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I found love in mom

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time

Author: family of sex

Published: 14 February 2018

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Authors note: This is a fictional story of my real mother. I love her so much. And wanted to express my love to her with this story for Valentine Day. Please note that English is not my native league so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes that you might encounter. I don’t really like to read though my story and check for mistakes so I’m sorry if there is a lot.

My mom Stella is the greatest woman in the world. I know everyone says that about their mother but she is something else. A beautiful woman with a kind heart and amazing will power.

When she was 20 years old she was married to the love of her and was pregnant with me. She felt at the top of the world. But soon tragedy stuck. Her parents died in a car crash and her husband got mugged and shot in the heart. A loss as big as that might have driven other into despair but not my mother. After some time to mourn the loss of her family she made it her personal mission to spoil me when I come out of her womb.

Fortunately that never happened. I was never the kid that wanted the coolest new toy, a PSP or some cool at the time thing. All I ever wanted was to see my mother smile and bring her joy. It just felt natural to me. I always gave her a present for her birth day, mother’s day, Christmas, New Year, and even Valentine’s Day.

And when puberty hit I noticed how beautiful my mother really was. For my 13th birthday we went to the city pool and when I saw my mother in her bikini I instantly got a hard on. At 33 years old her breast were huge at a DD cup, her flat tummy curved so well with her waist it was like she was sculpted from a clay master. Her ass was so beautiful and it curved so well when she walked all the men and women curved their heads to her.

After that day I just couldn’t stop thinking of my mother and how sexy she was. I masturbated 3 times a day to her and often stole her panties from then laundry when I got the chance. I always returned them and she never seemed to notice what I was doing. I fantasied about her so much all the time and then I just fell in love with her.

It wasn’t just a sexual desire that I felt. I fell in love with my mom. I loved seeing her gentle smile, feeling her loving embrace, and looking into her beautiful green eyes meant the world to me. She never knew it but I had gave her my first kiss when I was 14 and she was sleeping soundly exhausted from work. After that day I kissed her every chance I got when she was sleeping and I was always careful not to wake her up. And After every kiss my love for her only grew more.

I wanted to tell her how I feel so much. But I could never do it. Until one day when I was 16 watching TV and doing my homework. And she came home exhausted from work again.

“Hey kiddo. Doing homework with TV again?” she said with a gentle loving smile.

I liked the sound of the TV playing when I did my homework. I never paid attention to it though.

“Yeah…”I said stretching and turning to see mom.”…How was work today?” When I saw hew in her work clause I instantly looked away. She worked as a cook at a restaurant and I always found her sexy with her chief clause on. Too sexy in fact because I got such a huge boner from her.

“Exhausting as usual. Anything you want for dinner?” she said.

“Yeah…for you to go to bed and rest.” I answered.

“Ok and what will you have to eat then?”

“There is lettuce, tomatoes and some cheese in the fridge so don’t worry I’ll make myself a healthy yummy sandwich. Oh and there is some juice in there as well, so please don’t worry and go to bed you’ve earned some relaxation.”

“You sure about that I could make you your favorite soup?” she wrapped her arms behind me softly pressing her breast on my back.

When I felt her warm hug and her loving gaze upon me my heart just raced a race car engine. And the feeling of her huge soft breast on my back was more than a turn on for me. Luckily I could hide my hard on easily with my hands. And I could keep it cool more or less when she was hugging me like that so I said “Yeah I’m sure…” I kissed her on the cheek “…now please go to bed and rest.”

“Ok…” she kissed me back and stretched a little. “Owww…”

“What wrong? “ I trended to her.

“I think I just pulled a muscle of I’m just a little cramped from work.” she said while massaging her muscles.

“Want me to give you another massage?”

“Wouldn’t mind one…” she said with a gentle smile.

Mom usually gets cramps from work o I often massage her. I always love doing it because it gives me a chance to touch her with it being weird. Well at least not for her. After I gave her the massage I went straight to my room and masturbated like there was no tomorrow.

“Ok I’ll be up in five minutes.”

“Make it fifteen I need to take a shower.”

“Perfect it give me enough time to finish my homework.”

“Ok…” she kissed me again on the cheek and went off upstairs to take a shower.

I had actually finished my homework while we were talking so when she was out of sight I just rolled off my pants and I started masturbating thinking of her. I fantasied how she would just get out of the shower with nothing but a towel on that barely covered her. She would sit on the couch next to me as I masturbated from her. Take my cock in her hand and jerk me off. I would reveal her breast from the towel and just start sucking on them as if I was a baby again. Her soft moans would echo through the room and in a while we would both cum. Then she would just scoop my cum from her hand with her tongue and kneel in front of me for a second round. She would rap her big boobs around my cock and just tit fuck me until I sprayed her face with my cum. That’s when I cummed myself for real and let out a huge load, after load, after load.

Knowing that the bathroom was occupied I went to washed myself at the kitchen sink. That’s when I heard my mom from upstairs “Billy…”

“Yeah mom?” I said a little startled.

“I’m just gonna dry my hair I’ll call you when I’m ready.”


After a few minutes she called me upstairs and I went upstairs and when I entered her bedroom I was stunned at how beautiful she was. She laid there wearing only her sky blue bra and panties I could see the gorgeous curves of her body so clearly I got so hard I could pound nails with my cock. Thankfully she didn’t see my cock. As I went behind he and put my hands on her back.

I worked out a lot so I had strong hands to massage her with. I worked on her back nice and slow, making sure to take my time so she could enjoy it and I could feel her soft beautiful skin.

“Mom…” I said.


“If I’m not wrong you’re 36 now, right?”

“Please don’t say that you’re making me feel old.”

“I just wanted to say that you’re to gorgeous for a woman that’s had a child. Most mothers I’ve seen heave let themselves go after the first child but you are quieted the opposite.”

“Awww…thank you. You’re quiet the lady talker aren’t you. How come you still don’t have girlfriend.”

“I guess I never found a girl that I liked.”

“Well have you at least tried?” she said turning her head to me. Thankfully from her point of view she couldn’t see my hard cock.

“For me to try first I have to be find something really attractive in the girl.”

“Like what?”

“Like do I enjoy her smile, her laugh. Do I really enjoy spending time with her. And do I wish for her embrace more than anything in the world. The last one may not be included but if it is then I think I would like to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“Wow…you’re quite the romantic as your father was.” she said amazed.


“Yeah…but what if you don’t find such a girl?”

“Well then at least I’ll still have you by my side right?” as I said that I froze for a moment when I realized that I might have just accidentally confessed my love to mom.

“True but I won’t be able to be around forever, you know.” When I heard that my heart just sunk. I never thought of it as that for a moment I imagined my live without my mom and I felt a cold shiver in my heart. It was awful. So awful that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Hey why did you sto…” she said when I just pressed my lips on hers and gave her the best kiss I could ever give someone. She was startled at first and wanted to break it but I pressed my body on hers and heled her. She struggled a little but eventually she just gave in and kissed me back. I knew she could feel my hard cock pressed against her ass but I don’t think she really care.

After a minute or so I finally broke that kiss and just stared in to my mother’s beautiful green eyes. Realizing what I just did I knew there was no turning back. My instincts were screaming at me to run and hide for all eternity but my hearth wouldn’t let my body move. It knew it was right where it needed it to be and it knew exactly what to do.

“Mom…” she didn’t respond. I think she was just as shocked as I was. I turned her body to face me and sat on her with her lap between my legs. I looked into her eyes and just let my heart do the talking “Mom I love you. Not just as a mother. I’m in love with you. I love seeing you smile. I love it when you hug me. I love it when you spend time with me even though even though you’re exalted and I always appreciate it. You are the love of my life mom. And I want us to spend the rest of our time together. I love you. I love you so much.”

As I said those words she just stared at me and tears started to fill her eyes.

“Please say something mom. Even if you reject me…” when I said that she just instantly grabbed the back of my head and forced me into another kiss.

In a few seconds she broke the kiss and said “Reject you? Honey I couldn’t possibly do that. I just don’t know what to say. It’s been so long since anybody has talked to me like that.”

“Really?” I asked my heart raising faster than ever.

“Yeah…when I look in your eyes I see the same kind of love that your father had for me. Maybe even bigger. But are you sure? Are you really sure you want to spend your life with me? Because if you are I’ll be more than happy to give you my hearth.”

“Are kidding me this is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve always wanted you mommy nothing more could ever come close to you. I love you. I love you so much mommy.” tears started to fall down both our faces.

“I love you too. I love you too Billy. And my heart now belongs to you.”

“Mine always belonged to you mommy and now it’s finally yours.”

After I said that we kissed with such passion that the world around us just faded away. I let my hands explore every corner of her body. And for the first time since I was a baby I touched be breasts. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra and tossed it somewhere on the floor. My hands squeezed her tits gently and she moaned making her moan so much she broke the kiss. I started to kiss down her neck as I played with her tits. When I got to her boobs I sucked on her left nipple softly and gentle. I let my tong do as it pleased as my left hand stroked her right boob and my right hand went into her panties and squeezed her ass.

“Oh honey please don’t stop…Ohhhh yeaaahhhhh” my mom moaned softly.

I moved to her other boob and let my right hand stroke the left boob while my left hand went for her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh goooooddd that feels so good. Make mommy cum honey. Make mommy cummmmmm…ahhhhh yeaaah….”

I stroked her pussy with faster and faster and she was so wet down there like she just came out from the shower.

“Oh yes…Oh yes…Oh yes…Don’t stop…Ohhhh I’mmmm cummmmmmmminnng.” She cummed so hard her whole body trembled. I was amazing I never saw this side of mom before and I wanted to see more. I went down her body, took her pants off as fast as possible and took her feet in my hands. I always love how cute and sexy her feet looked and often fantasied how I would eat them up while fucking her or right before she gave me a foot job. I let her toes in my mouth and they felt really good. I rolled my tongue around each of her toes and then I liked down her foot. It was amazing and mom seemed to really enjoy it as well.

“I guess you’re a feet guy like your dad, huh?”

I smiled as she said that and took one more round around her feet. Then I started kissing and licking down both her feet until I got to her pussy. I was so beautiful. Her pussy lips were soaking wet, they smelled nicely from her orgasm and the taste was just heavenly. Her pussy juices tasted so sweet I just couldn’t get enough. I sucked on her pussy so hard that I brought her to another orgasm in no time at all. When she calmed down from it she took my head and let her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced around our moths for what felt like an eternity. When finally broke the kiss she said “Lie down on the bed honey. I want to do a 69 with you.”

She didn’t have to say it twice. I instantly took all my clause of except my underwear. And laid down on the bed. When mom sat on my face I could see het cute asshole just begging for attention. I squeezed her ass cheeks as she rolled off my underwear and revealed my 7 inches cock.

“Wow you’re not bad for a boy your age.” She said as she started to stroke my cock up and down. After a minute I poked at her asshole and she let out a soft moan. When I started to finger her asshole while eating her pussy she wrapped her mouth around my cock. She was amazing. She made my first blowjob so good I nearly cummed to quickly to enjoy it. But I held up as long as I could and then just let out load after load into my own mother mouth. It was amazing and she drank every drop last drop of it.

“I had forgotten how tasty sperm was. Thank you honey for this amazing teat.”

I was to bussy eating her lovely pussy to speak and when my cock started to go numb she got it in her mouth again and sucked me.

“Ohh mommy yes that feels good. Please wrap your boob around my cock.” And that she did. Her boobs felt even better than I imagined they would. And she moaned so much from me fingering her ass and sucking her pussy I was just sent over the aged again. I cummed so much again I didn’t think it was possible and she cummed on my face even harder than before. She rolled off of me and I saw how I had covered her boobs and face with my cum. She was so beautiful. With her fingers she ate all of it up and then panted kissed me again.

When she broke the kiss she looked into my eyes and said the most amazing thing ever “If you give your virginity I promise when you turn 18 I will marry you.”

“Really? Do you really promise?” I wanted to confirm her words and when she nodded her head my cock instantly got hard. I was more than happy to give her my virginity bet hearing her say that was like nothing I ever expected.

I forced her to lay down on the bed spread her legs and stroked my herd cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to fuck the hole that I came out of.”

“Believe it honey. And now please fuck me. Fuck your own mother as much as you want. You don’t even have to make me feel good. Just fuck me till you’re satisfied.”

I dint need a second invitation. I pushed my cock slowly into her to savor the feeling and when I was completely in I started going in and out slowly in circular motions. I as she got even wetter down there I went faster and faster until I was just pounding her with my cock. And mom really loved it.

“Ohhh yes honey yes…fuck me…fuck me just like that….don’t stop…don’t stop until you’re satisfied.”

“Oh mom your pussy is soooo good. I love how wet it get around my cock. Ohhh yessssss can I cum inside you…please mom can I cum inside you pussy….”

“Inside…? But…I don’t know if it’s a save day for me honey. I could get pregnant.”

Hearing her say that sent me over the edge I couldn’t control myself and just cummed in her pussy like there was no tomorrow as she had her orgasm.

“Oh mom I’m sorry. I couldn’t pull out.”

“Don’t be. It felt really good.”

“But what if you do get pregnant?”

“Then I’ll just take responsibility don’t worry I’ll be fine.” She smiled so softly like she actually wanted my baby inside of her. And as I laid there on top of her I couldn’t help but kiss her.

“Could you clean my cock with your moth please?”

“I’d be more than happy to.”

I sat on the edge of the bed as she shucked me clean and stroked my balls in the proses. Seeing her suck my cock clean after it was in her pussy was one of my fantasies and seeing it happened before me I just couldn’t help but cum one last time in her mouth. After that we slept together in her bed in each other’s embrace.

Then next morning she called my school and her work telling them we would be off for a sick day. We actually just spend the whole day fucking everywhere in the house we could. And we never bothered to put on clause either. We even filled one of our fucks just to fuck while watching it. And after that day we fucked every chance we got.

When I turned 18 I just finished high school and we moved to another town with my mom. There were got married as a couple and opened our own restaurant. Eventually mom really did get pregnant from me after and gave birth to a cute baby girl. We named her Ann. And we loved and cared for her as loving parents should.

Me and my mom fuck in all kinds of ways. Anal, BDSM, role-play, strip poker and even in our restaurants bathrooms. What we were doing never felt wrong and the more taboo and incestuous it was the better it felt.

Ann is will turn 15 and we are thinking of adding her to our sexual experience.

The end

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I found love in mom

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