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  1. The Wolf's Moon
  2. The Wolf's Moon Chapter Three
  3. The Wolf's Moon Chapter 4
  4. Wolf's Moon Chapter Five
  5. The Wolf's Moon Ch.6 and Epilogue

Wolf's Moon Chapter Five

Categories Fantasy, Non-Erotic

Author: BSparks

Published: 14 February 2018

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Aslaug watched as Gregor began to walk around the outside of the temple trying to find his balance, he was having difficulties with the tail. He had not gained control over the extra appendage yet and when it would swat at him or tuck under him he would fall while trying to walk over it. He was also looking around the woods his ears pricking at every sound, his nose constantly trying to pick up every new smell around him, thanks to these inhances he was noticing things he had never noticed before happening around him.

She wathced this for a few minutes before she grew tired of his constant change of focus from one new sound or smell. With a bark she stood and walked out to him her eyes turning cold as she moved.

"Come you must be hungry we shall hunt." Aslaug said with a bark to him.

"To hunt like this?" he whined "But I don't think I can. Besideds its just us two how will we take down any big game."

"I never said big game young pup. Follow me." she sighed.

The two started to run through the woods, Gregor did much better then before running along after her when keeping up with her was his priority. She ran faster then he had expected and he had to push his tired aching muscles to keep up with her.

Gregor still heard the sounds but now he could hear that they were running from the two wolves running through the woods.he could smell the fear in some of the prey animals as they ran from the wolves fearing they would turn thier attentions to them. He was starting to enjoy the added effect of enhanced senses not to mention the new found strength he could feel inside him now.

"Where are we going?" He barked to her.

She did not answer him as she ran simply pushed herself to run faster then the younger man following close behind her. She knew that he was following close behind her now and the she wolf turned the two of them towards the fields.

The fields were a cleared off portion of human land that had been set aside for the raising of the livestock the villages needed. A small group of families ran the land and were paid by the surrounding villages to raise the animals for the rest of them until they came to retrieve the animals. They mostly had sheep and cows in the lands, they had tried pigs once but they would get loose and turn wild on the humans.

They reached the fields and Aslaug stopped him so they could creep towards the clearing without making a sound. The two crouched down onto their bellies and she looked out towards the animals.

"Do you know what we do now?" she asked him softly.

"We watch and look for the best one to take down?" he asked.

"Correct. Do you know which one we will take?" she asked.

"The slowest one."

"Not necessarily. Look at them and think about the animals, we wil take the oldest ones but that does not always mean the slowest. We will try to take the oldest and the weakest, it will allow the stronger males to breed making each new generatin stronger. Better for the humans to consume as well." she answered.

"I understand I think." he said softly.

"We will watch the animals as they graze and when the night falls we'll take down one of them." she said turning to look at him.

The two laid themselves on the ground and watched the grazing creatures.


King Roderick had just finished his meeting with the sorcerors when the door to his throne room swung open once again and the captain of his field soldiers walked in quickly.

"What is it?" Roderick demanded coldly. "Have the soldiers been sent to the wolves lands?"

"Yes my lord they are on their way but.."

"But what?!" he growled angrily.

"Your Majesty your nephew has disappeared."

Roderick's eyes snapped up towards the guard and his mind began to whir as he put a plan into formation. His nephew had made his plan to attack the wolves much easier for him now, if he was gone then all he had to do was use the absence to send them after the wolves.

"Do we know where he has gone?" he demanded.

"The ones watching the gates say that he went to warn the wolves, that is what they believe he did." the captain said.

"Then he has betrayed us to serve those damned animals." Roderick said with a frown. "We have lost a good man to those wolves today."

"Milord maybe he..-"

"No! He had but one master and that is me to go to those wolves and warn them is to betray me. Even if the wolves have not slain the boy he is now our enemy. Kill him if he returns those are your orders, to disobey me is to betray me. Remember that captain."

The soldier looked him in the eyes with a mix of anger and fear. He bowed his head to the king and then turned to go back to his post, he would follow the orders of the king. Gregor De Monte was a dead man now.


The moon was rising slowly over the trees bathing the fields of grazing animals in moonlight as they tried to settle in to rest for the night. They had their ears perked up listening for any predators that would creep up on them.

Gregor was at the side of Mother Aslaug as she kept her body low her belly almost dragging across the ground as she began to creep forward slowly.

"Heed me pup. Stay low to the ground and stay off to my side keeping a small distance between us. When we take down I will chase it towards you and you will make the killing strike. Don't wait for me drag the body to the woods if you don't see me, we can't have the humans find us." Aslaug said softly "And if for any reason I tell you to run for the trees run. You aren't strong enough to protect us both from humans."

They began to slink into the fields Gregor moving to the sides running along the edge threw the tall grass that grew there. It was to close to the woods for the animals to feel safe feeding there even when the humans watched over them. He kept low in the grass hoping the color of his coat kept him hidden in the darkness, the grass was almost the same brown as his coat even if not the same. He got as close to the animals as he could without alerting them to his presence.

He waited and he watched as he saw Asalaug creep from the trees. The moonlight hit her eyes and he saw them light up in the moonlight, the eyes of a predator to be sure. They shown with the cunning of years of being a wolf and he saw them locked in focus on one of the older male sheep sitting to the side of the others.

She had pointed it out to him before the sun had set saying that the male's prime had come and gone many moons ago. It should have been cut from the herd long ago but no humans had selected it for their meat. They had seen that years of breeding from this male had produced strong family lines but the problem was it's own sons were stronger and could not breed so long as the father lived. They could not produce even better offspring if they had no chance to breed.

She had told him this to get him to understand why he was the one they would kill. The better the next generation was for the humans the better it was for the wolves who would hunt the prey.

Aslaug crept towards the old sheep and she saw it's head turn towards them eyes squinting in confusion as she moved slower then before. The male's eyes were weak with age and as it looked towards her it didn't see the predator moving towards it. She bared her fangs her wolfish tongue lolling from her mouth as she got closer bending lower to the ground quietly.

The other sheep began to stir as if they had been frieghtened by the elder of them looking for predators. The younger ones eyes were better and they quickly picked the wolf out from the grass and bolted to their feet trying to escape. The older sheep huttled together by the youngers in fear not seeing what they were running from but knowing they had to be afraid of something around them.

He watched Aslaug take off like a bolt running right for the older male as it tried to figure out just where it needed to run. She cut between it and the others causing it to panic and bolt the oppisite way back towards where Gregor was crouched in hiding.

Gregor waited till it was close enough for him to bolt forward. He immediately launched himself from the brush his jaws opening wide enough as he ran low along the ground. He came up with his jaws and his teeth slipped perfectly around the exposed throat of the male and he sank them in quickly, the warm sweet taste of the blood filled his mouth. It was the best thing he had ever tasted, as the warmth filled his mouth. He began to shake his head violently and tore the flesh from the sheep.

He felt the blood lust fill him as he tore at the flesh growls and snarls rising from his throat eagerly. He saw another one of the sheep dart close to him running from the approaching Aslaug and his head turned with a snap of his jaws. It darted away from the snap and his blood boiled, his mind screamed at him to give chase to kill it. As he ran towards it gaining ground his jaws opened wide to make the killing blow.

As his teeth almost met the hindlegs he was hit from the side, knocked to ground on his side his breath leaving his lungs quickly.

Gregor looked up to meet the shining eyes of Aslaug.

"What are you doing?" she snarled fangs bared. "You were to drag the kill to the trees, we only take what we need nothing more. That is why they will not come to our lands to kill us, they are angry we hunt there lands but we never take what we do not need. That is our way a good wolf would know this."

Gregor snarled at her his body coiling for a strike, he would not be cast low by a female. His blood lust was strong and he was stronger then she, he deserved to lead.

With a growl he launched himself at her his jaws opening wide again as he went to the throat. She went low as well her paws slapping his face and her teeth sinking into his shoulder, lifting him to be thrown to the side once more. He landed harder then he had before and yelped as he hit the ground losing his breath once more. He laid panting heavily confused as his mind cleared of the bloodlust.

"What..-?" he stammered.

"Bloodlust is the strongest in the male alphas it is something each of us must struggle to conquer. You were once human you would not know the extent we feel this in us, it is part of who you are now Gregor." she said softly. "Come before the humans find us and loose the hounds."

Gregor stood up slowly his legs a little shakey as he looked to her following her along as she grabbed the carcass. He grabbed the other side of the body and they began to drag/carry it along between them as they went. Together they had the body back in far enough into the trees where they could begin to eat it.

As they tore into the body ripping strips of flesh from it they could hear the sounds of other animals approaching. They glanced towards it seeing scavengers were gathering to eat whatever they left behind them from their meal. They were unbothered by the other animals watching them from the bushes.

When they had eaten their fill Aslaug barked to him and tilted her head towards the way home.

As they walked she looked to the young man.

"Gregor what has your mother told you of your father?" she asked as they moved at a slow pace towards the temple.

"That he died before I was born he was protecting my uncle from dying at the hands of well...."

"At the hands of the wolves." Aslaug said with a sadness. "That is not what happened to your father, have you never wondered why your uncle is resentful of you."

"How did you know he was resentful of me?" he asked turning to look at her.

"He hasn't sent anyone looking for you and he sent you unattended to my lands in the first place."

Gregor looked down at the ground and he felt his heart squeeze, she was right on both accounts. Though it wasn't only his uncle it was also his mother she had always been cold and distant from him. He had always wondered what his father was like having never met him.

"You knew my father?" he asked softly.

"Yes he was a very good man, he was one of us. A wolf with a coat of black fur just like Mordred's fur and eyes a deep yellow that glowed when the moon hit them. He fathered my mate in a litter of pups Mordred is actually your half brother as well as my dead mate. He met your mother and was lured away from his ture home when he heard what your uncle was to do he came back to protect us. He didn't know that your mother was pregnant maybe he would not have come to help us.

"But they killed your father and cursed us."

"What happened to your mate?"

"He was killed a few years after he had become alpha it was a hunting accident but he protected our youngest pups from the last litter. It was a good death." she sighed looking up at the moon. "There isn't a night that goes by that I do not miss him."

"I'm sorry for your loss. But why does this matter now there is nothing I can do as a wolf to change the king's mind, he means to kill you all."

"But dear Gregor you are not cursed."

Gregor looked up surprised and he stopped in his tracks shocked.

"But you bit me to turn me..-" he broke off confused.

"I bit you to change you to show you who you really are. If you focus yourself hard enough you will become a human again. You may return to your king if you wish."

"I can stop the king from attacking you, your people will be safe."

"We would be grateful for your help. If you must go then go I have to join my people in the north with the Shadow Walkers."

"Travel safely."

"You as well Gregor."


In the shadows watching the two wolves was Mathius, he traveled a long time and had searched the temple for the other wolves. When he didn't find them there he had decided to search the woods for the pack but he had only found the two of them. He wanted the whole pack and so he resolved to follow the alpha female into the north where she had hidden the pack from him.

Soon he would have the alpha's throat between his jaws.

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Wolf's Moon Chapter Five

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