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  1. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 1
  2. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 2
  3. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 3
  4. A Hectic Love Life Chapter 4

A Hectic Love Life Chapter 4

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Gay, Fisting

Author: stabian

Published: 14 February 2018

  • Font:

This is a gay story and all characters are over 18 and it contains pissing scenes and no one should ever read this especially if you will get offended by some means.

This is definitely my favorite chapter out of the past three, I hope you

enjoy it much.

Chapter 4 - A Hectic Love Life

We hurried to find some towels so we could reach the showers before all the

other guys in the camp woke up.

Not wanting to stain our towels, we decided to run across the camp naked as we were which wasn't a problem since it wasn't that far away.

"Gee, yesterday night feels like an eternity ago" I said to ben as we jogged across the camp towards the showers

"I know right! That was a lot of cum swallowing, dick sucking and ass fucking during the last 12 hours" ben chuckled

"Oh I'm pretty sure we can set a new record on that, dear" I smiled to him as we opened the door to the showers.

The shower building was just 10 showers on both sides of the room facing each other, there wasn't a single wall to stop neighbouring onlookers, just

2 long wooden benches in the middle that cut across.

Ben turned on this shower, I did the same in the one right next to him, as the water ran out and cleansed our bodies from all the accumulated fluids stuck to our bodies, we watched the cum stained water swirling into the drains.

I made sure to get my dick clean and especially my hair than ben had so intelligently smeared in semen.

"You know, you look different now that you're all sparkling clean, stan!"

"Well actually, there's one bit I need your help with ben" I unhooked the shower head above me and changed the shower mode from spray

to "hose" mode (the one that shoots water like a garden hose),

"Here you go" I said to stan as I handed him my shower head

"Oooh I see where this is going silly boy!" Ben said as he approached me to take my offer. "Bend over then"

I bent down with my fingers nearly touching the wet floor, spaced my legs a little and waited for further action from ben.

"Hmm you're way to tight for me to get anything done here, little help?"

"Oh yeah sure" I said as I tensed up my ass muscles to try and dilate my anus a bit.

"yeah it's a little better, let me input some help here" Ben calculated as he brought his right hand to massage around my anus.

"Oh fuck, ok then, we're..huh.. doing that again" I whimpered

"Oh no don't worry this is just for cleaning purpose, I'm not going to stain your insides again otherwise this would be a never ending cycle

babe!" ben laughed as he withdrew his fingers satisfied with the opening.

He reached the shower head behind my ass as I felt an oozing stream of water flow right inside of me.

"Jesus!" I exclaimed surprised by the electrifying sensation

Ben worked the water stream around making sure he cleaned the insides of my ass properly

"You know what.. this feels good" I said with my head still upside down. I could feel my hole my dilating more and more

"Sorry Stan but I can't help myself" as he started inserting four fingers in my arse, swirling them in a circular motion.

"Oh fuckaduck ben! You're making me rock hard again"

"Don't worry Stan, me too."

"OHH BEN!" I said loudly as I felt the beginning of his entire fist penetrate my very dilated anus

"This is SO HOT, too bad you can't see it!"

Ben slowly pushed his fist further into my ass, the sensation was intense like nothing else I've ever experienced before and soon enough I could feel

his wrist pass through.

He scooped the insides of me with his fingers and slowly drew back until his whole fist came out leaving me feeling empty.

"I would love to fuck you right now but I have nothing left in me, you're way too dilated for me or you to feel anything and we REALLY need to get

going before the other guys decide to come in!"

Slightly disappointed I stood up in resignation, it wasn't worth getting caught once again and especially not by our fellow scouts.

We went to dry ourselves until we exited with the towels around our waists accompanied by the huge outlines of our dicks which we attempted to hide

from the few scouts that had already awoken.

The rest of the morning was spent working on building the wooden sauna hut, the entire camp was working on it as it was a public project that got

unanimously elected by all the scouts and we were all excited to finish it.

I was assigned to saw tree trunks with a partner into 1 meter lengths and Ben was ordered to carry them with his friend Joe to the sawing mill, one

of the few power tools the camp offered to use.

The only part of the sauna that was completed was the cement floor which was to be covered with wood later on.

At noon the scout leader called us all in for lunch, I was relieved, the work was really exhausting today and I was starving! We had a 90 minute

break after the 4:30h of non stop physical work.

"Hawai Pizza for lunch!" exclaimed Ben as he ran up to join me walking to the lunch tables,

"YES!" I punched a fist in the air "And to Hell to those squares who don't like the pineapple on it" I smirked knowing a dozen of the scouts would be

picking them off one by one.

Lunch was always made by the camp cooks for all of the scouts, it was only at dinner time we had to figure it out on our own.

Both me and Ben sat down in front of the first table we found, actually the same one we had sex on earlier.. this morning? Gee, feels like an eternity ago!

The pizzas were already set on the tables, we had a half for each scout, I shared a pizza with ben as we ate in silence being so grateful to be able

to fill our stomachs with this deliciously prepared food!

Joe was sitting in front of us with a guy called Alex, they were in a deep discussion of ideas for the building of the sauna. While eating my pizza I

pulled my gaze towards ben, his hair was rather messy and I noticed drops of sweat beading up above his waist as his t-shirt didn't quiet go all the

down as he ate his pizza.

I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention, the coast was clear enough, I could do a bit of sexy teasing on ben while we ate.

"You must be really hot ben, all that sweat you've accumulated there.."

"Stan.. even if it were -20celcius I would still be friggin hot for you" Ben smiled broadly at me "and talk about yourself, your t-shirt has gone from

red to velvet you're so drenched in sweat!"

"Jesus you're right I didn't even notice!" I answered a bit grossed out from it, "sorry ...I'm a dirty dirty boy aren't I mr.benjamin" I said

seductively in a lower tone as I leaned my body towards him and squeezed his thigh dangerously close to his crotch.

Ben choked and coughed on his pizza looking around if anyone had seen.

"You know very well I'm not wearing any underwear under these shorts! so please..I don't want everyone to see a ginourmous tent poking out of me!"

I laughed knowing very well I didn't have to do much to cause such disruption in his shorts.

"I'm gonna fetch some water" I said lifting myself from the bench,

I decided to exit from ben's side, there wasn't much space between the bench and the table as it was fixed together so I took it to my advantage

and excessively rubbed my arse against Ben's chest.

"Oh dear!" I acted suprised as I faked a fall and landed sitting right on his crotch rubbing my ass around while I was there

"Huh.. God stan..no.." Ben whimpered as I felt stirring from his crotch against my bum.

Seeing Joe's conversation with Alex started to fade I quickly acted a sorry to Ben and went to fetch a jug of water.

On my way to the `reception' table where the jugs were, Mr.Hughes bumped passed me and silently said:

"in my office, now."

I watched him walk over to his wooden house that hosted his office until he shut the door behind him, I let the jug on the table and casually walked

over to his office, walked up the 2 steps of his front door, knocked twice and entered the room.

The wooden floor creaked under my weight and after a second Mr.Hughes directed his hand towards the seat in front of him and his desk.

"Take a seat Stan" as he sat in his armchair with a bit of his hairy tummy sticking out.

"As you know, our deal remains the same and here I am taking advantage of it" He said to me in a lazy tone

Expecting him to say more I was surprised to see him reach his trousers as he attempted to unbutton and unzip under that belly of his. After a moment

of struggle he groaned and made a last effort which in my guess was pulling his dick out of his underwear all while sitting down.

"Now you may be a bit surprised here stan but I cannot stress this enough, if you make any attempt to move away, you will never come back here again, Do not move."

I waited very interested in what was going to happen, a little scared and excited on the same time when suddenly "psssss" a warm stream of light

yellow liquid that oozed from under the desk was hosing down my sweaty t-shirt.

"Oooh yes that's a bloody relief" Mr.Hughes sighed in pleasure, while I remained surprisingly still as the stream of piss started to drench my

shorts soaking wet while the rest dripped down onto the floorboard. Fuck I was getting hard again!

"Quick! shorts down. all fours." He hurriedly ordered to me

He strained to pause the stream of piss he was hosing at me as I pushed the chair aside, dropped my shorts down and went on all fours with my head

facing his dick. Mr.Hughes groaned in satisfaction as he started to unleash the rest of his urine stock right on my face and hair. I closed my eyes and

instinctively opened my mouth to host opportune piss passing by.

"You're a good lad stan." groaned Mr.hughes as he smiled at my idea of opening my mouth, right then after came the last heavy few strings of piss

hitting my tongue and teeth before the rest splattered onto my forehead and cheeks.

As I stood there on all fours with my eyes semi closed, I could hear all the excess piss dripping from me onto mr.Hughes's office floor, I was

soaking pissing wet to say the least.

I heard heavy footsteps to the right as Mr.Hughes came to place himself right behind me, I knew what was coming next, I was in a vulnerable

position here but I remained still because a part of me really wanted it.

"Up we go" he said as I felt him place his hands around my body and lift me onto his desk with my ass and legs hanging freely and my shorts around my ankles. I heard him rustling around as he pulled off his shirt and threw his pants aside leaving him stark naked with an erect piss lubricated cock

pointing to the entry hole of my exposed bare ass.

"You're lucky I made sure to drink nearly two of those jugs of water little Stan!" He whispered to me "This should be enough for lube"

Mr.Hughes let out yet another stream of piss on my ass cheeks and balls until he aimed right into my anus. However what seemed like a change in

plans, he started charging his hard cock the moist entrance of my ass before he was finished pissing.

I felt a large cock tip touch the lips of my anus as well as the oozing piss that started to hit the walls inside of me.

"OOOH Fuck!" Mr.Hughes groaned in ecstasy as he firmly pushed the remaining length of his thick cock inside of me.

In and out and in and out, mr.Hughes dick followed after the stream of piss had died out, I could feel all the liquid moving about inside of me as he

pumped back and forth in squishing and slurping sounds.

"Yeah You little slut! Fuck!" he groaned loudly this time as he kept on fucking me on his desk; soon enough the pumping got harder and harder

making the entire desk move while office furnitures fell off and scattered on the floor.

"I'm gonna cum all inside of you" he strained to utter as I felt big pulses of his cock before a series of thick ropes of cum hit the very back of my

insides. 3, 5, 8!! loads of cum were pumped into my piss filled ass.

"OOohhh uuuuurghh" was all I could groan on top of Mr.Hughes's load groans.

Holy shit that was..HOT, was all I could think of as I waited for him to pull out.

"Now be careful" he warned "I'm gonna pull out but I don't want you

spilling everything out in my office!"

I prepared myself to clench as hard as I could and before I knew it I heard a Pop and Mr.Hughes's dick was now liberated from my ass clenching.

"Now get dressed and go out using the back door, it might seem a bit suspicious if they see you coming out my office drenched in cum and piss" He chuckled as he fetched his pants.

I carefully got up trying to keep my clenching as airtight as possible and pulled my soaking shorts on while trying to hide the huge erection I got

from this little piss session of his.

Fully dressed, I walked around his desk to the back door he was showing me to, he opened it for me to let me out,

As I stepped outside the building onto the grass, mr.Hughes said some last words to me,

"I'll be seeing that sweet ass of yours again won't I?" He said as he tightly grabbed my ass cheeks through the soaking wet shorts of mine making

me spill some juice from my clenched ass.

"Oh and last thing" he turned me to face him and grabbed my bulging and ready to explode crotch and massaged it a little before my knees weakened as I burst cumload after cumload of semen into my shorts that started running down my legs and staining right through the textiles. That intense orgasm demanded too much energy and so my piss/cum filled assed released in a single wave all of it's fluids down my shorts onto the lawn and in my shoes.

"well that was worth it" Mr.Hughes laughed as he watched me release immense amounts of fluid out of every orifice into my shorts.

The door closed and I was left standing there in a complete mess and no idea of how to get to the camphouse unnoticed...again..

End of Chapter 4

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A Hectic Love Life Chapter 4

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