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  1. Team Players (Part 1 of Many)
  2. Team Players (Part 2 of Many)
  3. Team Players (Part 3)

Team Players (Part 2 of Many)

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Male / Female

Author: T. Foxal

Published: 14 February 2018

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Chapter 1

As we left the first part I, Dan, a 38 year old Navy Seal, recuperating from an injury sustained in Afghanistan almost a year ago, to my leg and knee. Right now I am on Desk Duty, since I can no longer partake with my Seal Team members. I act as a consultant for them, when they are deployed in some god forsaken area of the world.

I live with my sister in law, although I don’t know what she really is called now, since my brothers death, over 5 years ago. He was cheating on her, and leaving a motel, after one of his little encounters with some bimbo, when a teenager, drunk, ran a red light and t-boned his car, killing him instantly. My brother was 5 years older than I, and his wife, Jackie, is 4 years older.

I needed a place to stay, while finishing my rehab. I could have stayed on base, but not with the Team, where I normally would bunk out. So I asked Jackie, who I stayed close with, since John’s death, if I could stay there until I found a place. She told me that I was to stay there until I was fit to return to active duty. No arguments were to be given.

We’ve always got along great and flirted too, even when she was married. But staying there we grew closer. I felt more than just a love one has for a sis-in-law. I found out plenty about her marriage to John as well. I never knew he cheated on her so much. I couldn't understand it either. Jackie is a smoking hot blonde. 5’7, 125 lbs, but with small breasts, B cup I would imagine. She keeps her hair kind of on the short side, above her shoulders.

She told me that they eventually took up swinging with her best friend Mandy, and her husband Jim. This happened 3 years prior to his death. But I guess that didn’t wet his appetite enough, that he started fooling around again, until his untimely demise. Then to find out too, that Mandy and Jackie were Bi lovers and this was really her only sex that she was getting since then.

Then one night she asked me what I thought about being her partner for swinging with Mandy and Jim. She said it was just sex, and that we’d probably not indulge with each other, which is not what I really wanted. She thought it would be too weird for us to fuck. So we did do it with Mandy and her husband Jim. It was fun and Mandy is one spitfire of a lady in bed. Her and I fucked twice, right next to Jim and Jackie. Then when the night ended, she went to her room and I went to mine. I was massaging my wounds and ready to apply a cream to combat the pain and soreness, when:

“Need a hand with that?” she asked

Not sure why, but her walking in and me being naked, I grabbed the sheet and pulled it up and over my bare cock.

“Really…. After what we all experienced tonight?” she said, then chuckled.

“Here” as she stood there and pulled the shirt over her head, exposing her nakedness to me. Her nipples were rock hard now, and I just stared.

“Better?” she asked, as she sat down next to me and started rubbing my knee and thigh. Then she took the cream and rubbed it in. She did slowly and sensually, actually. She looked at me and smiled as she did it.

“So… did you enjoy what we shared tonight?..... I certainly did.” she asked in a soft voice

“Yes.. It was fun….. You were right too…. She is a spitfire, that’s for sure…. You Jim seemed to enjoy it a great deal.”

She was now wiping her hand off with the wet wash cloth, removing any of the cream from her hand, then dried it off with the towel. Then her hand came down on my thigh, above where my scar is and started rubbing it lightly. My cock was starting to grow now because of this. I hope this isn’t a tease again.

“Honestly…. I had a great time. Especially after we got going….But, to be truthful…. I had a pang of jealousy strike me twice tonight…. Once in the pool, when I saw you two making out, and then when you entered her….. I know that is dumb, but……..” she said, then looked at my growing cock.

“It’s not dumb… I had the same feelings going on too…. When you two were making out in the pool, and then when I saw you get on him…..I wanted you so bad then.” I said.

“Yeah… What was with that kiss, in the kitchen, after, you know….”

“That really turned me on seeing you do that….. I just wanted you to know, I was cool with all of this….The whole night then was a turn on for me….But what really turned me on is when you grabbed and held my hand, then we kissed while those two screwed us.”

“Yeah…. That turned me on even more too…. So will this turn you on?”

She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. It felt great what she was doing. Then she deepthroated me. My hand went to her face and stroked it lightly, as she did this. But I needed to know if this was a one time deal, or something more.

“Jackie… Wait… Baby… Please” I begged. Her mouth popped off of me and looked at me.

“D…. what’s wrong? Don’t you like that?” she asked with a somber tone.

“Baby… I’d love anything you would do to me. Christ… I’ve wanted you since I was a young pup……. But I don’t want this if it is a one time deal….. I want you all the time, and not just sexually either.”

Jackie stood up, then moved a knee to the bed, and then straddled me. She was holding my cock up and positioning her pussy over it. She looked down at me with smoldering eyes.

“Dan…. Baby… I too want this…. I’ve waited way to long, and then everything that happened tonight…..Trust me, this will not be the last time we do this….. I’m yours for now on…… Take me Baby… Make love to me” she said as she lowered her wet pussy over my cock.

She lowered herself down, until she was fully seated. I was buried deep inside the treasure I have so longed for. She gasped, once I was fully inside her.

“You Ok?” I asked “Never better Sweetie…. Just need a few to get used to you…. You are a little bigger than Jim and…. Been a while since I have done this so much…..oh God.. You feel amazing”

“Jac… I’m not sure I can cum again, but I will enjoy every second of this.” I said

“It’s okay Baby…. Christ, I've cum at least 5 times tonight, and I don’t care if either of us do now, either. I just needed you inside me….. I’m pretty tired from all the activity tonight…..But God, you feel wonderful…… Just so you know, I am sleeping here tonight…. My bed is a mess”

I just smiled, then reached over to the night stand and hit the button for the light. We made very slow love for about 10 minutes, then I pulled her down to me and told her to go to sleep. No arguments from her, and within a minute, I could hear a soft, slow breath come from her.

I was awakened by the smell of sausage and I believe coffee. I’m not even sure when Jackie got up, for I was dead to the world. After relieving myself and brushing my teeth, I put on a pair of boxers, since I didn’t want to freak her out being naked, and walked to the kitchen.

Jackie was reaching up into one of the upper cabinets, and the silk blue shirt she was wearing, rode up her body, revealing her gorgeous, naked ass. Good sign, I thought. When she turned around, I could see her one boob, since most of the buttons were undone, except for the bottom two.

“Good Morning Gorgeous…. When did you get up?” I asked

“Morning Sweetie… About an hour ago……. I was going to bring this to bed and enjoy breakfast in bed with you.” she said.

“Sorry…. Shall I go back?”

“Heavens no Silly… we’re up now….. I would ask how you slept, but I already know…. Like a log” then laughed.

“Last thing I remember was you laying on top of me asleep….. That felt great, by the way.”

“I woke up about 2am, but then slid off to the side of you, then cuddled up…… Two things I liked though” she said “What’s that?” I asked

“You didn’t snore, nor do you move around much.” she said, then smiled.

We ate in relative silence then. No talk of the previous night, or what we experienced together, later. That made me wonder if what happened last night between us, was a bad idea. My feelings for Jackie are strong, but I did not want to lose her because we had sex.

We both did up the dishes together, and then I told her I was going to shower. She took my hand in hers, and told me to come on. She led me to her master bath, and turned on the shower. When she dropped her shirt to the floor, I just stared at her beauty. My member just started growing at the sight of her. She smiled when I revealed my nakedness to her, then walked into the shower.

This shower is big. The wall across from the shower has a bench seat built into the wall. I guess for Jackie to shave her legs. The water was warm, as Jackie took body wash and placed it one of the frilly wash things. She lathered my whole body, taking extra time when she was around my groin. It felt so good when she ran that thing over my hard cock, and stroked me a few times.

I now did the same to her. I was so slow and deliberate. I found all of her nooks and crannies, and when I let a finger explore her inner lips, I her her gasp some. Then I reached for the shampoo, and had her wet her hair. I washed her hair for her, while also massaging her scalp. As I did this, she moaned a few times. Then we took turns rinsing off.

Then she placed her arms around my neck and we kissed. As we kissed, my hard cock was trapped between my body and her’s. My hands, naturally found their way to her lovely butt cheeks and squeezed gently. I loved how she kissed. It was passionate, yet sensual. Her tongue danced with mine, then explored my mouth, then mine explored hers.

Jackie then released me, and fell to her knees. She looked up at me and smiled. “Like the wench last night, I love sucking cock too…...But unlike her, you can cum in my mouth, but don’t have to kiss me….But I want you too”

She was just as good as last night. She took me all the way down her throat, which amazed me. Then I could feel her tongue also licking me. It only took like 5 minutes of this and I was ready to blow, so Let her know. She only increased her speed and then had her hand help. I lost it then and started shooting my seed into her mouth. She never stopped sucking or stroking, until my legs almost gave out.

She stood then and we kissed. She didn’t swallow all of it, and the kiss was so erotic. She would slip some in my mouth, then suck it back out. I really wanted to pick her up and slam my cock in her and fuck her silly. That’s how turned on she had me.

Instead, my hands grabbed her butt, firmly, and picked her up. She broke the kiss and giggled. I asked her to slide the door open, and without drying off, i carried her to the bed and gently laid her on the bed and asked her to slide up.

Water beads dripped all over her body, and she looked so sexy then. I knelt between her legs and bent down. She thought I was going to kiss her again, but my head moved to her one breast, and I licked it. I licked it all over, including her nipple, which was hard as a pebble now. Then I took into my mouth and sucked, then gently bit it. This made her moan loudly.

I did the same to the other. Her breasts are not big. Nowhere near the size of Mandy’s, but they are more sensitive too, especially during a sexual encounter. To me, her breasts were the perfect size. As I sucked and nibbled, her one hand played with the other. After almost getting her to cum then, I broke away and looked down on her. Her face was flush with expectations, and the lust in her eyes told me all I needed to know.

“You know…. Your breasts are perfect…..Perfect size and shape, and oh so sexy to look at, then lick and suck upon………. Mandy may have big tits, but to me, that’s not all that sexy.”

“Oh Danny……...I need you Baby.” she cooed.

“Now it’s my turn to return the pleasure you just gave me…. Lay back, and enjoy”

“Oh D…….. I have to leave in an hour.” she sighed

“More than enough time, for now” I whispered

I lay now on my stomach and caressed her pussy with my hand. It was baby smooth, and glistening with her juices. I’ve waited years to finally taste this beautiful woman, and I am going to savor every second of it. Plus, there is times, I’d rather eat a woman then fuck.

When my tongue made contact, she moaned loudly. I explored everywhere down there. I wanted to know every millimeter of her sex region. I purposely stayed away from her clit, which was already swollen, and quite large. I even let my tongue wander to her rosebud hole. This made her push her body up to give me better access to it.

My fingers got busy inside her too. Exploring as much as I could. I found that rough patch that all women crave to be touched, either by hand, or by cock. I worked it, and licked, bringing her close to orgasm 4 times, only to back away and let her calm.

“Damn it Danny…. I need to cum so badly….. Make me cum” she pleaded.

This time, I licked more and more. My fingers were deep inside her, moving at a quick pace. Her hips were gyrating all over the place, like she was helping me. When my lips encircled her clit, that was it. She started yelling and moaning so loud now. My fingers were actually fucking her and my mouth was sucking her clit.

Than she shrieked loudly and offered me her cum, which started shooting out of her. My face and neck, and her ass cheeks were covered in her cum. She is the second woman I have ever had cum like that. She is the only woman I want to make squirt now. Mandy will never experience this. This is between Jackie and me.

After a few minutes, her breathing returned to normal and she looked at me…. “Oh my God Dan…. you are the second person to make me do that…. Mandy is the other….. I need you inside me now.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee”

“Not now Baby….. You need to get going, remember?.... I promise to take care of later, when you are home.”

She pouted a little, but then sat up. Her hand went between her legs and wiped herself, feeling how wet she was. Then she wiped it on her face.

“What are you doing?” I asked “Since I have to meet the Wench, I want her to know you and I just made love…. This will drive her crazy”, then laughed. I just shook my head and chuckled.

When her legs hit the floor and she stood up, she was a bit wobbly. I just lay there and watched her dress. First a thong panty, then some loose shorts, and a pull over shirt. When she was done, with that and fixing her hair, she came over and gave me very passionate kiss, then said,

“I may be gone awhile…. Meeting with Mandy about a project she is into, and then seeing Amy….. Could I ask a favor though? Could you strip the bed here for me… Since you just made it a mess…. Well, more of a mess than what it was.”

“Aya.. Aye.. Captain” I said with a chuckle.

“MMMMMMMMM… I love a man that takes orders well” she retorted

Chapter 2

Jackie didn’t return until 6 that evening. While she was away, I went and shaved my groin area. The girls had said they like the look on a guy. We were both hungry, so we decided on pizza and had it delivered. As we waited, she told me about her day then. She said that Mandy knew immediately that we had sex, just by the look on Jackie’s face, but the smell confirmed it. Mandy was very happy about that. She had stayed at Mandy’s a few hours, then headed over to Amy’s, her sisters house.

Now Amy is a smaller version of Jackie. Put them together and you knew they were related. Amy is a couple inches smaller though, and the last I remember, maybe 10 lbs heavier, but cute as hell too. She is also 3 years younger than Jackie, which is a year older than me.

When John and Jackie got married, Amy and I were partnered together for the wedding party. I was 16 then, and Amy was 17, and had a boyfriend. I was always attracted to her, and felt she was to me, as well. But, she ran around with a different group of kids than I did, so we didn’t see each other often, but were always nice to each other. Then right after I graduated, I left for the Navy.

During all of these years, I did see her at family functions, when I wasn’t out, saving the world from bad guys. She got married about a year after she left high school, and since then has had 2 kids, both in their teen years, a girl, and a boy. He husband Todd, is an ok guy, back then. And if she is anything like her sister in bed, a damn lucky man. The last time I saw her, was at John Jr’s graduation from high school, which was 4 years ago, or so.

“You know, Amy was surprised to hear that you are staying here….. She didn’t know about you getting wounded, which was my bad…. I just kept that to myself, since I didn’t know what you wanted said, or not said.”

“It’s cool… It not a national security issue…. How is she doing, anyways?” I asked.

“I’m not sure actually…. I got some stuff out of her though… She said the she and Todd haven’t been on the same page lately, sexually….. Todd just hasn’t had the energy to have sex, nor the desire either.” she said.

“Well, I hope Todd doesn’t do anything stupid like John did…. She doesn’t deserve that, nor did you.” I said

“That thought went through my mind too…. When all the shit first started with me and John, Amy wanted to cut his balls off……. Then I told her about the 4 of us back then, with Mandy…. She thought that it was awesome we could do something like that. She said Todd would never go for something like that………. You know… She had a major crush on you, before and after the wedding.”

I chuckled. “Yeah…. And I had one on her too, but she had a boyfriend…. So to me, that was off limits….. I thought she was so hot too.”

“You big dummy…. All you had to do was ask her out… she would have said yes……. She only went out with Tony, to have something to do… she didn’t even have sex with him….. Well, if blow jobs don’t count.” she said, then laughed.

I laughed, “To a teen, blow jobs count… To us, that’s scoring big time…. I almost asked her, when we were dancing the bridal dance together…. But I chickened out…. My loss, back then”

She smiled a little, then said, “Kind of glad you didn’t, or we wouldn’t be here now, like this” then she giggled for a bit

“You know, and I can’t believe I am telling you this….. I had to teach her how to give a blow job.”

I had to laugh at that one. “Ohhhhhhhhhh? Who was the lucky guy?”

“Dumbass” she said laughing. “No… I used one of my dildo’s back then…. I was 19 and she was 16…. I showed her the proper way, or at least the way I knew back then…. I got better in time……..But” and then she got quiet.

But???????? Come on, no secrets remember?” I said

Her face kind of turned red. “Amy was my first girl action….. There. Now you know” she said with a flustered voice.

“So what? …… John showed me a good technique to jacking off.”

“MMMMMMMMM…. I’d love to watch that one day………. When I was showing her how to suck and lick one, she asked what I had, so I showed her how I pleasured myself with it….. Then she tried it. She actually broke her cherry on it…. Scared the crap out of her too….. But then the next week, she wanted to try it again, and the next thing I know, I am between her legs licking her…. She did me too, and for two years, we pleasured one another.”

“Damn Babe…. Now that is hot…….. Good thing John didn’t want me to suck his dick… I don’t think I would have done it.” I said.

“You guys kill me….. You think nothing of two women having sex…. But you ever think we might like to witness you guys giving each other a blow job?....... I’d love to see that.” she exclaimed.

I smiled at her, “Hey… one never knows nowadays though.”

“MMMMMMMMMM…. I love an open minded man”

Then she said, let’s watch this movie. So that’s what we did. She curled into my arms and we sat through this real sappy movie, with plenty of romance. When it was done, she said let’s call it a night. So I got up and started heading to my room.

“Where the hell are you going?” she asked. “Bed” I replied. “Wrong way Sailor…..My bed for now on….. If we’re a couple, then we sleep together…… That way, I can take advantage of you easier.”

She was quite surprised when she felt how smooth my cock region was. “Oh Baby… That feels so niceeeeeeeeee”, then we finally made love. I was even on top for this time. We both took our time, with no rush to it. It was sensual, soft, and romantic, and we both came about the same time. The only thing she wouldn’t let me do, was go clean her up. She said she wants inside her all night, but next time, clean me up.

Chapter 3

It was now October. I was still in the Navy, but growing weary of my job now. I hated that I couldn’t train with the guys, like I used too. They were all very supportive of me, but I was losing the will to stay in. I already surpassed my 20 year mark, so if I retired, I could collect that pension.

What bothered me the most was when they went on another mission. Most of the time, is was sit around and wait. I have no clue how our Base Commander could handle doing that all the time. When I was healthy, I was second in command, with only the LT, lieutenant, taking the lead. I, along with one other member, was also the dog handler. My dog was Rex. A beautiful German Shepard, who is nearing his end time in the field. You’d be amazed how many times, Rex has saved our butts, when in action.

Over these last few month’s, Jackie and I became as close as a couple really could. We did almost everything together. But we also gave each other space, when needed. Especially after the team went on a mission. Although, I maybe in the command center, because of body cams, I saw what they saw, and most times it wasn’t something you wanted to see, or even talk about. When I was an operative, it took me a few days to decompress from what we experienced in the field.

Jackie was very understanding of this, and let me be and did not force conversation’s that related to the mission. Not that I could really say anything as it was, but, she was so glad it wasn’t me in the field too. But I also did not like being this way with her.

The Saturday preceding Labor Day, I asked if we could hold a small party for the team. A few times a year, the guys and their significant others would get together and just have fun, with no shop talk. Jackie loved the idea. She had always wanted to meet the guys as it is. She did ask if Mandy and Jim could come too, which I thought was a great idea.

The party was fun and no one really got to shit faced. Even the single guys came, including Matt Jones, one of my best friends, who got a divorce 6 months ago, plus my CO. The wives and girlfriends welcomed Jackie into the family, as they called it, even though I wasn’t an operator anymore. That made me feel good, and Jackie too. Mandy was dressed casually, not showing off her wares, so to speak. She is definitely different in a group, than she is with just us four.

She did come up to me at one point, when I was off by myself, and told me that if she was single, she’d let everyone of these hunks fuck her, one right after another. After getting to know this vixen, I truly believe she would too. I later told Jackie about what she said. She too believed that Mandy would as well.

Then on the holiday, itself, we went over to Amy and Todd’s for a cookout. Amy already knew that Jackie and I are now a couple, and living together. She was extremely happy for us both, yet, you could see that she was in pain about something. I noticed it too, along with how Todd treated her and the kids.

He basically ignored them. He was more preoccupied with his phone than visiting with us or having any real interaction. If any of us ask a question, he gave short, agitated answers. To me, that was a classic sign of someone cheating on their spouse. Seen it a couple of times on the team. At one point I wanted to take his phone and smash it, especially when Amy asked him something and he answered with “I don’t fucking care”. Amy didn’t deserve it, and I could see the hurt in her eyes. Since the first few times I met him, when I thought he was okay, I have now thought Todd as a selfish, conceited prick, but I never let that out.

That evening, on the way home, Jackie was furious at him. “I know that son of bitch is screwing around on her…. If I catch him, I’m going to cut his balls off…….. He is putting my sister through hell right now, and the kids.”

When we got home and got in bed, she basically attacked me. She was aggressive, yet sensual and passionate. It was like she was laying claim to me, and that she would do anything to make sure I was pleased. Hell, on the way home, I thought that there was no way she’d want sex.

Since we made our commitment to each other, we make love at least 5 times a week, if not more. She is insatiable sexually. I’m not complaining either. Her favorite time is in the morning too. But we have yet to have that raw, unbridled sex, like we do when we visit with Mandy and Jim. I’d love for her to unleash that on me at times. She is so sexy then. Something I think we need to discuss one day. She will talk a little dirty with me, but not much. She says more with JIm and Mandy. I love when she does talk that way though. The one thing though, neither of us has said those magic words to one another. I believe we both feel it, but are afraid of what it may do.

Also during these months, the four of played 3 more times, since that first night. Every time was fun and extremely sexual. And we, like Mandy and Jim, always ended the night, making love.

But after the last one, we had a very open and frank conversation about the swinging. Jackie said that she really enjoyed doing this. It made her feel free, yet, she felt, it bonded us together even more than a monogamous relationship ever could. I told her too, that I really enjoyed it too. But most of all, I really enjoyed watching her with Jim, or Mandy. But if she ever wanted to stop, I would do so, without any hesitation.

She said her only fear, and quite naturally, was that I would grow tired of her and cheat on her. I looked her right in the eye and said, “I love you Jackie…. I have no reason to cheat…. You are the only woman I want and crave in my life…… I will never treat you as one man did to you…. I promise you that”

She was sitting on me then, and I was deep inside her, when I said this. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Oh Wow…… I’ve longed to hear that from you… I love you too…… I’m yours Babe.”

Then we went to this gala that one of the charities that Jackie is involved with. I actually wore a suit, which isn’t my bag, but for her, I’d do anything. Jim and Mandy were there too, as was Amy and Todd. All the women were dressed up. Jackie was wearing a black dress, tasteful yet sexy looking. The diamond necklace she wore really set it off. Mandy wore a cocktail dress. She too was sexy as sin, and knew it, but was reserved. Amy had on a white dress, that was classy, yet hugged her curves and made her look very appealing.

The six of us had our own table, and when all together, we were having fun, except for Todd, who was rather distant. After dinner was dancing, which Jackie and I did a lot of. Jim and I exchanged dance partners a couple of times, and we had a blast. Jackie and I were dancing a slow sing when she whispered to me, “The next dance, ask Amy, please”. So I did.

As we dance, Amy folded into my arms with ease and we danced. But while we danced, Amy admitted that she was unhappy, not only with tonight, but her life for damn near a year. I told her she needed to do something to make her happy again, and if that meant, divorcing, then do it. Then she let me know that sisters do talk.

“You know Dumbass…. This could have been me and you dancing as a couple” she said

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“Back in high school and the wedding… I had a major crush on you and wanted to go out with you… All you had to do was ask.”

“Yeah… and I had one for you… But you had a boyfriend then…. I was taught to respect that… Plus, you could have asked me too”

“Girls didn’t ask guys out back then…. But, I am glad you and Jackie are together…. She really loves you, and I can see that you love her too… So that makes me happy…… I’ll be honest, I was really sad when you joined the Navy.”

Of course I relayed what Amy had said to Jackie, later that evening. She just chuckled and said, “Sisters don’t have secrets Babe”, which of course, made me wonder what else they share.

It was now the first weekend in October. Jackie and I talked for hours the night before about my decision to leave the service. She said she would support any decision I made. I told her I was going in on Monday and handing in my papers to start the retirement process. She asked what I was going to do with myself then, and I was honest. I hadn’t a clue just yet. We both knew, money was not an issue, for either of us. Though Jackie was now working part time at the animal clinic my dad used to own.

That Sunday then, we were sitting on the deck, just being lazy. Both of us had books and were reading, and working on our tans. It was in the 80’s and gorgeous. Great thing about living in Virginia, especially down by Norfolk, the weather is generally great.

Jackie’s phone rang while we were lounging in the chaise lounge chairs. As she was talking, she would wink at me, letting me know Mandy was on the phone. Of course, being the perv I am, I was sneaking peeks at Jackie as she unconsciously kept spreading her knees apart. Very nice view, if I say so. They talked for like 15 minutes, until Jackie finally hung up.

“Wow… What was that about?” I asked

“Well… I know you have an open mind, so keep it that way until I am done here…. Mandy and Jim are meeting their friends from Richmond, Sandy and Joe, in two weeks, at a cabin they own, just across the border in Carolina.” she started

“They would like us to come with them… I have met this couple one other time…. It was a month and half before he died…… We met them for dinner one evening and then we were to go back to Mandy’s and play…. When it was suggested, after dinner, to go, John said, no thanks, and we left.”

“Really?” I asked “Yeah… Can you believe that?.......... He said, on the way home, he didn’t feel the vibe with them…….. I was shocked…… I mean, he lived for the partying with Mandy and Jim and now he had a chance to be with another woman, and he said no…. I mean my antenna was already up, because he was into old habits again, and now this.”

“How about you? Were you up for it?” I asked

“Yeah I was….. I won’t lie D….. I really enjoy swinging….Maybe it’s wrong to be like that, but I really do….. And, I found Sandy very attractive, as I did Joe…. So yeah. I was looking forward to it………..God…….. You probably think I am some slut now.”

“Oh will you stop that…. I have never thought that, nor will I ever……… In fact I am very attracted to you because of who you are, and what you like.”

She smiled, then said, “ I guess when we are with others, I feel as though I can live out fantasies and be really free with myself.. If that makes sense……. Now Joe and Sandy are a little older….. I know they are now in their late 40’s…….. Joe is about your height, but definitely not in the shape you are in, but in a couple of pictures our Mandy has shared, quite well hung….. Sandy is a little shorter than me, and if I had to guess, C cup tits…… She’s a redhead too….. She does have a tummy though… I mean not fat, but some bulge there…. Who knows, maybe that turned John off, though he never said.”

“Babe… Let me ask you this question…….. Would you like to try it with them?..... Because it does sound interesting.” I asked

“Honestly….. Yes, as long as you are with me and you will enjoy it too……. I mean, I have seen porn with group action and it always turned me on……… naked bodies all over the place having sex.”

“MMMMMMMM, you like porn huh? …….. Learn something new daily with you.” I chuckled after I said it

“Yeah I do…. So does Mandy and Jim…. Maybe some night this week, we’ll watch one on TV…… But be on guard, cuz I get real horny then, and I’ll probably fuck your brains out”

“Babe…. How come you never really talk dirty to me when we are making love?” I asked

“Oh God Dan…….. I didn’t think you wanted me like that…..You are always so tender and loving when we make love, and trust me, I love that…….. But I can let loose now and then for you……….. We need to talk more about what we like and stuff.”

Just then, the french door from the kitchen to the deck opened, and out walked Amy. “Shit” I thought. My cock was just starting to grow, in hopes of fucking my beautiful girlfriend on the deck. I quickly covered up with the book I had.

“Whoa” Amy said. “Sorry to barge in on you two…… I like the dress code around here though.”

Jackie, unfazed by this intrusion, just giggled, “What’s up Sis?” Amy, grinned, then said, “By the looks of things, I would say Dan was well on his way……. Dan… it’s ok, I’ve seen dick before”

I knew I had to be turning ten shades of red now. But I held my composure as Amy sat down next to her sister. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, without a bra, like her sister usually does. Their chest are similar, with Amy’s being a bit bigger.

“I’ve made a decision and want you to know about it…… I am seeing a lawyer tomorrow and asking for a divorce” she said in a methodical voice, without much emotion.

“Are you alright Sweetie….. Can I help in any way?” Jackie asked

“I’m okay… really, I am…. I’ve cried since Thursday…. That’s the day I got the pictures from the private investigator I hired to follow that fucker.”

“I knew it… I just knew it” Jackie said.

“I knew it too…. Just was hoping I was wrong….. They showed him entering a motel room, kissing and fondling each other, then coming out again 2 hours later… Again, kissing and fondling one another… Three different days……. He told me had to work late at the office going over spreadsheets for a big project…. The only spread he was looking at was that whores spread legs.”

“Who is she?” Jackie asked. I was keeping quiet.

“Who else…. His skank ass secretary…. She’s like 26, but has at least 30 pounds on me…. I mean, what the fuck…….. I can understand young, but fatter than me?.......... I mean, we did anything he wanted in bed, and I mean anything…..blow jobs, anal, you name it, we tried it at least once…… so what the fuck does she have, or will do, that I don’t?” then started crying.

Jackie held her tight and was rocking with her as she sobbed. Then she found her composure again and spoke.

“You know, we even discussed swinging, like you and shithead did…. Sorry Dan, no offense to you.” Amy said

“None taken Ame’s… I know he was a shithead…. Remember, I was his brother” I said with a laugh.

Jackie said, “That didn’t work out in the end for me either… It did in the beginning, but you really have to be committed to each other for that to work.”

“I know… But I was willing to try it out… We watched a few porn's with it, and I’ll be honest, I got real turned on by it” Amy explained

“Well… you need to do whatever it is to get yourself happy again… I mean that too… This is about you now…. The kids are old enough to understand… They’ll get through this.” Jackie said

“So tomorrow, I am going to the bank first, and creating my own account, and taking all but hundred bucks from our shared one….. Fuck him if he thinks he can control me with money… Then I see the lawyer.” Amy continued

“Well, if you need anything, Dan and I are here for you… Just remember that”

“Your support is all I need right now Sis…..And Dan………. When this is all done and over with… if you have any single, and hot Seal buddies…. Send him my way………. Sorry again for barging in like that…. Looks like you two were going to enjoy something, but now I killed that mood….Sorry” she said sheepishly.

Chapter 4

Later that night, Jackie and I were snuggling on the couch, watching some remodeling show. She then excused herself and went upstairs. After about 15 minutes, I was wondering if she went to bed.

Then I saw coming down the stairs. She took each step slowly, and I might add, seductively. My jaw may have dropped but cock was definitely getting up. “ Wow”, I thought.

She was wearing black, high heels. Her long legs were encased in black, thigh high stockings. As I scanned higher I saw that her sex was covered by a small, red lace, trimmed in black thong, which was hugging her pussy lips, nicely. ( When I die and come back, I really want to be a pair of woman’s thong or bikini panties. Lol)

Her top was red lace to, fringed with back, like the thong. I know there is a name for it, the style, but don't know it, just that was the type that went from a thin shoulder strap to the material. Then, instead of covering her breast, it went below them, highlighting them. When she got about five feet from me, she stopped and looked down at me. My cock was super hard now, just waiting to be released from my boxers.

“Like what you see, Stud” she said in a sultry voice. All I could do was nod my head.

“Good. I bought this a couple of weeks ago, just waiting on the perfect moment to put it on…… I very very sexy, and extremely horny right now…..Tonight, you get to see me as I really like being, at times. A total, unabashed, Slut”

Then she walked over to the arm chair that faced the couch I was on. She maneuvered herself so her legs were draped over each arm, then started rubbing her pussy.

“Baby… Take your shorts off and lay back and stroke your big cock for me, while I finger my Hot, Wet, Cuntttttttt” as she put emphasis on the word cunt. I’ve never heard her use this word before.

She smiled when she saw me stroking my cock. Her one hand moved the thong out of the way, letting me have a perfect view of her engorged pussy lips, which were glistening from her juices. I think being around Mandy has really turned her into a very wanton woman now.

“You like watching my play with my hot cunt?........ I don’t use this word often Baby, but only you will ever hear it from me……. And only when we are being such a dirty couple…. But, I can’t wait to get your hard cock in me, so I can cum all over it.

I got up then, and went to her. I needed to be in her, but I also wanted us in bed. For once we start, I want no interruptions. I took her hand and gently pulled her to her feet. I had her put her arms around my neck and told her to hang on tight, and picked her up by her great ass. She knew what I wanted and wrapped her legs around me. Then it took but just a couple of tries, but my cock found its home and slipped in.

“Fuck Yeah babyyyyyyyyyyyy” she cooed as I started walking us upstairs. She giggled a few times, but for the most part, nibbled my ear and moaned a great deal. Once by the bed, I set her down and got to my knees and ate her. I was so jacked up now, I ate her like a man who hadn’t eaten for months. Although she didn’t squirt, she did have a powerful orgasm.

Then I asked her to get on her hands and knees, right at the edge of the bed. I leaned down and licked her asshole, then her pussy, and back to her ass. She turned back towards me and said,

“I love you licking my ass….. One day soon, I want your cock there Love.”

Tonight, I wanted to try a bunch of positions, but first was doggie, one we hadn’t tried yet. For about 5 minutes I slammed her, and the more I slammed, the more she yelled out to fuck her harder.

“Oh Fuck Danny……… You are so fucking deep inside me” she yelled one time.

Then we switched so she was on her side now, with one leg held high, and we fucked in that position. As we fucked, she rubbed her clit, setting herself off, in another orgasm that made her whole body shake. Now I don’t care what any man tells you, but when your woman is in this type of sexual mode, being a total slut, you love it. I know I am.

I was getting close to cumming. In fact I don’t know how I lasted so long, as it was. I asked her to lay on her back then. I kneeled between her legs and sunk back in. We started going at it again. When I pushed her legs way back and started pounding she let loose a long cry, then said.

“Oh Shit Baby…. I love this way……..Fuck… Fuck……. Fuck…….. You are so deep!”

“Holy Fuckkkkkkkkk Baby….. I’ve never felt you this hard before…. I’m going to cummmmmmmmmmmm”

I kept assaulting her pussy with hard slams, while she was on a non stop orgasm. Then I felt my balls drawing up, letting me know they needed a release. I pumped in her one more time and pulled out, and started spraying her tits and belly with my cum. She was smiling as she watched my cum spurting all over her.

I let go of her legs and had to place my arms on either side of her, to brace myself from falling on her. We both had sweat dripping from us. This was the most intense sex session we ever had, but hopefully, far from the last.

She started cooing and moaning when I started licking my cum from her. When I had most of it in my mouth, I moved up and found her mouth open, and awaiting my juice. Once, most of it dripped into her hungry mouth, we kissed so passionately. She pulled me down onto her and her tongue was deep in my mouth. When we finally broke the kiss, all we could do is pant.

Then I rolled off of her. She moved to face me on her side and started playing with my dick. She kept stroking it, making it become hard once more.

“ Hope you didn't think we were done yet Lover…. Far from it.” She said.

She lowered her mouth to it and gave me a good 5 minutes of pleasure. Then got to her knees and straddled me. She got a wicked look on her face. My cock was so deep in her.

“ Fuck Baby…… I've never felt your pussy this hot and tight before….. You are so sexy tonight, and I love it.”

“ Good…. I think Slutty Jackie needs to come out more…… I mean I love your gentle love making. I actually crave it…. But I love this too….. Thank you for telling me what you want….. no more holding back… I love you”

We fucked hard again, but she was in control. Speeding up, then slowing down, taking us both to the brink of cumming a few times. I could tell she really wanted to cum now.

She switched so that she was squatting over my cock. Her hands braced against my chest. I started fucking her like a jackhammer now. She started crying loudly,

“ That's it….. Fuck yeahhhhhh….make me cum”

I was close too,, and I reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. That was it for her. She let a loud moan as her orgasm took her whole body. I looked down as she was cumming and saw that she was squirting all over my cock and balls.

When I saw this I just started releasing my seed deep into her honey hole of pleasure, I pumped a lot of cum into her, now mixing with her love juice. I was very loud too, announcing my own orgasm. Jackie collapsed on top of me now, and we lay there, trying to return to normal.

After like 5 minutes, Jackie pushed up, and was sitting again on me. My cock was still in her, half erect. She wiggled her butt and smiled.

“ Oh…...My…...God...D” she said while gasping for breath.

“ That was the most intense, raw, and fulfilling sex I have ever had. I've never squirted from a cock before….And… you are still pretty hard…. Wow”

“My God Jac… That was awesome….. Promise me I get experience that again, but only for us” I said.

“Oh God Yes…. This is only for us….. But know this, I want to grow old with you…. So not only have this body, but you have my heart too.”

“I love you Jackie…….You have my heart too, forever” I said, and then we kissed. Of course, she couldn’t resist moving her hips back and forth, which made me moan.

“God Babe….. You are insatiable” I said with a chuckle. “Only for you Sailor Man, Only You” she cooed out

She stopped moving. “I don’t think I could go another round…. You wore me out Baby… But I would like for you to fall asleep in me, once I get off.”

“I’d Like that Jac…. Like that a lot” I whispered.

“I forgot to tell you…. Earlier this evening, Amy texted me…… She said to tell you, you got a nice looking cock….. And she wouldn’t mind trying out once, to see what she missed out on….. That was after calling me a selfish bitch, of course” laughing after she said it. I just rolled my eyes after she told me.

Then she said, “Little does she know…. I enjoy sharing you….. If the opportunity ever arose, I would let her….. That is if you are okay with it too.”

“You’d be good with that?” I asked

“Of course….. We both like the sharing side….. Plus…. I’d love to be with her again, like we used to do.” she said as she slid off of me, and laid on her side, then pulled me to her and help stick me back in. Sleep came quickly to us.

Chapter 5

A few days later I was called into the CO’s office. He let me know that my retirement was approved and I would be released on the 15th of November. “Ok” I thought, another month I could get through, no problem. I was not sure what I'd do after this though.

When I got home, and told Jackie, she was so happy. We went out for dinner to celebrate. Once home we made slow, passionate love. Nothing like Sunday night, but that was good. Like she said, she craved this more than anything, as I did too.

That weekend, Amy stopped by. Jackie and I both gasped when we saw her. She was sporting a shiner around her one eye. She then explained about the fight her Todd had Monday night when she informed him of the impending divorce. He not take it well and words turned to violence and he backhanded her. Her daughter Amber, called the cops to put an end to this.

Both Jackie and I were boiling mad after listening to her. I asked for her phone, which she reluctantly gave to me. Once I was in her contacts, I found him in the “A’s”. She changed his name to Asshole. So I dialed it. He answered after the third ring.

“What do you want Cunt” he said.

“Hey…. That's no way to speak to her Asshole” I said.

“Fuck you Dan…. It's not any of your business” he yelled into the phone.

“You made it my business when you hit her Shitbird…… I would suggest highly that you treat her nicely and respectful and keep this experience civilized…. If you ever harm her, or the kids, again…… well I'll show you what uncivilized truly is…… do you read me loud and clear?” I said with a very monotone voice, but laced with menace.

All he said was yeah and then hung up. Amy had tears in her eyes, as did Jackie. Amy came up and hugged me tight and thanked me. Jackie and Amy then hugged. She stayed another thirty minutes filling us in on what will transpire throughout this ordeal. She also informed us about a slip of the tongue with her parents, telling them about Jackie and I dating now. Oops.

Their parents live in Florida now, but Jackie hadn't told them yet. She wanted to make sure we were going to make as a couple. I understood her thinking and would have done the same. Her parents have always been nice to me and her dad, being a former Navy man, always treated with respect, especially when he knew what I did.

As Amy was leaving, she gave me another hug and soft kiss on the lips. Then she and Jackie hugged and kissed. Their kiss lasted a bit longer than two sisters should probably have kissed. I swear, I could see lust in Amy’s eye, when they finally broke the hug and kiss.

Jackie, after her sister left, took her phone and dialed her mom. They talked for a good 30 minutes or so. As they talked, I went back out on the deck, to give them privacy. Later, when she was done talking, she came back out and told me that her parents were okay with us dating, just a little disappointed that Jackie hadn’t told them. Like I said, her parents always liked me, and my only hope was they never thought of me as they did John, after he started cheating on Jackie.

The next week was a blur. The team was out training at Quantico, for some reason. They sometimes do that, but not to often. But I was kept very busy, going over plans for a future endeavor. Since I had plenty of field work, my insight was very valuable to the planners.

Now it was the Friday of the weekend we were to go with Mandy and Jim, down to their friends place in Carolina. We both were looking forward to it, but neither of us were really high on the idea. Maybe it is because we would be with people we didn’t know. For me, this was all new, but I was open minded and I do enjoy being with Mandy and Jim, in that environment. That, and the fact, both Jackie and I have a bit of exhibition in us and we really like having sex with Jim and Mandy.

But, around 1pm that Friday, I got a call from my best friend Matt Jones, otherwise known to us on the team as, Trigger. Matt is a sniper on the team. He goes into overwatch, and protects us from the bad guys. Plus, he is also a computer whiz and can hack almost any system. Great to have around if you come up with some laptop in a raid and need to know what the shitheads are up too.

Anyways, Matt informed me that the team was on standby. That meant something was about to go down, and that all members had to report back to base until further notice. I called my CO and asked him what was up. He said he was just about to call me about it. He said that I didn’t have to come in, just yet, but stay close by, because once the team was wheels up (take off in an airplane), then I would be needed. He said he was sorry if this put a crimp in any plans I had.

He also informed me that Rex, my dog that I was handling, got injured down at Quantico. He tore up ligaments in his back leg. Since he wasn’t going to be with them much longer, they were going to give him out to a Rescue Center, for adoption. That didn’t set well with me. But I would have to ask Jackie about it. After hanging up, I went and found Jackie. I hope she doesn’t get to disappointed.

“Honey… I just took a call from the Base… The team is on standby, which means I am on standby as well.”

“Oh… Okay… So we can’t go this weekend then?”

“Yeah…. I’m sorry…. But if you want to go, you can…. I know you were looking forward to it.”

“No way am I going without you….. To be honest… I am relieved somewhat.” she said

“Why Hun”... I thought you wanted to do this.” I asked

“I do… But then, I don’t…. I mean I love what the four of do together…. I’m just not sure I want that with that other couple….. If that makes sense”

“It’s cool with me…. I felt the same way…..What we four do is awesome… The best part is when I get to watch you with those two, but sharing with the others… Well I guess I have some apprehension….. Maybe we try it some other time, or find another couple we think we could share like that.”

“I knew I loved you for a reason….. We’ll have our own little party here this weekend, unless you have to leave.” she said

“Right now, I can stay here, until the team is on a plane, then I have to go……. This is the hard part for them…. The sit and wait….. This usually means some State Department wienny is trying to make this come to a diplomatic conclusion…. But the team will just sit and wait it out until one way, or the other, a solution is found.” I explained to her.

“But… There is one more thing I was told about….. The dog I handled, Rex, he was injured this past week, at training. He tore some ligaments in his back leg. And since he is drawing to an end, for his service life, they are going to ship him off to a Rescue Shelter… So, I was wondering, would you like a dog?”

“Oh Wow… Really?... is he house broken and such?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh hell yes….. Very well trained too…. Plus he would give me peace of mind when you are alone out here.”

“Of course it is alright…. I know you loved that dog… Plus I love dogs too.”

We then kissed and hugged for like 10 minutes. I loved when she is in my arms. She later informed me that the only reason they didn’t have a dog before, was because of John’s allergies, which was true. It is kind of funny, considering that my dad was a Vet.

Jackie then called Mandy and let her know of our predicament. She was ok with it, but disappointed that we couldn’t come. Jackie said maybe some other time with all 6 of us. But definitely in 3 weeks with just them again, as had been planned.

That Saturday, we went to dinner, which was now becoming our habit at least once or twice a week, and always on Saturdays. On the way back, Jackie surprised the hell out of me when she got on her knees, on the seat, leaned over and unzipped my pants and proceeded to give me a blow job. She said she had always wanted to do that, and for me not to cum. It was hard to do, but I let her know when I was getting close. She is great at doing that.

Once at home, she ran upstairs, and was back down in like 30 seconds and threw me this black bag. In it was a see through thong she wanted me to wear. She went back upstairs and 5 minutes later came down into the family room wearing a very sheer black bra, a sheer black thong and a garter belt and hose. I would say that I was in for a very wild night.

She then found the porno channel and picked one she thought would be fun. We sat on the couch watching, and as we did, she was playing with herself, so I did too. But it wasn’t long before we got into it. I got the bright idea to have her sit up on the island so I could eat her. When I helped her up, her ass plopped down on it and she said it was way to cold. So I ran and got a big beach towel.

‘You know, eating breakfast here is now going to have new meanings for us.” she said, then giggled. She took her phone out and snapped a pic of my head between her legs, licking her. I wanted to fuck her up on the island, but that would have been to hard on my one knee.

After that, she had me take pics of her giving me head, then fucking her from behind. She was in rare form this evening. But, it also was kind of a turn on too. The last pic she took, well really, I did, was her holding my cock, as she straddled me. She said take pictures of it entering and some going down. But after that, no more pics. We were to into each other then. But I did find out, she loves her tits squeezed when we fuck like that. She cums very hard, but didn’t squirt this time.

We were now sitting against the couch, on the floor, and she was looking at the pics.

“Damn Dan…. We are just as good as those porn stars earlier….Fuck,,, We are a sexy couple.”

“Maybe next time, we run the video instead of still pics…. Then watch it some other time.” I said.

“I could go for that….. We can never upload them though. You know, like some couples do on the one website….. Christ, if Johnny was to see that.” she said, then started laughing.

“Or your sister.” I said. She laughed and said, “Bullshit… She’d love seeing that.” then giggled more.

Then I saw her doing something and heard her phone bing, like when you send a text. Then another one, and then another.

“What are you doing Babe?” I asked

“Teasing Amy…. One of you eating me.. One of you doing me doggie and a blow job one.” she said, then laughed.

“Oh Babe… That’s mean…. I’m sure she hasn’t had any in quite a while.” I said.

“I know… But.” she said, then got quiet. “Come on Babe….. Out with it” I said.

“I’ve been thinking about Amy a lot lately…. I want to make love with her again…. I miss her so much like that.” she exclaimed.

“So do it Sweetie…..It’s not like you two haven’t ever done that before… Hell, a couple of weeks ago, when she kissed you before she left that day, I could see the lust in her eyes for you.” I said back to her.

“I know… You know her tongue licked my lips too….. I think that helped get me going for later that night with you…. I was so horny after that….. But Baby… I want you involved too...I’m serious… I want to watch you two fuck, and eat each other….. She needs a real man to quench her sexual thirst, and who better than you.”

“Who’s to say she’d even want to hun… I mean with me included… I’m sure she wants that private between you two…… Why don’t you two discuss it and even do some one on one’s a few times, then decide.” I said.

She shook her head and chuckled. “You know. When I first started swinging, those years back, I couldn’t believe I could even do that. But it opened up a new side of me and one I really liked. Then being with Mandy these years has changed my views on sex. It’s isn’t something you were supposed to do, because that’s what a wife isn’t supposed to do. It is all about the pleasure I give and receive now. I love my sexuality, and I have found the one man who I think, really understands me, loves me for who I am, and oh God, pleasures me to no end. But if you were ever to say, stop, I would, and not even think about it. You and I are building a love and trust between us, and if sharing our sexual desires with others is good with you, then it certainly is with me….God I love you.”

I was just about to speak when her phone binged. She started laughing hard then, then showed me the response.

“”OMFG….You slut….. You fucking tease…. I hope you choke on that horse cock he has….. Bet I lick better than he does though.”

Then she sent her one that had 3 pics in it, with Jac on top and letting me enter her. This was pure torture.

“Babe.. she is going to hate you if you keep doing that.” I said

“Nah…. But I bet she has a toy deep inside her now.”

It wasn’t 5 minutes later that Jac got another text, but this one had a pic too. It was Amy, with her legs spread, and a hand pushing a dildo inside her. It was a funky angle, but clearly showing her love hole. My God, she has big pussy lips. Those type that kind of hang down. Her text back was classic.

“You fuckers…… All I have is this….When can I come play with you two?”

Then another right after that.

“I know you are viewing mine Dan…. You could have had this pussy 20 fucking years ago shithead.”

Jackie was rolling on the ground laughing. But she was right, Amy that is, all I had to do is ask, and we would have probably gone out. Not sure if we would have ever had sex. So my loss.

“Come on Babe… Let’s get some sleep”

That Monday, the team was told to stand down and resume normal duties.

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Team Players (Part 2 of Many)

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