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  1. Breeding Beauty Chp1 - Blacked out Fun
  2. Breeding Beauty Chp2 - Craigslist BBC Bull
  3. Breeding Beauty Chp3 - Caught Outide looking in.
  4. Breeding Beauty chp4 - Auction her off
  5. Breeding beauty ch 6 - A breeding party in the city
  6. Breeding beauty ch 5: eBay auctions and do much more

Breeding beauty ch 5: eBay auctions and do much more

Categories True Story, Anal, Cruelty, Group Sex

Author: mikey19341

Published: 14 February 2018

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Breeding Beauty chp5 - Bidding frenzy, vodka enama and sloppy second's, third's and more....

So after realizing what Cory had done with the bidding I decided to give it a try myself.

So I posted a add on EB for an antique wood frame. To make sure it would not be taken down I put a hot faceless picture of her in panties in the picture frame...

Then I went on Craigslist and placed an add for wife breeding anonymously.

As the emails flooded in I tried to screen them and the ones I thought would be serious I gave them the auction link.

For days the 7 day auction to expire at 10PM on a Friday night over flowed my inbox....literally 100s of emails...

At first I saw no bids but then with 2 days to go the bidding started at $100,,,$200,,,$300...$400....

Many questions and the most important one was "can I cum inside her?"...finally had to put in the post "cum inside her" in the listing details.

The bidding ratcheted up to over $1000...by Thursday night...

Then I started to get emails from guys asking if they could fuck her after the guy who won...they want to fuck her with another man's cum inside her...sloppy seconds...

Humm I thought! Brilliant. I posted another auctions....antique frame 2nd edition.....

To my surprise the bidding went bonkers on that auction in a matter of hours....both auctions were now well over $1000....

Humm....I posted 4 other auctions....antique frame 3rd edition....antique frame 4th edition....antique frame 5th edition...antique frame 6th edition....

The auctions quickly filled up...

To an even bigger surprise the 6th edition surpassed the 1st edition....guys really wanted to fuck her all filled with cum I guess....the bidding was at $2353...

As friday approached and over $10K total on all 6 actions...I had to make a plan...I can't have all these guys come to our house..

Humm a motel would be best so I found one out of the way and had a private entrance....the pickings were slim but I finally found one..an old divey motel and am owner thst rented cash, by the hour,,, no questions asked...

But how would I get her there? Dinner and dancing and some magical drinks..

Friday came...she was dressed hot....put a little vodka in her wine..

put some zanex in her food....

We went to the club and started to dance,,,she was totally into it and I could see she was getting spaced out....blacked out...

Then I grabbed a few shots and dared her down them....she slammed back 3 of them....

More dancing and she could barely stand....there were tons of single guys there and I let them cut in and dance with her...

She had no clue they were even groping her.....

10PM came quickly.....we had to go....directed her to the car...

On the ride home she passed out before we even left the parking lot...

It was a nervous ride to the motel...parked in the back in the dark.. Rented the end unit room...literally carried her out of the car without anyone seeing me....

Plopped her on the bed and dressed her in some slutty bra and panties....however she mumbled something....shit! she wasn't totally out.....

I had a few tiny vodka bottles....I lubed one up and stuck it up her ass and let it drain....slowly...after 15 min I pulled it out and all the vodka was gone...

I let her lay there for 15 min and then tried to wake her up...nothing! Slapped her face... Nothing... Pinched her tits... Nothing.... perfect!....

Grabbed my phone and waited for the auctions to finish....I hesitantly emailed the winner the address and room number.....

30 min later I saw a car pull in...flash the lights...I met him outside...the dam guy had a wedding ring on....he sheepishly told me that he had not fucked a women without a condom in 20 years...

He was very nervous as he entered. I told him to strip and I turned on a dim light to expose her body. He sat in the bed next to her...then I felt his cock between his legs and it was totally hard...I laid him down and directed his cock to her cunt....he turned and looked at me and said "I can't do this..!" at that moment I grabbed his hips and pushed his cock inside her....he could now not stop himself and he fucked her wildly for 5 minutes and shot a huge load...He got up so quick and ran out...

Humm..Now that was boring wasn't it I thought.? I hope the other winners are a bit more dramatic.... Oh boy were they..

The second guy wanted to finger her ass and lick his fingers before he fucked her... Weird... He shot his load up her ass and then locked it out of her....

Third guy I had to card... He was literally 18 and 2 days according to his drivers license... But he had the cash and was driving a BMW... Parents money I guess.... He was young, hung, good looking and horny as hell... He wasted no time... Rolled her on her stomach and rammer her cunt.... 5 minutes later he arrived his back and shot a load inside her... His orgasm seemed to last forever..... It did! When he pulled out his cum just poured out of her... But he was not done... He fingered her cunt admiring his handy work... He used some to live his cock and he ass... Damn kid! Multiple erections I thought..... He fucked her ass for a good 30 minutes... Finally he shot his second load...

Fourth guy looked like a serial killer and was glad he just fucked her with his big hairy belly slapping off her ass cheeks.... But he didn't cum inside her.. He pulled out and jerked all over her face.... I cleaned her up....

Fifth guy was a uncut Latino... And she hates Latino guys! If she only knew that this Rico was breeding like a freaking whore....

Sixth guy was a fat slobby guy.... Big dick but smelt.... He put his ass crack at her face and farted... He laughed.... He put is cock at her mouth and flopped his balls on her face.... He fingered her.... Finally he got hard and basically folded her in half so he could fuck her due to his belly.... He was inside her only a few minutes... He got thus funny look.... Then I saw the bed get wet.... He was fucking pissing inside her cunt.... What a dumb fuck..

Auctions were done and it was only midnight... I was bored with a partially used fuck doll..

So I grabbed my phone and emailed all the guys that were bidding and said it would be $100 cash a head for sloppy seconds. Ding...ding..ding....ding.....my phone started to blow up. 5,10, then over 20 guys responded...Some saying they had buddies to bring....

I sat there at a point of no return....should I do it?..........think...think....shot of whisky and I spread her legs to see his cum leaking out of her....her tits so perky...her womb so ripe for breeding... WHAT THE FUCK!

I composed an email with the address and the fact that she would be in the room, naked, laying on her side...guys were to slide in fuck her ass or cunt....feeling her tits would be ok....no kissing or slapping....and most imporantly the jar for the money would be at the door...I would be sitting in the corner watching.....not saying a word....

I hit send and waited....

Literally in 15 min I saw 8 cars hovering around the parking lot..they parked across the street....I cracked the door and put a note on the door that said 100....the first guy entered followed by 7 others...all dead silent as they saw her sweet ass laying there all helpless....they wasted no time stripping down and mounting her....fucking her...raping her...it was so wrong to see these men fucking her helpless body...feeling her tits...I always enjoyed the moment when you can tell in a mans body when his dick takes over his thoughts...morals fly out the window...his back arches...balls tighten and he shoots his load....then the moment of reality....as his cock goes soft....the moral side comes back in "what have I done!", most feel remorse grab there cloths and run out....but then there are the fucked up few...they want to feel the cum inside her knowing they will fuck her again....

For me you ask? humm...I love watching a swollen cock pull out of her cunt or ass....that moment when you can still see her gaping hole with the cum deep inside it....those are the moments when I cannot overcome my own obsession of wanting to lick it out of her...her cunt, her ass,,,then I love to take that cum in my mouth and kiss her,,,smear it all over her face...rub some of the cum up her nose so that when she does wake she will smell cum...

sorry...back to the story....I was playing clean up in between guys.....I heard guys coming and going....cunt....ass,, cunt and ass,,,,her fucking holes were so stretched out after about an hour of being bred...I really lost count on the number of men...but I could see her ass was now almost prolapsing as the guys pulled out of her ass....so I licked it.....slowly fingered it to get any cum out of it......holy shit she is stretched out....3 fingers, 4 fingers,,,thumb,,,holy shit I was able to work by fist up into her ass.....it just popped inside her.....when I pulled out her fucking ass prolapsing again.....the guys all stood around in amazement.....they all wanted to fuck her loose ass.....but they all shot their loads inside her cunt...finally 3 hours later it all died down and the last guy left....I got up now sick to my stomach from swallowing cum...went to the bathroom and threw up a bit.....wondered just how many men showed up?

I went to the jar and counted all the money....there was $2000 in the jar....holy shit...over 20 men had fucked her and many of them twice....she was truly a whore.....with that I got aroused thinking of what a fucked up cunt she is...so I fucked her cunt, but this I reached down and shoved all 4 of my fingers up her ass....so I could feel my cock fucking her from the inside...as my cock penetrated her my cock head could feel my finger tips...I shot my load....

Then I cleaned her up and put her cloths back on...put mine back on....and pretended to fall asleep....in the morning I heard her get up....come back into bed naked....whisper that she was sorry that she fell asleep on what was supposed to be a romantic night out.....she wanted to fuck and she disappeared down under the covers...sucking my cock, my balls....and to my surprise..she licked her finger and played with my ass.....I grabbed her hair and pushed it down deeper....holy shit she was going for it...she was licking my asshole and fingering it....I reached over and flipped her 69 so I could eat her cunt....it was totally soaked and dripping wet with excitement....her tongue was no curled up and inside my ass.....I licked her cunt but my nose was right at her sweet (destroyed) ass....it was all red and swollen...puffy...so I licked it for her....I could feel her body quiver....almost seemed to comfort her....slowly I licked all around her ass...back and forth between her ass and cunt.....suddenly her body arched and she screamed in a wild orgasm...I kept licking and she was going wild...my tongue on her cunt...my fingers rubbing her clit.....then in the middle of the orgasm I used my other hand to rub her ass, my finger swirled around her asshole....she freaking erupted in a louder orgasm....so I buried my finger up her ass and she began to hump my finger.....so in went 2, 3, 4 fingers up her ass....still liking her cunt she was going wild like I had never seen before...her body was out of control...I could feel her cunt and sphincter spasming...finally she just collapsed....I rolled her over, spread her legs,,,,shoved my tongue down her throat and fucked her as hard as I could....shot yet another load in this dirty little "goody two shoes" whore...

I rolled off of her and why she just said "OMG that was fucking amazing"....then she said she woke up so damn horny she couldn't help herself.!!!!!

Hummmm I wonder why....

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Breeding beauty ch 5: eBay auctions and do much more

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