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Siblings Chain Attraction Pt1

Categories True Story, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: Jack1207

Published: 15 February 2018

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Notes: Few things like age, names have been changed slightly to keep our identities a secret. We want to share our story, but don't want to get in trouble with the law. We still live together but we tell everyone we are just roommates. We do not want our friends and family to find out what is actually going on.

If you like our story please let us know interact with us so we know to keep making them. Like i said this is just the beginning of our story which now has gone on for 3 years.

This is not the typical story about incest which you have heard online time after time. Both my sister and I were very well raised in a loving home where are parents worked extremely hard to give us a good life. We both went to school and were very good A average students. For most of my life I just saw my sister as just that a sister. We used to play as kids, but we drifted apart as most sibling do when one begins to get older. We played less often and she started calling me annoying at the beginning. It did hurt me but I was just a dumb kid I got over it and made my own friends while carrying on with my life. We used to fight a lot as we drifted apart, the fights got physical which left me pretty defenseless because I was just a small child at the time. It would not be until I turn 10 when I would acquire the strength to defend myself but never fight back. If I learned anything from my parents it was not to steal, and to never hit a woman.

Our relationship continued the same for most of our teen years. There was a moment when we were kids that we experimented making out. Our parents sometimes worked in the evening so we stayed home alone a lot on those days. I still remember it how it all began as a very young kid I had a eidetic memory which allows me to remember things with very exact details. I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons when my sister came in the room. Nothing strange happen at first, but she parked a conversation with me. She begin to tell me about the guys in her school. Things got more heated as she told me how a girl got caught giving head to a guy. Me the time not knowing what it was awkwardly asked;

Jack: What is head?

Jazlyn: It’s when a girl puts her mouth on a guy’s penis.

I was shocked by it but not that surprised since I had seen it in porn before but I had no idea why the girl would do that.

Jazlyn: you know most people are already making out at my school, Have you ever even kissed a girl (in a jokingly way)

Jack: Yes I have! (I said without confidence because I was lying but I was not going to get ridiculed)

Jazlyn: You know we can practice if you want so we can both get better

After a short moment of thinking it over I said yes I knew it was wrong but the thought of kissing a girl made me hard. She told me lets go upstairs to be more secluded. We were home alone but did not want to risk our parents coming home early and walking in on us. We ran up the stairs and into her room we both sat on her bed. To be honest I was pretty nervosa about the situation, as most kids would be. I probably would not have been able to initiate the kissing myself. She luckily took the initiative and put her lips on mine, we both open our mouths to invite each other in. After a few minutes of this she laid on her bed and had me lay on top of her to keep making out. I’m not going to tell you a lie and say I was a Casanova and knew what I was doing. Looking back at it now it was a sloppy mess of us wrestling with each other’s tongues in our mouths. But nonetheless I loved every second of it. She would tell me I was good at the time but now looking back we were both inexperienced. This continued for 5 days, every day we would wait with excitement for our parents to leave. The literal second our parents left we would run upstairs without stopping.

Jazlyn: They will not be back until late today that means we will have 5 hours of making out

Jack: perfect (I said excitedly while placing myself in between her legs to be on top of her so I could kiss her)

Our lips met and I loved the feeling of her saliva in my mouth. It never went passed this because to be honest I didn't even know that much about sex or how to even do it at the time so I could not initiated. This continued one day when she stopped me from kissing her and she told me;

Jazlyn: This is not okay we are brother and sister we need to stop this

Jack: we just won’t tell mom and dad

Jazlyn: no we need to stop

Me not wanting to get in trouble said

Jack: fine I won’t do it anymore

I got off of her and laid on the other side of her bed

Jazlyn: maybe we could still do it a bit more?

Me thinking she might tell on me refused and stayed on the far side of the bed. That’s was the end we cleaned our self-up had a few awkward moments after that but eventually. We got over it and carried on with our lives pretty normally for years.

During the next year things went back to normal we were just siblings nothing more. We never again talked about the kissing we had shared all those years ago. We did not even acknowledge it ever it happen. Like it was erased from our minds never to be brought up again. I never really fantasized or had any feelings for my sister after this. About 8 years passed and now I was 18 and she was 21

In a dark turn of events both our mom and dad diapered from our lives. I will not go into detail on the reason why for the reason of not wanting to be identified. Just know that our parents were gone and were not coming back, and just like overnight we were left alone in the world. I was still in high school. She had just gotten a job with a company working in sales. I was a crazy hit but things have to keep going. My sister basically rose to the occasion to take care of me since I was still in high school. I was and still am incredibly grateful for this, but I still needed to help out. I went out and I got a job in a dinner as a cook while I prayed my way through school. She kept her job and we were pretty well off for just the two of us.

As we started to feel better and decide who gets what it came to our attention that both f us wanted the Master Bedroom with a big walking closet and a smaller one. Plus a personal bathroom. I knew I wanted it so I dragged my bed in there and decided I was going to sleep there tonight. Jazlyn also had stated that she wanted it and when she saw I planned on sleeping in there she decided to do the same to try and win it over. That night I slept on my bed while she slept in our parents. I was getting ready for bed when she looked at me while lying in bed;

Jazlyn: you know it is not right we should not be sleeping in the same room be are brother and sister

Jack: You can leave whenever you want (thinking I had won the room)

Jazlyn: Not a chance this is my room

Jack: okay suite yourself

We turned off the light and went to bed, the same situations continued for about a month neither of us giving in to the other. One day when I was coming home from work late at night around 12 midnight. I open the door and walk to the room to find Jazlyn crying in the bed with tears running down her face and wet spots on covers where it was clear she had been crying. I quickly rush to her side and asked;

Jack: Jaz what’s wrong?

Jazlyn: Nothing was just thinking about mom and dad

Jack: it’s okay please don’t cry

Jazlyn: I can’t! I can’t just not cry I miss them so much it’s not fair

Jack: I know but we can’t get sad

To be honest until this point I had not given much thought to the weight of this situation. I have always had such a positive outlook on life and I tried to ignore this whole thing as much as possible so it would not get me down. Now seeing my seeing my sister tear up in front of me broke my heart and made me realize our situation. I still wanted to be strong for her. I said;

Jack: Cheer up mom and dad would not want to see us like that. They always taught us to be positive.

Jazlyn: this is the real world Jack bad things happen stop looking at it like that (she said in a angry yet sad tone)

I sat on the bed next to her

Jack: You remember that park mom and dad used to take us as kids, The one that had so many oak trees it seemed like a forest.

Jazlyn: Yeah what about it

Jack: We used to run and play on those giant play structures and act like we were on spaceships. We would pretend it was just you and I alone in space and we always had our backs trying to survive, oh that place was also the first time you tried to convince me I was adopted ( I said joking)

Jazlyn chuckled

Jazlyn: Yes, sorry about that by the way I was just a dumb kid (she smiled at me)

Jack: I know it’s fine but back in those day we were close always looking out for each other just like now. Mom and dad might be gone, but they raised us well and to always watch out and love your family. Well Jaz you’re my family now and I will always be here for you.

Jazlyn: I know Jack, and I will always be here for you too.

Jack: I know you will (smiling at her I leaned in to hug her)

Jazlyn: I love you Jack

Jack: I love you too Jaz

For the rest of the night we spent in bed next to each other looking at the ceiling listening to music and remembering the good old days. Laughing and catching up since we had not in a very long time it was the first time both of us felt happy again. Before we knew it was 6 am and the sun started to peak out.

Jazlyn: HOLY SHIT! Jack we stayed up all night I didn’t get any sleep

Jack: oh I guess we did (I said in a calm matter)

Jazlyn: I’m not going to get any sleep now I need to start getting ready for work

She climbed out of bed and rushed to the bathroom I could hear her begin to shower and do all those things women do… which apparently take two to three hours to complete. I on the other end got up and poured myself a bowl a cereal and sat in the dinner table while I watched some YouTube videos. Then I went to lie on the couch and began to drift away. I was awoken however by my sister after she came out of her room dressed and stunning always looking professional for work. As she walked to the door to leave

Jazlyn: Hey Jack, I really appreciate our talk and it was fun spending more time with you we should do it more often.

Jack: sure Jaz anytime I’m always here for you we are brother and sister we have each other back

She smiled at me as she open the door to step out

Jazlyn: Have fun at school (she said as she closed the door)

I thought myself oh yeah school I need to do that shit. I quickly got ready in 20 minutes and relaxed on the couch until it was time for me to leave.

At school things went on without much difference after mom and dad left, things just didn’t feel right and I had no more parents to impress. Like I said I have an eidetic memory which always made getting A’s easy. To be honest high school over all is extremely easy and unless your actually have a real learning disability or are simply not trying you will pass doing the bare minimum. I went through my classes putting on a show of my old self. A confident smart student who liked to joke around a LOT but still got the work done. Sometimes I liked to hide the fact I was far above the level of my other classmates. I would love to mock those kids who felt the need to let everyone in the class know just how smart they are. Usually those same kids are just regurgitating information they heard a day ago trying to sound smart. Those are the least intellectual people you will ever meet for the simple reason that they have no opinion of their own. They are just mindless drones following what the last person with authority that told them was right.

School eventually came to an end so I grabbed my stuff and headed to work, kitchen duty was always hell even more when you had a dinner rush it always felt like it was never going to end. It always did though, I finished washing the dishes packed up waived goodbye to my shift manager. She told me thanks and to get home safe. This night I was actually pretty excited to get home and see my sister. Something to consider is that I had never seen my sister in a sexual matter and at this point in our story I still had not. I just liked spending time with her being close and happy, I liked the feeling of family again. After a 30 minute commute I was finally home. I walked to open the rooms door, I saw Jazlyn in bed on her phone with the lights on the left side of the bed not the middle like she used to. It almost felt like subconsciously she was telling me to lay with her so I took my pants off, because I sleep in my boxers.

Jazlyn: I was waiting for you did you eat already?

Jack: Yeah I got something at the dinner before I left

Jazlyn: How was school?

Jack: boring (I said as I climbed in bed with her she had no hesitation and said nothing)

We kept talking and laughing about anything and everything you could until about 2am. She stopped the conversation.

Jazlyn: Look Jack I need to get some actual sleep tonight, I love talking to you but good night (she said as she shut off the light)

Jack: Good Night Jazlyn

The next morning Jazlyn was gone before I woke up. It was 7:30am and my day like many others continued, but today I got a text from Jazlyn which read; “hey I’m going to spend the night at Alex’s place“. Alex being her year and a half boyfriend at the time. Something happen on this day I don’t know what but for some reason it bothered me. I replied with an “alright” but deep down it bothered me knowing even if I tried to tell myself I did not. She quickly texted back; “hey you get the big bed all to yourself now :) “. At the time I did not know, but I didn’t want it to be alone I wanted her to be in it with me. It was not the first time she spend the night at her boyfriend’s but it was the first time since we started to connect more. I pushed it to the back of my head and got excited that it was Friday and was looking for some time off. That time off was not as good as I thought since it was just me spending a weekend alone in a big house since Jazlyn usually did not come back until Sunday.

During the next month we kept sleeping in the same bed together, but never anything else it was just sleep. Now and then we would have an occasional fight that would get to out of hand. With no parents to keep us regulated things sometimes got really heated. We were always able to make up and get over everything dumb we were fighting about. The big thing about this month was that we became a lot closer. We started to become closer as siblings we would talk every night for hours. Jazlyn and I really missed our parents and we began to use each other for emotional support and eventually that would turn into emotional affection. Without either of us knowing it we became emotionally attached to each other. They tell you not to seek the emotional relationship that you would want with your partner from a relative. This can lead to a dangerous place, but we did it without even knowing. Plus the feeling of isolation, feeling alone in the world just Jazlyn and me. It was a time bomb waiting to happen. We were playing with fire and looking back on it now our relationship was inevitable.

I woke up it was it was Saturday morning and the sun was shining through the blinds. I turned to my side and I saw Jazlyn still fast asleep, I just admired her beautiful petit face and her wavy brunette hair. I put my hand on her arm touching her white skin which was warm to the touch. For the past month Jazlyn and I had been sleeping in the same bed together but just that's just sleeping, however we had become externally close whenever we would feel sad about our parents we would comfort each other and hug each other tightly in bed. We liked to rant about our days to each other and we would always listen. We’d spend a lot of time together and watching movies in the living room with a blanket on the couch, cooking together some of our mothers plates. We actually began having dinner at the table together again before we would just eat anywhere we could, but never the table. After a few minutes of just starring at her I got up from bed I was starting to see Jazlyn in another light even if I would tell myself that it was not happening and nothing was going on deep down I knew I started to manifest feeling for her. I walked to the kitchen and began to make breakfast for the both of us like the previous week. Jazlyn had stopped spending so many nights at her boyfriend's I took out the full carton of eggs and proceeded to crack 10 I was a big eater. Jazlyn had apparently woken and made her way into the kitchen. Upon seeing me she said

Jazlyn: hey thanks for waking me ass (she said in a joking way)

I looked back and saw her standing in the hallway leading to the bedrooms with her Nike short shorts and a plain white tee and her brunette hair all messy and tangled.

Jack: You were snoring (I said joking)

Jazlyn: I don't fucking snore

Jack: yeah you do I can prove it to you I'll get a tape recorder and have it on when you sleep

Jazlyn: don't you dare jack

I smiled at her, I knew she didn't snore she slept like a goddamn angel. I knew because I would see her when I would wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but I just loved pushing her buttons and knew she wouldn't call my bluff.

Jazlyn: what are you making?

Jack: eggs with ham gonna make some toast too ( I said while mixing the eggs)

Jazlyn: good I'll help you, I'll begin cutting the ham

We proceeded to finish making breakfast I took the big pan and placed it on the table and brought two plates to serve ourselves.

Jazlyn: why did you cook so damn much, oh yeah, you’re a pig I forgot ( she said followed by laughter)

Jake: Dick, laugh all you want you’re just jealous I can eat so much and not get fat.

Jazlyn: maybe, why does life seem unfair

Jack: first off I'm well built (I said in a cocky matter as Jazlyn rolled her eyes) second I'm fucking 6,2 my body need more calories to function.

Jazlyn: well that sucks, just because I'm barely over 5 feet I can't eat crap

Jack: you can still eat just not as much, you could always eat more if you worked out

Jazlyn: fuck that shit, too much work

Like she even needed to work out she had a naturally a incredible body slim and small a flat stomach wide child barring hips and incredibly juicy ass and looked incredible when she was walking in jeans. We sat down and ate and I ate about 3 times what she did now satisfied I moved to the couch

Jazlyn: hey you working today

Jack: naw, why you wanna do something?

Jazlyn: maybe, but I don't know

Jack: wanna go out for a walk

Jazlyn: walk where?

Jack: the park we used to play as kids? (we had been spending a lot of time together at this park lately)

Jazlyn: I don't know it's kinda hot day.

Jack: come on for old times’ sake it will be fun going down memory lane ( I said while placing my hands on her shoulders)

Jazlyn: fine but we're driving

Jack: okay shotgun

Jazlyn: what screw that I want to be the passenger

Jack: to late

Jazlyn: you drive me around or I'm not going

Jake: fine you little cry baby

Jazlyn: thanks bro (she said laughing)

I thought to myself she’s damn lucky she is cute. We went and got ready for the park. I was wearing brown cargo shorts and black v neck. She came out of her room wearing a cute sundress and her hair tide up wearing it big and large on top of her head. We hoped in our car we both shared and drove the 15 minute drive to the park. I parked us in the shade so the leather seats would not burn our skin when we came back.

Jack: alright let's go I want to walk through the old path we used to take with mom and dad as kids

Jazlyn: alright

We left the cool air condition car and stepped into the heat of the sun barring on our skin

Jack: Did you put sunscreen on, your skin is far to light you will turn into a tomato

Jazlyn: yesss unlike you I don't forget it

Jack: I don't need it

Jazlyn: tell me that when you have skin cancer

We proceeding to walk the parks path reminiscing about our parents and how much fun we had we laughed and joked around with each other at the end of the park we got to the play structure we used to play at. We sat on a close park bench

Jack: crazy how much time we spent hear

Jazlyn: yes, playing pretend

Jack: wasn't pretend it was getting us ready for well this situation

Jazlyn: well yes I guess, but you were still an annoying little shit (she chuckled)

Jack: oh yeah well you were a giant bitch to me (I smiled back at her)

Jazlyn: so why did you play with me? (She grin back)

Jack: cause you were all I had

Jazlyn: really? I think its cause you loved me (she said mocking me)

Jack: you wish, you were a dick to me growing up

Jazlyn: sure, I know you looked up to and loved your big sis

Jack: mhmm keep telling yourself that

I knew she was right it was never an attraction but I always looked up to her almost put her on a pedestal.

Jazlyn: I'll be right back (she said as she got up from the bench)

I turned around and saw she was going to get a drink of water from the water fountain. So I decided to turn back to sit on the bench and wait for her to return. After a few moments I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see her standing before me smiling with her cheeks puffed out clearly filled with water.

Jack: don't you do it

She spit the water all over me the preprocessed to run away laughing. I quickly rose to my feet and chased after her with the intention of getting her back for this. She began to climb on top of the play structure. I got on the play structure as well after a few minutes of her jumping off getting back on and going down slide I finally caught up to her. While running right behind her I wrapped my arms around her small core and just ripped her off the ground. Supporting the back of her body mine her feet began to dangle as I lifted her hire.

Jazlyn: Jack put me down I’m wearing a dress someone might see my underwear (she said laughing and giggling)

Jack: no one is around but us dork

Jazlyn: still you might see my underwear

I said nothing as I kept carrying her down the play structure and to the water fountain. Then placing her stomach over my shoulder I filled my mouth with water and let it run down her perfect legs. She let out a girly scream, but I knew it did not bother her. I let her go and quickly punched me in my arm with all the strength a girl who was 120lbs could have.

Jazyln: Ass

I just smiled at her knowing now we were even. We spent time just playing, laughing and talking. We eventually decided to call it a day and began to walk back to the car. On our walk back an older couple who had to be in their 70s passed us.

Older Couple: what a lovely couple you two are adorable together

Jazlyn: we are not a couple we are brother and sister (she said quickly almost as a defensive mechanism, because she knew what we were becoming and did not want to admit it)

Older couple: oh our bad sweetie well both of you are very adorable anyways have a good day

Jazlyn: you too (she said as she smiled)

For the trip home we did not speak about what had just happen. There was an awkward silence the whole drive home. When we finally reached home we both went onto do different things and did not really talk much for the rest of the day

Later that night I went and got ready for bed I went into the hallway bathroom as I usually do. I striped my clothes and hopped into the shower. I like showering before I sleep whenever I can. It makes falling asleep easier since you feel fresh. I have never been a morning shower person. After I got out I put on the black boxer and striped tank top I had brought in with me. I headed to the bedroom and walked in my sister was already in bed laying on the left side with her back against the base board while she was on her phone. I walked over to our radio and turned on the music on shuffle, and proceeded to walk to bed as I always did. I pulled back the covers on my side and laid with her. After a few minutes of us on our phone in silence she broke the awkwardness

Jazlyn: funny what that old couple said to us huh?

Jack: yeah I guess

Another minute of silence over took us

Jazlyn: Not that crazy though I could see why someone might mistake us as a couple you carrying me around and shit

I quickly jumped over to the left side of the bed. Where she was wearing cute pink shorts and a purple blouse. She let out a little cute shriek as I got on top of her and position myself in between her thighs. I could feel her warmth of her body comforting mine looking at each other with a smile I moved in for her lips. Her eyes closed shut as our lips got closer, and finally after 8 long years our lips touched once again. It was one of those moments that you never knew how much you wanted it until you had it. My cock became fully erect the second our lips met luckily, because I was so much taller than her I could position my cock just beneath her crotch. This way she could not feel the 8 inch blunt object trying to escape my boxers. The feeling I got all over my body was a warm and pleasurable that might only be recreated by a child waking up on Christmas Day to a living room filled with presents. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she gladly accepted it. It was different from when we were kids, it was better. We were now both more experienced we both had dated in the past. She was even still in a relationship as she laid there with her brother in between her legs and my tongue in her mouth. I grabbed one of her legs with my arms and raised it up and I played her thick thigh next to my body. I could feel her heat from her wet pussy beginning to heat my core. Every kiss smoother and sensual than the last. Our Saliva which contained the same DNA mixed in our mouths. I wanted and needed more I began to position my hand on her shorts. I sipped my hand under her shorts with the intention of touching her warm pussy, but before I could the kissing seized.

Jazlyn: Jack, don’t

Jack: why not, come on please

Jazlyn: No. we’re siblings, not now

Jack: Okay (I said sad, but not wanting to pusher to do anything she didn’t)

We continued to make out for the next hour or so then we both stopped and started talking about life; what we will do in the future, moving to a new city and just enjoying each other’s company. It was no longer awkward it was comfort, it was love without us knowing it. We kept making out almost every night for about 2 weeks. We both became more confident and open with each other nothing felt weird with Jazlyn anymore. It was like I could do anything with her and it was perfectly fine.

Our make out sessions continued almost on a daily basis for the next few weeks our passion getting stronger. My sister “needs” were building up inside of her and I could tell. It all lead up to the day everything changed and we became one for the first time. It was a Friday Night I was coming home late from the dinner it was almost midnight. When I walked in I headed to the room to tell Jazlyn I had arrived. When I came in the room she was just in bed brushing her hair.

Jack: Hey Jaz I’m back

Jazlyn: Oh cool how work was

Jack Alright, Hey I’m going to go take a shower I’ll be back

Jazlyn: Okay I’ll be waiting for you (she smiled at me which made my heart melt)

In the shower I instantly had a hard on just thinking about Jazlyn; her soft warm skin pressed up against mine, her scent. Just being near her was intoxicating. I didn’t jerk off cause I wanted to be excited for our make out session we were going to have. After I dried off and change I went to meet Jazlyn In bed. She was now on her phone browsing through Instagram. The music was already playing so I did not bother turning it on. I quickly jumped in the bed she had already begun to warm up. As soon as I was in the bed I moved to begin kissing her cheek.

Jazlyn: So I’m guessing you are not tired from work huh

Jack: Never too tired for you (I said while I kept kissing her cheek)

Jazlyn: Jack slow do- (she began to say, But I cut her off because I began to French kiss her)

I quickly got in between her legs and started to grip her hair and face. I would take deep breath now and then because I loved the smell she carried with her. I could not take this anymore I felt like I was going to explode. I moved my hand which was caressing her face down her beautiful white soft skin to her short shorts. From the front I peeled back the waistband just a little bit.

Jazlyn: Jack you know we cannot take this that far(she said after breaking our kissing apart)

Jack: Please Jaz I can’t take the tension anymore you just look so beautiful lying there (I said while looking her dead in the eyes)

She grabbed my shoulder

Jazlyn: Don’t think I don’t want to, but jack what will happen if others find out

Jack: Fuck everyone else it’s our life and one day we are all going to die so we have to do what makes us happy, And I know loving you makes me happy (I Proceeded to kiss her neck and then to her lips)

The song Young and Beautiful by Lena Del Rey began to play in our speaker in the background and to this day it continues to be “our song”

I began to tug at her waist band again, but this time she did not protest. I pulled her waistband even lower and she thrusted her hips slightly up so I could remove her shorts. Me without hesitation stopped our kiss and ripped those shorts off and slid then down her legs and of her toes. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her after I saw she was not wearing any panties. I was now on my knee upright on the bed so I could take off my shirt leaving me on my boxers. She then began to take of her top leaving her completely nude. It was like I was staring at the Garden of Eden “Pure Perfection”. Her out black hair scatter all over the pillow, Then going down to her perfect C-cup breast laying their on her chest. Her core had an hour glass figure connecting her small tiny core to wide child baring hips. Her thighs where nice and full but not fat by any means. Finally her wet pussy hairless and soft and as white as the rest of her body. With perfect pussy lips that met in the middle. It was like her pussy was calling my name, and inviting me in.

Jazlyn: Jack? Are you okay you just gonna stare at me? (she said with a smirk)

Jack: I was just appreciating what I had in front of me (I said after I was snapped out of the trance)

I began to slip my tight black boxers off. My dick was fully erect long ago it felt like it was going to explode with blood.

Jazlyn: shit jack your bulge always looked big but your dick is massive (she said while looking at my fully erect 8 inch long and 5.8 inch in girth dick)

On my knees I moved closer to her body, then with my hands I grabbed the back of her knees and bent her legs closer to her as I moved up her body. I was now in between her legs my throbbing dick mere inches from her pussy opening by shaft resting on the top part of her crotch area. Her scent filled my senses once again as I kissed her.

Jack: Jaz you sure?

Jazlyn: Yes I am (she said while placing her hand on my cheek)

I slightly moved back to position the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I could already feel her wetness with the tip of my dick.

Jack: I love you Jaz

Jazlyn: I love you too Jack

With Young and beautiful still playing in the background I slowly thrusted my dick inside of my own sister. As my head just slipped in I could already feel how tight she was. As pushed more of me inside of her she let out a soft moan and she closed her eyes. She had the wettest pussy I ever felt. Yet I had to slip in slowly because of how tight she felt on my dick. I felt like I was experiencing a drug as the head of my dick slid up and grind next to her wet, warm and tight, pussy walls. As I began to push more in at about 5 ½ inches deep Jazlyn began to let our stronger moans. She looked so majestic with her eyes closed and he arms slightly over her head. Giving me a perfect visual of her breast spread across her chest. She was making facial expression of pure pleasure. When I was about 6 ½ inches in I stopped, because Jazlyn softly pressed her hand on to my stomach slightly pushing me back. At this point her pussy felt even tighter and I did not wish to hurt Jazlyn, but to make love with her. I put my body on top of Jazlyn’s our chest’s pressing against each other. Now that we were together I slowly began to thrust my dick in and out of her. Her moans got louder and more frequently so I picked up the pace, so I could see and feel her body react to my dick. I began to kiss and nibble on her neck. When I did this she placed her hand on my ass, and the other one on my back. Feeling her body clinging to be drove me over the edge. I speed up my thrusting like crazy and Jazlyn went into full blown ecstasy she began to let our moans and screams.

Jazlyn: Ohh! Jackhhh Please faster (she said with her eyes close and a look of absolute pleasure on her face then went back to moaning to the point I thought neighbors might hear)

Hearing her scream my name I began to feel her already tight pussy begin to clinch on my dick. With force so strong that I thought she her pussy might force me out of her. I felt the pressure on my balls and I could not hold out anymore. I stopped thinking and gave into instinct I force all of my 8+ inches inside of her pussy. I tore its way through her pussy. As soon as I pushed deeper in she quickly put both her arms on my back and dug her nails into my back muscles.

Jazlyn: AHHHHHHH!!! (She let out a giant gasp which turn into a moan as I felt the head of my dick strongly press up against her cervix leaving no more room for anything)

I pushed in until I could no longer go deeper our pelvic bones were literally pressed up against each other’s. My now throbbing cock kept gushing load after load of cum deep inside my sister’s pussy. I have put my seed deep inside of my sibling my own flesh and blood. The thought of what we had just done turn me on even more. While still deep inside of her with my now semi erect cock I rested my body on Jazlyn’s. I place my now sweaty head on her boobs. My heart was pounding so hard we could hear it in the room. I could hear her heart with my head pressed up on her chest. Our hearts were in perfect sync we had become one.

Jack: I love you so fucking much Jazlyn

Jazlyn: I love you Jack

I pushed my body up off of her and slid my dick out her and all my cum came oozing out of her. I had never shot so much cum in my life. As I looked at Jazlyn’s perfect cute pussy with the cream pie I had given her. I was not thinking about the consequences or that we did something “wrong” all I knew is I wanted more and I was not going to stop.

Jazlyn: Damn Jack I didn’t know guys could jizz so much (she stuck a few finger inside of her pussy to try and get the rest out)

Jazlyn: can you go get me a towel? (She said as she removed her fingers from her pussy and proceeded to lick her finger full with our juices)

I got up from the bed and retrieved a towel form the bathroom for Jazlyn. I return to the room and got in front of her pussy and wiped it clean for her.

Jazlyn: Okay jack well I need to shower after that (she said and she got up from the bed)

I got up from the bed too and went after her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her of her feet and back to the bed.

Jazlyn: What are you doing jack (she said giggling)

Jack: what’s the point of showering if I’m gonna do it again? (I said while tossing her light body on the bed)

Before she could even say another word I kissed her, and cupped her breast in my hands. During the course of the weekend we had to of fucked at least 10 times a day. We order in all our food and barley left the house. When we did leave it was to go buy lube because her pussy began to get irritated with all the fucking we were doing. We snuggle and did not want to leave each other’s bodies.

Note: But this is not how the story ends this was just the beginning things actually got worse before they got better. Now it has been over 3 years and continue our relationship in secrecy. If you liked the story please let me know. If enough people like it I will continue to write about our relationships. So be sure to interact with me

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Siblings Chain Attraction Pt1

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Comments (1)
bigdaddyg123 — 17 February 2018 12:59
Sibling's Chain Reaction - Part 1 - Eighteen Year Old Brother, Jack and Twenty-one Year Old Experienced Sister, Jazlyn.

Your story has not been so unusual--except for the incestuous love story that you and Jazlyn have so lovingly discovered! Personally, I've had an affair with my daughter when she was about your age. Nothing in God's Realm gives so much happiness and satisfaction as giving your love to each other--than being soulmates to a sibling--or a daughter! Give details of your parents; you're anonymous enough there should be no risk!!

Your foreplay, "pillow talk" and love scenes need more intimacy detail. There was no discussion of birth control. You should give serious consideration of impregnating Jazlyn and having a family of four or five children every two years or so--seriously!!

Please reread twice or more before posting; too many misspelled words and words used incorrectly. You definitely have idea and expression talent. WRITE MORE!!
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