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Holly's traineeship Part 4

Categories Fiction, Female solo, Lesbian

Authror: Wayne.ker

Published: 20 February 2018

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Part 4

Holly wearing a dressing gown goes and unlocks the front door of the shop, there are already a couple customers waiting to enter the store, luckily one is happy to browse looking at the racks of lingerie. The other customer approaches Holly pushing a pram and asks for a maternity bra, Holly shows her where they are and the woman picks out a couple of the bras and enters the change cubicle to try them on, a few minutes later the woman comes out of the cubicle and stands at the entrance wearing the largest bra she had picked out.

She asks Holly. “Can you find me some bigger bras, please.”

Holly goes and finds a couple of larger bras and takes them into the change cubicle for the woman to try on. Holly watches as the woman removes her large milk filled breasts from the bra she had just tried on, her breasts and nipple looked enormous on the medium body of the woman.

When, she tries on the bra Holly handed to her she says. “This one will do perfect.” as she removes the bra and sees Holly staring at her enormous breasts she says. “Feel how heavy these are no wonder I have a sore back.”

Holly lifts up one of the woman’s breasts and is amazed at how heavy they are.

“I’m glad my breasts are nowhere near as heavy as yours.” Holly tells the woman.

After the woman pays for the bra and pushes her pram out the door, Barbara comes out to the front of the shop

“Sylvia has woken up can you go and get dressed and help Sylvia clean herself up and get dressed?” Barbara tells Holly.

Holly walks into the back room and sees Sylvia sitting there naked looking confused and it takes her a few moments to realise where she is and what has happened to her. Holly sits down beside Sylvia and the robe Holly is wearing opens, exposing her bare breasts and bald cunt.

“What happened? The last thing I remember was I was having an orgasm.” says Sylvia.

“You had quite a few orgasms and after your last one you past out.” Holly tells Sylvia.

“Oh fuck, fuck that is only the second time I have passed out from having an orgasm,” says Sylvia then says. “The other time was when I had multiple men taking turns fucking me. I lost count of the number of times I was fucked.”

“Well you certainly enjoyed yourself today, in fact we all did and the manageress wants you to have a gift voucher, so you will come back and see us again.” Holly tells Sylvia.

“I definitely will return, I would love to get to know you better.” Sylvia tells Holly and lets her hand roam over Holly's bare inside thigh, before leaning over and giving Holly a passionate kiss.”

“Your clothes are on the chair and you can use our shower after me.” Holly explains to Sylvia.

Holly drops the robe she is wearing and jumps into the shower and begins to wash herself, a minute later Sylvia opens the shower door and steps into the shower with Holly, Sylvia kisses Holly and pulls her closer and runs her hand over Holly’s body.

“I wish I could stay and join you but Barbara's waiting for me, I need help her in the front of the shop.” Holly tells Sylvia.

Reluctantly Sylvia releases Holly and lets her step out the shower, Holly drys herself and gets dressed and returns to the front of the store.

Barbara asks. “How is Sylvia feeling?”

Holly tells her. “Yes she is ok and having a shower,” then says. “She wants to see us again.”

“That's wonderful, I do hope we can arrange a time to be with her when the store is closed.” Says Barbara.

Twenty minutes later Sylvia is dressed and enters the front of the store and walks up to Barbara and Holly and says to them “I want to thank you both for today and I will be coming back as soon my boyfriend is goes away again.”

Sylvia places the red suspenders and crotchless panties into a carry bag and hands the bag to Sylvia and says. “With our compliments and you will find a gift card inside the bag come back soon.”

“Thank you for everything. “ Sylvia says to them smiling, and then leaves the store.

As Sylvia walks out the front door a teenage girl comes into the store and approaches Holly and asks. “I’m looking for some sexy bras and panties.”

“What size do you wear?” asks Holly.

The teenage girl says. “I’m not sure.”

“Come with me, and I will measure you,” said Holly as she takes the girl into a change cubicle, and then says. ”Can you please remove your dress and I will take some measurements.”

The girl unzips her dress and steps out of it, she is wearing white cotton panties and a cotton t-shirt.

Holly runs the tape measure around the girl's waist and tells her’ “You're a size 10 in panties.”

Then Holly asks. “Can you remove your t-shirt for me.”

The girl removes her t-shirt and stands there displaying her young breasts, Holly stares at the girls breasts as she remembers when her breasts were as small as the girls. Holly runs the tape measure around the girls back and over the top of the girls puffy nipples.

Holly says. “Your breasts at the moment are a size 10 A cup but in a few months they will be a B cup”

The girl smiles at Holly and asks. “Are my breasts really going to get bigger?”

Holly can’t control herself and reaches out and cups the girls breasts with the palms of her hand and gives them a squeeze and says. “Yes I can feel that they won’t take long to get bigger.”

Holly chuckles to herself knowing that she has just lied to the girl and says. “I will go and find you some bras and panties.”

Holly leaves the girl standing in just her panties and goes into the store and returns with some sexy panties and bras.

“Which of these would you like to try on?” asks Holly.

The teenager picks out a lace bra and Holly helps her try it on, and once again feels and squeezes the girls young breasts and asks. “How does it feel, it’s not to tight is it?”

The teenager places her hands on top of Holly’s hands covering her breasts and says. “It feels lovel,” and squeezes Holly’s hands.

“Which pair of panties would you like to try on?” Holly asks.

The girl picks out a black lace thong and then lowers the panties she has on and steps out of them. Holly begins to drool as she stares at the bald pussy in front of her and watches as the girl pulls on the black lace thong.

Holly’s pussy begins to tingle as she looks at the girl, and asks. “How old are you? Because age makes a difference to what size you are.” Holly says to the girl knowing it's a lie.

“I’m mmmm em 18.” She tells Holly.

Holly gives the girl a smile and thinks that she might be younger, and says to the girl. “You can get dressed now and bring out which underwear you want to buy.”

Five minutes later the girl approaches the counter and hands Holly a bra and pair of panties and says. “I like to by these.” and hands Holly a credit card.

Holly looks at the credit card it has a man’s name, and thinks the card must belong to the girl’s father, after putting the sale through Holly hands a carry bag to the girl.

As the girl leaves the shop Barbara comes over and asks. “Who was that cutie, I wouldn't mind getting to know her.”

Holly smiles at Barbara and says. “You and me both.” then adds. “You should've seen her in the changeroom she looked delicious.”

A few more customers come in and look around the store but buy nothing, one woman tried on several bras before leaving the store without buying anything. A mother brought her daughter into the store and says. “I’m looking for a matching bra and pantie set for my daughter.”

Barbara asked the mother. “Does your daughter need to be measured?”

The girl’s mother replied. “Were in a rush she needs size 8 panties and a size 8 B cup”

Barbara shows the mother a few matching sets of bras and panties, the mother picks out one matching set and pays and leaves the store dragging her daughter behind her. The rest of the afternoon was quiet and Holly and Barbara tidied up around the store and restocked the underwear racks, before closing and locking up the store for the day.

That Evening Barbara rings Holly and asks her. “Are you available to model some lingerie at Mrs Jones House later on tonight.

Holly tells her. “Yes I available for tonight.”

Barbara says to Holly. “That great I will pick up some lingerie and pick you up around 7pm and drive us over to Mrs Jones's House.”

Holly showers and dresses in a short knee high wrap around dress with a low cut front.

After picking up Holly on the drive to Mrs Jones's house Barbara explains to Holly what is required and how she should be willing to do anything that was requested to make a sale. Holly understood that she needed to make the lingerie look sexy on her and flirt with Mrs Jones to encourage her to buy the expensive satin lingerie.

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Holly's traineeship Part 4

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