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  1. The Academy
  2. The Academy: A Mother is the Best Teacher

The Academy: A Mother is the Best Teacher

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Boy, School

Authror: DK54

Published: 14 February 2018

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Chapter two: A Mother is the Best Teacher

A group of protesters have begun to form outside of The Academy.

Before the mass of individuals even began to shout, their energy radiated with hate and intolerance. Faces of disapproval and spite were found in spades; and the faces weren’t regulated to one demographic, all ages gathered to protest the first day of school for The Academy, as they do every year. Picket signs that read, “GOD DOESN’T LOVE YOU,” and “WHORES AND SINNERS SHOULD ROT,” were lofted into the air as the crowd expanded to the expected size. Police stood in a line, ensuring no psychopath broke through into the official campus ground, and they would have to stay there all day.

Jordan, who was late for her second period class, looked out in disapproval from inside the school, glaring with hatred.


“Hold it,” Ms. Thompson said as she stared intently at her daughter, Frankie, “Hold it for three more seconds.”

The Thompson family is a well-known for their contributions to the sex community. Not only is the mother one of the founding members of the sex branch of The Academy, but she is a retired pornstar, one that was famed across the world, winning countless awards. The two daughters, Frankie and Izzy, who are 18 and 19 respectively, were a part of the first class to go through the school, the original 13.

Frankie, as her mother studied her, was kneeling in front of the class, completely naked and red-faced, with a cock shoved down her throat.

Spit began to leak out of her mouth, and she gagged a few times, but Rayne, a tan boy with a tattoo sleeve, kept his cock buried in her throat. Two other boys, who Jasper is yet to learn their names, stood waiting their turn.

The rest of the class watched interested as Rayne’s cock fell out of her mouth, which caused him to moan loudly and her to gasp for air.

“Good job Frankie,” Ms. Thompson said, there were rumors, naturally, that she favored her two daughters in class, “Get up on the desk and move on to double penetration, Mason you stand above her and get your dick sucked.”

As they transitioned, with one boy laying down and Frankie climbing on top of him, Ms. Thompson used the moment to lecture.

Frankie squealed as Rayne entered her ass and started thrusting. “Now, in this class,” Ms. Thompson began, “We will be discussing the presentation of yourself in pornography, and how to prefect your on-camera look and style.” She continued on.

Jasper was mesmerized by the way Frankie’s ass bounced while being double penetrated. She was pale, and overweight by just the right amount, in no ways was she a BBW, which there are in the school, but she had enough extra meat on her for her ass to jiggle perfectly when fucked. The girl knew this, too, and used it to her advantage, she stuck her ass towards the class to provide them the most appealing view. This, Jasper realized, must be an important aspect to shooting porn: presentation. Something he will have to learn.

Frankie’s makeup was smeared, running from her eyes down her face, from the tears that are a result from the deepthroating. Even as she got fucked in both holes, she deepthroated Mason’s cock effortlessly. She only took it out of her mouth to say things like, “Do you like the way my throat feels, daddy?” Her voice was young, high, and innocent, and her moans were pained shouts that sometimes had a hint of fake crying.

“New boy,” Ms. Thompson said, snapping Jasper from his trance, “What’s your name?”

“Oh, uh,” he wasn’t ready to be called upon, half the class looked at him, the other class stared at Frankie, “Jasper Coleman.”

“Does my daughter seem like a sub or a dom to you?” she asked.

“Uh,” Jasper froze, not because he didn’t know, but because his social anxiety prevailed in this moment of discomfort.

“Your daughter is a pussy, Miss T,” a voice answered for him, “She’s a sub, the chica couldn’t take charge if her life depended on it.”

“Thank you, Camilla,” Ms. Thompson said, “Good to see you haven’t changed much over the last summer.”

The girl named Camilla was glaring at Jasper with a menacing but confident smirk. She was beautiful and intimidating, but not in the way Sasha was, this girl was a dangerous type of sexy. She was most likely Mexican, judging from her light skin and Latina accent, and the top part of her right arm was covered in tattoos. Her presence was disturbing to Jasper. She held some devil within her angel eyes, masking it brilliantly; she cunningly looked him up and down, sizing him up.

“But that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about. My daughter is, as Camilla put it, a pussy. She’s innocent, you don’t want her to take charge, you want to hold her down and use her. Which is something you should embrace as a pornstar,” Ms. Thompson said.

Frankie yelped as she came, wiggling her ass snuggly back into Rayne as she did so.

Ms. Thompson continued, nonchalantly walking over and slapping Rayne’s ass as he fucked her daughter, “But with someone like Rayne here, with his big muscles and sharp jawline, he is a clear dom. People want to watch Rayne fuck the shit out of things, not squirm like a bitch.”

With this motivation, Rayne grabbed Frankie’s hair and pulled it angerly back to him, forcing her to look at him as he plowed her tight asshole, “Do you like that bitch?”

“Yes, sir,” Frankie screamed, almost to tears, “Yes sir I fucking love it!”

"Just like I taught you, sweetie," Ms. Thompson bit her lip.

“This cunt is gonna make me nut,” he said through his gritted teeth.

She gasped, “Do it. Do it! Fill me up right in front of my mommy.”

Jasper felt himself get hard as Rayne’s strokes slowly began to halt, and his moans intensified until he was obviously cumming in her ass. Soon after, the boy beneath her came inside her as well, and Mason covered her red, destroyed face.

To Jasper's shock, Ms. Thompson began to lick the cum off of her daughter's face before spitting it back in her mouth. She then transitioned to Frankie's asshole, sucking the cum out, and then her pussy, mixing the juices in her mouth, she had her daughter swallow that as well.

“Now go redo your makeup and come back,” Ms. Thompson said as they began to recollect themselves, “Jasper why don’t you come up here, I think I know what type of pornstar you can be.”

Jasper was terrified, but went up regardless, too nervous to have thoughts in his head.

“I’ll be his partner,” Camilla’s accent was apparent and sexy, “He’s definitely a sub.”

“No, Camilla, I don’t think he is,” the teacher stopped her, “Sasha. Why don’t you come up.”

Jasper always felt like the cliché, “his heart leapt,” was overtly cheesy and banal, but those are the only words that could describe what happened in his chest at that moment. He was so taken aback that he almost fell over. Not only did he have to perform in front of the class, he was going to have to do with the most gorgeous girl of all time as his co-star.

He was fucking petrified.

Sasha, on the other hand, wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. “Hey, Jay,” she smiled as she pranced up next to him, her perfect hips swaying as she did so.

“Now,” Ms. Thompson said, “There is more than just doms and subs. I think Jasper is a passionate pornstar. Of course, you will do all types of work, but you will thrive in passion pieces.”

“Passion pieces?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, yes,” she nodded, “Your eyes, your facial features, they are impeccable. You are the perfect dream boy. Women porn users will love you.”

“Oh, why thank you,” his awkward response got some chuckles from the audience, especially considering it was in response to her calling him suave.

“Sasha, get into character, you know what to do,” Ms. Thompson stated, and shifted from teaching mood to spectating mode.

“Get into character?” Jasper asked like an idiot, and turned to Sasha.

Sasha, who had just been bouncing with her normal happiness, has switched to a completely separate demeanor since he last looked at her. Her eyes were big and her eyebrows raised, and her mouth was slightly opened, she licked her lips gently. Jasper knows the face all too well, it was the face you made before you kissed someone you loved. It’s the face of innocence in a special moment of passion, a face that is enveloped in the moment of love.

Jasper leaned against the desk in front of the room, and Sasha approached him with methodic, graceful steps. When she put her hands on him, one on his chest and one on his jaw, all the people watching him disappeared, and in the entire universe, it was only them two. He scooched backwards more to give her beautiful legs room to straddle him, and he grabbed both of her hips with hands that were both strong and gentle at the same time.

She didn’t kiss him right away; instead, she looked into his eyes with genuine emotion. He was transfixed, he’s never seen a person so captivating in his life, her soothing breath brushed his face as they stared at one another. When Sasha did kiss him, a canon went off in his chest, and her warm lips transported him to another world. Jasper, who’s been in dozens of failed relationships before, has never felt emotion like this, and he met this girl a few hours ago. How did she do it? Did she feel it, too?

After a minute of passionate kissing, he felt her hips begin to thrust against him in a passionately calm rhythm, even though she was still clothed. He thought it was time to change that. Again, with delicate strength, he swung her off him, and laid her next to him. Jasper moved his lips from her mouth to her neck, and his hands began exploring her perfect body, her tits, her legs… Sasha moaned gently, almost as if it was a whisper.

When Jasper’s hands got to her pussy, he gently grazed it at first, teasing her, “Oh,” she said, almost inaudible as she thrusted her hips upwards begging for contact. When he did feel her pussy through her pants, she let out a long sigh of satisfaction, loving each rub of his hand. He felt her hand dig into his back, and she threw her head back with her moans intensifying.

Yup, he thought, it’s time to fuck her.

He went up for one last kiss before going to take off her pants, and he froze after he did. It was her eyes. They were so perfect, so encapsulating. He was lost in them, they looked back with the same amount of love he felt in his chest right then, it was incredi…

The bell rang. And reality came crashing back as the bustle of students packing up interrupted the moment.

Sasha’s eye returned to the normal medium and her childish smile returned as well. “Ohhhh, yikes,” she grinned, “Maybe next time.”

She hopped up from beneath him, Jasper didn’t say anything, he couldn’t believe she could switch so fast. He watched her as she went to collect her stuff. Did she just fake that?

“You in love, chico. I know that face,” he turned to see Camilla studying him, she then nodded her head and walked out of class. It was a simple observation, but she said it with an evil edge, as if she can one day use it against him.


“There’s a protest every first day of the school year,” Sasha said in between bites of her lunch, they were on a bench in the hallway, which was vacant aside from the passing student every so often, “It dies down eventually.”

Jasper nodded, he expected backlash, but not in the form of a riot. “I mean,” he said, “Are you safe? Do you need me to…”

She giggled. “Ohhhh, my knight in shining armor,” she said caustically, “We’ll be fine, but we should walk home in pairs for the first few months or so. Simi can walk with us, too.”

“Actually,” Simi, who sat on the other side of the bench and has been quiet until then, despite her ethnicity she had an American accent, “I’m leaving early today.”

“What?” Sasha seemed alarmed.

“I have an off-period, I get out earlier than you guys. Perks of being an upper-classmen, I guess. I have an interview today.”

“No, no, no Simi. That is a terrible idea, the SPAAC is as dangerous as ever,” Sasha turned to Jasper, expecting him to question her, “The Stay Pure At All Costs movement. Bastards, every single one of them. Those are the people that you have to worry about.”

“They’re all talk, Sash,” Simi said, “Look. If you really are worried, just know Officer Patterson will be escorting me.”

“So what street do you guys live…” Jasper began.

“Hola,” Camilla was suddenly in front of them, silently walking up from behind Jasper.

“OH,” Jasper comically jumped, he was terrified of her. Camilla raised a curious eyebrow at the jumpy white boy.

“Here’s the address,” the Latina girl handed a piece of paper to Sasha, “It’ll be behind the dumpster, just leave the money there.”

“Thank you,” Sasha smiled, “How are you, Camilla?”

However, she was already walking away, “We can catch up later, I’m busy. Bye Sasha, bye new kid, bye Shibby.” Jasper watched her hips authoritatively move as she walked away, greeting someone as she turned the corner.

“My name is Simi!” Simi said, Jasper found it curious that she intentionally messed up her name, considering they’ve gone to school together for years. They were both in the original 13.

“Whatever, Shitty,” Camilla yelled from around the corner.

“You should come with me for that,” Sasha said to Jasper, “It’s not the best neighborhood. It’s drugs, if you were wondering. It’s kind of Camilla’s thing, but she’s a good person, deep down, we used to be great friends. She’s just going off a bad path lately.”

“She wasn’t always that mean,” Simi agreed sheepishly, “She also used to use my actual name.”

“Don't worry about her, Simi, she doesn't mean it. Anyways, Jasper, you should the drugs them with me!” Sasha exclaimed, “Simi’s not really into them, and it gets boring alone.”

Simi gave Jasper a look behind Sasha’s back, as if she was trying to warn him about something.


Jordan glared out at the crowd, biting her lip in anger as her mind worked.

She turned towards the hallways; luckily, the new kid was standing there by the girl’s bathroom, seemingly waiting for someone.

“Jasper!” Jordan is bad at names, mostly because she doesn’t care, but she thinks that was right, “Come here.”

He walked over like a hesitant puppy, she could tell he was intimidated easily. She loved that feeling of power. “How quick can you cum?” she asked, sexily raising an eyebrow. She began to get wet.

“As fast as you need me to,” he answered immediately. Jordan admits, he was cute, he had a sharp look about him, if she could feel empathy she would feel bad about mocking him earlier at the start of the day.

“Good. Take out your dick and start jerking off,” she commanded. After hesitating, he obeyed due to her clear authority, she was one of the original 13, after all.

Jordan then got completely naked, “We’re going to go out there, and you’re going to give me a facial. Okay? Okay.”

Jasper wasn’t stupid, he knew that wasn’t smart. But he was an adrenaline junky, especially when it came to sexual acts, so he was in.

When they walked out of the doors, the screaming crowd went silent. A naked woman stood there with a perfect body, and a guy with a massive cock, this was the last thing they expected. They were stunned, and every person, no matter how opposed they are theoretically, had a moment where they were allured to some of the most beautiful people in the world.

Jordan got on her knees, in front of the entire protest, and started to blow Jasper.

When the crowd began to realize what was happening, mayhem ensued.

People threw stuff and yelled the most profane things imaginable, the police struggled to hold them back. Jordan pulled the cock out of her mouth and rubbed the head of his cock in tight and rapid circular motions. Although there was chaos just to their right, she looked up at him with intense excitement, they held eye-contact the entire time.

And continued to as he began to bust onto her beautiful face. The rush of the event was so gratifying that he covered her entire face with cum, she smiled as the crowd grew louder. Jordan sat there on her knees, she began to take the cum and put it in her mouth.

She then rose to her feet majestically, in that moment, Jasper has never seen a person more empowered. He watched in pure shock as she walked towards the crowd.

As she came closer, the crowd’s volume lowered to nothing. They awaited to see what she would do.

Jordan made eye contact with the most austere looking woman there, she had greying hair that was pulled back, and held a “SINNERS WILL ROT IN HELL,” sign. The woman watched terrified as Jordan walked right up to her.

Jordan spit Jasper’s cum right in the woman’s face.

The woman recoiled, horrified, but it was too late, Jasper’s sperm covered the entirety of her face. “It’s in my eye!” she yelled. Jordan laughed as the crowd began to come to life.

A police officer snatched up Jordan into his arms effortlessly and began to run back to the school, objects thrown at them from behind.

Jasper felt a soft hand grab his arm. “Are you out of your FUCKING MIND?!” Sasha dragged him back into the school.

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The Academy: A Mother is the Best Teacher

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