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Life Changing Discovery

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Group Sex, Hardcore

Author: aliveinpr

Published: 08 February 2018

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By aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Thirty four wonderful years of marriage to my beautiful wife Joy. She has worked hard to keep her youthful figure and always radiated her beauty. We both worked out to keep fit and trim. I was always proud of her when we went out.

Our two children now married and on their own has freed us up for our sexual desires. There have never been any complaints in that department as we were very active having sensual sex at least three times a week, and usually two excessively hot hour long copulations each time. Now with our freedom, there is more spontaneous sex, especially during the day and in any room.

I wouldn’t say Joy had an extreme desire for sex, but she never turned me down. She also initiated sex equal to me. We studied many books and manuals involving sexual habits and mores. We watched porn videos together and learned what was “normal” for one person would be “abnormal” for another. We experimented with different positions, and she was not a virgin in the anal department. Joy had sex toys for the times I wasn’t around.

Joy retired a year ago from nursing and I still had my small business with just me and my “right hand” woman, Esther. Most of the time Esther ran the business as I was now looking at it as a “part time” hobby, mostly to allow Joy personal time to her self and her hobbies without me being under foot.

Several of my friends had already retired at young ages, so we spent a lot of time on the golf course or in the club house playing cards or cribbage. None of us were big drinkers. A social gin and tonic or scotch sipped for a couple of hours held us over.

It was 10 am on a Wednesday and the office was slow. I really didn’t want to go to the club, so I told Esther to hold down the fort as I was going home to get some work done around the yard and maybe fire up the grill for an early steak dinner.

I stopped at the store and picked up what I would need for the grill. Two nicely marbled

thick sirloin steaks were on the top of the list in my mind. I picked two that were already marinated. I felt sure that we had wine, but I picked up a couple of bottles to be on the safe side.

I got home and Joys car was in the drive way, but there was a strange car parked on the street. I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I grabbed the groceries and went into the house and put the steaks in the refrigerator. I heard some muffled sounds and thought Joy might be upstairs with the TV playing.

I headed upstairs to let Joy know I was home and that I had brought steaks for grilling. I got to the master bedroom and froze in the door way.

There I saw my bare ass naked wife, laying on top of a man with his cock buried deep in her pussy. There was a second man behind her with his cock buried deep in her ass. None of them saw me as they were busy. All were moaning as the two men were rocking their cocks into my wife. Joys face was buried in the chest of the man fucking her pussy, her hands grasping the sheet with a vise like grip. She wasn’t trying to get away or fight them. I began to wonder just how long she has been cheating on me, a week, maybe a year or two?

I was mortified and frozen where I stood. I didn’t know what to do. Should I just go in and beat the hell out of all of them and face jail? My mind took over my body and I backed out and went back down stairs. I was pissed that my “loving” wife was cheating. I knew her infidelity ceased our marriage. I wondered how long she had cheated on me and why?

I began to think about divorce as one of my buddies was an attorney. Then, no, I would take care of this myself if she wanted other men to fuck her. I now had a plan in the back of my mind. If she wanted to be fucked, she was going to be fucked until the divorce papers were served. I pulled out my cell phone and called Jerry.

(My side of the telephone conversations).

“Jerry,” I said, “you have always wanted to fuck Joy, at least you have kidded about it.”

“Well, Joy wants to get bang banged. Get over here right now. Hurry, she is already entertaining two guys now.”

“No, you don’t need any condoms, she wants bare back, as much cum as she can get.”

“The front door will be unlocked, just come in, get undressed and get to the master bed room. You will probably see her with a cock in her pussy and one in her ass. Hurry, before she changes her mind.”

“Oh, yeah, on your way, why not call George and tell him the same. She wants as many as she can get. If you think of anyone else, give them a call too.”

Ok, now my plan was on a roll as I hung up the phone. Now I called Fred.

“Hey Fred, Joy is real hot now and wants to be gang banged. She’s entertaining two guys right now, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. Get over here fast, this may be your only chance to fuck her.”

“No, no need for condoms. She doesn’t like them, besides, she wants as much cum in her pussy and ass as can be delivered.”

“The front door is unlocked, just come in, get naked and join the group in the master bed room.”

“Oh, Fred, on your way, if you can think of anyone else, give them a call to get over here. Yeah, perfect. Thanks, two more would be great. See you soon.”

Now, to sit back and wait. She wasn’t expecting me home, so I guessed that they would be at it for a while. I heard Joy screaming now and I knew she was having a great orgasm. This was a long orgasm as I heard her yelling, “YES, YES, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME DEEPER. FUCK ME, OH, FUCK ME.”

It did not sound any different when she and I had sex. Then I heard, “NOW YOUR COCK IN MY ASS AND HIS IN MY PUSSY, FUCK ME NOW.” Yeah, she was going to be entertaining when my friends showed up.

I wanted to see the expression on her face when my friends joined the mallee. I undressed and sat on the couch. I was going to play the part. Jerry came in the door and I told him that I was fucked out and to get undressed and get upstairs. He was followed by a friend that I did not know. Both rushed naked up the stairs.

Soon Fred came in and was with his two friends. Again, I said I was fucked out and to get undressed and hurry upstairs.

I followed as Fred and his friends were almost to the top of the stairs, I heard Joy scream, “What the Fuck. Who are you?”

I followed Fred and his friends as we got to the door in time to see Joy trying to cover herself with the bed cover as her two lovers were looking for their clothes. Jerry and his friend were already at the edge of the bed now, cocks fully erect. Joy saw me and her eyes were big as saucers. Her mouth dropped open and she tried to say something, but just stammered.

I said, “You were enjoying the double penetration and I invited more to help you with your gang bang. Go on guys, get in there and fuck her as long as you want. Make sure she is well fucked and filled with your cum.”

Joy initially tried to push them away, but her libido kicked in and soon she was being fucked by my friends as her two initial ‘lovers’ stayed for more. It didn’t take long before she was having long violent orgasms and screaming for them to fuck her hard and deep. Once again, she was a wild woman wanting more cock. I had never seen her so sexually charged

I went back down stairs to the kitchen and opened a beer that had been chilling for several days in the refrigerator. Back in the living room, I turned on the TV, but nothing good during the day to watch. I thought, maybe that’s why she needed boyfriends during the day.

I changed to the den and did a bit of work on the computer and then called Esther. She said things were quiet in the office so I told her, “All the activities are here in my house. Why don’t you just close the office and go home early.”

I just sat at the computer and heard all the screams of passion coming from the master bed room. Joy seemed to be having the time of her life. I constantly heard her yell, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, DEEP, FUCK ME!

I realized that it became very quiet after about an hour. I went up stairs and looked in and saw Joy being serviced by all seven guys. She was quiet due to the cock in her sucking mouth. She had a cock in her ass, in her pussy, was pumping a cock in each hand and had two mouths sucking on her breasts. What a sight to see my former wife being a slut, yup, seven busy guys. I just returned to the den and the computer.

It was now 4 pm and Joys toys were now leaving. Jerry, his friend, Fred and his two friends were now dressing and thanking me for sharing Joy. Jerry said, “I can’t believe what a good fuck she is.”

I said, “You guys can come anytime you want to fuck her.”

They left with the original two following close behind.

About fifteen minutes passed and I heard no sounds coming from the bed room. I went upstairs and found Joy laying on the bed, legs spread. She had cum running out of her pussy and ass. Her face and body were covered in fresh and dried cum. The sheets were covered in sweat and cum. She was looking at me with glazed eyes.

I stood in the door way when Joy asked, “What got into you? What was that all about?”

I said, “I saw you being double penetrated by your lovers, so I thought you wanted to be gang banged. I called in reinforcements to help you be a true slut.”

“Don’t call me a slut.” She said. “I’m so sorry, I’ve never cheated on you. Those guys were here to give me an estimate on new drapes. I don’t know what happened, it just happened. Please forgive me. The others were your fault.”

I said, “You loved it, you loved all of it. That makes you a whore, skank and slut. Since you now had their cocks, you will never have mine again. Move all your things to the spare bed room, or get out. Your choice.” Then I added, “I told them that they could come here anytime they wanted and fuck you.”

Joy began to cry, rolled over and buried her face in the pillow. “NOW,” I yelled, “get the fuck off MY bed. JOY, EITHER MOVE TO THE SPARE BED ROOM OR OUT THE FRONT DOOR.”

She slowly got up, cum running down her legs, grabbed her robe and went to the spare bed room. I quickly stripped the bed and put fresh linens on the bed. As I could hear Joy sobbing in the spare bed room, I went into the garage and got a spare lock. I put the lock on MY bedroom door as she was never going in there again.

My next move was to empty the dresser and closet of all her belongings. I threw them on the hallway floor by the door to HER room.

The next morning, I got up early, had my coffee and left before Joy had a chance to get up. I didn’t want to hear any of her excuses. I went to a furniture store and bought a new king size bed, gave them a key to the house and a key to MY bed room. They would remove the soiled marriage bed and install the new one. I was sure to tell them that if there was still a woman in the house, her name is Joy and loves double penetration. I warned them, “DO NOT let her have the keys, I will pick them up.”

I got home at 6 pm, Joy was still there. I went in and she was quiet. She had grilled the steaks for me and we sat quietly eating our dinner. After dinner, I went into the den and worked at the computer for a hour. I knew it was going to happen. Joy came into the den and knelt on the floor next to my chair. She was quiet for a while and then said, “Ray, I am so sorry. I will never do that again, I love you and want to stay with you.”

I then turned and looked her in the eyes and said, “You chose to be a whore. I don’t sleep with whores so like I said before, don’t ever expect to touch my cock again.”

I saw the tears welling in her eyes. I pulled her chin up and looked at her face, then said, “If you stay here, you will only be a roommate. I no longer have any love for you. You will be expected to keep the house clean, the regular household chores. No hugs, no kisses and no sex. If you want to have sex, you will have to keep your lovers in your room.”

Joy was wailing now and ran from the room. She went to HER room and closed the door, but kept up the crying for about an hour. She never left the bed room the rest of the night.

I woke early again, but Joy beat me this time. She was in the kitchen wearing what had been my favorite sheer baby doll. Breakfast was on the table with a hot cup of coffee. I poured the coffee in my travel mug and left the house leaving her breakfast untouched. I didn’t want to be tempted and giving in to her desires. I almost asked her if what she was wearing was for her lovers later, but I felt that I got my point across to her already.

At the office, Esther came to me and said I had been very quiet. She wanted to know if there was something wrong and could she help. I said, “Esther, thank you, but there is nothing you can do. Right now, all I will say is that I don’t consider Joy my wife any longer.”

Esther said, “Oh, Ray. You and Joy have been married for so long. You both always looked so much in love. I can’t believe this.”

I reminded Esther that I wasn’t ready to discuss my problems and told her that if Joy called, she was to tell her that I wasn’t taking calls from her. All morning, I was trying to think what I was going to do. I still had feelings for Joy, after all, thirty years with a woman made it hard to throw away all the good years. How would our kids react? I began to think that I should at least give her the time to tell me why she had cheated, and how long. I hoped Joy would be truthful and then I would decide on divorce or not. Then again, having her as a roommate after our long relationship, would make it hard on my own sexual urges. It was all complicated, but I knew I had to make a decision.

That afternoon, Esther came in my office and said that Joy had called. She said, “Joy was in a panic. She said a man named Jerry came to the house and tried to rape her.

She said that she hit him pretty hard and he finally left.” I thanked Esther and told her that I would take care of the problem.

I called Jerry and asked him what had happened. He said, “Holly shit Ray, she can fight. She swung at me and I almost fell to the floor. Not a slap, but a full fist swing to my jaw.”

I began to laugh and asked him what happened next. He said, “I was Horney and wanted more of that hot pussy, but she didn’t seem to be in the mood, so I got the fuck out.”

I started laughing again and said, “I’m sorry Jerry. I’ll talk to her tonight and let you know when to come back and fuck her.” When we got off the phone, I laughed again and thought, this will be an interesting talk tonight, especially since I had told Jerry he could come and fuck her anytime.

As I walked in the house, I was careful to watch for a fist like Jerry got. I saw Joy sitting on the sofa and there seemed to be a giant black cloud over her head. The stare I got seemed to be a death wish shooting daggers at me.

Joy kept her glare at me as she asked, “How the hell can you tell your friends they could come and fuck me any time they wanted?”

I answered, “Don’t try to say otherwise, you were having shattering orgasms and constantly telling them to keep fucking you and to fuck you harder. You wanted them to fuck you, so why not come back for more. Jerry said you had one hot pussy.”

The glare became more icier as she picked up her coffee mug and drew back as if to throw it at me. She then put it back down, began crying again and went into the kitchen.

I waited for her sobbing to calm and then went into the kitchen and sat at the table. Joy’s eyes were red and I knew that she had probably been crying all day.

I said, “Sit, I want you to be truthful and tell me how this all happened.” She sat, but didn’t look at me for several minutes.

She then turned her head to face me and between sobs, “Please Ray...I love you so much...I never wanted to hurt you...I don’t want you to leave me...please, please. Did you mean that you didn’t love me anymore? You can’t mean that, we’ve had suck a loving marriage, raising our children.”

I gave her a hateful glare and said, “Right now, you don’t mean anything to me. I told you to explain why you cheated, it had better be the truth.”

Joy began to cry harder and put her head in her hands on the table. She kept sobbing, “Oh, my God, Oh, my God, please love me again, I couldn’t stand it without your love.”

After several minutes, Joy then said, “This morning, I called the contractor where those two work and let their boss know what they had done. I heard him yell at them and fire them while I was still on the phone. I told him what happened, and now I will tell you the truth too.”

Joy wiped her eyes and tried to reach and touch my hand. I pulled away and told her she needed to come clean. I added, “I want you to tell me how many times you have cheated on me. Come clean or we are really finished.”

Joy said, “I wasn’t expecting those guys so early. I was getting out of the shower when the door bell rang so I threw on my robe to answer. They saw me in my robe and said they would measure the windows in the master bedroom first. New drapes were going to be a surprise. I led them to our bed room and once inside, they yanked my robe off and began to put their hands all over my body. My boobs, tits, my ass, my pussy, my legs. I tried to pull away and tried to fight them off, but they were too strong. One held me down on the bed and the other held my legs apart as he then licked my pussy. The one holding me down, used one hand and rubbed my boobs hard and then put his mouth on them, sucking them hard. The one licking my pussy and clit, reached under me and put two fingers in my ass. I then felt his cock at the opening of my pussy and he pushed in hard. At that time, my pussy was hot and wet and I knew I couldn’t overpower them and just gave up and face my rape.”

Joy began to cry again and continued, “He fucked my pussy for a long time and I tried to stifle my orgasm that I felt building. He just held off cumming and I couldn’t hold it any longer and my orgasm was really powerful. I couldn’t help it, it was like my pussy was begging to have cock and the friction of a cock rubbing against the vaginal walls. I began screaming for him to fuck me hard. He finally pumped his hot seed deep into my womb. As soon as he pulled his cock out, the other one was pumping his cock hard into me. I couldn’t help it, but I kept yelling that I wanted them to fuck me. The worst part...I told them I didn’t want them to stop.”

“They had me so hot, I was lost in the decadence and allowed them to use my body any way then wanted. That must have been when they were DP’ing me when you saw us. How the others showed up, I don’t know, but I think you had something to do with that. When they came, my desire was so overwhelming I just let them have me too. Ray, please forgive me, I love you so much. I just want to forget what happened and have our lives back together again.”

I asked, “Ok, what about the other times you cheated?”

Joy turned ashen, her eyes wide and said, “I swear, this was the only time. It was rape, I’ve never cheated on you, ever before.”

“Joy,” I said, “You did enjoy all their cocks, some more than once. Don’t deny that you didn’t want their cocks in your pussy, ass and mouth. Now you know what having so many cocks feels like, you will always think about that experience, it’s like an animal getting its first taste of blood. The desire is going to be there for more.”

She then said, “To be truthful, yes, I will never forget how I felt. That night when I fell asleep in the spare bed room, I did dream of being fucked by a room full of men with hard cocks. When I woke, my fingers were in my pussy and I wanted to be fucked, but you were gone. I know I will remember, but that will also help me from doing it again.”

I could see the sincerity in her face. I truly loved Joy. I knew that she was being truthful, she has never lied to me before. I told her to get a long shower and get on her bed naked. I told her, “I really do love you, but I need to feel your trust. I have things to do and would be up shortly.” I watched her face, and the grin alone gave me a hard erection. I didn’t understand my feelings, but I was very sexually stimulated when first seeing Joy being double fucked by those two strangers. My cock was harder than when we had watched our porn videos. My feelings were mixed then, but looking back, I should have gone and watched my friends pumping their cocks and cum into her.

She left to get her shower and I got on the phone. “Jerry,” I said, “get over here now, get your clothes off when you come in and meet me in the guest room.”

I heard the shower turn off and gave her another five minuted to dry off. I went into the guest room and saw her with her naked, legs spread, her pussy freshly shaved and already dripping her juices. I buried my face in her pussy and it didn’t take long for her head to jerk back, her eyes closed and the yelling of her first orgasm. I felt a hand on my back and saw Jerry there with his cock in his hand. I pulled away and motioned for him to get his cock in Joy’s pussy.

Now Jerry was pumping into her vaginal canal when she opened her eyes to see my cock close to her lips. She then saw Jerry fucking her pussy. She tried to pull away when I held her and told her we were going to fuck her all night. Her eyes turned from fright to delight. Jerry pulled her on top of him and pulled her to his chest. I then got behind her and thrust my cock into her ass. Joy screamed with the building orgasm. It didn’t take long for her to begin shaking and quivering. She buried her head into Jerry’s shoulder and began chanting, “OH, OH, YES. FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME DEEPER.” It was a real turn on to watch Joy was having a long, continuous orgasm.

Jerry and I fucked her in all her holes and double penetrated her several times for the next two hours. Joy had become a sexually obsessed animal. By 5 am, Jerry and I were spent and Joy was cooing with the pleasure of being totally full of cum, inside and out. Her smile was pure satisfaction.

Joy, tired and with half open eyes, “What was that all about?”

I said, “You would always be tempted. You had that animalistic taste of blood, there is no turning back. You had enjoyed the feeling of being double penetrated. In a week, you would be naked masturbating thinking of that feeling. Soon, you would want to feel that incredible feeling again. Then, it wouldn’t be long before you began looking for ways to be gang banged or double penetrated secretly.”

With me and the help of my friends, you don’t need to cheat on me to be double penetrated. Now you know with my help and my friends, we will give you gang bangs any time you have that need. Now get some sleep, we will continue your enjoyment in the morning.”

Joy said, “I love you more than you know. It was wonderful and I had the best orgasms from having two cocks in me at the same time. You are smart, and you are right. I do think of that feeling, even now.”

I looked at Jerry on the other side of Joy and we gave each other a big smile.

I got a big hug from Joy as she fell asleep in my arms. Jerry and I could see the cum oozing from her holes as she slept continently, legs still spread as if she was ready for more cock.

Joy was sleeping with a smile on her face. I saw Jerry reach over and bury his fingers in her cum filled pussy. I knew he would wake her and fuck her again before morning. I smiled at that thought and fell asleep knowing I now had a loving ‘slut’ wife.

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Life Changing Discovery

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Comments (1)
freshkiss — 10 February 2018 01:41
not too long ago my husband invited our best friend who had an eight inch cock to join us for dinner one evening, afterwards my hubby stripped me and began fucking my ass, our friend, alan, got between my legs and pushed his huge cock in my wet pussy, my husband was under me with his seven incher ib my ass and pounding me as alan was on top of me and ramming his huge dong up my love canal, I can associate with this story as it happened to me a week after we were married and has gone on for ten years so far, and I just love the two of them for it.
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