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Making my best friend's girl my slut. Chapter 1

Categories Fantasy, Cheating, Coercion, Erotica

Author: titcity

Published: 15 February 2018

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Dan had been my best friend since the first week of uni. I'd known him for 8 years now. He'd always have girlfriends and I could rarely remember a time when he was single as they would often... overlap. But, he had been going out with Beth since our final year in university- almost 4 years. I had introduced the two as she was studying business, the same as me. She was 5'9", black hair down to her shoulders, petite and absolutely gorgeous. Her perfect small round ass was the best I'd ever seen. I'm not ashamed to say I would often sneak a look and I can't say it was always entirely innocent. And her breasts were perky D cups, which seemed natural to look at but I happened to know were fake. How could I know this? Well, there was some history between us. We'd hooked up a few times but it hadn't gone anywhere. Dan had no idea. For whatever reason neither of us never mentioned it to Dan when they first started dating and now it had gone on too long to say anything without it being weird. Me and Beth had never spoke of it but I was sure there had always been an unspoken sexual tension between us. I can't deny that I had a spark with her and on a few drunken occasions there had been some heavy flirting back and forth.

This whole thing started when me and my girlfriend, Jane, split up. I was doing everything I could to get out of our flat while she moved her stuff out. We had this last week left on the lease and I was doing everything possible to not be there. The Wednesday after work I'd gone to the pub with Dan.

He was boasting to me about fucking one of the other associates at his office, a girl called Tina. This wasn't an altogether unusual occurrence with Dan. Despite being with Beth he would fairly regularly enjoy the company of other women. I didn't particularly approve but it's not like I was going to grass him up and these rendezvous would often happen on our "lads nights out" so I kind of felt complicit. Personally, I thought he was mad with a babe like Beth at home but whatever. This time I was finding it a little troubling though... Previously his flings had been one night affairs, "drunken mishaps" he would dismiss them as. He told me about a number of times with this Tina girl and he was planning a trip away with her next weekend on a works conference. It didn't sit right. I tried to gently voice my concerns but he dismissed them out of hand.

"Stop being boring, you would do it if you had the chance." Dan said angrily, as if he was annoyed by my objections "There's no need to be all grumpy because you're going through a breakup" and that's how we left it as the conversation moved on to how Tina loved to dominate him. He excitedly told me how Tina would take charge and that he loved it as Beth always wanted him to take control. I suppose you want what you can’t have.

As we were leaving I'd asked what he was up to tomorrow evening. Dan apologised as he was working late with Tina, winking as he said it.


The next day in work I got a text from Beth inviting me over that evening to "hide from my own flat". Which meant that Dan had clearly mentioned my predicament to her. We exchanged a few texts and she offered her condolences about the breakup but I knew in truth she had never liked Jane. But anyway, beggars can’t be choosers so I accepted her offer. Beth answered the door and was already in her pyjamas. They were some very short red hot pants with matching strappy top, trimmed with black lace and very skimpy, giving me a great view.

"Hi Oli, come in. Dan is staying late at work AGAIN. He is with that fucking Tina woman" She had clearly been drinking and had an empty glass of wine in her right hand. "I really don't like that woman, she clearly has a thing for Dan" she added.

"Oh no" I muttered and tried to look like I’d never heard of Tina before. "Do you want me to leave you to it?" Although leaving would mean watching my ex move out of our flat. And, who am I kidding, I very much wanted to stay and get an eyeful of her in that outfit.

"Don't be ridiculous. I know that Jane is at yours and you need a place to hide out. Besides I've had a crap day at work and If I drink anymore of this wine on my own I will feel like an alcoholic!" She smiled and winked at me. “and I don’t want to risk you going home and taking her back and I’d be jealous all over again!”. I’d actually always got a bit of a jealousy vibe from her when I would come over with Jane, but I convinced myself that was all in my head. A little forward for her to admit she was jealous of a girl for being with me, I thought, but the comment wasn’t particularly unlike things she had said to me before when drunk and out of earshot of Dan. We went into the kitchen and she insisted I have a glass of wine with her. She bent down to get a wine glass from the cupboard and I couldn't help but stare at her ass. As her skimpy shorts rode up into her crack I could see the edge of the black underwear she had underneath. I felt a twang of guilt- this was my best friends girl! What was I thinking? But the sight of her perfect petite ass had stirred a semi in my pants. Beth stood up and turned round. She shot me a smug smile as she turned which let me know she had seen me looking, though she didn't say anything. I told myself I was just struggling as I hadn't had sex for 2 months. Dan was probably balls deep in Tina right now anyway, I told my conscience. Beth didn't seem to mind me looking at her ass, although she didn't know the dirty thoughts starting to run through my mind.

"So when's single life going to kick off then Oli?"

"Oh I don't know about that" I replied sheepishly "I think I might need a bit of a break from women"

"Bullshit!" She laughed. "I've known you too long to believe that, I bet you already have a queue of women lining up. You can tell me, I won’t get too jealous"

I shot her a sceptical look.

"All the girls in my flat were jealous when we hooked up you know" she continued.

We had never spoken of that since she got with Dan, even during our drunken flirtations. There was clearly a look of shock across my face, Beth just giggled like she enjoyed my reaction.

"Calm down, Dan isn't here. He's at work *as usual* And that shouldn't stop us having a bit of fun. Now where is that wine?"

She turned around and went into the fridge. My eyes instantly shot down to her shorts again, so tight against her perfect peach of an arse. I could see the lacy thong just above her shorts line. I wondered if she knew about Tina. She clearly had suspicions at the moment, though nothing more or she surely would have asked me about it. I tried control my building urges but I couldn’t help but sense an opportunity. She had known I was coming round and had chosen that revealing outfit... She clearly enjoyed the effect it was having on me and she was already at least one bottle of wine down. We sat and chatted for an hour or so, seeing off another bottle of wine. She was really quite tipsy now and being very flirty, touching my arm and seemingly wanting to exclusively talk about who I planned to have sex with and how I liked to do it.

"Earlier was a little weird, we haven't ever really spoke about that time that we...erm-" I stuttered, secretly hoping to get the conversation back to our hook-up.

"When you fucked me?" She interrupted. The speed of the reply gave her away. She wanted this too.

"Yeah, when I fucked you" I replied, growing in confidence.

Beth spun round and started pouring me a glass of wine, a smile spread across her face at my response.

"I know, it's like some big secret we have isn't it." She grinned and bit her bottom lip, encouraging me.

As I looked down at her pouring the wine I realised her nipples were hard under her top. I did have an opportunity here, but should I really take it??!. I carried on looking, willing her to catch me. I was starting to feel a little tipsy too and my inhibitions from earlier seemed less and less important.

"My eyes are up here" she teased "or has all this talk got you remembering the girls?" She motioned towards her tits.

"With your nipples so hard it's difficult not to look" She poured out the last of the second bottle. A look of surprise shot across her face but she didn't deny it and I pushed further. "It looks like the girls are missing me, rather than the other way around" I teased. "Is that why your nipples are so hard?"

"Hey cheeky!" She giggled. Still not stopping me though, I thought. Now to see how far I could push her.

"I think we need to make a deal?"

"What kind of deal?" she more intrigued than suspicious, and the grin across her face encouraged me on.

"Well.." I paused, not knowing if I could go through with this. One more glance down at her nipples pressing upwards through her skimpy red silk top. My conscience evaporated.

"We can't have me staring at your tits all night and 'the girls' clearly miss me. So how about you flash them. Then I can stop staring and it might calm down your nipples"

I stood still. I knew a line had been crossed. How would she react?

"This stays between me and you though?" she asked and moved in close to me.

"We can just add it to our list of secrets" I whispered into her ear.

She stood up so her chest was right in front of my face. Seductively she removed each strap from her shoulders. Her breasts sprang out of her top. They were as perky as I remembered; Full rounded big fake tits, the type you want to wrap around your cock. Her tiny pornstar nipples were rock hard and pointing up to me. My mouth dropped open and I could feel all my self control draining away. 2 long months without any sex, I was so horny. I could feel my erection building and 5 years of suppressed forbidden desires bursting out. Dan was probably fucking Tina right now I told myself again, Beth probably needs some attention, better me than some random man who she will run off with. I'd be doing Dan a favour really, I tried to convince myself, helping calm Beth down so I could warn him to cool it with Tina.

"Do you approve?" she asked, knowing that I obviously did. My eyes were fixed on her perfect perky tits as her hands moved up to start to play with them and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"Very much so. Even better than I remembered"

I wanted more. I didn't even care anymore, I was going to fully exploit this position. Beth was clearly drunk and I could tell there was more I could get if I pushed her a little. I needed to exploit her anger about Tina

"Dan is an idiot working late with this Tina, I'd be home early every night" shocking myself a little as I said it.

"Urgh, fucking Tina. She sees more of him than I do these days and he texts her all the time". Little does she know, I thought. Beth started to pull her top back on. I reached out and stopped her. She was taken aback.

"Don’t stop there. Take off your shorts" I commanded

She was hesitant. "I don't know Oli..."

"It's not like I haven't seen it before. And Dan’s with Tina. Take them off" She paused as she seemed to consider what to do. I remembered Dan telling me that Beth enjoyed being dominated, but that he wasn't really into it (what an idiot). “Do it” I said forcefully “You’re already playing with your tits for me”.

She did as she was told. Her shorts dropped to the floor leaving only her lacy underwear on. It barely covered her pussy and had a visible wet patch. She stood paralysed as if not knowing what to do. The sight of the wet patch got me fully hard, obviously sticking outward in my jeans.

"Your dick's hard" she said, sounding very proud of herself.

"Your pussy's wet" I replied instantly.

I stood up and pulled her into me, taking a handful of her tight petite arse. She didn’t pull away but rubbed her body up against my bulging crotch. I leaned in for the kiss and felt her tongue enter my mouth, pushing back against mine as she sucked on my bottom lip. Heaven.

At that moment, my phone rang and broke the silence. It was Dan. We both looked at the screen and froze. I answered. Dan’s voice played out for us both to hear ...

"Hey mate, sorry I'm late from work. Are you round there now? I'm on my way home, just dropping Tina off so should be 10 minutes"

The sound of Tina's name seemed to unfreeze Beth. A feeling of guilt shot through me. As I continued the conversation on the phone Beth never broke eye contact with me. She bit her bottom lip as she redressed herself bending over to give me a full view of her ass as she pulled her shorts up. Her thong left nothing to the imagination and it took all my willpower not to bury my face into her petite little arse right there.

"Ok mate, see you shortly" I hung up.

"One more thing for the secrets list Oli" Beth whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek as she walked off into the lounge.

"Dan’s just dropping Tina off" I wanted her to hear the name again as it seemed to spur her on. I followed her into the lounge. "How wet is your pussy right now?"

"Oli... we can't... and Dan’s on his way home" she replied but I sensed the indecision in her voice.

"You're wet aren't you?" I repeated. Beth froze. I stood over her as she lay on the sofa. "I can see you're hard nipples and I saw the wet patch on your underwear. You’re thinking about my dick"

A half breathed whisper was all she could muster "Oli..." her cheeks blushed red.

"You are turned on thinking about me. I make your pussy wet"

She said nothing. Just nodding her head in agreement,.

"Say it." I stared at her, my face deadly serious.

"My pussy is wet for you". She bit her bottom lip.

"Touch it for me"

"Oli!" She protested "Dan is on his way home"

"Well you had better hurry then"

For a few second she paused, but her resistance crumbled and her hand slid down her skimpy shorts and wordlessly started to play with herself.

"Tell me how wet you are"

"Oh god!" She was already squirming on the sofa "I’m so wet for you" she managed to say in between ever increasing moans of pleasure.

"You had better hurry and cum before Dan gets home". Beth's hand moved quicker and quicker. Her back arched and she started to moan. I felt my erection pressing hard against my jeans watching this perfect petite beauty finger fucking herself for me. She was in full throws of passion now and she moved her other hand to take her tits out again for me. Her fingers pinched at her nipple and her moans got more intense.

"You want to see it?” I said standing over her, enjoying the show

"Yes! Yes!" She moaned

"Tell me you want it"

"I want it soooo baaad!" She moaned. I pulled my rock hard dick out of my jeans and put the tip to her lips. She opened up and took the tip with her tongue. The feel of her hot wet mouth shot over me and she moved her tongue round the tip. The action pushed Beth over the edge, she let out a cry and her climax came over her. I could see the waves of pleasure wash over her and she spasmed back, releasing my cock from her mouth. As she lay on the sofa gasping I reached out to where her hand was still inside her shorts. I put my hand with hers and felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy, I put two fingers up inside her tight hole. She gasped and twitched as her orgasm ended. I could feel the lacy underwear on the back of my hand, it was soaked from where she had just cum. She looked up at me tentatively. "Something for the secrets list" I whispered in her ear. Removing my wet fingers from inside her, I brought them up to her mouth. There was no hesitation, Beth sucked her pussy juice off my fingers. Without breaking eye contact, she licked up and down, cleaning every drop of pussy juice. As Beth gladly sucked on my fingers I heard the door open and quickly moved to the opposite sofa, managing to just get my cock back in my jeans in time. Beth tidied herself up as best she could, managing to dress, grab her wine glass and straighten her hair before he came in the room.

"Found a place to live for next week yet Oli?" Dan asked cheerily as he grabbed his own glass of wine and sat down on the sofa opposite me. Giving Beth a kiss on the lips, where my cock had been seconds before.

"What's this?" Beth chipped in.

As I was giving up mine and Janes flat for obvious reasons there was going to be a weekend where I was homeless before my lease on the new place started.

"Ye, next weekend I'm going to be homeless until the new flat is ready. Was thinking about getting a hotel or something"

"Nonsense" Dan said. "I've told you, you'll stay here. I'm heading to that conference Saturday evening anyway so Beth will enjoy the company". Beth blushed.

I hesitated, waiting to see her reaction.

"Don't be stupid. Of course, you will stay with us" Beth said. This was all the encouragement I needed. I protested weakly but quickly agreed, instantly planning what I could get away with then.

Beth chatted with us for a few minutes then excused herself to go to sleep and I left 45 minutes after that, after getting a detailed account of Dan’s fuck session at the office. The entire taxi ride home all I could think about were the possibilities for the coming weekend.


I got a text from Beth the next day saying that the night had been “a fun one off” and that she would see me at the weekend. I’d made a short polite reply, which seemed to draw a line under the whole thing. The rest of the week passed without note, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. The more I thought about it the less guilt I seemed to feel. Realistically Dan had been treating her like shit for years. I knew I was wrong but I had to get more. There was no point in kidding myself, I was going to try my luck again this weekend…

My flat was very bare after Jane had moved all her stuff out and I had all mine in boxes. I packed it all up into my car for the weekend, waiting to be able to unload it I my new place on Monday. I turned up as Dan and Beth's house fairly late into the Friday evening. Dan greeted me in and said they were just about to start a film. I put my stuff into the spare bedroom and came into the lounge. Dan was sitting in the corner of one sofas facing away from where I sat and towards the Tv. Beth laid next to him, also facing the TV but with her legs spread out across the sofa in my direction. I took my seat in the opposite corner. There was a decidedly frosty atmosphere between the two of them and I sensed they had been fighting before my arrival. Dan must have told her the business trip is with Tina, I guessed. The dirty part of my mind couldn’t help but think that this would play into my plans, a pissed off Beth was likely to be far more receptive to them.

Beth was wearing a light pink night dress which was quite short and showed off her petite figure. Definitely chosen for my benefit, at least I hoped. I found the film quite boring and soon my mind was drifting to the events of the previous Wednesday evening with Beth. I glanced up to where they were sat and noticed that I could see up Beth's night dress, I started to scheme. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see she was wearing red French knickers underneath. Beth was clearly bored with the film too as she was playing on her phone, barely paying any attention to the TV screen.

I text her: -turn your phone to silent-

BING! Went Beth’s phone, she shot me a flustered look and her cheeks blushed red. However, her hand moved to the side of her phone and turned the sound off. Dan barely looked up. I started typing into my phone again, Beth was now staring at me, transfixed on my typing. I couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited.

- you will do everything I say. Nod if you understand-

She nodded her head.

-Open your legs, pull your skirt up-

Beth slowly opened her legs, trying to make it as subtle as possible. Her hand drifted down and lifted her skirt enough for me to get a full view of her red lace underwear.

-Is your pussy wet for me again?-

Beth looked shocked and her cheeks blushed even more. She hesitated, but nodded at me again.

-Say you need the toilet, go upstairs, text me when you’re there-

There was a hesitation again.

“Think I…erm… I need to use the little girls room, I’ll leave you boys to your action films” she said, clearly flustered. Dan just grunted a response, transfixed on this crap film.

Her text came through: I’m here. But I don’t know if this is a good idea Oli-

I ignored her protests. She might be unsure but she wasn’t saying no.

-Take those sexy red panties off and send me a picture to prove it-

A minute passed, I started to worry I had pushed too far and she would refuse. But then the photo came through. Her red panties with clear darkening of the red colour over the front portion that was covered in her pussy juice, held in her hand with the shower in the background.

-How can I be sure you haven’t put them back on? I need a photo to prove that your pussy is bare under that night dress-

Less than 30 seconds passed and the second photo arrived. She had sat on the toilet and spread her legs wide. Her pink pussy spread open with her other hand as she had taken the selfie. You could see the glistening of her wet pussy juice in the photo. Above it a neat landing strip of black hair crowned her pussy, I felt the inevitable stirring in my jeans and knew that any resistance she had was fading fast.

-Good girl. Now put the panties on the guest room bed and come watch the rest of the film-

A minute later and Beth re-entered the room, looking even more flushed than before and resumed her seat next to Dan.

“Think I need to use the loo as well now actually, excuse me guys”. I headed upstairs, straight to the panties laid out on my pillow. I picked them up and put them to my face, the smell was intoxicating and I licked the inside of the wet front. This was the point where I couldn't cope. I opened my jeans and wrapped the wet pants around my cock and slowly started to stroke it. With my other hand I got my phone out and filmed a 5 second clip- then sent it to her.

-OMG!- was the instant reply

-If you want more video then you need to send me some more pictures.- I typed with my free hand

-I’m sat right opposite Dan, how can I?-

-I know they are on your phone, Dan’s shows them to all the boys-

Within seconds photos were coming through of Beth in various states of undress, tits out, bending forward to show off her ass, posing in front of the mirror in just some stockings. I sent through another video- I was getting close.

Another photo came through. A selfie of her in bed wearing nothing but the red panties that were currently wrapped around my shaft. That was all I needed. I put my phone down on the bedside cabinet getting the angle just right before hitting record. I pulled the red lace off my shaft held them in front of me and a pumped my hand up and down as fast as possible. I felt it coming, moaning “oh Beth”. Shooting a big load that I caught in the already soaked panties. I sent the video through and went to clean myself up, flushing the toilet to keep up appearances. No reply yet, but the video had run to 1 minute 30 so she was probably stuggling to watch it all sat next to Dan.

-Say you need a drink, go to the kitchen- I text her. I grabbed the cum soaked red panties and started to climb downstairs. I overheard Beth asking if Dan wanted a drink and standing up to go to the kitchen and we met in the hallway

“do you want a drink Oli?” she asked, loud enough so Dan could hear.

“Yeah, I will come give you a hand with them” I replied loudly. Then I whispered in her ear “good girl” as we walked into the kitchen.

The kitchen door shut behind up and I pushed Beth against the counter, sticking my tongue deep into her mouth. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and she dug her nails into my back

“You want to taste my cum?” I asked in a hushed voice so it wouldn’t carry out of the room.

“yes…” she whimpered back. I reached up and held out the soaked panties in front of her face. Without hesitation she opened her mouth and sucked hard on the cum soaked lace. I pulled them back and spread the fabric out flat and Beth started licking frantically whilst letting out small moans of pleasure. The site of her licking my spunk and her own pussy juices off those sexy panties was almost enough to make me cum again. Enough for tonight, I thought-I needed to save myself for tomorrow when we have the house to ourselves.

“Put them back on” I told her.

She slid the soaked underwear up her athletic petite legs and under her pink night dress bending over to give me a perfect view of them sliding over her tight arse. I grab her and pull her body into mine so I can whisper in her ear…

“You’re my little slut now. Aren’t you?”. Beth nods. “No, I want to hear you say it” I pressure her.

“I’m your little slut” she whimpers.

“Good. Now let’s go watch the rest of the film”.

We got the three drinks and headed back to the lounge. Dan was non-the-wiser and barely seemed to have registered our absence. Beth lasted barely 10 minutes before she made an excuse and went to bed. I stayed downstairs but sure enough 5 minutes later, received a picture. Beth in bed, nothing but her red lace underwear. These were pulled to one side, exposing her pussy which had a purple dildo disappearing into it.

-This will have to do for tonight, but tomorrow you can have anything you want. Love from your slut xx-

It took a great deal of will power to stay downstairs and watch the film, but I just about held on with the promise of the next day, watching the rest of the film with Dan.

“excited about tomorrow with Tina?” I asked him

“Shhh…” he looked around nervous, then gave a cheeky smile. “but yeah…” he whispered “…me and Beth had a big argument today. She accused me of sleeping with Tina!”

“oh fuck, how’d she find out?!”

“She hasn’t, just being paranoid. I obviously denied it and she accepted it in the end. but…. Fuck man… it’s just too close”

“what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to break it off with her at this conference.”

“probably for the best” I agreed

“Oh and Beth doesn’t know that Tina is coming to the conference tomorrow so don’t say anything. And if she asks you about anything then back me up ye?”

“Of course man”

We watched the rest of the film in near silence and headed to bed. I wondered if Beth did know and that was the reason we were doing what we were. I didn’t really care if I was a revenge fuck, I planned on cashing in whatever the cause.

I knew I was going to have trouble sleeping that night anyway, but when I got to bed I found the purple dildo tucked under my sheets. I could still smell her pussy on it and I knew tomorrow would be special. Beth was about to find out what being my slut was really all about.

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Making my best friend's girl my slut. Chapter 1

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RandomRobbie — 18 February 2018 07:01
Great story: please write more. Robbie.
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