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Hurt me

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Extreme

Author: waterborn2

Published: 14 February 2018

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Hurt me.

"So you decided to come..?"

"You know what it is what I want from you?"

"That it's nothing like "fifty shades", or anything like that soft stuff?"

"And the pain I'm going to give you very probably is not like you dreamed it will be?"

"Fine. We'll see if you still think so after this evening."

I swallow. I feel a blush coming to my cheeks. I thought I was sure about this, but looking at the grimm, slightly amused look on her face gives me a knot in my stomach. And a raging hard cock.

Slowly she walks towards me, her eyes on the bulge in my trousers.

She stops , her pretty face just centimeters from mine. She's tall. She can look straight into my eyes, even on her bear feet.

Her hands come up fast, and I cringe.

With a cruel laugh on her lips she starts to unbutton my shirt, and undo the belt of my trousers.

Then she unbuttons the waistband, and pushes my trousers down, and lets it drop unto my ankles.

My cock is clearly visible in my pants, en she wastes no time freeing it.

It jumps to freedom, standing up proud, the head swollen, shiny and smooth.

She grips me by my shaft, and with her nails digging in my flesh, she directs me to the Saint Andrew's cross.

My wrist get fastened to the handcuffs on either side. I have to stretch to accomodate them.

My ankles go the same way, and a belt around my waist makes sure there's no room to wiggle.

I am now spread taut, and she takes a step back to admire the view.

She then turns to the wall besides me, and takes a flogger of the rack.

She pivotes sharply, and before I realise she strikes my hard cock full on! The sharp pain makes me want to buckle to protect my poor flesh, but the restraints are just doing that.

A satisfied smile graces her face, and despite the pain I feel my heart skip a beat.

Then her arm raises again, slowly this time. Expecting a new blow I try to wiggle, but all I accomplish is a little swaying of my dick, as if to say: "let me have it".

The sound, the bite, the pain. She now keeps flogging it continuously, making my dick flop up after every stroke, welcoming the next.

It hurts, but it's a good pain. Just as I want it, and all I ever dreamed of.

She stops. Her hand caresses the skin, now an angry red, with a few specks of blue coming through.

I jerk when her nails run over my glans. It's very sensitive, and the more so after the beating it just got.

She makes a small disgrunteld noise in her throat, and goes back to the rack.

Her next choice is a belt, made from a strip of thick but supple leather.

She wastes no time, and the leather makes a hard impact on my cockhead. The surprising blow provokes a small grunt. She smiles satisfied, and repeats the beating with fervour, making me grunt a bit harder after nearly every stroke. In fact, it seems she hits harder every time my grunt stays out.

I must be nuts, but I try to be as silent as possible. To give both her and me a good feeling.

For all, the pain is still sending quivers to my spine in pleasure.

Even though she strikes really hard now, she notices I'm making less noise.

She stops, and with an evil grin to me, she gets another item from the rack. This time it's a cane!

After a few swishes through the air, the first strike lands on my cock.

She hits the shaft, and immediately an angry blue stripe appears.

I can't help giving a yelp, and a satisfied smile plays over her pretty but hard face.

"10", she says, and I know my cock is doomed.

Swihs after swish lands on my shaft, making it turn more blue every strike. I'm having a real hard time now, and can't help making more and more noise.

After the ten strokes, she holds up her hands and shows me five fingers.

I swallow, while she gently caresses my painfull cock.

When my breathing starts to get normal again, she takes a small step back, and raises the cane again.

This time she strikes, seemingly with all the strength she has, and the thin reed lands straight on my cockhead. This time I let out a scream, but after the impact my cock leaps up, ready for the next blow.

Seemingly not willing to dissapoint me, the next strike follows soon. And again, and again.The pain is both setting me ablaze with pain as with pleasure.

When she's finally done, I hang panting in my bonds. My cock looks like hell, but is still raging hard.

She hangs away the cane, and gently strokes my tortured flesh. She even bends over and gives a soft kiss on my painfull cockhead.

She unshackles me, and leads me to a gyno chair.

I take place, and pull my legs up into the stirrups.

Again I'm strapped in, so my wrists, ankles and waist can't move.

She adjusts the stirrups, and my legs get spread as far as possible, giving her full access to my crotch.

A small table is wheeled towards the chair. A round stool is placed so she can sit while torturing my cock.

For seeing the items on the table, thats what is going to happen.

And let's face it, that's what I have come for.

A leather lace is taken from the tableau, and without further ado it is wrapped tightly around the base of my sack. It makes the skin stretch nicely, becoming shiny and a bit translucent.

A weight of about a kilogram is attached to the string, adding a pressure on my balls, and keeping them out of the way. I hope and think they will turn a nice dark blue or purple with some time.

My cock is still hard, and the angry blue welts are starting to become blue blotches under my skin in places.

Strangely enough my cockhead is, besides being a bit red, painfull but not visible damaged.

That's a good thing, for now she can start with part two of my present.

Oh? Did I forget to tell you that today is my birthday?

She get a silver looking blister, and starts bending it with small needles coming out.

These are acupuncture needles. Thin, sharp, and easily bend.

It takes some skill to push them in or through the tough flesh.I know this by experience.

She takes the first, and I see these are short ones. She sets the tip just under the corona, and starts pushing up. It slowly sinks into the flesh, and comes out again about a centimeter above the rim.

I can't help letting out a sigh, for though it hurts, it hurts ssoooo goood!

She gets out another, and pushes it in at about the same spot, but just at a slight angle.

Then a third, this time again at the same place, but crossing the other two angled the other way.

Now number four comes up, and this one goes in straight into the cockhead, in the rim where the first three are crossing.

I love it, and I feel a million dollars in her hands.

She goes on, and on, untill the whole corona is decorated with the thin shiny needles. How many? I don't know, but I'm guessing about eighty. And I'm sorry she stopped.

She takes a couple of photos, as a reminder to a good birthday.

She rummages a bit around in the drawer of the table, and to my surprise she takes out small container. The lid comes off, and in it are a dozen or so metall skewers, about ten centimeters long, and a millimeter thick.

My heart again skips a beat! It seems we are not done yet.

She takes one of the skewers out by the ring at the end, and places the tip on the shaft, about a centimeter under the head.

She starts pushing, and I feel she needs much more force to push it through.

It hurts more then the small needles, and it's a bit different pain from the ones in the head.

But still I love it, and I crave for more. And I get what I want.

Another skewer goes through, crossing the previous one. Then a third, slightly higher, and crossing in between the other ones. The fourth follows in the same manner.

The pain is hard, but I can take it good.

It makes for a magnificent sight, but not half as good as it feels.

Finally the head gets its much needed attention.

Six skewers get pushed through, slowly and enjoyingly.

Again from under the rim, only this time they go through the whole head, through the eurethra, and out the other side.

I love it, especially when the point nearly comes out. The skin starts to form a little white tipped vulcano, and then the metall breaks it and shows itself.

Two are left in the container. These go through the head from left to right, and the other way around.

By now I'm having trouble not coming.

She looks me in the eyes, and asks me: "ready for the finale?"

With a horse voice I say: "yes".

She stands up, and walks to a small cupboard. She takes out a small box.

Slowly she walks back to her stool, while looking at me with a very mischievious smile.

I can't suppress a tingle down my spine, and my cock starts jumping with the beat of my heart.

Seated again, she opens the box, and out comes a small soldering iron.

In the box are some batteries, and she puts them in the device. She pushes a button, and a little red light start to shine.

She turns again to me with a serious look on her pretty face. She lifts one eyebrow, in a kind of asking way.

And I nod yes.

With her left hand she takes the shaft of my penis, and she bows over my glans.

The tip of the little iron is just abut to touch the delicate skin of my cockhead.

I can feel the heat.

And then she pushes the tip into my glans, and a white pain shoots through my cock, then to my spine, and I hear the flesh sizzle.

I can smell burning flesh, and it's my cock on the barbeque!

After what seems an age, but really just about three seconds, she lift the soldering iron, and looks me again in the face.

I'm panting, but I can't take my eyes away from the sight of her burning my glans.

Again, after a few breaths, I nod.

And she goes on. Burn, sizzle, smoke, smell, and hot pain shooting through my body!

On and on, burn after burn, black dot after black dot appears on the upper side off my glans.

Neatly next to each other they start to form the word: "HURT". And beneath it she burns: "ME".

From now on, everyone who sees my cock will know what i want, what I crave.

And when she finally ends the letter E, I cannot hold back any longer, and I come like I've never come before.

Wad after wad of hot semen shoots into the air, mixed with a little blood from the skewers.

I nearly pass out, and I slowly sink into the abyss we men all know so well.

Her soft kiss on my mouth brings me back. "Happy birthday husband", she smiles, and she cuddles against me while I'm still in the gyno chair.

There is of course some work and suffering coming, for removing all the steel is an ordeal and chore in itself.

But that cannot take away this magnificent experience.

Damn, what's that?! An alarm clock?!!

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Hurt me

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