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  1. The Power of Science (Chapter 1)
  2. The Power of Science (Chapter 4) - Claire's New Life (continued)

The Power of Science (Chapter 1)

Categories Fantasy, First Time, Teen, Virginity

Author: Rick_James

Published: 14 February 2018

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Evan woke up feeling quite dreadful. It was another day at Excelsior, an elegant private school. Evan was only 16 years old, but very mature. He wasn't bad looking, with smooth black hair and mysterious brown eyes. When he first came to this private school, he was afraid that this school wouldn't be much different than the public school he went had attended the year prior. Evan wanted something new. Life is short, and he couldn't just sit around and waste time in some stupid, fancy private school.

He had been treated like some instrument of intellect and knowledge ever since he had discovered the cure for Alzheimer's approximately one year ago when he was 15. It wasn't really that hard. It came to him while he was trying to ignore everything that his math teacher was saying. Last year, he was a freshman attending a regular, public high school. His family was not wealthy, and his parents had to work hard to keep food on the table and have running water and electricity. At the time, it was unbeknownst to his parents that Evan was endowed with genius, and his talent was just lurking around in his mind, latent, never having an opportunity to shine.

"She's teaching everything wrong! How does she not see that no one will ever understand any of this simple math if she doesn't even know it herself?" Evan thought at the time. He then realized that she was teaching it correctly, but the level at which she was teaching seemed so elementary that he had already understood it all years earlier. Earlier that day, his biology teacher was talking about Alzheimer's and some other incurable diseases. He was thinking about it all day, and was just so excessively bored in math that he resorted to thinking about the disease, which the so-called "world's smartest scientists" couldn't cure.

It took him all of the math class to start developing a cure based on what he learned in his biology class. He went home and did some more research, and with the help of the small science lab in the school, finished the cure a few weeks later. He released it, and it immediately got recognition all over the world. The cure made a lot of money, but Evan didn't have any way of patenting it, so some scientific research corporation took advantage of it and patented the cure themselves. Evan made sure to remember the names of the members of the board of that company who were responsible for stealing his creation. Even though he made a few thousand dollars from his cure, the corporation who stole it from him made millions and billions, and Evan couldn't do anything about it.

His parents used the few thousand they had received to put him into a costly private school in hopes that their investment would allow Evan to get a good job and help the family in the future. Evan loved his family, but he knew that there would be no way to help himself and his family if he was grounded in a stuck-up private school for the next few years of his life. He had to do something to exact revenge on those who stole what rightfully belonged to him.


Evan was kept under a watchful eye at Excelsior. The school board knew that Evan was probably one of the smartest kids on Earth, so he was the school's greatest asset. The school put him on a pedestal to get more rich parents to send their dumb kids to the school. In some regards, the students at this school were worse than the ones in any public school. In public schools, kids knew to keep to themselves and just do what they were told, but students in this private school thought that they knew everything. Most of the students at Excelsior were rich kids that grew up with every one of their needs attended to, and it was exactly what they expected at this school, so when they didn't get everything they wanted, they would act out and torment everyone in their way.

Evan was transferred to Excelsior over the summer between his freshman and sophomore years. Since he moved in during the second year of high school, he was cast out from all the social groups that had formed the year earlier. Evan knew he needed to make some friends, so as soon as he moved in, he started to talk to people that just moved into the school, or loners who were desperate for someone to share their high school experience with.

Evan met a girl named Julianne. She had blonde hair and bright green eyes. To Evan, she was one of the most beautiful girls in the school, and she was also one of the smartest, which was rare. At first, Evan stereotypically grouped her with the "popular" kids. He ignored her, but came to realize that she would always walk alone when she went to see the city nearby, and didn't really have many friends.

He quickly befriended Julianne and learned that it was her first year at the school, too. They were put in a few of the same classes once the school year started. They made sure to work together on projects and always got good grades.

Though she was smart, Julianne was no match for Evan's intellect. One day they were in the school's lab working on a project.

"I don't know how you do it, Evan," Julianne complained.

"Oh, it's not that hard if you just practice enough, Jules," Evan responded matter-of-factly.

"You're so smart, you make it sound so easy."

"As I said, just gotta practice," Evan replied.

"There's no way it was just practice that got you this far, Evan. And it's not like you even practiced that much before you found that cure."

Evan was getting tired of everyone talking about how impressive he was for his achievements. It made him feel like there was something wrong with him, even if he was extremely smart. It just didn't seem natural that he would be so smart at such a young age. He had only explained it to Julianne once, and this was the first time she brought it up since then. Evan tried to change the topic.

"You ever get tired of this place? I mean, it seems like it could get really boring really quickly."

Julianne realized that she brought up a sensitive topic, so she answered his question, forgetting about what she said before. "Mmm, haven't really thought about it, I've always been to busy to notice," Julianne looked over at Evan. Evan looked back at her. He knew she had feelings for him, he could see it in her face whenever they spoke. He noticed that whenever she saw him, her face lit up.

They finished up the project. They cleaned everything up and packed away all the equipment. They exited the science building and walked back to the apartment building, where they both lived.


The two walked up the stairs, as the elevators were always crowded during the day. Other people were just finishing up their classes and going back to their dorms. As they walked up, they made some small talk and spoke about the project they had just finished. It was for their physics class, where they had do demonstrate how certain forces worked. Evan did most of the research in the lab, but Julianne would put together a video with all the information they gathered.

Evan's apartment was two floors lower than Julianne's, so he stopped once they reached his floor.

"Well, I know it's customary for the guy to walk the girl back to her place, but this is where I am, so..." Evan was trying to find a way to end the conversation and say goodbye.

"Oh, actually, Evan, I was wondering if you could help me with my homework for math, I know you're good at that, right?" Julianne asked. Well, of course Evan couldn't say no. He didn't mind though, he had nothing better to do.

"Definitely, it would beat listening to my roommates playing videogames and yelling all day," Evan chuckled. He walked back onto the stairwell. The two agreed to go to Julianne's room. They walked up two more flights of stairs and made it to Julianne's room.


They spent the next hour or so reviewing some math problems that Julianne had trouble with, and prepared for her quiz the next week. After they finished, Julianne got up and plopped down on the bed. Evan stood up from the chair and started pacing around the room. He was thinking about how grateful he was to have someone like Julianne to be by his side. Without her, he would've felt so out of place. She made him feel like he was normal. Then, he sat down on the bed next to Julianne.

Caught up in his train of thought, Julianne got up pushed Evan onto his back on the bed and kissed him. She had never done this before, and neither did Evan. Throughout her years at the private school, she had two boyfriends, but those relationships didn't last long. She didn't feel the same way with the other boys like she did with Evan.

The two maneuvered into a more comfortable position on the bed, so that Julianne was straddling Evan's lap on top of him, while he was lying down. They broke their kiss momentarily and Evan was about to say something, but Julianne stopped him with another kiss. In a flash of lust and love, Julianne started removing her clothing, only breaking the kiss to pull her shirt off her head. Evan quickly followed and started to remove what he was wearing. They continued to remove their clothing until Julianne was just wearing her bra, panties, and socks, and Evan only had on his boxers. Julianne continued to straddle Evan and she felt his bulge growing underneath his boxers. Evan could feel her panties getting wet.

Julianne reached down with her hand and started stroking his still-growing cock through his boxers. Julianne quickly pulled his boxers down and released his cock, which sprung onto the front of her stomach. She looked down and gasped. Julianne got wetter at the sight of his cock pressing into her stomach. She quickly slid her panties off and started to drag her pussy along the bottom of his cock. She looked down at his face and smiled at him. He smiled back at her, then pulled her down for another kiss. As Julianne was moving up and down his cock, she felt Evan's hands go around her back and fumble around to undo her bra. After about a minute, he got it off and threw it to the side. Her beautiful breasts were firm and round. Julianne lifted herself up and lifted up his cock to be right under her pussy.

Evan looked at Julianne tentatively, "It's my first time."

"It's mine too."

Julianne slowly lowered herself onto his cock. It went in just a little, then stopped. She could feel it pushing against her hymen. Slowly, she lowered herself more and felt her hymen rip. She lost her virginity to the first man she loved. She could feel the blood dripping out, but her adrenaline and love for Evan made her continue to push herself into him. The slight pain was masked by the tremendous pleasure. Evan felt the tightness of Julianne's virgin pussy squeezing his cock. It felt like it was burning up his cock and trying to push it out, which stimulated him even more. He felt like he was already close to cumming. Most of his cock was able to go in before it was too tight to keep pushing. Julianne laid down on Evan so that her breasts were pressing against his chest and started moving up and down on his cock. The entire time, she held a kiss with him. Evan massaged her breasts as she bounced up and down on his cock. Then he moved his hands down her body and ended at her ass cheeks, squeezing them and slapping them lightly. They went faster and faster, and Evan could feel her pussy opening wider and he was able to go slightly deeper with each thrust. Eventually Evan grunted a few times and started speeding up.

"It's ok, I'm on birth control," Julianne gasped.

Evan nodded. After a few more strokes, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down deep onto his cock. Julianne gasped and climaxed at the sudden movement. She started to slightly shake on top of Evan and rapidly clenched and unclenched the muscles of her pussy, which caused Evan to burst deep inside her. Julianne fell on top of Evan, with him still inside her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. Quickly, the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms.


Evan woke up first, realizing that the sun gone down and came up again, as it was now in the east-facing window. Julianne was still on top of him, asleep, and his cock was still half inside her. He tried to wake her up by lightly nudging her, but it was no use."Oh no! It's already morning! We're probably gonna be late for class!" Evan started to panic, knowing how strict the school was with attendance, especially since the dorm building was right next to the school building. In his panic,

Evan slowly pushed Julianne off him. She flopped over, still asleep, and Evan jumped out of her bed. He grabbed his clothes and was starting to put them on when Julianne woke up. Evan looked over at his computer screen and saw the date. He took a seat at his desk as he watched Julianne go through the same thought process he did, realizing that she would be late for school. She jumped out of the bed and looked wildly at Evan.

"We're going to be late, Evan, what are you doing?" Julianne cried. Evan chuckled as he watched a drop of his cum drip out of her pussy and splat on the ground. Julianne frantically grabbed her dirty clothes from off the ground and started to put them on. Evan watched amusedly as she got caught up and fell over trying to get her jeans on.

Evan got out of his chair and knelt down next the Julianne. He put his hands on her shoulders. "It's Saturday, Jules."

Julianne looked up at him and sighed, then jumped onto the bed and started laughing. Evan joined in with her. For the next few minutes, they were laughing in their wild states, hair messed up, pants halfway up their legs, and dripping moisture from their genitals. Evan got up and offered for the both of them to shower together. They walked over to the bathroom and turned on the water, waited for it to get hot, then they both got in. Nothing much happened besides kissing, and the two exited the shower after about 20 minutes. They got dressed and picked up their clothes from yesterday to throw into the community laundry room.

"You know, I really enjoyed last night, Evan, and I'm glad my first time was with you."

"Me too, Jules, I love you."

Julianne gasped at the affection, as she had never experienced something like this before, "I love you too, Evan," she whispered.

Evan left to go back to his own room, practically skipping the whole way there. Julianne felt the same way Evan did. Last night had made her ecstatic, and she would not be able to wipe her smile off her face for the rest of the day.


Evan was also felt like he was in a dream, his last night being the happiest night he had in a long time. He took off his dirty clothes and gathered some other dirty laundry. Evan it all in a bag and walked to the building's laundry room. Once he got there, he stuffed the clothes into the machine and turned it on. Evan brought his bag with him so he could study and do his homework while he waited, but he didn't really even have any homework to do. He had done it all already. At this point, it was just out of habit.

He took his physics notebook out of his bag and flipped through it out of boredom. He found a few pages in which he had written some stuff down at the beginning of the year. It was about something completely insane, but Evan was bored enough to entertain the notion. It was his thoughts on time-manipulation or time-travel. He was wondering how he could change the speed of time or even jump through different points in time. It was crazy, it was impossible, Evan thought.

"I can't even believe I thought that this would work before, time travel is impossible," Evan laughed at himself. Yet deep down, he was starting to imagine how it would work.

After the clothes finished washing and drying, Evan went back to his room and sat at his desk, bored. He found himself thinking about what he had written on his notebook. He didn't want to think that it was possible. There would be so many unintended consequences if humans had access to any point in time.

"Oh, screw it," Evan said aloud. He got out of his chair and headed off to the school's laboratory.

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The Power of Science (Chapter 1)

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