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  1. James Bob and Abdul
  2. James and Bob

James and Bob

Categories Fantasy, Anal, Blowjob, Gay


Published: 20 February 2018

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Follows on from story: James Bob and Abdul

James went to school the following day as normal. He arrived to his form room. Nobody looked at him, nobody said anything about him as far as he knew. He sat down in his usual seat. James knew Bob didn't go to form, because he was highly autistic and liked to go to the school Plus club.

At break, Bob wandered over to James. "That was fun," he said.

"You didn't turn me in?" Replied James.

"Why would we? You weren't there when I was screaming. There was no need to add you in," Said Bob, relieving James.

"What's going to happen to you?" asked James.

"Nothing, as far as I know. We told it was consensual and they told us not to do it again," he answered, "What time do your parents get home?"

"On a Wednesday, I don't know, 5, 5 30 ish,"

"Can I come round? Have a bit of fun?"

"But you have a triple today, I have PE and finish earlier. Tomorrow?"

"But that's a late finish as well"

"Next Tuesday then"




"My mum is back at half three four ish"

"OK next Tuesday, said Bob, "You want to have fun in the toilets?"

"Not again, no. I'm not sure I can look Abdul in the face again. I pray to God he doesn't split," said James.

"He was enjoying himself too. Anyway, it's a date."

"No, it's not a date. It's a set time for recreational homosexual sex," James walked off.

Thursday came and went, but on Friday James was doing his business in the loo when Bob's head popped under the cubicle wall, followed by his bare torso and stubby penis. He was barefoot, and he said he needed to go for a piss and where better than James' bum. James said no. We agreed Tuesday, at my house, after school.

"Keep quiet," whispered Bob. He grabbed James, produced a pair of handcuffs and held James to ransom until he said, "Ok Then." James removed his clothes, but before he was finished Bob pulled James' head up by the hair and stuck his dirty, piss soaked from the toilet floor bare feet into James' now open mouth.

"Suck," commanded Bob. James did so willingly for a short amount of time, before standing up, getting the last of his stuff off and hanging his bag out of Bobs way. James sat on the open toilet, as Bob began to spray. James had forgotten how much he enjoyed this. He was just getting ready to suck Bob's cock when the bell rang.

"See you," said Bob, crawling back under the wall.

"Bye," replied James.

Finally Tuesday arrived. James sat alone on his study period, and as he was about to give up, Bob arrived.

"Finally. Thought you weren't going to turn up," said James.

"Had to fob of Miss. Lark," he replied.

They walked home, talking about random things. They avoided Bob's house, and soon arrived at James'.

"Right, Come in," said James, and Bob did so, "follow me."

Bob followed James into the kitchen, where they both removed their shoes and socks. They went outside, feeling the earth beneath their feet and strolled down to the end of the garden. It started raining. This was all James had ever imagined. Bob pulled him in and they began to kiss. They fell onto the muddy ground, tearing at each others tops. Eventually they both lay there, naked and soaked through.

"Keep low," whispered James, as they crawled back to the house. Once back inside, they began to lick each other. James was eager to suck Bob's feet again, and so soon they were adopting the position, James suckling on Bob's muddy, dirty feet, Bob sucking James'. Then they moved up the legs, eventually sucking each others penises. Cum soon filled both their mouths, and then James began to lick Bob's arse, pushing his tongue in making Bob quiver and shake. James then pushed himself on top of Bob, and slid his penis into his friend.

"Go as fast as you bloody well can," ordered Bob. James did so willingly, causing Bob to cry out with pleasure. James came into his anus, and then simply carried on. After 2 more orgasms, Bob's bum was oozing James' cum. James then shoved all 6 inches of his shit-smeared penis down Bob's throat. Bob's eyes opened wide as James held it there. Finally he pulled out, leaving Bob gasping but grinning.

Bob pushed James onto the floor and produced, from his school bag, a enormous dildo, 8 inches long and as wide as Bob's upper arm. He covered it in lube, then began to suck, lick and smear James' arse. When he was done, James felt the tip of dildo poking in. Bob pushed it in, causing James to cry out in pain then pleasure as Bob shoved the whole 8 inches into James stretched arse. Bob then started sliding it in and out, while kissing James' body. Eventually, Bob had had enough, and James' arse was so wide open Bob could put his hand in and even his foot, both of which were sucked clean by James.

"I want your cum in me," he said, stroking Bob's body. Bob pushed his short penis in, and after the monster dildo, James didn't feel it. Bob kept on going, getting faster and faster until he exploded into James' bum, sucking the oozing cum out of the ring.

James and Bob cleaned up, kissed a few more times and then ended up licking each other again. James pushed Bob away. "No," he said lightly, "go home."


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James and Bob

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