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Wife forced to be a whore

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Black

Author: aliveinpr

Published: 19 February 2018

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Wife Forced to be a Whore

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy.

Joan and I have been happily married for more than 15 years. We decided not to have children, probably now due to our age. Joan is 48 and I am 52, so to have children now, when they were in high school, we would probably be in a rest home. As much sex Joan and I have, Joan uses both an IUD and takes the pill to prevent pregnancy. Once menopause takes hold, we won't have to use those aids. We both don't like the feeling of condoms and they are not practical with our very active sexual styles. Actually, we have a very exciting sex life where we experiment with anything sexual, yes even menage a trios with some regular male friends. You could almost call them room mates. We also belong to a swinging club that we attend once a month. We are very open sexually. Joan is insatiable when it comes to sex, so I have no problem with the help from other partners.

I have a career that pays well, so Joan does not have to work. With her home, I look forward to getting off work and some times find her naked on the bed, legs spread wide and cum (usually from some of our very close friends) oozing from her pussy. Joan is always excited as she has me clean the mixture of male and female juices from her pussy. Then we have a good hard fuck before dinner.

It was a Thursday and I had to leave my car in the garage for repairs. That evening Joan had to pick me up from work. She said that we needed to stop at the market for food before driving home. We also picked up what we needed for the weekend and some for next week. I got two bottles of wine we liked. The groceries and wine were put in the trunk, I opened the passengers' door for Joan and she slowly got in spreading her legs for me to see her bare pussy. She didn't like wearing panties and knew she was going to get me hard. I then got into the driver's seat and started the engine. Joan had leaned over to me and was massaging my hard cock as we began to leave the parking lot.

After five minutes, a black man rose from the back seat floor, grabbed Joan around the neck, pointed a gun to her head and said, "OK mother fucker, drive where I tell you to and I won't hurt your wife." Joan's eyes were as big as saucers and I could see that she was starting to cry.

I obeyed his every instruction. I looked toward Joan and said, "Honey, just do everything he tells you. If you try to fight him, I'm sure he will hurt us. Just stay calm please." The black man then said, "That's right, you both do as I say and we will get along. Besides, you wouldn't want me to damage this beautiful white woman now, would you?"

Joan kept asking, "What are you going to do, what do you want?" The black man kept eying Joan and then ran his hand through her silky hair.

He then said, "You sure are a fine white girl. Does your husband satisfy that pussy of yours?"

Joan started to quietly cry never answering him. His hand then left her hair and grabbed her left tit. This made Joan gasp and his grip then made her say, "Please you're hurting me, please stop, it hurts."

He then said, "Shut up bitch. Pull your dress us so I can see your panties."

Joan just sat there, his hand mauling her tits. He said, "NOW bitch, do what I say, pull your dress up so I can see your panties. NOW."

Both Joan and I knew she wasn't wearing any panties. Joan had a panicky look on her face and I knew this was going to cause us trouble when he saw her bare pussy.

"NOW Bitch, get this dress up." We both knew she had no choice. Slowly, Joan began to rise her dress. It cleared the top of her thigh high nylons, up further and then there was a gasp from our abductor. There exposed, was her freshly shaved pussy. He then said, "That's a fine white bitch pussy there. I bet you never been fucked with a big black dick."

Now Joan and I were worried what was going to happen. Joan quickly pushed her dress down and began to cry louder. I felt her hand grab my arm and I saw terror in her eyes as the thought we both had was that she was going to be raped. She did enjoy sex, but had never been raped or forced to have sex with a black man. We both detested BDSM and non-consensual sex. Her grip on my arm was very tight and she said to the black man, "Please don't rape me, don't hurt us, just let us go when you get where you want to get out. Please, please let us go."

I then tried to reason with him. "Just leave us when you get where you want to go. If you let us go unharmed, we can just leave and never say anything. You won't have to be afraid that the police will be after you."

The kidnapper never said anything but to give directions. We got to a house, shoddy and in need of repair. He told me to turn off the motor and give him the keys. He then opened his door, got out and opened the passenger door, grabbed Joan’s hair. and pulled her out, again put his arm around her neck and pointing the gun to her head. He ordered me to get out and come around the car to him. He then walked us up to the house and then straight into a dingy bedroom.

I was ordered to sit in a chair when two other black men came in. They took my shoes and pants off. Naked from the waste down, they tied me to the chair. Joan was now ordered to strip naked and get on the bed. There was only a dirty mattress on the bed, no sheets or blankets.

Joan did not begin to strip, so our kidnapper back handed her face and said, "I'm not going to tell you twice. Any orders I give you, you will obey immediately. Do you understand?" Joan did not say anything and he said again, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND bitch? You will obey every order I give you. Now, what did I tell you?"

Joan's eyes were watery as her tears were welling up and face beginning to swell where he hit her. She then said, "Yes, I understand."

He then asked, "What do you understand?"

Joan, through sobs, said, "I am to obey anything you tell me to do." She then began to undress slowly. I saw the embarrassment in her face as she was being forced to undress in front of these three strangers. When she was totally naked, they had her turn around, bend over, spread her legs and then turn back to face them and then spread her pussy lips wide open with her fingers.

The three of them kept making comments such as: "Look at that prime white bitch,"; "She would make a fine whore, even as old as she is,"; "just like all white pussies, they stretch for big black cock," and "White cock will never fit in her again when we're done."

I saw the fear in Joan's face and I knew this was going to be a long night. Joan was ordered to get up on the bed on her hands and knees. They took turns examining her, pulling her pussy lips apart, pushing fingers in her pussy and ass hole and roughly pulling on her breasts.

One then said, "Jake, you recruited a nice one this time, She'll fit well in our stable." They were all naked now and I noted that there hard cocks were long and thick. The length was between 8 and 9 inches long. The largest diameter was about 2 inches. Joan also saw those cocks and cried out, "You are all too big, you will tear me apart, please don't rape me. Please, you'll hurt me."

I now knew our abductor's name, Jake. I would remember that name and his face until I die. I watched as one of the other men climbed onto the bed, and Jake yelled, "I FOUND HER. I get to fuck her first Leroy." I know another name now. Leroy got off the bed and Jake climbed onto the bed and began to run his hard cock up and down her pussy lips. Jake said, "She really wants our big black cocks, she is really hot and wet."

Knowing Joan's love for sex, I knew her body was betraying her. Strange men feeling her pussy and ass, always got her hot and ready. I also knew she did not want these men to violate her, it was pure rape they planned to commit.

"No," Joan cried, "don't try to put that cock in me. It will tear me apart, I can't take it."

Jake said, "Relax that sweet white pussy, it will take our cocks and you will see that you will forever want black cocks in your pussy and ass. You will also want only cum from black cocks." Then Leroy said, "You will be a whore for black cock only, you belong to Jake now."

Jake began to push his cock into Joan and she began to cry out, "Please, it hurts, please pull out of me." Jake just kept inching a bit in at a time and he said, "This white pussy is going to bring us in some money." Joan was crying now and kept saying that it hurt too much. She pleaded for him to stop, but Jake kept pushing slowly into her pussy. I saw that his balls were now bumping against her clit and I knew that he was all the way in her vagina. He stayed still for a few minutes while Joan began to calm, then as he began to pull back, I noticed that her head jerked upward and her back arched. Jake pushed back in again. Joan moaned and her mouth opened as she gave a guttural sound. I knew Joan was overcome and now pleasured with a desire for sexual gratification and was going to have a huge orgasm. Jake then began to fuck his big cock in and out of her.

Joan became a wild woman. I saw all the signs that she was going to have an earth shattering orgasm as she was stretched for the cock beginning to pump into her. Her eyes displayed raw emotion and wanton sexual desire. Joan began, "Oh, God, you are sooooooo big. I feel you so far in me, PUSH HARDER, PUSH HARDER. Yes, FUCK me, fuck me with that black cock." I now saw the third man with a video camera and was taping a very willing woman being fucked, asking and begging to be fucked. This was a bad sign to me. Not good for video evidence of a rape.

Jake fucked her slow and was sure to push his cock as far into her as he could. Joan was having constant orgasms now and she began to push back at him. Joan screamed, "FUCK THIS WHITE PUSSY, fuck me hard. I want your black cock to pump your hot juice deep in this pussy."

Jake's head was close to Joan's ear when he said, "You belong to me, you are my white bitch now. Tell your husband that you only want big black cock in your pussy from now on, this pussy is off limits to him now."

Joan didn't say anything. Jake then slapped her ass hard and reminded her, "You are my bitch now and you will obey me. Now tell your husband."

Joan had tears running down her cheeks and then said, "Robert, I belong to Jake now. I am his slut and whore. I only want big black cocks deep in my pussy." Just them, Jake thrust his cock into her hard giving her another shattering orgasm where her back arched, her hands grabbed at the mattress and her head flung back. Her legs were spasming as she kept pushing back against him. Jake pushed hard and held himself deep in her pussy and I knew he was ready to fill her with his sperm.

Jake said, "If you're not on the pill, you're going to have my black baby."

To my surprise, Joan growled, "Give it to me, fill me with your black seed. I want to feel your cock throbbing in my pussy. Pump your cum deep into me". As Joan was having another orgasm, their bodies spasmed together as I watched Jake thrust as deep as he could, then his seed surged into the depths of her womb mixing with her female emissions.

Jake stayed inside Joan for a few minutes while his cock started to soften. He slowly pulled out and I saw a river of cum oozing from her pussy. When Jake got off the bed, Leroy then got on the bed and immediately thrust his cock deep in Joan's well fucked pussy.

His cock pushed in and Joan yelled, "YES, YES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK. Fuck me hard, fill me, I want more cum." Joan seemed to have one constant orgasm. She then told Leroy, "Lay down on the bed, I want to ride that beautiful black cock, I want it deep inside me." I watched her ride his cock. She humped up and down, then ground her pussy back and forth as she was making undistinguished noises. Joan was now in the wild throes of unbridled sex. I knew she would want more and I knew she had her eyes on the third man and his big black cock.

Leroy grabbed her hips and pulled her tight into him. I knew he was ready to fill her with another load of cum. He began to grunt and Joan yelled, "YES, PUMP THAT CUM INTO ME. Fill me up, give me all you have. I feel your cock throbbing as the tip is pushing at my cervix." Another load of sperm was deposited in her womb.

I could see now that Joan could not care about her circumstances, she was full into the heat of sexual stimulation. I also knew that she wanted more as her orgasms were calming. Her eyes looked at me with a pleading look of a desire for more cock and she smiled looking at my hard cock. Yes, even being raped was wrong and we had been forcibly kidnapped, watching Joan being fucked by these black men and the amount of cum leaking from her pussy had me turned on and my cock was harder than a rock.

Now Jake said, "Jimmy, give me the camcorder. It's your turn to pump your black baby making seed into this married white whore's pussy."

I now knew all three of these bastards names and some how I would find a way to make them pay. I knew going to the police would be futile as the video they are taking would show Joan's total desire for their sexual advances...so no rape according to the law.

I watched Leroy pull Joan off his cock, more cum flowing onto the mattress. Then Jimmy got on the bed, flipped Joan back to her hands and knees and forcefully rammed his cock into Joan's pussy. By now Joan was well used to their large cocks and she had another orgasm as Jimmy's cock charged forcefully deep into her cervix. Jimmy pounded his cock into her pussy relentlessly and she kept screaming, "YES, fuck me hard, push that cock all the way into my stomach. FUCK ME, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK."

Jake then said, "Leroy, she hasn't had the privilege of tasting black cock, especially coated with cum. Get up there and teach her how to deep throat big black cock." When Leroy's cock touched Joan's face, she immediately opened her mouth and sucked his cock as far into her throat as she could. I knew this was an automatic act on her part from our past sexual activities. Joan was good at sucking cock. She worked on his cock as hard as she could. Her zeal and desire finally won as she was able to get his 9 inch cock all the way down her throat.

Jake said, "Do you believe that, Leroy? She's a great cock sucker. She will make us a lot of money, especially when we teach her how to fill all three holes." Joan and I both knew what he was talking about. She was not virgin to ass fucking, but cocks with 11/2 to 2 inch diameters would probably cause tearing of her rectum.

I watched Leroy begin to tremble as his cock was totally down Joan's throat. I knew he was going to cum. He grunted and with a last shove, he filled her throat with another load of his cum and they were all astonished that she was able to swallow his full load.

With that excitement, Jimmy couldn't hold back any longer and I watched as he grabbed Joan's hips, pulled her tight into his groin and released his large load of sperm deep into her womb. Joan felt his cock spasm and begin to throb as his cum fulled her. Jimmy yelled, "OH MY GOD, her pussy is clamping down on my cock. She is trying to squeeze the cum out of me." Joan was having another orgasm or maybe a continual orgasm as she was milking his cock.

Jake then said, "Leroy, take the camera. I'm going to open up that white shit hole. I want her ready for our customers." Leroy took the camera and when Jimmy finally pulled from Joan's pussy, Jake climbed up behind Joan and without any lube, he began to inch his cock into her rectum. Joan cried out, "Please go slow, you're too big. It hurts, please not in my ass."

Again, Jake did not pay attention to her pleas, and continued inching his large cock into her ass. I saw about three inches had already entered her when Joan began to moan, a pleasure moan that I recognized. I knew it wouldn't be long before she has another orgasm which I knew would please Jake. Soon Jake was fucking her ass hard and Joan was screaming, "YES, HARDER, fuck me harder. Fuck me deep. YES, YESSSSSS, MORE, MORE. I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK IN MY ASS."

Jake uploaded a large amount of his cum deep into her bowels and Joan reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him tight not wanting him to pull out. Finally, his cum began to leak out of her ass and around his cock. He pulled out and then stuck his spent cock in Joan's face. She immediately took his cock in her mouth and began to clean it with enthusiasm. After cleaning Jake's cock, they allowed Joan to rest.

Jake pulled Joan from the bed and stood her in front of me. He pulled her legs wide apart as I watched cum dripping from her pussy. Jake said, "See that big stretched out pussy?" He turned her around and had her bend over. He spread her ass which was leaking his cum and said, "See that stretched ass hole?, They belong to my cock now. She is my possession and will follow all orders I give her. You will take care of her until I call her to come to me. You do not have my permission to fuck her. I will make you a DVD copy of the video to remind you who your white whore wife belongs to." He ordered Joan to dress without cleaning up. He wanted her to ride home with their cum coating the car seat and dress. Joan dressed as ordered and then Jake asked her, "What are you?" Joan answered, "I'm a married white whore". He then asked, "Who owns you and what do you do?" Joan said, "I belong to you and I want big black cocks to fuck my holes."

Jake wrote down our phone number and address. He said, "I will call when I want your services. For now, Robert, you will bring Joan to this house every Friday night at 8 pm, beginning tomorrow night. She will undress in the car and walk 100 feet nude to the house and directly to this bedroom. You will then return and pick her up at 8 pm Sunday night." My eyes were as big as saucers and my mouth was open. Jake then said, "Do you understand my instructions? She will be fucked all weekend by my black customers." I said softly, "Yes". He then asked, "I want to hear you. Do you both understand my instructions?" Joan and I then both answered loudly that we understood.

Jake warned, "You don't want us to come and get her. She will be fucked and hauled from the house naked, screaming and leaking cum displayed for the neighbors to see."

Jake then told us that if he had any special fuck parties during the week, he would call for Joan to be naked and ready for someone to pick her up. He said that sometimes he had customers that wanted to party and gang bang married white pussy during the week.

Jake gave me my keys and they released us. As I was driving home, at first we were both quiet. Then Joan began to cry and said, "I'm sorry that I enjoyed them fucking me, but I don't want to do it again." I pulled her tight to me and said, "I know sweetheart, I know you enjoyed it under duress and I will think of something to get us out of this mess." Joan leaned against me and held onto my arm and said, "Those big cocks were amazing and they fucked me into ecstasy. I'm so sorry that I acted like a slut whore, I just couldn't help it." Nothing else was said on the remainder of the drive home.

When we got home, Joan said, "I'm going to shower, wash them off and out of me". I looked at Joan and said, "Watching you was stimulating, I still have an erection. Skip the shower for now, get in bed. I want to add my cum to theirs." I fucked her twice and like Jake said, my cock could hardly feel her pussy. She was stretched wide and Joan began to cry and said, "I could hardly feel your cock. God, they ruined me. I guess I am only good for big black cock like Jake said." We held each other as Joan was softly crying. I knew their first names and where the house was. I was going to get even with them some how. I just needed time to think.

All Friday, I talked with a doctor friend and several of my other friends that spent time in Viet Nam with me. A few ideas, but nothing solid yet. They wanted to just go and kill the bastards and burn the house down. I didn't want us to end up in jail. Having to kill them has to be in self defense, that was a last option, but we would have to get them to attack first.

Friday night came, and as directed, I drove Joan to the house. She cried during the drive and she undressed in the car as ordered. I felt bad watching her walk nude to the house. I didn't want to sit moping at home thinking of her being constantly gang banged for two days straight, so I had my friends come to the house. Bob wrote down the address and went for a drive to check out the house and area, a recon mission. As I was talking about the way Jake forced me to look at Joan's scratched out pussy and ass. His telling me that her holes would not be good for fucking anything but big black cock. Dr. Wills then said that after a while the vagina and rectum would return to normal, but with the constant fucking she was getting, they would stay stretched until she had about two weeks or more to return to close to normal. Saying that, my mind went into overdrive.

Sunday night, I went to pick up Joan. She came from the house naked, covered with wet and dried cum, bruises and hickies all over her breasts and neck. Her ass cheeks were red from being spanked. Her hair was mussed and coated with cum. She had cum still leaking down her legs from her pussy and ass. She almost didn't make it to the car so I went to help her, opened the door and eased her inside.

Jake approached and said, "She was a good whore. Word will get out and next weekend she will have twice the customers. After a couple of more weekends, she will stop taking any form of birth control. I will set up a session with 50 of my black friends to gang bang her all weekend. No one will know who the father of the black baby is." Smiling, he then returned to the house with a superior, cocky walk.

When I got in, she was crying as she slumped over into my lap. She then said, "Robert, Robert, please forgive me. Please forgive me. I don't know how many, but I fucked big black cocks constantly. They filled every hole. I know several of them fucked me at least four times. What really bothers me is that I loved it, I just don't know why but I welcomed any and all cocks to enter me." She didn't bother to dress yet. I could tell that she was tired and just wanted to get home. I knew a long soak in the tub would help sooth her. Joan was shaking and sobbing now. With Joan crying, I drove directly home.

She was still naked when we got to the house. I just helped her up the walk and into the house. She then handed me a DVD and said it was from Jake. I filled the tub and eased her in to the warm water. Gently, I ran a wash cloth over her body, then over her red and swollen pussy. She began to purr, "That feels so good. I don't know how many cocks filled my pussy and I don't understand why my pussy is not raw and sore."

As I left Joan to soak, I went and called my physician friend, Tim Wills. I told him what Joan told me about not being raw and sore. He said that with all the cum, she was probably lubricated enough to eliminate a lot of friction. I asked Tim if he would come to the house to check Joan. Plus, I had an idea. I wanted his opinion.

After her bath, Joan said that she was tired, but they had not fed her. She wanted to have something to eat before going to sleep. Joan was in a robe, sitting in the kitchen eating when Tim arrived. I introduced him to Joan and she was impressed that a doctor would make a house call. We had a bit of a chuckle at her comment, but now we needed to be serious again. I wanted Joan to hear what I had on my mind. I wanted Tim's professional input.

I said, "Jake enlarged Joan's pussy and ass, saying that they were now stretched too big and Joan would only enjoy black cocks from now on. Since time without large cocks would allow the muscles to return and her pussy and ass would become somewhat normal again...” Tim then interrupted, “Just like enlarging with birth, the vagina will eventually return to a normal size.” I asked, “Why not make her pussy and ass so large that even big black cocks would not enjoy fucking her." Tim then examined Joan's ass and pussy and said, "They did one hell of a job of enlarging her. It might take a couple weeks for her tissues to return to somewhat regular size."

Tim began to think about my idea. Joan had a puzzling look and asked, "What do you mean larger?"

I picked up a wine bottle. I said, "This bottle is about 3 to 3 1/4 inches in diameter. What I saw, their cocks I would estimate were about 2 inches in diameter. Joan would begin fucking herself with the wine bottle before Friday night. I also picked up at the adult book store a very large butt plug. It's 3 inched in diameter. I have watched several porn videos of women being fisted, masturbated with wine bottles and even baseball bats. Those videos showed the woman afterward had gaping vaginas and rectums. She would then be undesirable to Jake's clients and he would have to find another married white whore. Joan would be rejected, then we could let her return to a normal size."

Joan's eyes widened and she asked, "You want me to masturbate with a wine bottle while having a big butt plug in my ass?" I looked at her with a smile and said, "Exactly, you're going to be my wine bottle slut." She then began to laugh and Tim shook his head and smiled. I then said, "Jake began the process of opening you up, we will finish it."

Joan said, "I don't want to go back there. I may be tired, but give me that bottle and plug with lube. I'll be dammed if I will go back there and be used by Jake. And I'm sure as hell not going to have a black baby! You two help me work these things into me so I can go to sleep with them inside me." Joan got up, went into the bedroom, dropped her robe and climbed up on the bed spreading her legs, pulling them back to her chest exposing her pussy and ass.

Tim and I spent time greasing up her pussy and ass. Joan asked, "Tim, when I get back to a normal size, will you join my husband in our first three-some for my smaller size?" Tim told her that it would be an honor to fuck suck a beautiful woman. It took a while and Joan was not very silent at our diligent work to get two large objects into her. She was very insistent on continuing when we said we should work on it again tomorrow. She wanted them inserted TONIGHT. It did take some time, but Joan was determined to be stretched larger. She did enjoy the black cocks fucking her but she would no longer allow to be forced by Jake and his friends. Once in, Joan was uncomfortable and finally fell asleep after her long weekend.

Tim visited every day that week and we made progress to a point that Joan could easily insert her "toys". Several meetings with my 'boys' for a plan. I knew what I would have to do Friday night when I took Joan to Jake's house. The plan was to have the house surrounded by my "commandos", ready for any form of resistance from Jake or his friends.

Friday night arrived. I drove Joan to the house. We were both nervous as I looked around and spotted about ten of my buddies in position. Joan got undressed as usual and this time I walked her nude up to the house. Jake opened the door and asked, "Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing? She is to come alone."

I was able to look inside and saw about ten black guys sitting in the living room. I told Jake that Joan and I were going to talk to him and it would be on the front porch. Joan stayed on the lowest step, naked as a jay bird. Jake reached out and tried to grab Joan, when I pushed his hand away and I said, "NO, COME HERE ASS HOLE!" Jake's face became more angry than it had been, then he saw movement behind me.

Jake asked, "What the fuck is going on?" I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I have enough fire power here to kill you and anyone else in the house. Call Leroy and Jimmy out here." When Leroy and Jimmy came out on the front porch, I pointed out my visible "army". I then told them, "Now get on your knees and listen to what I have to say."

They got down and then I had Joan spread her legs and open her pussy. I told them to look at that large gaping pussy that was no longer of use for big black cock. I then had Joan turn around and bend over pulling her ass checks apart. I told them to look at the gaping ass that was no longer good for big black cock. I said, "Jake, Joan is now mine again. She is no use to you because your customers have nothing to enjoy."

The anger in their eyes warned me, but as they quickly rose up, they heard the breaching of shotguns from my side. I pulled Joan back away from the porch. There were three of my friends there with shotguns aimed at them. Their eyes widened and mouths fell open as they saw many more of my friends appear from the shadows with AR16's standing behind me.

I then added, "You and your friends will never bother Joan or me again. My friends know where to come if anything EVER happens to us. We will also be watching this house and various parking lots for any signs of abduction. You might as well leave town, maybe the state, but very far away. If you ever try to force any married white woman in this town to be your whore again, we will be here. No cops needed."

I then added, "DO YOU ASS HOLES UNDERSTAND? You don't mess with veteran combat soldiers, you can die and your bodies never found." They seemed to slump down and they all agreed and understood what they were told.

I escorted Joan back to the car and saw Tim standing there with the passenger door open for her. Tim said, "I just thought you might want a doctor here if anything happened." Joan was now at ease as she got in and dressed. Once we were safe in the car, I watched as my friends slowly fade away and then disappear.

The three of us went back to our house and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Joan jokingly asked, "Do you want to watch me masturbate when that bottle is empty?" We all laughed and then Tim said that he still wasn't fully aware at what Joan went through at the 'whore house'. Joan said, "Sit, get comfortable and watch this DVD." Within a minute, Tim's eyes and mouth were wide open as he watched Joan's initiation to black cock. He wondered just how many other women had been abducted and forced into black prostitution just for Jake and his friends. How many white women were forced to produce black babies for them.

Yes, after two months, Joan had pretty much returned to normal and she made sure to reward our 'army' heroes and doctor Tim many times each month, including our two close black friends. She was enjoying her former sexual freedom once again.

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Wife forced to be a whore

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Wife’s Surprising Education By aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. I was happy in all aspects with my marriage to Bill. We have been married for 20 wonderful years now and our...


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Finding the best landscaper

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Finding The Best Landscaper by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. The times can be stressful and exciting at the same time when your husband is promoted with a huge salary...


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Computer History Snoop Ch. 2

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Computer History Snoop Chapter 2 by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. Gloria’s story continued from Chapter 1 I was so wet from squirting in the kitchen, I had to take a...


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