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  1. Andy and Me - First Time
  2. Andy and Me - First Time Part 2

Andy and Me - First Time

Categories True Story, First Time, Gay, Teen

Author: *****

Published: 15 February 2018

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True Story - My name is Sam. Me and Andy have been friends for almost our whole life's and up to that point we had never even though about each other in a sexual way. I never asked him what brought it on the first time, not wanting to either of us to back out if we thought to much about it.

We were at my house alone during the day and playing one of my game consoles as all teenagers do. About a couple hours in, Andy said almost nonchalantly,

“I don't know about you, but I am horny as all hell.”

That threw me completely. What a strange thing to say out of nowhere I thought, but then thinking about it, so was I. When I realized that my heart skipped a beat.

'Where is this going?' I thought. 'Does he want to do... something with me?' And suddenly all I could think about was cumming by someone else’s hand rather than mine. After a moment I responded.

“Actually... yes, very. Until you said it though, I didn't know I was. Why?”

“Well I don't know about you but at this point, I don't mind who I get off with.”

I definitely could agree with him on that point.

“Yeah, the same. I am so horny almost anyone will do.”

“Well we are both here and feel the same way...” He trailed off. At this point I wanted him to state it out loud so there was going to be no confusion.

“So... what?”

He smiled. “Ok, what about this. You vs me and the winner gets a handjob off the loser.”

'Holy fuck yes!' I thought. My first potential handjob and I was not going to let it pass. I was determined to win and after playing with him and watching him play, I knew I would.

“Well... I accept.” I replied quickly.

His smile turned lustful and he responded simply saying, “I glad we agree.”

The match only lasted a couple of minutes. I beat him massively.

“Well, that's that then.” I said smiling lustfully. I waited for him to say something, wondering if he would back out since he lost or if he ever really meant it.

“Yes it is.” He turned and looked at me, the desire clearly visible on his face. “Get to the head of your bed... and take your pants off.”

'He's really going to do it!' I slowly undid my pants and pulled them off, leaving me lying there with just a t-shirt and boxers on. He climbed in between my legs and ran his hands along the insides of my legs and over my rapidly growing cock. Eventually one of his hands slid underneath my boxers and grasped my cock. I let out a little gasp and he simply smiled as he began to stroke me up and down. God it felt amazing. I focused completely on his strokes, when he let go and pulled my boxers straight off in one go. Now my fully erect cock stood to attention in front of him.

“Much better!” He exclaimed and again wrapped his hand around my cock and began stroking, while using his other hand to play with my balls. It felt amazing and I could already feel my orgasm building. It was happening fast, but I didn't care. But I wanted to let him know I was close to cumming.

“Holy fuck, it's amazing and if you keep going like that I am going to blow in a minute.”

“Good to know.” He said and he began to stroke faster and faster. He really wanted me to cum and so I let my building orgasm fully take over. It built faster as I looked straight at him stroking my cock. I wanted to watch as I came in his hand. Suddenly I reached the edge and went straight over it.

“Oh god!” I exclaimed, as spurts of cum shot onto the bits of my exposed stomach, all over his hand and even a bit on his chin. He kept going for a little while before finally stopping.

“That was fun, wasn't it.” He exclaimed and I could only reply with a nod. He then stood up, pulled his own pants and boxers down, then sat down in the chair he was sitting in previously and began stroking his own cock furiously with his cum soaked hand. I watched and was overtaken by the urge to see what it felt like giving a handjob. So without saying anything, I sat on the edge of my bed and ran a hand over his balls. He moaned softly and almost as he could read my mind, he let go of his cock and my hand replaced his as I started to stroke him slowly.

“I'm so close already. Make me cum, please!” He almost pleaded. Well who was I to argue and I rapidly began stroking his hard cock. Barely ten seconds had past before he began to cum aswell. I had covered the head of his cock with my other hand to make sure it didn't go everywhere so both my hands now got more and more sticky and covered with every spurt. I kept stroking for a little bit after he had cum, his cock and balls were now covered with his cum and for a moment I wondered what it would be like to taste it, but decided to leave it for another day.

“Well, how was that? You seem to be very sticky now.” I said smiling lustfully.

“That was... wow. Yeah, i'm sticky. I need to go clean up... in a minute.” He replied in a state of bliss.

After a minute or two of us both sitting there, in just our t-shirts, looking at our selfs and each other we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up.

After cleaning up he had to leave. I walked him to the door to close it after him when he turned round.

“My house tomorrow. Eight PM. There is plenty more we should do that is much more fun.” He winked and walked outside.


As he asked, eight PM sharp, I was there. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds he answered in just his boxers.

'Well this is going to be interesting.' I thought. “I'm here. Can I come in?”

“Definitely.” The lust was evident on his face, which made my cock start to grow already. All day I had been on fire with lust and horniness and now I was ready for anything.

I walked in and it was evident he was alone, which wasn't surprising. He led me into his back room, where his computer was and as I looked, it was open onto various gay porn videos and webpages.

'So he really wants to go much further... This is going to be so fucking hot.' I had looked myself the previous night after he left and now, seeing him only in his boxers and my cock growing hard already, I was up for anything.

“So... this is interesting.” I said indicating the screen.

“Heh. Well I was looking to see what other fun things we could do and found some interesting things.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Like this.” He played a video of two young men 69'ing. It ended before they came but it was hot enough.

“Looks fucking hot.” I said, ready to pull his boxes off.

“Oh, I know. I watched it earlier and I'm so glad you agree. Have a read of these as well.” He showed me some websites describing things for gay couples to do. I simply nodded.

“Any ideas?”

“Yes, what about you?”

“Yes.” I stood up and stripped down to just my boxes in front of him, my erect cock obvious in my boxers.

“Wow...” He exclaimed, staring at my crotch.

“Yes. Now get your boxers off. Free that cock of yours.” The lust and hormones had completely taken over now for both of us.

Andy stood up and pulled off his boxers, throwing them aside. His cock was as erect as mine as he sat back down, spreading his legs. I moved forward and knelt down between his legs, staring at his prick.

“I have one condom. Want me to put it on?” He asked.

“Fuck no.” I said as my mouth engulfed his cock. He let out a surprised gasp but quickly relaxed as I ran my tongue over the head of his prick and he rested his hands on the back of my head. I kept going, sucking and licking sensually, tasting the precum that leaked from the end of his cock, until he told me to stop.

“What's up?” I asked hoping I hadn't done something wrong.

“Nothing. We are swapping that's all. Get those boxers off.” I needed no further telling. I pulled them down and sat in the chair in his place and spread my own legs.


“Nope. I want to feel and taste it all.” That comment set me on fire inside. My first blowjob and from my best friend. His mouth slowly slid down my shaft and it was fantastic. Andy had never given one before but god was he good. His tongue continually flick the back of my cock's head, causing me to gasp every time. His mouth was hot and every so often I felt precum leak from my cock, only to be swept up by his tongue. Eventually though he stopped and my heart saddened, wondering what now.

“Taste's great so far Sam.” He said smiling. “I think we should get more comfortable now.”

He stood up and walked naked into the lounge. I followed him, naked as well and watched at he lay on the leather sofa.

“Joining me for a 69 are you?” My eyes widened as I saw him play with himself for a few moments.

“Oh god yes.”

“Good, get on top of me.” I did as he asked. I climbed on top of him and positioned myself so my head was above his crotch and my cock was just above his mouth.

“Andy, are you comfortable like that?” I felt him slide very slightly down and then reply,

“Oh yes. Right, when I am close to cumming what I will do is squeeze the top of your legs or ass cheeks. Just so you know when to back off, as we should take this slow and enjoy it for as long as we can.

“Hmmm, I am totally fine with that. I will do the same. Oh are you going to be able to move when I relax? Because my cock is only out of your mouth because I am trying to hold it out of it.”

“Not anymore... and I don't want to be able to. That's why I slid down just now. It's going to be so fucking hot that I can't get away from your throbbing cock.”

“Ohh god... That image... It's going to be hard not to cum fast now.”

“Well I'll take it slow if you do.”

“It's a deal.” I said as I relaxed, lowering my throbbing cock into his hot mouth, trapping him into the one position. I heard him moan as I felt him start to work on me. I gasped and swallowed as much of his rock hard cock as I could. Minutes past as we both slowly worked on each others cocks, licking, sucking and massaging each others balls. I felt him squeeze my ass and I backed off, wanting to make this as enjoyable for both of us. Then I felt my orgasm building as he started sucking hard and before the edge approached I squeezed his ass and he too backed off.

We repeated bringing each other to the edge, then squeezing and backing off another couple of times. We were both red hot and sweaty but neither of us cared. All that mattered was the ecstasy we were feeling. Precum was now coming almost continually from both of our cocks. Every lick would bring taste. It was becoming almost addictive and I knew that soon I wanted his proper cum in my mouth. My orgasm edged up again and I squeezed. Almost at the same time he squeezed by ass. As we backed off again, a dirty thought crossed my mind. I had no idea if would want to do it, but it wasn't too far off from what was already happening. I tensed and lifted by cock out of his mouth.

“Andy. One moment. I have had a really dirty and hot thought.”

“Shoot.” Oh how much I wanted to.

“Let's cum together, at the same time. I have this image in my mind of you wrapping your legs round my head, forcing me down to stay on your cock as you cum, making me have to swallow your load so I don't choke. At the same time, you are unable to move with my throbbing cock in your mouth, unable to get away as I explode and flood your mouth with my cum, forcing you to desperately swallow it all to breath. Both of us swallowing each others at the same time.”

“Flood my already full mouth? Hmmm, sounds like its going to be a fun challenge.” I had to really try hard not to blow immediately upon hearing that.

“Well lets get each other to the edge now and then...” I didn't finish as I again started to suck Andy's cock and I placed mine back in his mouth. It took almost no time at all to bring each other to the edge. We squeezed for the final time and stopped. I was so desperate to cum, I was almost crazy with lust and from the feeling of Andy's blowjob, he was feeling the same.

“So are you ready for this?”

“Fuck yes! Fill my mouth with your salty load and as I will yours. We both so desperately want to cum!”

“Then pull me down dirty boy!” I said, hardly thinking at all anymore. I felt him wrap his legs round my head and force me down onto his twitching cock and I forced mine into his hot, waiting mouth.

I wanted to make him cum just before me so he would be focusing on his own orgasmic joy just as mine would take him by surprise. I sucked as hard and fast as I could racing him to make the other cum. I felt my edge rapidly approach, knowing that this was it this time and I would be forced over it, forced to cum into my best friend's mouth. I sucked hard and felt his cock twitch, knowing this was it, just as I was forced over my edge. His first spurt was powerful, hot, salty and massive. As I started to swallow, I lost all control I had over my own orgasm and let it go. Another spurt into my mouth as I exploded into his. I heard him grunt as it took him by surprise, which then caused me to be surprised by his next spurt. Over and over again it happened as over the next half a minute we both rocked together, both grunting as we filled each others mouths and struggled to swallow. Eventually we both stopped and I rolled off of him and onto the floor.

“Holy fuck... that was so hot!” I said panting.

“So sexy, so dirty and so fun.” Andy replied.

“So what now?”

“Well you can stay here tonight. Even though your house is only a couple of minutes down the road.”

“Really? Ok, then.”

I knew that he wanted me around for later for more fun. I had read and seen the things he had shown me and well if it was some of them, then I was game for it.

But that is for another time if it is wanted.

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Andy and Me - First Time

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