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High School Tutor - Charlie's Adventures #6

Categories Diary

Author: eisforerica

Published: 14 February 2018

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My name is Charlie, I’ve had my fair share (OK A LOT) of sexual experiences, each one amazing and unique. I sat at my desk, scanning the Craigslist ads and the local newspaper’s website for nanny and tutoring jobs. Three years post-grad my career as a journalist for an online newspaper was steady and fun, but the pay was not so fun. I kept picking up little side jobs here and there, but tutoring had been the most fulfilling—besides my experience with the father of one of the kids I nannied for… But that’s a story for another time.

My eyes scanned and paused on an ad:

SAT tutor needed for 17-year-old senior. Primarily help with English. Will pay $50 an hour, requesting a tutor for two hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays for several weeks—exact length to be determined. Please send resume and reference letters to this e-mail.

I typed in the e-mail address, writing a short introduction and attached my resume and several reference letters from previous families that I worked with.

A few days later, I received an e-mail with the address and a time for the following day for me to go over and introduce myself and have an impromptu interview. The next day, I dressed muself in a white and navy striped t-shirt dress that clung to my curves and was a little shorter on me due to my height. My C-cup breasts were pressed tightly against the dress and I slipped my feet into nude flats, thankful for the start of the Texas spring. I put my straight dark brown hair into a high ponytail and headed off to the address—a 30 minute drive from my apartment. I arrived, knocked on the door and was greeted by a 6-foot, blonde teenage boy. He was undeniably handsome, had slightly shaggy blonde hair that was disheveled in an adorable way and his very toned chest and arms very apparent through his tight Under Armor shirt.

“Well, finally my mom got a hot tutor,” he said to my surprise. I giggled as he opened the door further for me to walk in.

I brushed past him, my shoulder skimming his chest and followed him to the living room where his mom was sitting with a book. I shook her hand and she introduced herself as Mrs. Parker and then the teenaged boy grabbed my hand and lightly kissed it. I laughed and his mom smacked his arm.

“I’m Harrison,” he said with a charming smirk and sat down beside his mom.

I sat across from them, crossing my tan and toned legs as we discussed the exact times and days I’d be coming to tutor him. His parents worked jobs where they could work from their home office or go to their actual office in town. So they’d be in and out throughout the times I tutored him, or just not there at all. I saw him smirk again at the last thing she said and he looked me up and down. Why did my all lace, white cheeky panties get a little wet? It had been over a month since I last fucked anyone, so maybe that’s why. Or it could just be because I had been attracted to him from the time he opened the door.. But he’s eight years younger than me, which would be completely wrong of me, right?

“So are we all set? Tomorrow at 5pm?” she asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I stood up and shook her hand again, “All set!” I said.

I walked towards the front door where Harrison met me. He opened the door and I thanked him, meeting his eyes, the smirk still on his face. “See you tomorrow, Charlie.. Can’t wait for you to teach me some things,” he chuckled at my widening eyes and closed the door. My panties were definitely wet now.

The following day I was sitting at the head of the dining table, my legs crossed beneath the table cloth. I was wearing a navy blue swing dress and brown sandals. I had an SAT prep book, my MacBook and some other worksheets I’d printed out before coming over spread out on the table. Harrison walked into the dining room, wearing a shirt similar to the one he was wearing last night with basketball shorts. He sat on the chair to my left and smirked, setting his iPhone on the table and leaning back.

“So what are we learning today?” he asked, looking at me in a way that made me squirm a little in my seat.

“Mm.. it’s your choice, english or math.. both are important for the SATs,” I said with a smile, leaning forward and resting my elbow on the table, my chin on my hand.

He leaned forward too, talking low so that his mother in the next room couldn’t hear, “I don’t think I want to learn either of those subjects with you, Charlie.” His hand running up my arm from my elbow to my wrist, his eyes staring into mine.

Fuck me, my panties were wet again. I cleared my throat and straightened my back, pulling my arm away gently. “Harrison.. we can’t, you’re 17,” I said, biting my lip to keep myself from saying please. I flashed back to the night I seduced Mr. Johnson and my conscience laughed at my reply to him.

“And you’re wha†? 24, 25? That’s not much of an age difference, and I’m legal,” he says, scooting his chair towards me, his chair as far towards the corner of the dining table as possible.

“I’m 25,” I said shakily, my legs crossing tighter as he got closer. The pool in my lace panties grew even more as he scooted close enough that I could smell him—a mixture of sandalwood, musk and a bit of sweat from what I assume was his after-school workout. His hand disappeared underneath the table cloth, touching my knee. I squirmed again, “Harrison, I’m here to tutor you.. Don’t you want to get a good score on your SATs?”

“So tutor me, I’m all ears, my hand just might be busy doing something else,” he said in a deep, quiet voice, his hand traveling up my leg. My panties were most definitely soaked now, and I subconsciously uncrossed my legs. He took that as an invitation and his hand slid further up my leg and under my dress onto my upper thigh, reaching the edge of my all-lace panties. “Read to me, Charlie.. teach me something,” he said and I shakily grabbed the SAT workbook, reading from the English section about the essay portion—making sure to read loud enough his mother wouldn’t suspect anything and come walking in.

His fingers teased the edge of my panties and as I started reading the second paragraph, his fingers grabbing the soaked crotch of my panties. “Naughty girl…” he whispered as he pulled the soaked lace to the side. My breath hitched and I began reading the next paragraph, my voice a bit shaky as I slid forward on the chair, spreading my legs wider as his fingers began to slide up and down my slit—which was dripping with my excitement.

“Harrison…” I moaned quietly, gripping the table with my left hand as my right kept the book open. I went back to reading aloud as his fingers rubbed circles on my clit. I threw my head back as he rubbed, pausing my reading when two of his fingers slid into my dripping wet cunt as I let out a moan that was a little too loud.

He placed his two of his fingers from his free hand on my mouth to quiet me. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around them, my tongue running between the two fingers as his other fingers worked their way in and out of my pussy. He let out a soft groan as my teeth bit his fingers, holding them between my teeth as I muffled my moans. I’m sure my dress beneath my thighs was now soaked with my juices as he fingerfucked me faster, his fingers curling deliciously, hitting the perfect spot. The fingers in my mouth slipped out as he whispered, “Read.”

He got on his knees as I went back to reading, crawling beneath the tablecloth. My reading stopped as I felt his warm breath on my upper thigh. I bit my lip so hard that I almost drew blood as I felt his tongue run up my slit. I squealed quietly and placed my free hand on his head beneath the table, holding his head against me as his tongue slides in and out of me. And then the door separating the dining and living room swung open, his mother walking in.

I jumped up and sat back against the chair, straightening my back and clearing my throat as Harrison paused his tongue-fucking.

“Charlie, how is everything? Where’s Harrison?” she asked.

“Everything is great, Mrs. Parker,” I replied and had to cough to cover my moan as his tongue started licking circles around my clit again. “And I believe Harrison went to grab something from his room.”

“Well he better hurry back, you only have 20 minutes left of today’s session,” she said, walking into the kitchen through the other swinging door.

I heard the sink turn on and slid down my chair to the same position as before, moaning and gripping Harrison’s hair as I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer. His fingers were pumping in and out of my sopping wet pussy while his tongue flicked my clit at a quick pace. My legs started quivering and I gripped his hair tightly, holding his head and mouth against my pussy as I began to cum. I placed my free hand against my mouth, muffling my moans as I ground my hips into his face, riding out my orgasm.

“Fuck…” I said quietly as he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and raised his hand from beneath the tablecloth and to my mouth, letting me suck all of my juices off of them. He groaned and pushed my chair back, crawling out from beneath the table and pulling my head down to kiss me hard, sliding his tongue into my mouth, letting me taste myself even more.

He stood and I could see the tent beneath his basketball shorts which he tried to push down. My mouth watered at the thought of getting on my knees and sucking him off. “So… what’s on the lesson plan for tomorrow?” he asked with a smirk.

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High School Tutor - Charlie's Adventures #6

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