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My First Time Sex at the Farm

Categories Fiction, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male / Female

Authror: Mr. Butts

Published: 21 February 2018

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I was just past my eighteenth birthday; in fact it was just a couple of weeks before I visited Aunt Charlene on her farm. However, despite now being of legal age I appeared a good four years younger, maybe even more. My body was more straight than curvy, my nipples were much too large for my still barely there breasts, my hips hadn’t flared much and I was very petite but just a little shy of skinny. My skin was pale but smooth, my thighs firm, and I had only a faint hint of pubic hair with a very well defined slit tucked between my plump lower lips. I wore thin framed glasses over my large green eyes and liked to wear my long light brown hair in braids that cascaded down to my bust line, what there was of it anyway. All in all I was a fairly pretty girl but certainly not the beauty queen type and never considered myself sexy in any way. Actually, I was quite shy and had a small number of real friends. Ok, to be honest, yes I was a little nerd.

As for sex, I was still a virgin but not really by choice. At my high school there were so many really pretty girls that I was just overlooked. It was frustrating to know all the cheerleaders and popular girls were getting fucked hard on a regular basis. I had no moral hang-ups about sex or objections to it. In fact I was rather obsessed with it and often tried to imagine how it would feel with a guy’s dick moving back and forth in me. I knew a girl’s cunt could stretch some but was still worried it could be too big to fit sometimes. The closest I had been to real sex was just using my hand to play with my happy spots.

All that seemed rather distant at this time. I was staying at my aunt’s farm for a week during spring break to get my mind off the rigors of wrapping up my classes needed for graduation. The weather was unusually warm so I was just wearing tennis shoes, a sleeveless top and a short loose fitting skirt that didn’t make it halfway down my thighs. To make ends meet Aunt Charlene did some part time work in town three days a week so at present I was alone on the property with the exception of farm hands doing work at the far end of a field. Feeling a little bored and needing time to think, I wandered out to the horse pasture. There I stood, one foot placed up on the lower fence rail watching a mare and stallion. He nuzzled her and pranced around a bit then they exited my field of view on my right as I stared vacantly, lost in thought. Suddenly the mare was in front of me just five feet away on the other side of the fence. She flicked her tail to the side exposing her rump and genitals and I couldn’t help but note their resemblance to my own. Then without warning and seemingly out of nowhere the much larger stallion reared up and mounted her plunging his massive, almost three foot long erection deep into the mare’s vagina burying it to the hilt. “My God! How would that feel to her?!” I exclaimed as he fucked her. “Do you really want to find out?” a deep male voice said from behind me. Shocked, and embarrassed I turned so quickly I nearly lost my balance. Still red faced and trying to regain my composure I sized up the person who had said it. It was one of the farmhands. He was about twenty, about six foot two, wearing heavily worn jeans, work boots and no shirt which showed off his well-muscled upper body. His face had strong masculine features with black hair and he glistened with sweat. I also tried to not stare at the sizable bulge at his crotch. Still befuddled I said “Sorry, I didn’t know you were there. I’m Shari.” Smiling and like a gentleman he said “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Kent. Now about your question. Did you really mean it? Do you really want to know what it feels like when the stallion fucks her? I take it you’re a virgin then?” Stammering, my mind still processing the situation, I said something brilliant like” Uh, uh, uh, yeah. Just curious I guess, I didn’t know you were there. I’m Charlene’s niece.” I mumbled shyly. “How old are you?” he asked. Just turned eighteen two weeks ago, I have my .I.D. in the house if you want proof.” “Cool he said, you’re all grown up and legal then. So do you want to do it? We can fuck just like them.” Just then the stallion pulled his huge, still dripping cock from the mare’s hind quarters. “I’m on break for an hour or two and know a good place to do it. Don’t have to be curious anymore. Want to?” He said. My mind racing and still in a daze, I was scared to death, but my body was so turned on at the prospect I could feel my cunt getting wet and butterflies in my stomach. Hardly believing I was saying it, I coyly I responded “Yes.” “Great, come with me,” he said confidently leading me in the direction of a small very old barn situated behind a much larger and more modern one. “They don’t really use this building any more so we should be fine here.” he said opening the door for me.

Shafts of light filtered through the walls of rough-hewn boards and piles of hay covered most of the floor. Taking my hand he led me to one of them, and we stood facing each other. He towered over my four foot ten frame. Then he took his boots and socks off and undid his belt. As I watched mesmerized he dropped his pants, grabbed the waistband of his briefs pulled them down to his thighs, let them drop and stepped out of them. Then I saw my first ever penis. It was a lot smaller than the stallion’s but most impressive for a human. Already hard as a steel pipe it must have measured a good nine inches in length with a gentle upward curve. Bulging greenish and lavender veins snaked along the thick shaft which culminated in a rubbery purplish tip and his heavy balls hung from his crotch. I couldn’t imagine how it could possible fit in my tiny body.” Do you like it?” He asked. I nodded. “Don’t be scared, its ok, go ahead and touch it, play with it all you want.” He said invitingly. At this I touched the tip noting how soft it was, then I wrapped my small hand around the shaft being unable to fully close it around its girth. Caressing as I went, I worked my way lower and lower to his ball sack and hefted his big heavy testicles. The whole apparatus fascinated and terrified me at the same time. A couple more minutes of this passed and he said “Ok, my turn, kneel on all fours four me, time to get you ready.” “Should I take all my clothes off first?” I asked. “No, your skirt is so cute and sexy want to fuck you in it. So go ahead, kneel for me.” With my legs together I got on all fours facing away from him knowing full well my skirt was doing absolutely nothing in this position to conceal my panty-covered crotch. “Wow, Looks like you might be more ready than I thought! Considering the big wet patch on the crotch of your panties anyway.” He observed. Then I felt his hands take hold of my panties. “Now let’s see what you have here.” he said as I felt them being slowly pulled down off my hips and down my thighs, stopping at my knees for a moment then all the way off. I had never in my life felt more completely exposed and vulnerable. I knew he could now see all of my most private parts.” Very nice! You’re beautiful down here, spread your legs so I can see better. Love your pussy.” His hands started touring my buttocks and thighs and I jumped when a finger started caressing my clit. It was so exciting to not be doing it myself! Another finger ran slowly over my plump outer lips. “Let’s see how wet you really are in here.” he said working a finger into my cunt and causing a shiver to shoot through me. “My god! You’re soaking wet girl! Let’s try two.” And another finger joined the first stretching me more and sliding in and out. “I thought it would take a lot to get you wet enough but you’re already soppin wet in there. You’re more than ready for my cock. It’s time to find out what it’s like for the mare when the stallion fucks her.” My heart raced, my body trembled, was this even real? Would it hurt? A whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and questions tore through me. Did I really want to do this? My pelvic region was shouting yes to that one. Would my hymen break or just stretch, heck, did I even still have one? At what point do I actually lose my virginity? When the tip first enters? When the penis is in half way? When it’s in all the way? When it’s fucking me? Or after we’re done and he’s pulled out? Maybe… my philosophical thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I felt the huge bulbous knob of his glans nestling between my engorged inner labia. ”Ok, relax your cunt, I’ll go slow.” With that I felt the tip press against my hymen which stretched wider and wider till it started to give me some discomfort. With the gentle but persistent pressure it gave up its futile resistance and the massive penis sank smoothly into the moist, succulent folds of my lusty vagina. “God you’re tight!” he exclaimed. Deeper and deeper it penetrated stretching me to the max, and I wondered if my body could actually take it all. “Doing ok? Just a bit more to go”” Kent asked. “ Yes” I groaned. Still more entered and finally I felt his balls bang against my clit sending tingles all through me. I felt Kent’s hands grasp my hips. I was pretty sure I was no longer a virgin at this point and the sensations were amazing. His organ started to withdraw and then went deep again, he was humping me! I WAS GETTING FUCKED!!! And I loved it! He picked up speed and pounded into me. “You dirty little girl, you love getting fucked don’t you.” It just kept feeling more and more intense and I just moaned, my braids swaying to the rhythm of Kent’s vigorous humping. It seemed so raw and primal getting fucked from behind like this, like animals. It surprised me how simple it really was. Now Kent slowed way down, withdrawing nearly all the way before sliding into the deepest reaches of my vagina. It seemed to bring back the excitement of when I was first being penetrated. His balls slapped constantly against my clit causing my whole pelvic area to shudder with it at the epicenter. Then without warning, he pulled completely out of me saying “Now that you know how it feels to a horse, it’s time to do it like humans.

Get on your back and bring your knees back to your chest.” He said. I lay back on the hay heap which wasn’t really very even so my hips were a bit higher than my upper body, and brought both my legs all the way back causing my short skirt to flip back onto my stomach. My hips being a bit higher actually made it easier. I missed the feeling of his penis in me and yearned for its return. I wouldn’t have to wait long. He lined up his huge cock with my entrance, got above me with my calves over his shoulders and plunged it to the max in my greedy vaginal depths. It was heavenly as he somehow seemed to reach even farther into my feminine abyss than before. His strong masculine arms wrapped around me and I felt the weight of his sweaty body on mine. My pleasure and sexual tension seemed to increase a little with every stroke of his organ and I knew I was on the threshold. He pumped frantically into me and I grasped his body. Another mighty thrust sent me over the edge. I let out a loud breathless moan as an explosion of pleasure racked my body and my vagina spasmed rhythmically clamping Kent’s cock in its grip. He threw his head back as he let out a loud grunt while thrusting into me one last time. His throbbing manhood shot pulse after pulse of semen flooding through my vaginal chasm. We lay there with his spent penis still inside me as the last waves of our orgasms ebbed. He pulled his now flaccid member out of me and we got dressed making sure no straw still clung to our clothes or skin. “Thank you, that was amazing!” I told him. “Thank YOU!” He said. We left the barn and went our separate ways. My panties were getting soaked as his cum leaked out of me.

As I walked past the mare was just on the other side of the fence. I glanced at her and I swear she winked at me, one female to another and I now had a pretty good idea what she felt when the stallion fucked her.

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My First Time Sex at the Farm

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Comments (1)
xXxGUNNxXx — 21 February 2018 17:18
Hey Guys , I'm Brian and low key gay. My girlfriend Chelsea doesn't know so if you want to talk hmu and let me service your cocks. #8326503485
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