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Father's and Daughters Chapter 3

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 14 February 2018

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Chapter 3

After all my clothes had been removed by Lorraine and her daughter Elsie, they each took one of my hands and led me over to the edge of the pool, still holding my hands they jumped into the water pulling me into the pool with them, as I stood up in the pool Elsie wrapped her arm around my neck and held onto me. I could feel Elsie’s small breasts pressing against my chest and I reached down and lifted her up with a hand on each of her butt cheeks to take the pressure her arms were causing from around my neck. Elsie relaxed her arms and kissed me passionately pushing her tongue inside my mouth and we wrestled with each others tongues.

I felt Lorraine stroking my hard cock as she said. “Elsie is going to love you fucking her.”

I tried to say something but Elsie was fucking my mouth with her tongue and I was unable to speak. As I held Elsie up by her butt cheeks, I felt her mother pushing her fingers into her daughter’s young pussy. I heard a splash as someone dived under the water, when I felt a small hand fondling my cock and testicles, I knew it had to be Alannah’s fingers, she wrapped them around the shaft of my cock and gave it a stroke and then took the knob of my cock into her young mouth, Alannah gave my cock a quick suck then let my cock slip out of her mouth, as she came up for air.

Lorraine guided me to the steps of the pool and up onto the grass, I laid down as Elsie and Alannah explored by naked body as Lorraine watched on, my hard cock was switched from one mouth to the next as each of the girls took a turn sucking my cock. Elsie got up onto her feet and straddled me as Lorraine held my hard cock and pointed it straight up at her young daughters pussy, Elsie lowered her young pussy onto my cock and she kept lowering her pussy until she had all of my cock inside her young pussy, at first she just sat there rocking back and forth with my cock buried deep inside her young pussy.

The feeling I was having was incredible as Elsie began bouncing up and down on my cock, I was panting for breath, my testicles were throbbing as Elsie milked my cock, she had been expertly taught by her mother and father on how to fuck, Lorraine encouraged her daughter to fuck me faster and when Elsie felt my cock erupting and shooting my cum into her young pussy she just sat there letting my cock fill her young pussy with my cum. With my cock becoming soft Elsie let my cock slip out of her young pussy and laid down beside me.

My breathing wasn’t back to normal before I felt Alannah licking up and down the shaft of my cock and around the knob of my cock, as she took my cock into her young mouth my cock started twitching and was becoming hard once more, I had never recovered as fast as I was, the power of a young girls mouth sucking a cock would make anyone hard and I was no exception my cock pulsated and was becoming hard in Alanah’s young mouth. I was disappointed when Alannah lifted her mouth of my cock and laid down beside me.

But when she said. “I want you to fuck me.”

I understood and I rolled over and moved between her legs and pushed my finger inside her young tight pussy, I added another finger to make sure she could take my hard cock and finger fucked her as her juices started to flow out her young pussy. Alannah held her young pussy lips apart as I guided the knob of my cock inside her tight young pussy, once my knob was inside the rest of my cock easily slipped deeper inside her tight young pussy until our pelvic bones were pressed against each other. After leaving my cock buried deep inside her young pussy for a few moments, I began to pull my cock back out before slamming it back in, Alannah’s young pussy muscles gripped onto my cock not wanting to release it as I began to increase the rhythm of fucking her young tight pussy.

While fucking Alannah, I heard Elsie moaning and looked over to see Lorraine between her daughter’s thighs licking and tongue fucking her daughters young pussy, Lorraine was sucking all my cum out of her daughters young pussy, watching this just made me fuck Alannah faster and harder and I started to come, my cock squirted my loads of cum into Alannah’s young pussy, I could feel my cum squeezing out between Alannah’s young pussy lips and my cock shaft, Alannah had no more room in her young pussy for any more of my cum I had filled her up until she was overflowing.

After removing my cock out of Alannah’s young pussy, I rolled over onto my back only to see Lorraine move between Alannah’s legs and bury her face against Alannah’s young pussy, with the loud slurping noises Lorraine was making I knew she was sucking my cum out of Alannah’s young pussy. I was exhausted and laid there on the grass trying to recover from fucking two sexy young girls. Thinking of young girls, where was my daughter Emma, I sat upright and looked at the empty pool.

I tapped Lorraine on the shoulder and asked. “Where is Emma?”

Lorraine lifted her mouth of Alannah’s young cunt and said. “Peter and Stan have taken her inside to the bedroom.”

“Show me where the bedroom is.” I demanded.

I climbed to my feet and helped Lorraine to stand up, then I followed her into her house and down the hallway to their master bedroom.

Lorraine stopped at the bedroom door and said. “Shh just watch.” and slowly opened the bedroom door.

What I saw was incredible and disturbing at the same time, Emma was on the large bed on her hands and knees, Stan was fucking Emma’s sweet young mouth and Pete was fucking her young pussy as he fingered her tight butt hole.

When, I heard Pete asking Stan. “Are you ready to fuck her ass again?”

I thought I was going to faint, my knees went weak and Lorraine held me up as she closed the bedroom door she said. “Follow me.”

Following Lorraine into another bedroom, I saw that there were four large televisions against a wall.

Lorraine said. ”Sit down on the bed and watch the televisions.” Lorraine picked up the television remote and sat down beside me.

As the televisions came on my mouth dropped open, the televisions showed different angles of the master bedroom and more important it showed my daughter being fucked by Pete and Stan.

I couldn't take my eyes of the televisions as I switched back and forth between them.

Lorraine was stroking my hard cock and said. “You like watching Emma fucking my husband and our friend, don't you?”

It was no good saying I didn't like watching what was happening in the next bedroom, my cock was already pulsating with delight at the sexy sight showing on the televisions. Pete and Stan stopped fucking Emma long enough to move into another position, Pete was laying on the bed and Emma was sitting with his cock buried in her young pussy, Stan moved behind Emma as Pete pulled her down onto his chest, I watched as Stan pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed the knob of his cock against her young butt hole.

“He is going to tear her apart, his cock won’t fit inside her butt.” I screamed.

Lorraine smiled as she said. “Keep watching.”

A few minutes later Stan had all over his cock inside Emma’s tight butt hole, I watched as he fucked her driving his cock in and out my daughter’s butt. Emma was trying to bounce up and down on Pete’s cock, she looked like she was having the time of her life.

I heard Emma scream come from the television as she yelled out. “Oh fuck yes I love having your cocks inside me.”

I didn't even notice that Alannah had come into the bedroom, it was only after she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me that I knew she was there. Lorraine turned my head away from the televisions towards her and she kissed me and pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

Lorraine broke our kiss and said. “You do know we have all been teaching Emma the joys of sex for the last few months as we waited for you to fuck her and take her cherry?”

“So it was your idea for Emma to ask me to fuck her?” I asked.

“Yes we told her what to say and do, she desperately wanted you to fuck her, we thought it was your right as a father to fuck her young pussy first.” said Lorraine.

I watched the television at Stan fucking Emma’s butt and asked. “So she has had her butt fucked before today?”

“Oh yes, every time she comes over she asks Pete and Stan to fuck her butt, she loves her butt being fucked.” Lorraine tells me.

My cock erupts without warning and I start filling Alannah’s young mouth with my cum, as soon as I stop coming Alannah releases my cock from her mouth and sits up on the bed beside me. We all watch as Alannah’s father blasts his cum into Emma’s butt, when he has finished and pulls his cock out of her butt hole, I watch as his cum runs out her tight hole.

“Are you going to fuck my ass too?” Alannah asks.

I look at Lorraine as she tells me. “Both Alannah and Elsie love having their butts fucked.”

I look at Alannah and ask. “Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

Alannah giggles as she says. “Yes.”

“Why don't you go see your daughter?” says Lorraine.

I look at the televisions and see that their all finished and Emma is laying on the bed between Pete and Stan, I climb to my feet and walk into the master bedroom.

Emma sees me first and says. “Hello daddy.” then asks, ‘Were you watching us fucking?”

“Yes I was watching and I was jealous that I wasn't fucking you too.” I tell my daughter.

Pete says. “Emma can take the three of us on next time.”

Emma giggles and says. “Only the three of you, what about your other two friends?”

I look at Pete as he smiles and says. “Emma loves sucking my friends cocks just as much as my daughter Elsie does.”

Lorraine comes into the master bedroom with Alannah and Elsie, the two youngsters climb onto the large bed next to their fathers.

“Why don't we order some pizza and then decide what to do next?” says Lorraine.

Alannah and Elsie jump up and down on the bed as they yell out. “Pizza.”

Lorraine then suggests we all have a shower as she orders the pizzas, Emma climbs of the bed and led me into the bathroom.

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Father's and Daughters Chapter 3

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