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Creating a Monster ch3

Categories Fiction, Blackmail, Coercion, Female solo

Author: Sexy Mommy

Published: 19 February 2018

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Chapter 3

I hate them all. I hate the noise. I hate the people. I don't even generally like the stores. But here we were, if there was ever a device created to torment the psychy of the human mind, the mall had to be it. I do not understand the appeal, why anyone chooses to go here on a regular basis is beyond me. But here we were, Haley wanted to go to the mall, so we're at the mall.

Inside the mall was like every other mall you have ever been to. Rows of stores down both sides of a long central corridor. A handful of known entities at the corners, and several overpriced, trendy shops in the middle. Our first stop was a large department store. Haley was a little bit on the large size for her age, which meant she was no longer comfortable shopping in children section, and preferred to shop in the juniors, which didn't bother me at all, I found most of the children's clothes to be annoyingly obnoxious.

I was a little surprised when our first stop wasn't for jeans, or some new trendy t-shirt all the kids were wearing. Her first stop was in dresses. Not just any, apparently she had some dinner parties to go to, because her first look was at party dresses. Like any young girl shopping for clothes, it takes considerable time, and my new, perverted, Haley was no exception. 20 minutes and she found a couple of dresses she wanted to try. Both of them are too mature her in my opinion, a black party dress was completely over the top, and the low cut red dress pointless. But we stormed off to the dressing room. The attendant asked how many, we told her, and she started to walk Haley down a small hallway. Haley stopped, turned around and motioned me to follow.

"Come on mommy, I need you to see them."

I followed her down the hall, knowing this was a bad idea, to try clothes on. It wouldn't normally seem like a big deal but with her new found interest, I worried about what might happen. She tried on the black dress first it was a little bit stretchy a little clingy, it barely went to her mid thigh. She put it on and I zipped her up. I was a little shocked to notice how attractive she was in it. She couldn't fill anything out in the front, but her butt, her extra tight little butt, made it look very good, she spun around a few times and asked me how it looked. I told her honestly it was very lovely on her.

And then came the red dress, this thing was cut down the front, seemingly halfway to her navel, and almost the same in the back. The loose fit on it actually made her look like she had small breasts, and it flared a little giving her the illusion of hips. She really seemed the like this one, judging by the smile on her face. “What do you think mommy?” she was being my little girl again.

“You look very grown up.” I told her.

“But do you like the way I look in it?” She asked, with something suggestive in her tone.

I returned very non committal “It's lovely dear.” At which she jumped up on the bench in the dressing room, to be level with me, slid over, stood a few inches from me, and in a voice that was borderline sultry, whispered in my ear, “But do you like me in it?”

Not waiting for an answer she reached down and grabbed my right hand and slid it through the deeply cut top of her dress, placing my fingertips on her nipple. At the same time, she used her other hand to reach over and caress mine.

I was barely able to speak but managed to get out a slightly horse “Very much.”

“Good” she said in a happy, perky voice, “That’s what I wanted.” She started putting the dresses away and said let's get them both, put her the clothes back on, and in a flash was out the door.

The rest of our time at the mall was much like that, she trying things on, sometimes she liked it, sometimes she didn't. Everything is far too mature looking in my opinion especially when we got to the lingerie store. Not much fit her tiny frame in the lingerie store, but she found what she could, a wanted everything that fit. By the end of the day she had picked out several new dresses for her and a few for me, why she thinks I would wear anything quite that short and revealing I don't know. Shoes, undergarments, it was practically a whole new wardrobe for her, and me.

It was 5 by the time we left the mall 530 by the time we got out of the parking lot. We picked up Chinese on the way home and I was happy to be there. As much as I hated the crowds at the mall, being around people controlled Haley's behavior, there was only so much she could do in a large group of people. Although she didn't manage to caress my new waxing a time or two. We took all the boxes, went to our rooms to drop them off, and we ate dinner. Being on edge, and aroused all day can make you very hungry. Talking in polite, but meaningless conversation, only punctuated by the occasional suggestive comment or look from Haley, when dinner was over I eagerly volunteered to clean up the dishes, and Haley went off to do whatever Haley was going to do.

I was so confused by all that it happened in the last 24 hours I was being blackmail by my daughter to do whatever she wants, and some of it, most of it, was perverse. God I loved it too. I don't know if I love being with Haley because she was my daughter, because of her sweet prepubescent body, was it because it was so nasty and wrong? Maybe it was all the things together. I don't know. I knew I shouldn't do it. But I also knew how much I wanted to. I was in a constant state of arousal all day, and I was tired.

After I got done with the dishes, I could hear Haley taking a shower upstairs thankful for a bit of time to calm down, I started to go sit on the couch. Perhaps a glass of wine would be helpful to calm my nerves after this day. I got to the kitchen, said no to the glass of wine, and yes do a vodka sour. The first one didn't last very long, it must have been small, so I made sure to make the next one significantly larger. I sat on the couch flipping channels on the television not paying attention anything that was really on, and then about 7:30 Little Miss Haley comes marching downstairs. When she reached about halfway down, she leaned over the banister, and tells me that she wants to see me ware some of the clothes we bought today, “Its fashion show time” she giggled. She was like some demented cross between my sweet 8 year old, and some dirty old pervert. I kind of knew this was coming so I wasn't really surprised. I fixed another drink, as the second one seemed small as well, left it on the counter to be ready for me when I got back, and went upstairs to change. Haley had gone back in her room ahead of me.

Haley picked out two dresses for me today, one was a long slinky thing, with a slit halfway up the thigh, where I would wear this I have no idea. It was in an emerald green, with some gold trim, it was a truly beautiful dress, and I would love to have a reason to wear it. The other one she had me buy would best be classified as a micro dress it clung like a tight t-shirt, barely reaching down below my ass cheeks, and the deep sweeping neckline was going to leave very little to anyone's imagination. So given the choice of exposure, I chose the long one. I put on the stocking she said would go with it, she had the whole package picked out, and the gold toned pumps, which were tall enough to look at home next to a brass pole. And with that, I was ready to show myself to her. I stepped out of my room and walk down the hall to hers, and knocked on the door, at which point she yelled from downstairs “I'm down here.”

I walked down the stairs a little uneasy, I had just enough alcohol in me to take more than a little edge off, but I was still reasonably sure footed. I got to the end of the stairs, turn toward the kitchen to pick up my drink, it wasn't there. Maybe I didn’t make it yet? Dismissing it, I turned toward the living room to go meet Haley.

Haley sat the couch facing me, dressed in her old bath robe of all things. I sort of thought I was getting a show to. She gave a leering appraisal of me as I walked into the room, I don't know if it's possible to feel dirty, objectified, and excited all at the same time, but I think I was. She gave me a motion with her hand to turn around, so I gave her a runway spin, twice around. Then she motioned me over to her, she felt me up and down over the dress, starting below my knees, both hands up my thighs, and then she gave me her approval by lingering her hand on my ass, longer than appropriate, but shorter than I wanted. Is there an appropriate amount of time for an 8 year olds hands to linger on her mom's ass?

She looked up at me and with a mischievous look said “You know I really wanted to see you in the other one.” And she was right, I knew it. So I went upstairs, slowly. Halfway up the stairs Haley calls to me commenting on what a fine drink I made, and that's what I noticed she had it in front of her at the couch, half gone.

That micro dress was black, and tight, and there wasn't much to it. I put the only undergarments I was allowed to wear on, black thigh high stockings, and pulled the dress on over my head. She had requested no bra, which was probably a good thing because there was no way to hide anything under the dress. Once on, I pulled it down as far as I could, the hem came just to the bottom of the lace stocking cuff. The tall black patent heels went on next and I braced myself for the walk down stairs, still not sure if I was dreading it, or excited by it.

As I rounded the stairs to the living room I don't think I could have felt more exposed if I were naked. My nipples were poking prominently through the front of the dress, every step caused the hymn of the dress to creep up a little bit. I was convinced anybody sitting would be able to see my underwear, if of course Haley had allowed me to wear underwear.

As I stood in the living room feeling practically naked, Haley eyed me like I was prey. I felt ashamed of the thoughts I had, I felt embarrassed, but mostly I felt immensely aroused. Standing in front of her I truly felt sexy, I felt desired, I felt lustful and listed after.

Haley asked me to turn around and I did as she asked. She told me to pose this way in that way, and I did. Every movement seem to pull the dress further up my legs, and the more exposed I was, the more excited I was. I was getting wetter by the minute, Haley seems to be enjoying herself.

At one point she asked me to turn around and pick something up off the floor. She didn't have to say it in detail, but I knew what she wanted, so I turned around, bent over at the waist, exposing myself to her. As I stood up she told me to stay facing that way, and I heard her get up off the couch. I heard the sound of heels walk from the couch to directly behind me. I felt her arms come around my waist, they paused for a moment on my hips, went further, turned up to my chest, and each hand did its best to cover my tits. I may only have B cups, but it was all her small hands could do to envelope them. My nipples extended between her fingers, and she would pinch them together squeezing each one between caresses.

I don't think I ever felt so excited in my life. Every part of my body was tingling, each touch sent a small chill, every squeeze put more heat in me. I could feel a small dribble of fluid start to run down the inside of my left leg. I turned around to look at Haley, she stood in front of me looking so beautiful her blonde hair pulled back her sweet, precious face smiling up at me. she had put on some frosted pink lipstick that made her mouth look delightful. I took a half a step back when I noticed she had taken off her robe.

She was wearing one of the lingerie sets we had bought earlier that day. She stood there In a pure white mary widow that was at least one size too large. What was supposed to be stretched tight and slick against her body, had folds and bags here in there. The cups were designed for A breasts, and they were left empty. The garters went down to some plain topped stockings, that while they should have been tight around her legs, barely clung to her thin thighs. She had picked out dress heels far higher than anything and 8 year old should ever wear, but they added a sexy curve to her calves. She had the face of an angel, but she was dressed like a wanting woman.

I took her in my arms, at first I embraced her like my daughter, the little girl I've loved for the last 8 years. I paused for a moment stepped back, and looked at her again. I looked at her in a far different way and I embrace her again, but this time I embrace her as the lover I wanted her to be. I bent my head down and kissed her without pretense, our tongues danced, I tasted her sweetness. Oh how much I wanted her. In our kiss, her head tilted back, mine tilted down to her, we kissed and lapped at each other as our hands roamed over each others body. soon my left hand reached down and grabbed ahold of her bare ass. It was firm and smooth, like nothing ever held before. I squeezed and held it, as I did, soon both her hands came up under my dress, squeezing my cheeks. As her hands came under and up, the dress gave up this last pretense being a dress, it was soon around my way waist. Haley squeezed then pulled, and it felt extraordinary.

We broke from our embrace. I held her at arms length, just to soak in the vision stood before me.

The stern look returned to her eyes, and I felt too small. She seemed to look right through me, and told me to get down on my hands and knees. And I promptly obey. I stayed there on my hands and knees with my head down, half naked, completely excited, as my daughter took one lap around me. After she'd come a full circle she stood in front of me and told me to lift up my head. I did. As I opened my eyes, I was looking right her most beautiful, and perfect, tiny, bald slit, her bright pink labia protruded in a most vulgar and exciting way. She was clearly excited, I could see the moisture glistening, I could smell the aroma.

“Lick it Linda” she told me “do it now.” I needed no encouragement. With her tall heels she was up higher than before, and on my hands I had to crane my head up to get to her. I lapped at her like a thirsty dog. I devoured her like I needed her cunt to survive. I licked her up and down, I found her clit, with the tip of my tongue I prodded at it. It seemed to come alive as it swelled underneath my pressure. Soon it was protruding just outside her lips, and I kissed it, and I licked it, and I sucked from it like it was a tiny nipple. Haley groaned, a more pleasurable groan this time. As I lapped at her clit, she moaned loudly, nasty guttural moan that only made me even hotter. I could feel the wetness running down both of my legs now.

After several minutes of eating the most delectable pussy in the world, of feeling her clit dance against my tongue, Haley pulled herself away from me, with some reluctance on my part. She put her hand on my head, and tilted my head up. As she turned around, I opened my eyes to watch her wiggled her naked ass back into my face. At first contact with me, she took her hand off my head, put one hand on each cheek, bent over and spread herself for me. She didn't have to ask. I assaulted her little pink bud with abandon, I ran my tongue up and down, from her cunt, all the way up to her crack. Then I put my tongue in and out of her little pink hole. Her tightest of holes resisted my intrusion, but I licked it up and down, over and over again, soon her little anus gave in under the pressure, and my tongue parted it ever so slightly. Haley gasped, then pushed back into me even harder.

“Eat my ass Linda, eat your baby girls ass.” Haley said, her debauchery laden tone only serving to excite me more. As she pushed back into me, I pushed my tongue harder into her, eventually it broke through, and I could feel the tip of my tongue through her. My 8 year old angel groaned and moaned, and pushed back into me as I devoured her.

Eventually she had achieved all she could from this, and she slowly pulled her tight bottom from my face. I let it out a sigh of disappointment. “Don't worry Linda,” she told me “you're going to eat some more. Up now.” she ordered me, and I followed her command. She slapped me on the ass and told me to go up to my bedroom, and I did it without hesitation. She followed right behind me. I turned around to look at her as we started to go up the stairs, and she looked like the most glorious, depraved little angel one could ever imagine.

The walk to the bedroom was short, but excruciating. My new baldness, and being wetter than I can ever remember, made for an interesting sensations is I moved down the hall. We quickly made it to my bedroom door, opened and went through.

“We shouldn't be doing this” I said. I don't know why I said it, we both knew we weren't going to stop, and I knew I didn't want to stop. I removed the dress in one swift movement, tossing it aside. I stood before her in only my stockings and heels.

“Not your decision anymore” she told me matter of factly. “back on your knees, now”

I quickly did it she asked, I got down on my knees, sat on my heels with my hands neatly folded in my lap, head down in a submissive gesture. She strolled around me, leering at me, and when she moved behind me, pushed me forward on my hands and knees as before. I kept my head down. She took a hand, started at the small of my back, and slowly moved it down through the crack of my ass, pausing for a moment to rub my anus, and then continuing to my pussy.

“Oh you do like this Linda. You don’t get wet like this unless you're really excited. Tell me, did you enjoy eating my pussy or my ass more?”

I stammered a few times, unable to complete the sentence. I knew the answer, eating her tiny ass was one of the most delightful experiences I ever had. She continued to rub me up and down spreading the wetness. I instinctively tilted pelvis to give her the best access.

“You're quite the little anal slut aren't you mommy. That's what I'll call you from now on, you'll be my slut mommy, how do you like that?”

I simply nodded knowing my answer meant nothing to her. She stood there rubbing me up and down, in the wetness I lowered myself to my elbows, my head touching the carpet, enjoying all the pleasure she was giving me. She would run her fingers up and down inside my labia, outside, she would slide one finger inside me then two, next three, probing me each time a little further, little deeper, a little more thoroughly. When she seem to have her fill of this, she walked around in front of me, placed her foot beside my face, and just stood there for a moment. As I looked up, my eye line rose slowly from her ankles, up to her now shapely calves, past her knee, to her slender thigh, to the not so innocent but beautiful baby cunt, and past her lingerie clad abdomen, flat chest, past her beautiful frosted pink lips, to her smoldering eyes.

She coyly smiled at me, waved for foot back and forth and said, “well lick it” I looked down at her foot, decadent looking in high heels. It did something unnatural, providing a strange sex appeal to the young girl. I let out my tongue and started at the point of her shoe, and licked in one long continuous stroke from the top of her shoe, over the top of nylon clad foot, up to her ankle. I repeated this several times.

This didn't seem to be fulfilling any sexual desire of hers, but she did seem to get off on the domination side of it, referring to me as her slut mommy numerous times. Each time she called me her slut mommy, it sent a shiver down my spine, and a hot jolt into my clit.

“Up on the bed” she ordered, pointing unnecessarily. I crawled over to the bed on my hands and knees, rising just enough to climb on top of it. She told me where to lay, wanting me on my back. I laid there for a moment, soon she crawled onto the bed, and then stood on the bed, carefully walked around my body. She put one foot on each side of my head and then lowered her self on to my face. Her little baby pussy was still so wet, she tasted wonderful. I didn't need orders for what to do now, I immediately went to work. I began licking her, licking the wetness from her vagina, sticky, musky, delicious. Then concentrated on her clit, the beautiful bright pink little button. As soon as my tongue touched it, I could feel its swell, her little nub popping out, I could see it poking out again as I licked, and I licked more.

“Give me your hand” she said. I promptly brought up my right hand to her. She took it her left, and brought it around behind her, and guided one finger into her pussy. Her little womb was so tight, it practically latched down on my finger. After it didn't want to release me, she put my hand further inside of her, I could feel her so beautifully inside. I was all the way in her, gently rubbing the tip of her cervix, when she let out sigh of relief, and dropped most of her weight onto my face. I continue to lick and suck her. A moment later both of her hands were on top of my head, clenching fists full of hair, as her hips begin thrusting back and forth, hard against my face, aggressively fucking my face. I gave up actively trying to pleasure her, and simply stuck out my tongue, she pushed herself harder into me. I could feel her clit run across my tongue with each thrust of her pelvis, with each grind down on me. After a moment her body started the twitch, I could feel the heat building inside her tiny pussy.

Her vagina started to spasm on my finger with uncontrollable rhythm, and with this pulsating feeling in her body, her hands again pulled my face hard up into her, as she let out the most animalistic cry. The bedroom practically echoed as her orgasm rocked through her body, the heat coming out of her small cunt was amazing.

She just stayed on top of me, holding me hard up into her, moaning and twitching for what seemed like minutes. As her fluids ran down my chin, some of them pooled in the nape of my neck. Eventually her body came back under her own control, and she relaxed her grip on my hair, and slowly extracted herself from my face. Strings of her slick secretions clung between my face and her vagina, it was perhaps the most depraved and exciting thing I have ever seen.

“That was good mommy, so, so good.” My daughter commended me. She pulled herself from on top of me, got off the bed momentarily, bent down, came back up with what looked like a few of long strips of cloth. She had me move up higher on the bed, tied one in cloths to my left ankle, and the other end to the bed post. She repeated this action on my right ankle, and both of my wrists. Bondage play has never been something I thought about, but this was exciting.

“Now I'm going to do something for you, a reward for my slut mommy.” She stood at the foot of the bed, then crawled like a cat to me. She wasted no time, reaching my pelvis she dropped down and buried that cute blonde head of hers in my very needy cunt. It took no time at all, I was far too excited to last more than a moment with her lips around my clit. It felt huge in her mouth at this point, and my body started to tremble, my hips begin to shake uncontrollably. She kept licking me, the sensations were almost too intense to be pleasurable. And then, in the midst having the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had, I cried out, cried out like an animal in heat. It was the greatest orgasms of my life to date. I came to my senses and opened my eyes, she was already off the bed, she had untied both of my wrists and left me to finish. I just laid there, half bound, exhausted, and fulfilled.

She said “Goodnight Mommy”, kissed me on the cheek, a started walking out the door. I watched her. The sweet innocence of her 8 year old face and flat chest, walking out in sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels was the most delicious contradiction. As I lay there, legs still tied up, I rubbed and spread all her vaginal secretions from my face and neck, on to my tits, coating them with her.

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