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  1. My daughters turn me on (Introduction)
  2. My daughters turn me on (Part I)
  3. My daughters turn me on (Part II)
  4. My daughters turn me on (Part III)
  5. My daughters turn me on (Part IV)
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My daughters turn me on (Part IV)

Categories Fiction, Cum Swallowing, Lesbian, Fisting

Authror: Amy'sHustle

Published: 21 February 2018

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continued from Part III…

It is Saturday. After Sam and her daughter’s Amber and Amy return from the grocery store and a few other errands they finish tidying up the house.

Sam’s two younger siblings Susan and Max will be arriving shortly.

Sam is 45 years old, Susan is 36, and Max is 29. They have always been close to each other and stay in regular contact. Susan and Max live a major city away and where Sam used to live before moving. Neither Susan or Max were married and neither had ever been. Susan had one son named Josh who was 20. She had him from a one night stand and never had Josh’s father in either of their lives after that night.

For the past 2 years Susan and Josh had moved in with Max who of all three of the sidles was the most well off financially. Max made his money early on after starting a tech company and lived a fast life in his early 20s. Her was athletic, kept a five a clock shadow on his face, and was 6’ 2” tall. Most women would find themselves staring at him in the gym or for that matter anytime he was out socially. He had actually slowed down once his sister and nephew moved in with them. He remembered how much he enjoy his sister Susan’s company and dirty humor. Susan was the middle child. She was overweight with massive EE tits and round features. Her face was cute and young looking. She had let her self slip from the younger more athletic version of herself after she had Josh. She was confident with her body though and never let it be an issue. There were always plenty of men she found who had a thing for big beautiful women (BBW as she would come to know they were called).

Susan, Max, and Josh pulled into the driveway of Sam’s house. Susan and Max gave each other a look, brief, but communicated something between themselves as if this visit was more than just to see their sister and her daughter’s. They got out of the car.

“Hey you two!” exclaimed Sam as she opened the door and gave both of them a big hug. Josh followed who she also hugged, pressing her 36D tits tightly against his 20 year old chiseled frame.

Sam’s daughters Amy and Amber came down and everyone exchanged hugs. Sam opened a bottle of wine, which turned into 3 bottles of wine by the time dinner was finished. Sam and Susan both let their kids drink as long as it was in the house.

After dinner Sam showed Susan to the unused bedroom upstairs, Max to the pullout sofa in the den which he declined, preferring to stay upstairs in the room with Susan. “Yeah, you are crazy thinking I’m going to sleep on that janky old sofa Sam.” said Max. “Fine then Josh can have it all to himself.” replied Sam.

Sam, Susan, and Max all agreed to come back down for a cordial after the kids settle into their spaces for the night. Josh spent some time catching up with his cousins before retiring down to the den.

The three siblings joked and caught up on each other’s lives. They were all tipsy by the time Susan looked at Max and said coyly to him “So should we tell her?”

Max shrugged.”Tell me what” said Sam. Both Susan and Max giggled, eyeing each other. Susan leaned in.

“So do you remember when we were Max and I were super young and we got caught kissing each other?” said Susan.

“Yeah, that was like one time and you all got in so much trouble”

“Well about a year ago we both got drunk enough one night, got to talking about it, and…” trailed of Susan.

“Well what?” begged Sam.

“Well we kissed again.” chimed in Max, reaching out his hand to grab one of Susan’s hands. Max and Susan both looked at Sam to see what reaction she would give.

Sam kind of stood there looking back and forth between both of them, before saying anything. “Yeah ok, so you both got drunk and kissed. Shit like that happens when you drink you two dummies.”

“Well, then we kind of kept on kissing, then really kissing, then that turned into me jerking of Max one night as we watched tv, then that turned into him fingering me one day we went out and saw a movie. What I am trying to say Sam is that Max and I have been fucking for about a year now.”

Sam stood there taking it all in. She had just fucked her own daughter earlier that day, fantasized about her youngest daughter Amy, and now was finding out her own siblings were fucking each other.

All Sam could think to say was “well…aren’t you two a piece of work. If that’s what gets you two off, then hell, I guess go for it. You know I love you both no matter what. Even if you are banging each others brains out.”

They all laughed a bit and decided it best to head off to sleep. “Wouldn’t dare to sleep on the pull out huh Max?” Sam said jokingly. “What you meant was you’d rather sleep next to your lover.”

Max smiled and went into the room with Susan as Sam entered her won bedroom.

Sam lay there awake for almost an hour. She was thinking about Max fucking Susan. If they were anything like her, they were both horny as heel and fucking regularly. Knowing how in shape Max was she knew he had to be giving Susan the best sex of her life. If she were totally honest with herself, Sam felt a little jealous. Why didn’t they tell her sooner? For that matter why couldn’t she see get in on the action. This thought revved her up a bit.

‘I’m going to need them to give me some more details on this’ she thought to herself, throwing off her covers. She was wearing a slim nightgown with nothing underneath. She opened the door to her room and walked down the hallway to the guest room where her brother and sister were staying and slowly opened the door to the darkened room.

She could hear the two of them in the early stages of foreplay under the covers. The sounds of their mouths and tongues entwined and the rubbing of their hands on each other was audible. Sam immediately felt the jealousy inside her fade into a craving. It was a craving to to join in with them. She grabbed her left tit and squeezed it starting a little foreplay with herself.

She tip-toed over to the bed and lifted the covers on the side closer to the door. This happened to be the side that Susan was on. Susan’s back was turned to her as she was heavily into her brother Max. Sam slipped into bed which was the first time Susan and Max even noticed Sam was in the room.

Susan turned just her head up to see Sam, reached back to grab Sam’s head and drew her sister’s mouth to her own. They shared a deep sloppy kiss. Sam nestled in behind Susan noticing she was already naked. Her large body was warm and spacious. Sam drew her hands on her sisters ass and legs, then reach her left hand over and cupped her massive left tit. It was huge and squishy. Just the size alone turned Sam on even more. She felt Max’s hand reach over Susan to find Sam’s own ass which he squeezed firmly, gently letting the pinky touch the rim of her asshole.

Susan between the both rolled over onto her back, her huge tits weighing over to the sides of her chest. She lifted her knees up keeping her feet flat on the sheets and spread her legs open. Sam reached down, now fully engulfed the passion of being in bed with her siblings., and started to finger her sister. Susan’s cunt was massive. Her pussy lips were much larger than hers and even her pussy canal wasn’t as tight. Her two fingers slid right in easy. Susan’s pussy was soaking wet. Sam pulled her fingers back to her nose to smell the strongest mix of sweat and pussy juice she had ever smelt. It was more musty, more raw, and slightly pungent. Sam loved it. The sheer strength of the smell was like an electric charge to her own pussy, making it more wet as well. She shoved her fingers back down between her sisters legs.

“Oh you can fit more than that in there” whispered Max. He then wrapped all his fingers over Sams, forming them into a cone, all her finger tips touching. He shoved all of her fingers and thumb into Susan’s pussy. It easily took them in up to about the middle of the back of her hand. She was fisting her own sister’s pussy. Susan was in heaven. She had hoped Sam would want to be with them, but didn’t know if she would. Susan reached down her own hand and grabbed Sam’s hand from her bother which he relinquished to her. “All the way in there sis.” Susan said as she gave the final push that let Susan’s cunt engulf the whole of Sam’s hand all the way to the wrist. Sam’s whole hand was inside Susan. She could feel the warm and wet inside of her sister convulsing and moving around her hand. It was amazing.

Sam felt two hands own her own hips sine Sam was now basically over Susan on her hands and knees, shoving her hand in and out of her sisters cunt. She knew what was about to happen. She felt the warm head of her bother’s cock run against her pussy lips She jutted her ass out more to better align her pussy with his dick. Max pushed in his 10” beast of a dick into his sister pussy. ‘Holy shit’ thought Sam, never knowing her brother was so well hung. It wasn’t only long, but had amazing girth and was fucking rock hard. It was the biggest dick she had taken.

He began pumping in and out of his sister increasing speed. Her ass cheeks started to clap as he fell into a fast and hard rhythm. Sam was still fisting her sister when she couldn’t take anymore. Max withdrew the full of his cock at which point Sam gushed out a flood of cum down onto the bed. She hadn’t came that hard from a dick in a long time. Susan thought this to be amazing a took a mental note to get some of her sisters pussy juice as soon as she could.

Max’s cock was wet and throbbing. He was ready to cum. “Come here” he said as he flipped Sam over on her back next to Susan. He first sat on top of Susan pressing his cock down onto her face with a thud. Susan loved that massive dick and began to suck it, tasting her sisters pussy. Susan was a master dick sucker. She nodded her head like a pro, wanting to draw the semen out of it and onto her face. Sam wasn’t going to let her take it alone. She positioned her head next to Susan’s and opened her mouth while looking Max in the eyes, begging for the dick. He obliged, pulling it out of Susan’s mouth and pointing it towards Sam’s mouth. Sam grabbed the bottom of his shaft with one hand and sucked hard on the cock. She stormed the base of his dick fast, ready for his cum. Max couldn’t take it. He felt the swell of sperm draw away from his balls, up through the shaft of his dick and finally with a flex of his member, he shot a hard stream of cum right into his sisters mouth. Sam took it while continuing to stroke. He shot one after another, letting out a grunt each time. He shot 6 or more loads into her mouth which she hand’t yet swallowed, enjoying the stringy texture and masculine smell of his cum in her mouth. She felt Susan grab her head and move her mouth over her own. Sam let the cum drip out of her mouth into Susan’s. It oozed slowly out and fell into her which she lapped at. Sam finished it with a spit right into Susan’s mouth.

They all collapsed onto the bed. Sam knew this was the start of a passionate affair with her own siblings. She wanted more, but passed out from the effort and wine from earlier. She fell sound asleep, getting one of the best nights sleep in awhile.

Amy’s bedroom was the closet to the room where this passionate threesome had just ended. She heard the entire thing and it made her horny as hell. Amy wanted to feel as good as she heard them all feeling and thought about how she could make that happen.

to be continued...

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My daughters turn me on (Part IV)

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