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  1. Father's and Daughters Chapter 1
  2. Father's and Daughters Chapter 2
  3. Father's and Daughters Chapter 3
  4. Father's and Daughters Chapter 4
  5. Fathers Club Chapter 1
  6. Fathers Club Chapter 2
  7. Fathers Club Chapter 3
  8. Fathers Club Chapter 4

Father's and Daughters Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 14 February 2018

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Chapter 1

When my young daughter came up to me and asked. “Why don't you have sex with me?”

I was shocked and didn’t know how to respond, after thinking for a minute, I said.

“Daddies and daughters aren't supposed to have sex with each other.”

“Don't you think I’m pretty enough.” Emma asked.

“Of course I think your pretty, your very beautiful.” I told her.

“Don’t you like seeing me naked?” she asked.

This question was a total surprise, as a single father I used to give my daughter baths when she was younger, as she grew older she became more bashful and wanted to take her baths without my help. A few weeks earlier I had accidentally walked in on her just after she had her shower, I hadn't seen her naked for a few years and here she was standing in front of me smiling as I gazed upon her gorgeous body, her young body had just started to develop breasts and seeing her hairless puffy young pussy made my cock start to twitch, how could I tell her that I enjoyed seeing her naked.

“Grown men aren't supposed to see young girls naked.” I told her.

“But Alannah and Elise daddies see them naked.” Emma tells me, then starts to walk to her bedroom.

I stare at Emma’s cute bubble butt as she walks naked down the hallway towards her bedroom, My daughter is very beautiful, with her long brown hair and big brown eyes that sparkled when she smiles. I had noticed a few months earlier how her body was starting to change and here she was asking me questions about sex, how did Emma know her girlfriend’s Alannah and Elise father’s had seen them naked. Lately Emma was always over at her friend Elise’s house using their swimming pool, and had stayed overnight a few times, had Emma seen the father’s looking at their daughter’s naked bodies and more important did Emma let them see her naked body.

After dinner that night when I went into to say goodnight to Emma and give her a kiss I sat on her bed next to her, I noticed that Emma was laying in the bed naked under the sheets.

I said. “We need to have a talk about your friends and their fathers.”

Emma sat up in the bed, letting the bed sheets fall to her waist letting me see her budding young breasts and said. “What is it daddy?”

I asked. “How do you know your friends fathers see them naked?”

“Sometimes they watch as Alannah and Elise undress for bed.” Emma tells me.

“Do they ever see you naked?” I ask expecting to already know the answer.

“Yes.” Emma tells me and then says, “but daddy I'm not supposed to tell anyone.”

“Do they ever touch you?” I ask my young daughter not really wanting to know the answer.

“Only when we are all in the pool nude.” says Emma.

“Their nude in the pool with you?” I ask angry.

Emma starts to cry and nods her head, and I ask. “Where do they touch you?”

“They squeeze my breasts and tickle my pussy.” says Emma.

“Does anything else happen?” I asked, hoping my young daughter hasn't had sex with them.

Emma starts bursting into tears as she says. “Sometimes I feel their cocks.”

I have heard enough and say. “Don’t worry I'm not mad at you.”

“Please don’t tell my friends I told you.” Emma pleads.

I give Emma a kiss and cuddle and tuck her into bed and say, “goodnight.” and switch off the bedroom light as I leave her room.

After having a shower, I bend down to pick up the dirty washing that’s laying on the bathroom floor as I pick up Emma's and my dirty clothes, I see her pink butterfly panties and without thinking I bring them to my nose and inhale my young daughters sweet aroma, it was like I was in a trance and my cock desperately needed to be relieved and I started stroking thinking of how her friends fathers had seen her naked and touched her and had her touching them. My cock started twitching and erupted and started squirting my cum everywhere, I had never been this excited for a long time, after I had finished coming I used my daughters panties to wipe up the mess and threw the dirty washing along with her panties into the washing basket.

Laying in bed trying to get to sleep, I couldn't get the idea of my daughter playing with her friends fathers out of my mind, as I thought of everything that might have happened my cock began to get hard, I gave it a few gentle strokes as I thought of my young daughter and remembered Emma asking me about sex, did that mean that her friends were having sex with their fathers and did Emma wanted to have sex with me. I was nearly asleep when I felt a hand shaking my shoulder, it was Emma standing naked next to my bed.

“Daddy I can’t sleep, can I sleep with you.” asked Emma, as she lifted the bed sheets up and crawled into bed with me.

At first, I thought nothing of it, until Emma giggled and said. “Daddy you sleep without clothes too.”

Emma cuddled up to me and I could feel her young budding breasts squeezing against my body, my cock sprang to attention waiting for instructions, I didn't know what I should do, everything became a blur when I felt my young daughter’s hand wrap around my hard cock and start stroking.

“Daddy your cocks much bigger that Alannah’s daddies.” Emma said as she continued stroking my cock.

I never replied I just laid there enjoying my daughter stroking my cock, I knew I would have to have a talk with her girlfriends fathers, the way Emma’s fingers stroked my cock made me think she had done this before, my cock erupted and squirted my cum everywhere covering the bed sheets and Emma's hand in my cum. I turned over and gave my daughter a kiss and ran my hand over her small breasts, Emma took hold of my hand and placed it over her young hairless pussy, as my finger traced over her young slit, Emma let out a low moan when my finger entered her young pussy, I didn't want to but I needed to find out if she was still a virgin, pushing my finger deeper I was glad when I felt her hymen hasn't been broken, my young daughter hadn't been fucked and was still a virgin.

After rubbing her young pussy for a few minutes, Emma's body started shivering and her moans were beginning to be louder, my young daughter was having an orgasm and her young pussy was wet. We laid in each others arms and my daughter kissed me like she had never kissed me before she was kissing me passionately, poking her tongue into my mouth and kissing me like we lovers, my daughter was an experienced kisser. As she fell asleep I wondered what else she was experienced at, I definitely had to talk to her friends fathers.

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Father's and Daughters Chapter 1

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