, spying on my own mom. Shame on you! But ya know what? Fuck you. I took every chance I could. When she was in the shower I spied through cracks in the door and keyholes. If she took one at night, I climbed the conveniently placed tree outside the bathroom window for an unobstructed view.

Thankfully she was proud of her body and didn't shy away from flaunting it. She wore loose shirts and tight pants. Her cleavage on full display and ass on point. If she knew how I imagined undressing her or if she even knew how often I went out of my way to get whatever glimpse I could of her, she'd probably stop.


Christmas day was here and all I've gotten were distance pictures and glimpses to jack off too. What I wanted was to fuck my mom, not my hand. Sitting on the couch watching tv, the doorbell rang. Opening the door to no one, it took me a moment to notice a small box on the ground with my name on it no less. Strange thing was, I hadn't ordered anything. Maybe mom bought me a gift? But why was it delivered now? It's Christmas. Shrugging, I went back to the couch and opened the box, discovering a smaller box inside with a ring and a slip of paper.

Read these instructions carefully before proceeding.

1. Come up with a start and cease command phrase now. This will activate and deactivate the mind control.

I stopped right there because I laughed out loud. What kind of fucking prank was this? I don't live in some fantasy world where I'm thinking about fucking my own mother and magically a mind control ring shows up at my door just as I'm at wits end figuring out how I'm going to do it. As ludicrous as it sounded however, I kept looking at the ring and list of instructions. I kept reading the steps.

1. Come up with a start and cease command phrase now. This will activate and deactivate the mind control.

2. Have the target put on the ring and speak the command words to set the activation words. Do not be alarmed as the target will cease all motor function. Wait at least 1 minute then speak the cease command phrase. This will release the target from mind control and continue motor functions as normal with no knowledge of what transpired. WARNING: The first words you utter to activate the mind control and the second set of words you utter to cease mind control will be permanent. Do NOT under any circumstances say anything but your command words during this crucial set up process. You will be held liable for any mistakes. Command words cannot be undone for the ring and no replacement ring will be sent. You have been warned.

Damn. This just might be serious. Who the fuck sent me this box? I flipped the box all around but found no return address. Not even my address, just my name sharpied on the box. Weird. I kept reading.

3. Now that the set-up process has been completed you may now control your target. Speak only in direct orders otherwise there will be no response. For best results, be sure to return your target back to their previous position to avoid confusion and panic.

4. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas indeed. It was a fucking Christmas miracle. Well, if this shit worked. Mom was upstairs in her office, most likely finalizing some last-minute details on whatever project she was working on for work. Time for a break!

I stopped halfway up the stairs. The damn command words. I stood for a moment, contemplating what they should be. I decided they had to be off the wall, maybe even made up. I couldn't risk someone else saying them to her while she had the ring on. Well, since it was the holidays I guess it should be holiday themed. I grinned as I knew what they would be and finished bounding up the stairs. I knocked on the door.

"Yes, what is it Eddie?"

I pushed the door opened and showed my mom the ring in the box. "I got you a Christmas present. Forgot I had it and didn't set it up the tree."

My mom got up and look at the small white gold ring with a decently sized sapphire set. "It's gorgeous!' She picked it up to look at it closer before looking back at me. "How much did this cost you? You didn't need to get me anything crazy!"

I waved her off, "Nah. I got it at a great price. Honestly. I didn't hurt my wallet at all. Put it on, see if I got the correct size."

She smiled brightly and set the box down on her desk as she pulled the ring out and slipped it on her left ring finger.

Just like the instructions stated, she stopped moving the moment she pushed it all the way on. I smiled a little as I said the activation words, hoping she wasn't part of some elaborate prank because she knew I had been creeping on her.

"I want you on my Christmas tree mom." I stared at her for a moment waiting to see a reaction. She stood perfectly still, still just finishing putting the ring on. I looked down at my phone and started the timer for a minute. As the alarm sounded I looked at her once more.

"You're permanently on the naughty list mom." As I finished speaking she reanimated without missing a beat.

"It fits perfectly Eddie! Thank you so much!" She hugged me before stepping back to look at it again. "Thanks again. You're so thoughtful." She glanced at her computer, "Let me finish up here and then maybe we could hit up a movie or something. My treat."

I smiled at her. "Yeah, that sounds great mom." I grabbed the box and left her office. Waiting a few moments until I could hear her typing again, I peeked into the room so my voice wouldn't be blocked.

"I want you on my Christmas tree mom."

She stopped typing immediately, her eyes glued to the screen and whatever project she was working on. I cautiously moved closer and slowly around her desk to the back until I was standing in front of her. If she saw or noticed me, she gave no indication. I waved my hand in her face. No reaction. I gently patted her cheek. Again nothing.

I couldn't believe it. The ring worked! I stepped around behind her chair. Well, one more test to completely verify it. I glanced down over her head. She was wearing a loose blue dress shirt with the top few buttons undone, her cleavage visible for all to see. Photos http://cpmlink.net/-4gLAA I slowly slid my hands around her and reached for the top button and opened it. No reaction. I moved my hands down and did another. Now her simple black bra was visible and still there was no reaction. I continued all the way down until I had her shirt completely opened.

At this point I was 100% certain the ring was working. No doubt in my mind. I grabbed her breasts in the bra and massaged them. They felt amazing and my cock immediately got hard. I was finally touching my mother but I wanted so much more. I stepped back and removed all my clothes, throwing them into a pile on the floor and moved to the center of the room.

"Mom, stand up and remove your shirt."

My mom did as she was told, standing up in front of her computer and taking her blue dress shirt off.

Now that she was free of the chair, I moved towards her again, reaching around and undoing her bra. I slid the straps down her arms as her beautiful, natural 34Ds spill out. I immediately grabbed them, feeling her skin. I played with her nipples before taking them into my mouth. I'm not going to lie, it felt weird to be sucking on my mom's nipples with her standing there like a toy soldier. Honestly though, who cares? I was finally fulfilling my dreams.

I moved from her breasts and kissed down her firm stomach. My hands slid down her back to her ass and squeezed her cheeks before sliding them to the front and undoing her jeans. Pulling them down I realized my mom wasn't wearing any underwear. I took a step back.

"Mom, step out of your jeans and stand next to your desk."

She moved fluidly without response, her beautifully naked body holding my gaze the entire time. She stood with her back to the desk.

"Sit down on the desk, lean back and spread your legs."

She did as she was told, opening her gorgeous pussy to me. My cock was throbbing but I ignored it. Moving in, I put her legs on my shoulders and started to lick her. My tongue moved expertly over her pussy, inside and out. I realized something was missing.

"Mom, enjoy yourself."

I went back to eating her out and I could hear her start moaning. She jumped and moved as my tongue danced around. I looked up and I could see her staring down at me, those dazzling green eyes as she bit her lip while I sucked on her clit. It turned me on so much. I stood up and press my mouth on hers, my tongue sliding in and combining with hers as she kissed me back. I maneuvered my cock into her pussy and heard her gasp in delight as I slid myself in. I wasn't going to end this early and just moved in and out with long strokes. I grabbed her legs and put them around me as I reached down to the small of her back and pulled her closer, our bodies pressed together as I kissed and fucker her.

A few minutes later I pulled away and she sat there looking at me with lusty eyes. I stepped out of the room and grabbed a pillow off my bed, throwing it on the ground in front of me.

"Get on your knees on the pillow, facing me."

My mom moved to her knees and stared up at me, almost knowingly.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

Doing as she was told, I still couldn't believe it. This was amazing. I rubbed cock on her tongue and around her mouth, tracing her lips with the head of my cock before an idea popped into my head. I fumbled with my pants and found my cell phone. Getting back in front of her, I rested my cock on her tongue and slightly in her mouth, taking a picture.

"Suck my cock mom."

She moved liked she did this for a living, her mouth devouring my cock before pulling back slowly. Her head bobbed and swiveled on my dick as I took a few photos. I ran my hand through her hair a bit and even helped guide her. I was getting close to cumming.

"Mom, stop sucking my cock and open your mouth with your tongue out."

She slid her mouth smoothly off my cock and did as she was told. Grabbing my cock, I started to stroke myself. I could feel myself throbbing as I came. I grabbed her head and made sure she got in the way of the streams as they splashed all over her beautiful face. As I finished, I ran my cock over her tongue.

"Lick my cock then suck my head gently."

She did as she was told and I took pictures of her cum covered face. I was so horny; my cock didn't deflate at all. I felt like I could go on for 12 days.

"Mom, stand up."

As she did, I grabbed the pillow and put it on the edge of the desk. I slid her computer and keyboard to the other edge to make enough room.

"Mom, kneel on the pillow with her ass hanging over the edge of the desk."

She did as she was told without hesitation. "Bend over, but look back me and spread your ass cheeks."

As she did this I swear my cock got even harder. I took a picture of the gorgeous sight of my mother bending over and spreading her ass cheeks for me. I leaned in and tongued her asshole, sliding around the rim before pushing my way inside. I could hear my mom moaning and it turn me on so much. I fucked her ass with my tongue for a bit before standing up and pressing my head against her hole. Though it was wet, I spit on her asshole anyways and rubbed it around before gently pushing my way inside her. She shuddered and gasped as I entered her butt. I stopped halfway in and took pictures. Pushing myself the rest of the way in, I looked at my mom who was still looking back at me.

"Get on all fours now."

Her hands moved away from her ass and she propped herself on her elbows. She kept looking back at me though as I started to pump into her asshole. This was only in my wildest dreams and here I was, finally fucking my mom's ass. It was so tight and made for my dick. She cried out in pleasure and moaned as I continued to fuck her in long strokes, watching my self-go all the way in and out. After a few moments I pulled out and stepped around the desk and shoved my cock in her mouth. I nearly forgot I had cum on her face early and she looked gorgeous with it dripping down her face.

"Suck my dick mom."

She did without question. I was a sight to behold her doing ass to mouth and I grabbed her hair.

"Stopped sucking and hold your mouth closed around my cock."

As she did I started to face fuck my mom. She gagged a little but I wasn't being too rough. I just wanted to control some of the action and stare into my mom's eyes as she smiled slyly. It was so incredibly hot. I pulled out of her mouth and went back to her ass, my cock gliding in smoothly. I really wanted to hear my mom moan now and started to really fuck her ass. She didn't disappoint. When she cried out in pleasure and moaned, I nearly came in her asshole. Hearing my mother in throes of passion as I fucked her ass with my cum covering her face was amazing. I slammed into her butt for as a long as I could before I couldn't resist any longer.

Moving quickly, I once again shoved my dick into her mouth for a moment, fucking her face before pulling out and cumming all over her face again. I stood breathless in front of her as she stared up at me with a smile, cum all over her beautiful face.

"Suck my cock gently mom."

She took my head into her mouth and slowly sucked on it, her tongue massaging me easily as my cock lost blood. I took another picture before I completely lost my hard on, her face completely covered in my cum with my dick partly in her mouth. It was a sight to behold.

Eventually I went and got a couple towels to clean up everything. It didn't take too long and I got to look at my naked mother standing there, cum dripping down her chin onto her breasts. Finally I cleaned her up and ordered her to get her clothes back on. Once she was finished dressing I had her sit back into her chair and told her to hover her hands over the keyboard like she was typing. I moved to the doorway and stopped to look back at her.

"You're permanently on the naughty list mom." I could hear her resume typing as if nothing happened. She didn't freak out or say anything. It's as if it never happened.


I went downstairs and plopped back onto the couch with a sigh and a huge smile. What a day this was and only the first of many. I leaned back and stared at the tv. I must have been more tired than I thought because I passed out and woke up an hour later with a blanket laid over me and mom sitting a few feet from me.

"Oh hey Eddie. Good nap?"

I stretched and smiled at her. "Yeah, it was gre-." I stopped mid-sentence as she was missing the ring on her hand. "Where's your ring mom?"

She looked at her hand, "What ring?"

I stared at her for a second, debating on whether to say anything. "You know I haven't worn my wedding ring in a while. Doesn't help when I'm looking for a guy you know."

I sat there a moment longer and forced a chuckle, "Oh right. Duh." I shook my head, "That was silly of me."

She smiled back. "It's okay, no harm done." She patted me on the leg, "You ready for that movie? I took a little longer than I thought on that project but then I found you hear napping so I figured I'd just wait. I got a couple times already lined up."

"Yeah, let's go." I jumped up and put my shoes on as she went and got hers.

It must have been all a dream. One hell of a vivid dream, but a dream none the less. Of course, mind control doesn't exist. What was I thinking? I snickered at myself.

"All set?" She stood next to the open door.

"Yep, let's go."

As we piled into the car, I glanced at my phone to see what time it was. Plain as day, was the final picture I took in my supposed dreams. My mother with my cock in her mouth and her face covered in my white cream. I quickly glanced at her and put my phone to sleep before she accidently saw it. She had the most knowing, beautiful smile on her lips as she started the car.

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I Want You on my Christmas Tree, Mom

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