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  1. Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Part 3)

Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Part 3)

Categories True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing

Authror: ThrasherCorpse895

Published: 08 February 2018

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Part 3: An Open Affair

After that one kinky afternoon at his friends house, I was fucking him regularly, like everyday at that point. This part of the story is about multiple times we've had some fun together around him. A lot changed after the first time I fucked his friend in front of him.

Things began to escalate on this one weekend where I tagged along with them to a jam session they were going to have with a drummer our friend knew. I sat in between the two of them in his friend's giant red truck. On the way over there, I felt a little horny being in between them, so I let my hands wander up their legs while each of them were unaware what I was doing to the other. My hands rested on their crotches and I massaged them until I knew they were both hard! Neither spoke a word as I tried to slide my hands down their pants and grab each of their dicks to stroke them off. It was especially hard for our friend who was driving to keep his composure! My husband, who realized what I was doing, did the best he could to undo his button and pull his dick out for me without his friend catching on, but my interest lied more on his friend who's cock was thicker and longer... I stopped playing with my husband's dick for a little bit as I tried to take off his pants a little more to reveal his hard white cock. Naturally, he freaked out since he was driving, but I grabbed it and kept stroking it as I turned my body around to face him and use both of my hands on it. Seeing his precum slowly ooze out made me want to lick it badly! I slowly leaned closer to him and swirled my tongue all around his head, using the tip of my tongue to collect his precum. He moaned gently as my lips wrapped around it and I began to suck on it while running my tongue all around his head. I started bobbing my head up and down, taking a little more of him in with each bounce of my head until I was giving him a full on sloppy blowjob! I kept going down on him until we got off the highway to get to the drummer's house.

As we got on to the main road, the two of them tried to act as if nothing happened; meanwhile, I felt slightly accomplished by my naughty deed. We got to the drummer's house and they played together for about three hours, but I just couldn't wait to leave and spoil myself with two men all to myself again! When we did finally leave, they kept talking about the jam session they just had until the conversation shifted to what I did on the way over to the drummer's house. The three of us agreed that as soon as we got back on the highway I would be free to repeat it all over again without being secretive about it. I had both of them slide their pants off and I immediately got to work with both of my hands stroking them simultaneously. I could feel the precum come out of both of them as my hands gripped their cocks and moved up and down their shafts. This time, I went down on my husband first as I slid my shorts off and spread my legs. I felt our friend's right hand go directly to my wet pussy to rub it while my mouth went to work on my husband's dark cock. I felt like such a dirty slut doing this, but I could have cared less with the amount of fun I was having! I moaned as his fingers started to slide in me slowly, coating his fingers with my juices.

After leaving hubby's cock nice and wet, I turned my attention to the massive white cock on my left. I quickly wrapped my lips around his cock and started to throat him as my husband fingered me in ways only he can (one of the perks of being with a bass player!). I moaned all over our friend's cock as I took more of him down my throat, letting my throat vibrate on his head the louder my moans got as my drool leaked out of my mouth. My head moves up and down slowly while I stroked the rest of his shaft I couldn't fit in my mouth. Being so lost in the moment, I was completely clueless as to how close to his apartment we were! I stopped what I was doing and slid my shorts back on as they pulled their pants up before we got off the highway again. I wanted to finish my fun with them desperately!

We still had a lot of time in the day left before our friend's roommate got back, so we decided to chill and watch some movies together while smoking a few bowls. At this point, I've gotten comfortable cuddling with each of them separately and with my husband around. Both were unaware of my wandering hands travelling on the other as I hopped back between the two couches they sat on. I just love being a tease sometimes and making them hard at my touch! It really makes me feel like a sexually desired woman... Anyway, my husband was falling asleep and took a nap on one of the couches, leaving his friend all to myself! I sat on his friends lap and made out with him, asking if he wants to have a little fun with me while my husband slept, which he couldn't refuse!

I straddled on top of him and grinded against his cock as my boyfriend slept with the blanket over his face, and made out with his friend as I felt him get harder under me. He took my shirt and bra off and took one my breats in his mouth, sucking on one of my nipples and licking it all over. I turned around and gave him a sexy lap dance, grinding my ass against him and occasionally leaning back as his hands travelled all over me. He grabbed both of my tits and pinched my nipples, making me moan gently. Eventually, his hands found their way down to my panties and slid under them as he rubbed my pussy. I kept dancing on top of him and enjoying being played with as my husband layed down on the other couch. I couldn't take teasing him anymore! I got off of him and took off my shorts and panties while he took off his clothes, both of us desperate to have him slide in me! I slowly lowered myself onto his enormous cock and arched my back to give him the best view of my ass as possible. I started twerking in the tip of his cock, barely trying to hold back my moans, instead giving in to the carnal lust and naughty thoughts. I made sure to slowly ride all of his length and savor every inch of him as my pussy clenched on him. (Fuck! Remembering this has me soooo wet...)

His hands continued to travel all over me, rubbing my ass, grabbing my hips, and playing my my breasts as I kept riding him slowly. I needed to his him and give in to the intimate feelings building up for him, so I turned around to face him. As I did, I noticed some movement under the blanket my husband was using and saw that he was peaking from under the sheets the whole time! Something about being watched turned me on even more.... I started to ride that cock faster and moaning a little louder. "Uyyyy que rico papí... Ahhhh... That dick feels soooo good chiquito. Ayyyyy!". I saw that my husband stroked himself faster, judging my the movement under the blanket. The feeling of his cock filling me up along with the visual of my voyeuristic husband made me instantly cream! His friend could feel my juices coating him more and grabbed my hips to push me down on him as he thruster upward! "Ooohhh fuuuuccckkk! Así mero baby.... Mmmm..."

The longer I rode him, I felt sexier and sluttier! A tendency to want to suck my husband cock came over me as I started to slam down on his friend and the sound of our skin clapping together with each thrust intensifying. I never realized exactly how much I enjoyed being shared until that moment.

I jumped off of his cock and bent over on all fours on the floor, facing my husband as I pulled the cover off of him and grabbed his dick to suck it, giving him no warning! My legs were spread, exposing my dripping cunt to his friend as an open invitation to ram his meat in me. I'm glad he tolk the hint as I felt him slap my pussy with his hard white cock and slide his head up and down my swollen lips before sliding his shaft in me. I moaned heavily on my husband's dark cock before bobbing my head up and down, getting him nice and wet for what I wanted to do next. I pushed myself back on to each thrust inside of me and gagged on my husband like a good little slut. I pulled my head off of him and jerked him off using all the drool I left on it as I kept moaning hard from the pounding I was taking! My fingers instinctively started rubbing my clit as I played with my two boyfriends; my mind becoming a scrambled mess of lust and sexual fustration being released as I played with the two dicks that belonged to me!

I grabbed our friend's dick and pulled it out of me so I could climb on top of my husband, still laying down on the couch. I grabbed his smaller cock and guided it in me deep so so could grind on it and taste my juices off of his friend. Being spitroasted and stuffed transformed me to a cock hungry whore for them, desperate to make them both cum for me! I kept riding my husband until he couldn't hold his load back any longer and he lifted me off of him and shot a small load on my ass as his friend started cumming in my mouth shortly after. His cum shot all the way to the back of my throat and started to drip out on to his dick and on to my chest while he pulled out slowly. I was greeted by three more spurts landing on my face! The amount of cum he could shoot out never ceased to amaze me, and I've never gotten used to it. Knowing I was responsible for such a massive load was a huge turn on for me. My tongue licked some of his cum off my my lips as as collected the rest with my finger to taste more.

I excused myself to the restroom to wash off before our friend's roommate got back home and took my clothes with me as they got dressed. We spent the rest of the afternoon together smoking some more and surfing YouTube until his roommate returned and my husband left to his apartment. I told my husband I would get a ride back to my place, but instead I decided to spend the night with his friend behind his back....

Hope you guys liked the story and want me to keep writting! I'm far from done telling this story ;)

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Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Part 3)

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