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Forbidden Fruit (Sister in Law)

Categories True Story, Anal, Blowjob, Cheating

Author: MochaBrownGuy

Published: 15 February 2018

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It was mid october and the halloween festivities were in full swing. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time was a not a big fan of them. She hated anything scary, especially anything to do with spiders or spider webs. Despite this, she agreed with me that we should go the corn maze with her sisters. She was 1 of 3 sisters, the middle child. Her oldest sister was was a few years older than her, she was the different one of the group you could say. She was pretty, but had an unusual attitude that could be considered mostly bitchy. Her younger sister was a sophomore in high school, needy, and obviously still very immature. Being that my girlfriend and I were in our later years of college, we didn't spend much time with her. My girlfriend was the prettiest of the group, beautiful brown eyes, pretty face, small waist, and an amazing body sporting 34D's, and very large hips and ass. Her older sister as I said was the different one of the 3. She was a little heavier but without the tits and ass. Now her little sister, she was the tallest of the group, the most tan, green eyes, her tits weren't as big as her sisters but her ass easily rivaled hers. Now, heading back to the October night. It was my girlfriend and her 2 sisters along with her older sisters boyfriend all at the corn maze. We spent the majority of the evening together, selecting pumpkins, throwing corn.. etc. Finally nightfall came and it was time to go into the scary maze. My girlfriend and her older sister were not very thrilled about it and ended up throwing a temper tantrum that they didn't want to go. Her younger sister however, loved scary things and really wanted to go. We agreed that only she and I would go, and all parties seemed satisfied by the decision. We will be waiting by the exit, exclaimed my girlfriend. We entered the maze, I was nervous, I had to play brave despite admit-tingly being a little scared. We walked close together but without any touching. I could tell she was scared and followed very closely behind me. A few minor scares happened and we seemed to be getting towards the end. There I saw a closed room you had to walk through. It was completely dark and we knew something would jump out on us there. She asked to go in front as she was scared of somebody behind her. I agreed. We entered the room and she pulled me close to her. Pressed firmly against her ass. She had one of my hands held over her as we slowly walked through. I didn't think anything of it as we were both scared. As we expected, a man with a terrifying mask jumps out on us and our scared reactions lead me to push closer against her. She reactively grabs both of my arms and wraps them against her chest. Her hands intertwined with mine pushing them tightly on her young, supple tits. We walk through the rest of the room like this and my mind is in a haze. My hands are cupping her tits and she isn't letting me go. I can't tell if this is on purpose or if she is truly just scared but we end up walking the rest of the maze with my hands firmly on her tits. Nothing is said, we simply let go at the end and its as if nothing had happened at all. We tell the rest how scary it was and my girlfriend reiterates how glad she is that she didn't go.

Fast forward 5 years and now she and I are married. We have graduated college and moved back to my hometown, which is about 5 hours away from where we went to college. She was from there, I simply went there to get away from being home. There was a college in my hometown too. We have a great marriage, each with good jobs and a nice home. Her older sister became very distant and we hardly ever see her since we moved. Her younger sister however decided to attend the university in my hometown. For similar reasons as I left my hometown I guess, she wanted to get away from home. Which surprised me actually because she was very attached to her mother. My wife and i were all the family she had down here yet we didn't see her very often in her first years down here. She was busy finding herself and enjoying her independence in a new town. After a couple years down here, things seemed to change. She suddenly wanted to spend more time with us, and my wife loved seeing her sister. Their relationship had changed a lot from when I first met them now that they were both older. Neither changed much in appearance though. One night my wife let me know that her sister would be coming over for dinner and wanted to watch a movie with us afterwards. I had no issue with it, as despite that October night, I never really thought of my sister in law in a sexual way, and there was no reason to believe she felt any way about me. We had dinner and the girls went upstairs to get into something comfy to watch the movie. I usually would only wear some briefs and no shit but being that her sister was over, I put on some gray sweatpants yet didn't put on a t-shirt. I spent a lot of time at the gym and was quite proud of how I looked shirtless. I laid on the couch and waited for the girls to come down. My sister in law was the first one down the stairs. She was wearing very loose fitting pajama shorts that barely covered her ass and a bright pink sports bra. She sat down on the ground in front of me and started to talk to me. My wife was still upstairs washing her face and such. While we were talking she began to stretch in front of me. She was facing me and stretched one leg with the other bent in and reached for her toes. This made her shorts stretch at her crotch and I got a perfect view of her cotton white panties she was wearing underneath. I felt my cock swell as I watched her stretch in front of me. I couldn't stop staring. Was she trying to show me something I asked myself or was she so oblivious that she was giving me a show? Thats when the lust for her truly started for me. After that day, I would never look at my little sister in law the same. My wife came downstairs and we watched the movie. I sat at the end with my wife between us, which was good because I wasn't in my right mind after what I had seen and I might of tried something I would regret. It was late after the movie and my wife suggested that she should spend the night. We had a spare bedroom so it wasn't an issue at all. She agreed and after that, her spending the night became a pretty common thing.

It was a hot summer day and I decided to start the grill. I told my wife and she suggested we invite her sister over. I agreed without hesitation. I was grilling steaks and potatoes. She came over and was wearing these tight little denim shorts. I couldn't help but stare at her ass at every chance I got. At fault for too long at times as I noticed her catch me staring while she bent over to pick something up. I played it off and nothing came of it. Later that night her sister suggested we should watch a movie again. We agreed. This time the house was hot, it had been 90 degrees out all day and despite the AC and fans, the house still felt very hot. Especially for my liking. I went upstairs to change and decided to only put on some gray cotton shorts I have. I didn't put on any briefs and again didn't wear a shirt. Im well hung, just under 7 inches when hard and a thick 6 inches around so you could clearly see the outline of my cock through these shorts, even while limp. I was a bit scared my wife would say something about my attire but considering how her sister had dressed in front of me, I figured i could play it off as just getting comfortable. My wife was in the bathroom finishing getting ready and I walked downstairs. Her sister was already on the couch, laying on the long side, this time wearing only booty shorts and a tight t shirt without a bra. I could see her eyes as I approached the couch and clearly saw her eyes wonder down at my bulging cock. She blushed as she knew I saw her and covered up a bit. I felt a small rush of blood head towards my cock so I quickly laid on the couch and grabbed a blanket to ensure my wife didn't notice. My wife came downstairs and to my surprise laid on the other side of me, leaving me in the middle. She cuddled in and to my even greater surprise, so did her sister. My wife was pressed against my back and my sister in law had her firm ass pressed against my crotch. Oddly my wife didn't even flinch that she would do that, which left me even more puzzled at the whole ordeal. I did my best to focus on the movie but the rubbing of her ass with just those panties proved to be too much for me. With each rub I felt my cock get harder and harder until I had a full hard on pressed against her cheeks. She had to know, but didn't react in the slightest. We watched the rest of the movie like that and near the end I finally calmed down enough to lose the erection. The movie ended and my wife went upstairs for bed. I let her know I was grabbing a glass of water and would be right up. My sister in law followed me into the kitchen and my heart raced a bit as I could feel her steps behind me. I grabbed my water and she approached me for a hug. Goodnight, she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around my body. She held me firm and pressed a leg between my legs. She was soaking wet. I could feel the heat of her pussy pressed against my leg and the moistness on her panties. My cock immediately hardened. She looked up at me and stared me in the eyes, I really enjoyed the movie, she told me, tippie toed up to reach me and kissed me softly in the cheek. She then turned quickly and walked up the stairs, her panties bunched in her ass cheeks. I stared in shock. Right before she turned the corner she gave me one last glance. I was raging hard at the point and needed to take care of it. No doubt my wife would notice, especially since I had soaked the shorts with pre cum. I peaked my head through the door and let my wife know I was going to hop in the shower before bed. She let me know she was going to sleep because she had to be up early the next day. We have 2 bathroom upstairs, the one in the bedroom which only has a bathtub and one in the hallway which has a standing shower. I always use the one in the hallway and my wife knows this because I hate the tub. I go into the bathroom, take off my shorts and make sure to leave the door cracked open. Obvious enough that its not locked. I turn the water on to a steam and breath heavily as the hot water hits my skin. I run my hands down my legs and cup my balls. My eyes closed imagining her little sisters hands. I grab my cock and use long stokes, its as hard as Ive ever felt it. I pull back hard on the skin of my uncircumcised cock letting out small moans each time I do. My chest in beet red, a combination of the water and the blood rush from how turned on I am. Im lost in my self when I hear the smallest of knocks. I stop immediately and slide the glass open to confirm what I had heard. The door quietly creaks open and i see her enter the bathroom. Im sorry, I forgot to brush me teeth, she says, do you mind if I come in while you shower, she asks. Umm, no, I reply. Come on in.. I close the sliding door and begin to panic about what will happen next. Ive seen all the signs but Im still scared to make the first move in the chance that Im wrong. I hear the sink water run and she begins to brush her teeth. I hope I didn't interrupt anything, she quietly says. Through the shower glass I can only make up her silhouette, but I can tell she's looking my way. No, you didn't interrupt, I reply. My cock is throbbing with how hard it is. I decide to not care and begin to stoke him again. Im as obvious as could be, making it clear with my motions what I am doing. I moan a little bit louder and I hear the sink turn off. I see her walk towards the shower and my heart is beating at 1000 beats per minute. She slides the glass open and stares directly at me. Can I watch? She mouths without saying a word. I don't respond but simply keep stroking my member. She begging to rub her chest and neck as she watches me. She pulls her top off and pinches her nipples. They are as hard as my cock is. She begins to slightly moan as she moves her hands down towards her pussy. She begins to rub it over her panties. The white panties immediately soak through as she pushes down on her pussy. I feel a storm about to come over me as I watch her slide her hand into her panties. I feel my knees begin to buckle and my asshole start to tighten. Im about to cum harder than I ever have. Cum for me, she begs. I want to see it. I clench down on me teeth as hard as I can to not let out a moan that may awaken my wife and aim my cock directly at her. Cum! she repeats. My toes curl as I release the biggest orgasm of my life, spurt after spurt of cum shoots out of my cock landing all over her chest, her stomach, and drenching her panties with my gooey substance. Her jaw is wide open, not believing what she just saw. She looks down on herself, admiring all the cum on her. She runs her fingers down her chest and begins to compile it. Staring me right in the eyes, she sticks the fingers in her mouth releasing a moan as she savors it. She then reaches to her panties soaked in cum and gives herself one more rub down from her clit, down to her asshole. The mixture of my cum and her juices now making her panties completely see through, I get my first view of her shaven mound and swollen pink pussy lips. Thanks, she remarks and turns around and leaves the bathroom. I stand there in shock realizing what just happened. I finish showering and clean up. I go straight to bed after that, however I can't get to sleep with the image of my sister in law drenched in my semen.

Weeks go by and I don't see her. I get busy with work and have little time for grilling or movie nights. I still can't believe what took place that night and I can't get it out of my head. I find myself day dreaming about it every chance i get. Later that week, I have a work party where we are all going to go bowling. I tell my wife about it and she asks if she can invite her sister. Being that most people are bringing their kids and such, I don't see an issue with it. She agrees to go bowling with us and I immediately get flushed with memories of that eventful night. We are at the bowling alley and there is enough people there to break any awkwardness that may of came about. Everyone is drinking, especially my wife. She usually doesn't drink very much but for some reason that night, she is putting them back. She and I hardly talk at the beginning but things kinda go back to normal by the end of the night after a few drinks cut the edge. At the end of the night, we begin to put the balls that we used away. Its embarrassing but I actually own my own ball. She grabs it and comments on how heavy it is. She then sticks her fingers inside and makes a comment on how big my fingers must be in order for the ball to fit. They are pretty big, I mention. She simply smiles and walks away. Its not until the car ride where I notice just how drunk my wife is. She can hardly speak and I can tell she's going to pass out the second we get home. Is it okay if I spend the night, her sister asks. Sure, I reply.. glancing back at her in my mirror. Im going straight to bed my wife exclaims. Are you tired too? Her sister asks me. No, I reply. Good, because Im down to have another drink when we get home if thats okay. We make it home and I basically have to carry my wife upstairs with how drunk she is. I lay her to bed and she is out the second she hits the pillow. I put on some athletic shorts that fit me much looser than the cotton ones, leave a shirt on and head downstairs. I don't want to be too obvious about my intentions. Plus, she didn't bring any pajamas that night as she didn't expect to spend the night. I come downstairs and she is already making us both a drink. Tequila, of course. We take the drinks and head back to the couch. Despite all the fooling around and tension, we have never really discussed any of it. I bring up the night in the corn maze and ask her if she did it on purpose. Truthfully, she doesn't even seem to remember it. She tells me that she's never really had a boyfriend and that Im the only real male figure in her life. She confesses that she has always found me extremely good looking and that she and her friends loved when Id go over so they could see me. I admit that I've been staring at her a lot lately and she confesses that she's shown a lithe more than she knows she should because she knows how intently I watch her. She then asks me if any of it is normal and I pause. Im not sure how to answer it. I let her know that her curiosity is completely normal but that her sister wouldn't be too happy to find out what is happening. Do you think of me a lot? I ask. Yes, she replies. Especially when i touch myself.. Hmm.. I respond. A lot of times I watch porn too when i touch myself, she adds. What kind of porn? I ask. You know, just normal stuff she says. There is a video in particular that really turns me on she says, can I show you it? Sure, I reply. I reach for my laptop and hand it to her. She searches it and plays the video as we sit up next to each other. The video is of a man and woman having sex with a mirror on the ceiling of the bed. With the amount of porn Ive watched in my life, it doesn't do much for me, but sitting next to my sister in law watching porn certainly did. I felt my cock began to swell as we got a little bit more comfortable, leaning on each other. I could hear her breath start to speed up and could tell by her fidgeting that she was as turned on as I was. The shorts I was wearing along with my long t shirt did an ok job of concealing my excitement until I decided to lift my shirt up enough to expose the bulge in my shorts. She glanced over at it, clearly noticing it. Ive only seen a couple of guys dicks in person she said, but yours is much bigger.. she bit her bottom lip as she said it. Thanks, I respond, so, are you going to show me how you touch yourself now, I ask. She released a loud sigh, I thought you'd never ask, she exclaimed. She started with her top, then undid her bra. Her perky breasts were a nice change of pace from my wife's large breasts. She undid her denims and arched her back up against the couch as she slid her pants off to the floor. She was wearing cute yellow lacy panties with a small flower pattern, and a thong in the back. I selected another video on the screen and signaled her with my eyes to carry on. She began to rub her tits, pinching at her hard nipples. Her hands were running up and down her body as I simply sat there and watched. My cock was pressed so hard against my shorts now, it wanted nothing more than to be let out. I was enjoying watching her too much though at the moment that I didn't want to be distracted by anything else. Finally she reached her hands down into her waistline, giving me a glance of her mound. This time with a pretty little landing strip of hair leading down to her cunt. She ran one finger all the way down her slit and pulled it out, her cum stringing out from how wet she was. She kept rubbing her clit with her hand down her panties. I needed more. I needed to finally see her pussy fully exposed. I reached over and slid her panties to the side, exposing her puffy pink lips. They were perfect. Even better than I had imagined them so many times before. Her clit was swollen, her small lips puffy with her hole glistening with her juices. Now do it, I said to her. She nodded, you do it, she said. I ran my middle finger down her slit up and and down, feeling just how soaked she was. I needed to feel her warmth. With the same finger, I pushed inside her. Her walls were tight. I was on cloud 9 feeling my little sister in laws warm cunt. I continued to fuck her with my fingers, she was laying back now, biting her lip, doing her best not to moan too loud. She reached over and me and stuck her hand down my shorts. she firmly grabbed on to my cock and pulled it out of shorts. She released a loud moan, ugh, Ive wanted to hold this for so long she exclaimed. She began to stroke my member hard as I added another finger inside her pussy. My head of my cock was dripping with pre cum. Without notice, she reached over and with her tongue cleaning off the pre cum dripping down my shaft. I could cum right there with how turned on I was, but I couldn't have it end this soon. She continued to stroke my cock and flick it with her tongue occasionally but hadn't put it all the way in. My fingers still buried inside her pussy, she would sway her hips, as in to ride my fingers. The teasing of her tongue was driving me crazy, finally, I grabbed a handful of her hair, pushed her hands off my cock and asked her to open her mouth. She looked up at me, obediently nodding yes. She opened wide and I rammed my cock into her mouth. I began to thrust, slowly fucking her mouth, not wanting to be too rough with her. Deeper and deeper I went, testing her gag reflexes. She was better at sucking cock than my wife was. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock in as deep as i could. I slammed into the back of her throat and I could feel her stomach clenching. I held it there for a couple seconds until I could see her eyes start to water. I let go of her head and she pulled out letting a loud gasp out catching for air. A mixture of her salvia and my pre cum still attached from my cock to her mouth. Fuck, I love your cock! she released. She then took it with 2 hands and began stroking away it some more, twisting with her hands as she sucked the head of my cock. I felt myself begin to build. I still wasn't ready. I pushed her on her back and crawled on top of her. I buried my face in her neck, running my tongue across her ear, down to her collar bone. I nibbled lightly at it as my cock rubbed around her thigh. I sucked on her young perky tits, running my tongue in circles around her perky areolas. Her back began to arch as I continued to make my way down towards her sex. I pressed my tongue hard against her hip bones which drove her wild. I could smell her lusting scent for me the closer I got to her soaking pussy. I ran my tongue near it, just slightly gracing it with the tip of my tongue as I slid past it towards her inner things. She was almost completely off her back with bad she wanted my face buried in her. I licked her inner thighs and glanced up, I could see strings of her cum dripping down her pussy. Finally, I gave her what she wanted and ran my entire tongue down the length of moist slit. She couldn't help it. She let out a loud moan as she reached her hands down to back of my head, pressing me down, burying my face as deep as she could in her cunt. I sucked on her clit hard as I slid a finger inside her warm cunt. I slipped another finer inside and began to fuck her with them as I continued to run my tongue up and down her clit. I could feel her legs start to tighten. Her moans got louder and her breath was faster than ever. Fuck Im going to cum!! She started to yell. Oh fuck I'm going to cum. I fingered her faster. Fuck, please don't stop!! Ph my God, Im cumming so fucking hard she screeched. Suddenly I feel squirts of her cum shooting at my face. FUCK don't stop she yelled. Her pussy drenching my face with all her juices. Like a waterfall, she continued to squirt more and more. I opened my mouth and tried to take as much of it in my mouth as I could. Her juices were so sweet I couldn't get enough of it. Finally she stopped cumming and laid back, panting, her mouth wide open, in disbelief of what she had just experienced. I have never done that before, she stated. Oh my god, is that okay what I did, she asked. Absolutely, I reaffirmed, I fucking loved it. Hmm, now I need to make you cum, she declared. My cock was still throbbing hard. There is only one problem she iterated, Im a virgin and want to save it for someone else. I understand, I responded. But my ass isn't off limits, she said provocatively staring at me, waiting for my reaction. I couldn't believe it. She flipped over on her stomach and arched her big tight ass high up in the air. Fuck my little ass, she begged me. I kneeled behind her and admired how perfectly round her ass was. It was huge, I couldn't even see her pussy without spreading it apart. I gave her a few spanks and confirmed if she was sure she wanted that. She nodded. I spat right on her asshole and stuck my pinky inside to test her. She let out a moan when I did. I started to rub her pussy from the bottom as I slid my middle, then index finger inside her ass. Mmm baby, fuck my little ass she exclaimed again. I give it one last spit and pressed the head of my cock hard against her asshole. Her back lost some arch as she felt it was much larger than my two fingers were. Fuck, she cried. I used the weight of my body and pushed it harder and I was in. I reached my hand around her and pressed it hard on her mouth so she couldn't scream. I began to thrust, slowly working all 7 inches inside her tight little ass. Meanwhile I kept rubbing her pussy with my other hand to bypass some of the pain of her first time. Fuck it hurts, but it feels so good, she cried again. Her asshole was so tight around my cock I knew I wouldn't last long. I began to thrust faster and harder, my balls slamming against her pussy each time. Her body began to clench up again, I knew she was getting close to cumming. I could also feel my balls begin to tighten, I felt a blood rush to my head, nearly making me black out. OH MY FUCKING GOD BABY, IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN, she screamed, my balls slamming into her pussy some more as my entire cock was buried in her ass. UGH FUCK, I moaned. We were about to cum together. I rammed my cock one last time as hard I could inside her and felt my entire balls begin to release inside of her. Her pussy once more began to squirt spurts of her cum on the couch cushions with my cock pumping load after load of cum inside of her. Fuck baby Im squirting again, she yelled. She lost all control of her legs as they were shaking as if she were having a seizure. I was completely drained and had no strength remaining, I simply fell forward on top of her. My cock still pulsing inside her ass. We laid there, motionless trying to catch our breath for what seemed like hours. Finally, my cock had gone limp and had slid out of her asshole. My cum was dripping down her inner tight. We stood up and assessed the damage. The couch cushion was wrecked. Luckily it had a cover we could wash. I told her to head upstairs to shower and Id clean up downstairs. I spilt my tequila on the cushion to help cover the smell and simply placed it in the washer to start in the morning. I went upstairs and my wife was snoring. She didn't hear or know a thing.. I let out a sigh of relief as I knew I was playing with fire and could have easily been caught. I heard her start the shower. I walked over to her and she was already inside. The water so hot I could see the steam coming out from the top. I slid the glass door open, her body still mesmerized me, even after what had just happened. I stopped inside, closed the sliding door and lost myself again with my lips pressed against hers, our tongues in each others mouths and the heat of the water against us.

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Forbidden Fruit (Sister in Law)

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