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Father's and Daughters Chapter 4

Categories Fiction, Incest, Male / Female

Author: Wayne.ker

Published: 14 February 2018

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Chapter 4

Everyone sat around the table naked enjoying there pizzas, with their daughters squirming around on their father’s laps it wasn't long before each of the fathers cocks were once again hard. Emma was the first to move and stood up and took her father’s cock in her hand and guided it into her young pussy as she sat back down on her father’s lap. Alannah saw what Emma had done and copied her and was soon sitting on her father’s lap with his cock inside her young pussy as she began rocking back and forth, Elsie was to busy stuffing her face with pizza to notice what was going on, it was only after her father had lifted her up and guided his cock into her young pussy as he lowered her back down onto his lap that she noticed what her girl friends had done.

“What better way is there to enjoy eating pizza, than have our cocks inside a young pussy.” said Pete, and everyone laughed and nodded their heads.

I looked at Lorraine’s naked body as she walked around the table filling our glasses, she looked too young to have a daughter Elsie’s age, Lorraine’s had lovely firm breasts and hard pointy nipples, her pussy was completely bald and her large pussy lips hung open to show off her pink inner lips of her bald pussy, I knew I would have to fuck her before the night was over. Emma must have known I was thinking about someone else and she started to bounce up and down on my cock at the same time as she was eating a slice of pizza, it would of looked funny to anyone else who wasn't here.

“Grandpa.” yelled Elsie, as an older man walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Lorraine giving him a kiss.

“You’re just in time to join us for some pizza.” said Lorraine.

“Thank you.” he said as he sat down at the table and said. “Hello everyone, I can see your all having fun.”

“Oh, sorry dad, I forgot to introduce you to Mal, Emma’s father.” said Lorraine and added. “Mal this is my father Robert.”

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mal your daughter Emma is one great cock sucker.” said Robert as he offered his hand for me to shake.

I reached out and shook Robert’s hand, and said. “It’s nice to meet you too.” and thought about what he had just said and knew Emma had sucked his cock.

Lorraine started undressing her father and said. “Why are you still dressed?”

Robert stood up and removed his shirt as Lorraine knelt down and lower his pants and underwear to his ankles, when I saw the size of his cock I was shocked it was only semi hard and it was thick and I guessed about eight inches long.

As Lorraine started to get to her feet Robert pushed her back down and said. “Come on baby girl you know better than that.”

Everyone watched as Lorraine took her father’s cock into her mouth and began sucking his cock. I wondered if Emma would be sucking my cock when I was Robert’s age, then I remembered how Emma had already sucked Robert’s cock how was that possible, his cock looked too big to have fitted inside my young daughter’s mouth, I couldn't take my eyes of his cock as it became bigger and harder, he was holding Lorraine by her hair as he moved her mouth up and down on his cock, I was impressed with Lorraine’s ability to take all of her father’s cock into her mouth.

I glanced over at Pete he had already come and filled his daughter Elsie’s young pussy, he was smiling as he watched his wife’s father fucking her mouth. Emma had quickened her bouncing up and down on my cock and I was close to coming too, as my cock erupted I held Emma down on my lap letting my cock squirt load after load of my come inside her young pussy. Stan wasn't far behind me and he grunted as his cock started blasting his come into his young daughter’s pussy. We all sat there watching Robert fucking his daughters mouth with his large thick cock, he must have started to come as I saw Lorraine swallow each load he pumped into her mouth, Robert kept moving Lorraine’s mouth up and down on his cock until he was finished coming, after releasing the grip he had on Lorraine’s hair, Lorraine collapsed onto the floor, she sat there taking deep breaths and looked up at her father’s smiling face.

“You were great baby girl, your mouth is nearly as good as your pussy.” said Robert.

I was amazed that Robert’s cock was still hard and when he said. “Emma come over here to your grandpa.” Emma climbed of my limp cock and walked around the table to him.

Robert pushed the pizza boxes further up the table and then lifted Emma up onto the edge of the table, after pushing her legs apart I watched as he pushed two fat fingers into my daughters young pussy and gave them a few pumps.

“Your daddy as lubed you up for me, I have wanted to fuck you ever since I first meet you.” Robert told Emma.

NO, my daughter young pussy cant take your fat cock, it won't fit, I said under my breath, I was in two minds, one I wanted to watch him fuck Emma and two I was worried he would tear her pussy apart. Robert lifted Emma’s legs up into the air and rubbed his thick cock over her young pussy, holding Emma by her hips he pushed his cock against the entrance to her young pussy his cock wouldn't go in, I watched as Emma gritted her teeth as Robert pushed harder and then heard my daughter scream in pain as Robert’s cock entered her young pussy. Robert began pushing half his thick long cock in and out of Emma’s young pussy, Emma was starting to enjoy being fucked and began moaning softly with her eyes closed.

Robert kept pushing his cock in and out of Emma’s young pussy at a slow pace, I watched in amazement as more and more of his cock was pushed inside my daughter’s pussy until she was taking it all, Emma now had her eyes open and was looking straight at Robert’s face as he began fucking her young pussy with a fast pace, everyone could hear his large balls slapping against Emma’s butt each time he drove his cock into her pussy, clap, clap, clap it was like a hand clap that was becoming faster and faster. Then it was all quiet except for Emma’s moaning as Robert left his cock fully buried inside Emma’s young pussy filling her with his come.

I heard the clicking noise of a camera and looked over my shoulder to see that Lorraine was taking photos of her father fucking my daughter, Lorraine smiled at me and said. “Dad likes to have some mementos of the first time has fucked someone, I hope you don't mind?”

“As long as I get a copy of the photos, I don’t mind.” I told Lorraine.

As I looked around the table and noticed it was just the four of us, Emma was laying on the table with her legs hanging over the edge and cum was dripping from her young pussy.

“Come into the lounge with me, I want to show you something.” said Robert.

I followed him into the lounge and sat down next to him on the couch, he switched on the television and pressed play on the DVD player. As the DVD started it showed the date from three weeks ago, with music playing it showed Emma undressing like she was doing a strip tease, when she was naked she danced around in front of the camera, after rubbing her young breasts, she moved her hand down to her young hairless pussy and pulled her young pussy lips apart, I heard Emma say, “I want my daddy to fuck me first.” I kept staring at the television as Emma knelt down and a man approached her with his hard cock, Emma took the man's cock into her mouth and began sucking as he moved her head back and forth on his cock it didn't take long before he had come in my daughter’s mouth as he removed his cock and stepped back another man approached her and pushed his cock into her young mouth once he had finished fucking her mouth another man took his place, I watched as several more men fucked my young daughter’s mouth, when I saw another man wave his massive cock at Emma’s face I recognized the cock as Robert’s cock, my eyes were glued to the television as I watched my young daughter taking Robert’s massive cock into her mouth.

My cock was now throbbing as I felt a hand wrap around my cock, I looked down to see it was Emma and then looked back at the television to see Robert filling my daughter’s mouth with his come and as he removed his cock from her mouth he squirted come all over her face and hair.

I was shocked that Emma had sucked so many men’s cocks that I had lost count and now I felt Emma’s mouth sucking my cock. When Robert placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled my head down towards his cock, I just opened my mouth as wide as I could like he had wanted and took his cock into my mouth, his cock was massive and as I struggled to take it all into my mouth I wondered How Emma had managed to take it all into her much smaller mouth.

Robert held my head and began moving my head up and down on his cock, I tried to grunt as my own cock erupted in my daughter’s mouth, Robert just kept moving my head up and down on his cock, I thought I was going to pass out, then Robert’s cock started blasting his come into my mouth, I reached down and squeezed his large testicles making him moan as his cum started to escape out the sides of my mouth, finally Robert released his grip on my head and I sat up trying to recover, next to my daughter.

Standing there was Lorraine with a video camera I laughed and said. “Another memento.”

Robert smiled as he said. “The boys at the club will enjoy seeing the video.”

“What boys, what club?” I asked.

“The fathers club, there are a few other fathers and daughters you need to meet.” said Robert and added. “Some of them have already meet young Emma, you do want to join the club don't you?”

“I guess so.” I told him knowing I would have to share Emma with a lot more men.

“Why don't you go home and think about it, talk with Emma and let us know tomorrow.” said Robert.

On the drive home with Emma cuddling up next to me, I thought about what I should do, first thing was to have a talk with Emma and see what her wishes were.

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Father's and Daughters Chapter 4

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Comments (1)
SandyMcClintok — 14 February 2018 15:07
Fucking FANTASTIC story can't wait to find out if Emma and her dad join the "Father's Club"? Hope there will be more chapters added to this highly erotic incest story!!!
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