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  1. Nudist Household - Chapter 1 - Introduction
  2. Nudist Household - Chapter 2 - Evening Family Romp

Nudist Household - Chapter 1 - Introduction

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Author: superwriter1337

Published: 14 February 2018

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The O'Donnell family was an interesting family. In most cases, the O’Donnells were like any other suburban middle class American family. Sarah and Matthew O’Donnell were the heads of the household. Both Sarah and Matthew were in their late 40’s, and they were both in great shape. Matthew had brown hair which he kept buzzed. He had a strong jawline and a muscular build, standing at 6’3. Sarah had long, brown hair and bright brown eyes. She was also fit; she had played soccer in college, and since then she’d stayed in shape by running and some light weight-lifting. As such, she had a firm, round butt and lovely toned legs. She also had a pair of still-perky C-cup breasts that she was quite proud of.

Sarah and Matthew and four wonderful children: Mikey, Andrea, Brittany, and Zachary. Mikey was thirteen years old. He had brown hair like his father, though his was not quite a buzz cut. Andrea was fifteen years old. She had brown hair and brown eyes like her mother, and the similarities didn’t stop there: Andrea played on her school’s soccer team. Brittany was nineteen years old. She had run cross-country in high school, and she had also played on the school’s softball team. She had blonde hair and was fairly tall, standing at 5’7. Brittany had bright blue eyes. Lastly, there was Zachary. Zachary was sixteen years old. He was 5’10, and he also had blonde hair that he kept fairly short. All of the kids were very smart, excelling in their classes at school. Andrea and Brittany wanted to be doctors when they grew up, while Zach wanted to be an aerospace engineer for NASA. Mikey wasn’t entirely sure wanted he wanted to do, but he definitely wanted to do something involving computers and technology.

Both Andrea and Brittany had inherited nice, plump butts from their mother (though obviously their time playing sports helped tremendously). Brittany was blessed with a pair of big, perky tits and cute, pink little nipples. Andrea was still growing; she had a pair of lovely B-cups that, while not as big as she would have liked, she was quite happy with (and she expected them to only get bigger).

As mentioned before, the O’Donnells were much like any other family. The parents worked; the children attended school. There was just one significant difference: the O’Donnells were nudists. But not just that, no. Sarah and Matthew both came from nudist families themselves, but Sarah and Matthew’s family’s were not just nudists. Both Sarah and Matthew came from very “sex-positive” households. They were both encouraged to experiment with and play with their siblings as much as they wanted once they turned thirteen. The girls, if they decided they wanted to participate in the activities, were put on birth control, and from there, the parents and their siblings taught them everything there was to know about sex. The first blowjob Sarah gave was to her dad; the second was her brother Tom. Sarah lost her virginity to her father, and the first penis she had inside her butt belonged to her older brother Jordan.

Matthew had a similar childhood. For his thirteenth birthday, his mother explained to him how she and his father wanted Matthew and his siblings to have a very healthy outlook on sex. As such, it was explained to Matthew that the children would be encouraged to play with each other, ask questions, and learn about sex by doing it. Matthew was very interested in this. By the time his mother had finished explaining the situation, he had gotten a massive erection. Once he told his mom that was interested, his mother called in his sixteen-year-old sister, Jessica, who proceeded to give Matthew his first blowjob. Jessica had knelt down in front of Matthew and pulled her shirt over her head, letting her tits hang out for Matthew to enjoy. She had no trouble getting the entirety of her thirteen-year-old brother’s 4” cock down her throat, and she loved how Matthew’s hairless balls felt in her mouth and on her tongue. She eagerly sucked and licked her brother, twirling her tongue around the head of Matthew's dick while she massaged her clit through her pants. She spent a lot of time sucking on Matthew’s balls, cherishing out soft and smooth they felt in her mouth. She loved running her tongue all over them, alternating between licking them and taking her brother’s entire sack into her mouth. She rapidly jerked Matthew’s cock as she sucked his balls, trying her best to make her little brother come down her throat. And in no time, Matthew was indeed squirting his thick, white cum down the back of his sister’s throat. Jessica moaned, loving how it felt. She tenderly rubbed her brother’s balls as they drained themselves into her warm, wet mouth.

Once Matthew had emptied his nuts, Jessica lightly massaged his balls and said, “Happy birthday, Matthew! I can't wait to play with you more now that you're old enough. Your cock is so much fun to suck, and I love your little hairless balls.” Jessica giggled and gave her brother’s sack another squeeze before grabbing her shirt and getting up, “I'm incredibly horny now, so I'm going to go see if somebody here will fuck me.”

She started to get up, but then got back on her knees. “Actually, give me another thirty seconds”. She lifted her brother’s still-erect cock up out of the way and took Matthew’s hairless ballsack back into her mouth. She reached into her pants and panties and began to play with herself as she sucked her little brother’s balls, running her tongue all over them. She was addicted to how they felt in her mouth. They were so smooth, and they fit so perfectly in her mouth. She hummed loudly as she played with herself, sucking gently on Matthew's sack. Matthew was in heaven. He groaned and watched his sister pleasure herself. Matthew's mom chuckled and began to lightly tease her clit through her pants.

Jessica popped her brother’s balls out of her mouth after about a minute and got up. She gave her mother a kiss on her way out. “You're such a good sister,” Jessica's mom said, giving her daughter’s butt a good squeeze as Jessica left, “If everybody else is too busy to fuck you, then I'd be more than happy to get you off myself.”

“Thanks mom,” Jessica said, biting her lip and smiling. As it turned out, Jessica would shortly have her dad's cock buried to the hilt in her throat while her brother pounded away at her pussy from behind. She would come twice, the second time while her brother had his thumb in her butt. Her father ended up pulling out and coming on her face while she had her tongue out porno-style. Her brother cream-pied her pussy.

The situation had made Matthew so horny that his erection persisted even after coming in his sister’s mouth. His mother decided that, since it was his birthday and his cock was already soaked from the blowjob he just received, she would do something extra special for him. She turned her back to Matthew, got down on her hands and knees, and told Matthew to pull down her sweatpants and panties. Matthew did as he was told, and he was greeted with the sight of his mother’s gorgeous ass. Her pussy was soaking wet from watching her daughter blow her youngest son. Matthew climbed behind his mother and squeezed her ass. He positioned his dick behind the entrance of his mom’s pussy.

As he was about to slide inside of her, she said to him, “No sweetheart, wrong hole.”

Matthew just about came again from hearing his mother say that. His mom reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Matthew moved his cock up and positioned it at his mother’s asshole.

“Go ahead, birthday boy”, his mother cooed, “fuck your mommy in her tight little ass.”

Matthew didn’t have to be told twice. He slid his cock into his mother’s asshole and began fucking her to the best of his ability. He struggled a little to maintain a consistent rhythm, but he certainly enjoyed himself. He squeezed his mother’s buttcheeks as he fucked her, and she made sure to arch her back and give her son a great view. Since Matthew was just thirteen, his cock was not very big yet. Jessica had not had any problems deep-throating Matthew when she blew him, and Matthew’s mother was having no trouble being fucked anally by her son with no real warm up aside from just being massively aroused. Within two minutes, Matthew was moaning that he was ready to come again.

“Come in my ass,” his mother moaned, “come in mommy’s asshole, give me your cum, baby boy.”

Matthew began unloading inside his mother’s bowels. He pumped his cock in and out of his mother’s ass, holding onto her waist as he emptied his balls into her bottom. His mom squeezed her ass as hard as she could in an attempt to milk her son dry and give him an amazing orgasm.

After Matthew finished ejaculating inside his mother, he withdrew his cock and laid on his back, breathing heavily. His erection was beginning to go down this time. His mother turned around and took his cock in her mouth, licking all of the sperm off of it. Matthew’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he watched his mother suck his cock right after it had been buried in her ass. Once all the cum had been cleaned off his dick, his mother popped it out of her mouth. She planted kisses all over the shaft and head, and then tenderly kissed her son’s balls.

“Did that feel good, baby?” his mother asked him tenderly while cradling Matthew’s balls. She kissed the head of her thirteen-year-old son’s cock again.

“Oh my God,” Matthew said, still breathing heavily, “that felt amazing.”

His mother then took her son’s balls into her mouth and spent the next two minutes sucking on them while rubbing her clit. She ended up coming hard, humming loudly while her tongue twirled wildly around Matthew's balls. “Oh my God,” she breathed after her orgasm had finished, “Jessica had the right idea. I love sucking on your balls, baby. They're so smooth and delicious.”

Matthew and Sarah didn’t quite do the exact same thing with their children. Instead of making a big deal about each child’s thirteenth birthday, the kids were simply slowly introduced to the lifestyle when they turned thirteen. They were not really hidden from it when they were younger, though they were not allowed to participate at all, nor were they really permitted to watch for very long.

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Nudist Household - Chapter 1 - Introduction

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