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My Mom's Friend Picks My Cherry--Ever So Delightfully

Categories Fiction

Author: badboy1958

Published: 08 February 2018

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This is the story of my first time, when a gorgeous blonde milf who was one of my mom's best friends picked my cherry:

My parents loved to play bridge and hosted a four-couples bridge club every week on Saturday night. From the time I was little, my younger b*****rs and I loved to 'clean up' the next morning, scarfing up the remains of the snacks left out after the games ended. When I got older, but was still in Little League, my parents taught me how to play and started letting me watch the games until bedtime. After I entered high school, I gradually became a 'fill-in' for one of the participants who needed to make drinks or take a potty break. The bidding part was the toughest to learn, and I made a lot of mistakes early on. But I had a natural aptitude for the play of the hand and became quite good at finessing and false carding, duping other players into a strategic 'trap.'

My favorite sit-in 'partner' was a very foxy, short-haired, dirty blonde milf named Etta, who was one of my mom’s best friends. Etta loved to send her husband off to make her a drink or sandwich so I could sit in for him. She was an excellent bridge player and was quite patient with my bidding mistakes, taking the time to calmly correct them after a hand was over. But she also was quick to compliment me when I pulled off a finesse or made an especially smart move on defense. Sometimes she would almost squeal with delight at one of my crafty moves and announce, “Oh, that was clever! You can play with me anytime you like."

By the time I was 16, I was starting to 'fall in lust' with Etta, and her “play with me” line would always induce fantasies about something quite other than a card game. Frankly, you could not honestly describe Etta as 'hot' but only because that would be way too much of an understatement. Though she was the mother of two and forty-ish, Etta was more like 'scorching'! In her twenties, I'd bet she could have stopped traffic on a racetrack! Etta was relatively short, only 5’ 4”, but had the classic 'figure 8' curves and a splendid apple ass that she would twitch just a little bit as she walked. Etta always wore blouses that offered at least a hint of cleavage, and sometimes an actual glimpse of it when she really wanted to show her tits off. I would guess her luscious, pointy breasts were about 34-Ds, making her a tad 'top heavy' for her petite size. Not surprisingly given her age, they were just a touch 'saggy,' and shivered ever so slightly and deliciously when she moved--which I thought was really hot. Etta usually wore short skirts to show off her slender, sculpted calves and thighs that cried out for fondling. I was just desperate to run my hands up and down them and kiss her sweet ass. When she was not in a short skirt, she was in jeans or slacks that hugged her curves tightly and put that lovely tush on full display. Etta had a milky white complexion and wore her short, dirty blonde hair in a pixie cut that framed her gorgeous face beautifully, As Etta smiled, a really cute little dimple would show up that was just breathtaking. Whenever I would look into her clear green eyes, which often sparkled with interest or amusement, all I could do was fantasize about her eyeballing me as she licked my dick or bobbed her pretty face up and down on my cock. And her mature voice was all sweet melody.

When I was a senior in high school, my Etta fantasies became almost too much too bear, and I started finding excuses not to show up for bridge club or sit in for her husband when I did show up. I was really, truly worried that my raw lust for Etta might compel me to make a pass her at some point and thereby make a real fool of myself. You see, I went to a Catholic high school where the only girls who were willing to 'put out' were ones you didn’t even want to fuck. Copping a feel at second base was about as far as you could get with any of the really 'hot' cheerleader types. So my buddies and I were constantly randy, and the idea of having a foxy, experienced milf like Etta as a potential sexual mentor was on the verge of becoming an all-out obsession with me. Jeez, nearly every time I would play with her, I would be off to the bathroom to beat off as soon as her husband returned to our table. So I started seeing less and less of the bridge club and playing it cool, so to speak, around her when I did go.

One night, however, my mom asked me to make myself “available” for bridge club as a “special favor.” One of the guys was out of town on business, so they were going to be short a player. Turns out that was Etta’s husband. I simply could not have turned my mom down even if I had wanted to. And, of course, just between you and me, there was no way I could turn down a chance to be Etta’s partner for an entire evening. In preparation, I beat off three times in the two hours leading up to start of bridge club. My Etta lust was completely out of control even before she arrived.

To make matters worse, Etta came through the front door wearing a lacy white blouse that showed off the slopes of her breasts delightfully and a little bit of cleavage that tormented you into wanting to see so much more. It was an unwritten rule that the ladies would 'dress up' for bridge club, but Etta was really dressed to kill and obviously wanted to make a dramatic impression on s-o-m-e-o-n-e. It crossed my mind that my frequent absences from bridge club might have made her think I was starting to lose interest in her. In any event, a Christmas-red skirt displayed her hour-glass backside quite deliciously and allowed clear view of her curvy legs. Her adorable pale face sported just a touch of rouge that pinked her cheeks faintly and red lipstick that matched her skirt. Upon entering, Etta gave me a warm smile that awakened her endearing dimple and exclaimed: “I hear you’re going to be my partner tonight. I’m r-e-a-l-l-y looking forward to playing with you," drawing out the "really" and adding just a hint of tonal inflection to the "playing with you." As my cock hardened in response, I managed to stammer a “Me too!” and immediately went off to the john to relieve myself yet again. I knew I would be fantasizing all night long about Etta’s leaving that cherry lipstick all over my dick. And I did.

Considering the 'distraction' caused by the sexual reveries that danced through my head that night, I played very well. We both did. And we got some really great hands. Indeed, we even bid and made two small slams and a grand slam—relatively uncommon for a single night of bridge. Etta squealed with pleasure when I executed the finesse which cinched the grand slam, and her high-pitched delight made me wonder what her carnal whimpering would sound like. Although Etta had seemed to ignore me during the breaks between bridge rubbers while others were around, I had caught her discretely checking my pants out a couple of times that night. Her carnal curiosity may have been precipitated by her noticing the hard-on she had inspired on her arrival. No way to know for sure. But that was my guess. In any event, her shriek of celebration made me lust to carry her off on my cock to my mother’s bed and bring her to orgasm right then and there!

The highlight of the night, however, was not the grand slam but rather that Etta and I made a 'date' so to speak. As the two of us got a moment alone fixing drinks and snacking in the kitchen while awaiting a new rubber of bridge, Etta mentioned, “Your mom tells me that you may want to become a lawyer one day.” “I’m thinking seriously about it,” I replied. “That’s great!” she exclaimed and quickly added: “You know I’m the secretary for a senior partner at one of the law firms in town. Would you have any interest in meeting him and talking about law schools and how he spends his day sometime? You might find it interesting.” I immediately responded: “I’d love to do that.” “Well I’ll set that up then,” she promised.

Etta called me the following Monday. She had arranged an appointment for me with her senior partner after school the next day. Etta greeted me on arrival. She was wearing a high-buttoned blouse that disappointed because it offered only a hint of her marvelous breast curves. The business-dress slacks she had on, however, displayed the small of her back and bend of her ass splendidly, and hugged each butt cheek tightly,. Etta gave me a grand tour of the office and its ornate conference rooms. Then she introduced me to her boss, an older man with a calm demeanor and gravely voice. We chatted for almost an hour about law school options and his law firm’s diverse practice. I was surprised to discover there were so many different fields of law to aspire to and that his firm had offices all over the country. As we finished our talk, he buzzed Etta and she came in to see me out. I thanked her boss for his time and followed Etta to the office lobby.

I was careful to announce, "Ladies, first!," as we left her boss's office--not because I was any sort of a 'gentleman' but rather so I could walk behind her and get a protracted, close-up view of her alluring ass twitch. Maybe it was just the lust captivating my imagination as I admired the curves of Etta's butt cheeks twinging to and fro in her tight slacks, but her twitch seemed much more pronounced than usual that day. When we reached the glass doors guarding the front of the office, Etta mentioned that another partner had offered to speak with me during the lunch hour the next day if I was interested. “He’s a junior partner and can give you a little different perspective on the practice, if you’re up for that,” she said. I agreed to come back. “I can skip my first period after lunch tomorrow, if necessary,” I replied, “It’s just a study hall anyways.”

When I returned the next day, however, Etta had some ‘bad news’ for me. “The partner you were going to meet was called out of the office for an emergency court appearance, I’m afraid,” she said, “so he’s not available." "But let me make it up to you,” Etta quickly added: “I’d like to take you to lunch so we can get a little better acquainted without the distractions of a card game to bother us.” “I’m in,” I quickly responded. Etta went back to her office to get her purse, and off we went to a hotel right next door, where her firm did a lot of business and kept a room on reserve for out-of-town lawyers from its other offices around the country.

Etta led me to the hotel, arm in arm, and immediately upon entering the lobby I began fantasizing about . . . well you know what. Almost as if she could read my mind, instead of heading towards the first-floor dining area, Etta guided us to an elevator, announcing: “It’s always crowded and noisy in the dining room here at the lunch hour, so I’m taking you up to the firm's room.” Noting my mildly perplexed look, she quickly explained: “It will be a lot quieter and we can get lunch much faster there. I’ve got to get back to work fairly quickly.” I was surprised by this detour and not entirely convinced by her explanation for it. But I was, of course, quite happy to go along with her game plan. “Hmmmmm,” I wondered to myself, “Is there any chance that Etta's as hot for me as I am for her?"

After reaching the hotel room, Etta pulled a key card out of her purse and clicked us into the room. It was spacious and held a large double bed and a sitting area where we could have lunch. She went over to a desk and found the hotel directory. “Oh, here’s what we need, a menu,” Etta observed. “Why don’t you look it over and order something you like while I visit the ladies room. I’ll have a shrimp salad and a glass of white wine. Be back in a few minutes after I freshen up before lunch” she said. And off she went to the bathroom. I slowly checked the menu out. There were quite a few items on it that appealed to my appetite, so it took me a while to choose my lunch. I finally decided on a brisket of barbecue beef and a cola, along with some chips and fries.

But, before I could pick up the phone to order our lunch, Etta emerged from the bathroom dressed in a robe. The first thing I noticed was that she had added a layer of bright red lipstick to her lips and a pair of hoop earrings dangled from her ears, both drawing attention to her drop-dead gorgeous blonde face. The second was that she was no longer wearing her wedding ring. The next thing you know Etta had stepped out of the robe and was stark naked! I erected instantly! She then stared directly into my eyes and asked in a husky, low voice, “Care to lunch on any of this, young man?” Hands on hips, Etta spun herself ever so slowly, offering a full frontal and then backside view of her alluring milf body. My dick immediately started drooling precum!

My first view of Etta's splendid bosom left me awestruck. She had a pale complexion to begin with. But her bra had created tan lines that bleached the last several inches of her elegantly sloped breasts even whiter than the rest of her skin. This spectacle of paler white was beautifully offset by dark areolas-- and an even darker, fully erect nipple that peaked out from each one of them. The color contrast was stunning, making her tits cry out for attention and her nipples delectably mouth-watering. Etta had a bushy, triangular patch of dark blonde girl fur down there, pointing towards, and inviting entrance into, her pussy, which was already glistening with her love juices. And the backside view of her curvaceous tush was just as titillating if not more so.This was one, obviously horny, sweet piece of milf ass, and I was quite desperate to have her but stood frozen in my tracks. I was taken aback, mesmerized, cock at full attention but mouth agape. Etta pointed her superb ass right at me, began to shake it all about, and then broke into a really erotic belly dance shimmying her butt cheeks and tits delightfully. She started dancing towards me, spinning and twisting her voluptuous body in an incredibly alluring fashion.

I finally found my voice: “My God, Etta, you're even sexier than I imagined!" "God help me, I want you!" I exclaimed, my voice husky with desire. I stepped toward her as she moved to me, and we met at the large double bed, embraced and began kissing, slowly at first and then passionately. When we paused to come up for air, she noted: “You’re overdressed, young man. Allow me the pleasure of undressing you.” And she did, kissing me on my lips, neck, nipples and other body parts she exposed as she slipped off my shoes and socks, offed my shirt, undid my belt, pulled my pants down and my tee shirt up and over my shoulders. Finally, she yanked my undies down, putting my thick, seven-inch shaft on full display. It was as rigid as an iron pipe! Etta just stared at it for several seconds. Then a crooked, lewd smile broke across her beautiful blonde face as she looked up at me and announced: "I hadn't expected you to be so, . . . well so big, . . . and . . . so wide!" "This will be such a treat," she commented. Etta looked down at my dick again, then back up at me, and asked if I was still a virgin. When I confessed that I was, her eyes gleamed with lust and she licked her lips greedily. “Let me assure you, young man, you won’t be one for long,” Etta advised as she pulled the undies out from under my feet, pushed me into a sitting position on the bed and knelt before me to worship at the altar of my cock and balls.

Etta fondled my love organ with her fingers, twisted it with her hands, and proceeded to leave her red lipstick all over it just as I had fantasied so often before. This horny milf had a very aggressive tongue that explored my genitals delightfully, her hoop earrings swinging provocatively as she did so. I relished the eagerness with which she stroked me, the tight suction of her lips as her cheeks collapsed on my dick and the tenderness with which she caressed each of my balls. This was a hot, sexually experienced woman with serious oral skills who obviously had a quite desperate need to feast on my rock hard young cock and tickle my balls with her adventurous tongue. Etta licked my dick slowly from bottom to top while staring straight into my eyes, swirled her tongue around the head, then went over the top and claimed my cock fully, bobbing her beautiful blonde head up and down on it-- sometimes quickly and greedily, other times slowly and deliberately. Periodically, she would look up at me to confirm and cherish the grimaces of carnal joy contorting my face. Occasionally Etta would claim my entire cock with her mouth and hold it tightly in place with her lips as she twisted her pretty head around the hilt deliciously. Once she grazed her teeth along both sides of my shaft, and the subtle threat of dismemberment ending in a gentle gnawing of the knob of my boner proved to be surprisingly erotic. Marvelous is too much of an understatement for the carnal pleasure Etta gave me with the varieties of oral stimulation she delivered with her deft tongue and savvy lips. Indeed, there are no words in the English language to describe it.

It didn’t take long before Etta’s gratifying ministrations brought me to orgasm. I just exploded into her mouth, grunting my satisfaction as this happened. My semen was so copious and driven with such f***e that a good bit of it splashed onto her face, dribbling down her chin and creating a chad of creamy white cum which dangled there. Etta was not the least bit surprised by my quick release or put off by the facial. Indeed, she seemed to have expected an early orgasm, expertly gulped most of the jism down her throat and seemed even to relish the warmth of the facial. The chad of little boy juice dripping from her chin caused no alarm whatsoever. Etta just brushed it off with the back of her hand and a girlish giggle, slurped the wad of cum off her hand and into her mouth, and began gurgling and blowing bubbles with it playfully before swallowing it. Etta obviously had been around this particular block many times before. I had not and was just awestruck at how fucking hot this all was and how carnally satisfying it felt to come in a woman’s mouth and all over her gorgeous blonde face, leaving a chad of cum dripping from her chin that she turned into an oral toy and then gobbled.

I was, however, concerned that my premature release might impede any further lovemaking and render me less capable of satisfying her. “I’m so sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to come so quickly.” “Don’t fret, my dear," Etta replied, “There’s a lot more where that came from. You’ll be raring to go again very soon." She explained the early orgasm would just make me last "m-u-c-h longer" the next time and make it better for both of us, "especially me," Etta snickered. Then she got up to get a towel to clean off her face and my cock. After returning from the bathroom and toweling us off, Etta laid down on the bed facing me.

We began kissing tentatively at first and then aggressively. I started sucking her white breasts greedily, toying her dark, erect nipples with my tongue and running my hands all over her incredibly sexy body. It was my first time with a nude woman, and there was sooooo much I lusted to explore. I ran the tips and backsides of my index fingers all over Etta, exploring her curves and indentations: the slope of her tits, the descent into the cleavage between them as well as her deep bellybutton, the arch of her back and curves of her ass cheeks, calves and thighs. I even probed her asshole gently and fondled her feet, tickling their underside. I sucked each of Etta's toes deeply, stroking her thighs and calves with the back of my fingers as I did so, and was surprised to discover this really turned her on! “There’s something I want to do that I have been fantasizing about for a long time," I told her. She smiled and replied with an arched eyebrow: “When have I ever refused you anything?" Needing no further permission or encouragement, I turned Etta over and kissed her sweet ass and suckled each of her adorable butt cheeks, as well as the small of her back. I moved right up her spine peppering it with my hungry lips until I reached the nape of her neck where I planted a deep, passionate kiss. Etta enjoyed the innocent delight I took in doing all this and purred and panted softly as I worshiped at the altar of her backside. Then I spanked her ass playfully and flipped her over to suck her luscious tits yet again and explore her pussy. Etta guided a finger into it, then a second one, and encouraged me to stroke her vagina, first gently and then more firmly. She helped me discover her clitoris with my other hand and had me massage it with my palm. I was just delighted to run my fingers through her bush, swirl them around inside her wet pussy and fondle her “love nub” with the other hand. In turn, Etta responded with a series of moans and groans, whimpering her pleasure and releasing more and more love juice from her pussy.

Etta’s noisy lust inspired my cock to begin springing back to life, and I rubbed it against her thigh so she would know that. Immediately, Etta grabbed it with her right hand as if it were a long lost friend and encouraged its further erection with finger strokes. Then she jumped to a sitting position, cock in hand, bent over my dick and began flicking the tip of her tongue on the tip of my cock in a frenzied fashion. Awesome! It quickly grew another inch in response and began to stiffen with excitement. Etta next wolfed down my entire cock with an enthusiastic mouth. A thrilling blonde head bob prompting further growth followed her quick, hard deepthroat.

Once Etta had me fully grown and had turned my cock to stone again, twitching with anticipation of what was about to come, she wasted no time. She mounted me eagerly, enveloping the knob of my cock with her sopping wet pussy and carefully exploring all seven inches of its shaft until she had claimed the bottom. Etta gasped, eyes rolling in her head as she took me. Her whole body shivered with goosebumbs as she experienced the full length, and width, of my member for the first time. The feel of my first penetration sent sympathetic spasms of carnal delight through my body as well. I was the wide-eyed innocent experiencing his first intercourse and taking in every sight and sound. Etta began humping me, first slowly and deliberately, whimpering as she ravished the full length of my cock. Then she leaned over and began kissing me while simultaneously rocking herself forward and back-- like a jockey bent over a race horse feverishly whipping it to the finish line. Just as I began to feel I might come again, Etta eased up and sat on my cock quietly for several seconds like she was resting on a comfortable saddle. She then gave me an incredibly lecherous grin so full of carnal lust that I was just desperate to sit up and kiss her passionately. But she was in charge now.

Etta reached for and propped up my elbows to create a pair of hand holds for leverage. Clasping my hands with her fingers, Etta began riding me up and down, first at a slow, measured pace until she reached the apex of her hump, paused for a second at the tip of my dick and then slid her pussy down to the hilt, sighing with pleasure each time she reached the bottom, Up and down she went, up and down, slowly at first, and then faster and faster until her tits eventually were flapping and earrings jangling all about and her mouth opened and closed convulsively. Protracted and low-pitched groans came from her mouth, which made harmony with my spasmodic grunts. I began thrusting my cock up to meet her as she pushed down, generating spasms of shrill yips and yelps as our coital embrace became delightfully synchronized and rhythmic. The length of my cock and the shortness of her body exacerbated the duration and pressure of her vertical humps and the intensity of our coupling, causing each of us to ooh and aah, moan, groan, grunt and whimper excitedly as we flooded one another's body with carnal lust. If her earlier blowjob had been “marvelous,” Etta's athletic, vertical humping was something else again. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. But the best was yet to come.

At the apex of Etta’s next hump, she paused again, hovering over the head of my cock just long enough to tease me into an anxious longing for her pussy. Then she claimed my dick and used her Kegel muscles to clamp it like a vise, ‘torturing’ it for just a couple of seconds with a tight muscular grip and then releasing it. Naturally, this caused me to move from a moment of discomfort to one of relief as I experienced my first moment of ‘freedom’ from her sexual grip. Simultaneously, Etta plunged down my cock to its hilt, slamming herself against the bottom, and yelping with pleasure. OMG, was that hover, grip, release and plunge ever so AWESOME! And she kept doing it: hover and squeeze at the top, release, plunge to the bottom and yelp, tease, squeeze and release at the top, plunge and pound to the bottom and squeal, over and over again until Etta was shrieking and keening as spasm after spasm of pelvic contractions pushed her towards climax and I grunted uncontrollably towards mine. And then it happened: a simultaneous orgasm which ended with Etta squirting her love juices all over my belly just after I spewed my sperm deep into hers in a series of absolutely frantic thrusts. Our carnal slop commingled, creating a mess of slippery goo that drenched the bed sheets and left each of us slithering in it as we panted heavily and gasped for air, fighting to get control of our breathing again, chests heaving.

Etta collapsed on top of me face down, and I slid her off me and onto her side so I could look into her eyes. She was slowly blinking them open and closed as if awakening from a dream. It was as if she was wanting to close her droopy eyes and just immerse herself in the warmth of the orgasmic aftershocks coursing through her body, but at the same time was fighting to keep her eyes open so she could share the carnal joy we experienced and thank me for hers. The battle of withdrawal into self or engagement with another raged inside her: languid eyes opening and closing. I fought for control of my own eyes, as I suffered through the same battle of retreat into self-satisfaction versus communal sharing. Gradually, our blinking stopped. We locked eyes and just stared at one another, each sighing with satisfaction, each too shocked by the explosiveness of our rhythmic coupling-- and too satiated by it-- to verbally express either our feelings or our gratitude for the sexual gratification we had just given one another. Our eyes said all that needed to be said. And when they were done 'speaking,' we closed them and just rested there, laying in one another’s arms in post-coital embrace, gathering our strength as we recovered from our sexual collision and our energies slowly restored. I can’t remember who was the first to lean over and kiss the other. But that doesn’t really matter. There were several sweet, warm, tender kisses. as well as much more passionate ones, and I do remember we took turns initiating them.

Eventually, Etta sat up to check a clock on the nightstand next to the bed and cried out as she realized she was already late for work: “Oh my God, my lunch hour is already over. I’ve really got to go.” “Oh no you don’t” I replied, jumped out of bed, raced into the bathroom and snatched her panties so she couldn’t put them on. Etta laughed when I dangled the 'prize' I held captive on my fingers: “I love that you can’t get enough of me, but I really do have to go-- and right now. Can I have my panties back?” “No way,” I responded, “I haven’t even had doggy yet. I want your gorgeous ass!” Etta chortled and shook her finger at me, then raced off to the shower. I desperately wanted to follow and fuck her again right there and then--pounding her from behind-- but she seemed genuinely concerned about being any later for work so I thought the better of that. My dick was still in a recovery mode anyways. Etta was back in three minutes with the rest of her clothes. She used the edge of the bed to stretch her legs and get under her pussy as she toweled off, offering me a glorious view of the delectable body parts I had just ravished. I was just desperate to have another go at the sexy bush, curvy legs, luscious tits and tantilizing tush she put on display as she dried herself. Alas, it was not to be! “Panties please,” Etta demanded after she finished. “Not a chance,” I replied, “I'm holding them hostage until I get doggy," I said. A lewd smile crept across my face while I made a point of sniffing her panties-- dampened by love juices the horny bitch had generated even before she had stripped the undies off to seduce me. Etta shrugged and scoffed at me: “Well then, I guess I'll just have to let you keep them as a souvenir.” Etta grabbed her bra and other clothes before I could steal them too, took them over to a dresser and began clothing herself before a mirror.

As she did so, Etta commanded: “Not a word of this to your mother—or anyone else for that matter. She would kill me if she knew I had picked her little boy’s cherry!" "I'm so glad you did exactly that!" I immediately responded. As she restored her wedding ring to her left hand, Etta mused: "I'm sure I'll be riddled with guilt tomorrow when I look back on our little escapade. It w-a-s a lot of naughty fun, though, wasn't it?" she asked rhetorically, drawing out the "was" for emphasis with a crooked smirk. "Indeed!" I replied, "It was awesome! Thanks so much!" "Can’t I at least tell my buddies about this?” I pleaded. Etta countered, “Let’s keep this our little secret, okay?" I reluctantly nodded my agreement.

After Etta finished dressing, grabbed her purse and headed for the door to take her leave, she paused for a moment to look back at me and relented: “Well, I guess you can tell your buddies if you really have to, as long as you leave my name out of it and swear them to secrecy." Flashing me a devilish grin, her green eyes sparkling with mischief, Etta added: "Tell them you’re a genuine motherfucker now, and that this particular mother got herself r-e-a-l-l-y well fucked. You're certainly not a little boy anymore! Congratulations, young m-a-n, and thanks!" Etta smiled at me like the cat that had just swallowed the canary, blew me a parting kiss and rushed out the door without further ado.

I stayed there on the bed for another hour, wallowing in my lost virginity, replaying every second of the sexual encounter in my mind, and gloating over Etta’s “r-e-a-l-l-y well fucked” comment and the husky tonal emphasis she had placed on both the “r-e-a-l-l-y" and "m-a-n." That the compliment had come from a woman as sexually experienced as Etta was a source of immense satisfaction to me. I was, indeed, from that day forward, a “genuine motherfucker" and cherished my status as such and my memories of Etta’s sweet mouth and juicy pussy.

And, yes, just in case you're wondering, I still do have Etta's panties and relish the scent of them from time to time.

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My Mom's Friend Picks My Cherry--Ever So Delightfully

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german_sausage — 08 February 2018 15:12
Seriously? Asterisks for brothers and force???
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The Claiming of Stephanie Michaels A Case Study in Landlord-Tenant Sexual Relations Pete, our landlord, was a big man. Six four at least, 240 pounds or so. He towered over me and was very strong. Biceps that bulged. Thick, long, tree-trunk legs. Pete had a very sturdy base. He was in his...


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The Claiming of Steff Michaels

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex

The Claiming of Steff Michaels A Case Study in Landlord-Tenant Sexual Relations Pete, our landlord, was a big man. Six four at least, 240 pounds or so. He towered over me and was very strong. Biceps that bulged. Thick, long, tree-trunk legs. Pete had a very sturdy base. He was in his early...


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